~UTB Aug. 2010 Covergirls S/mileage, Team Dragon & an episode of seifuku♥ gone wild!

Gosh~* I'm truly late with posting the latest UTB (ノロ≦。)!。。and sorry for the late responses this week as I've been a bit under the weather (+_+)

The latest issue has sooooooo many awesome features/pictorials that I ended up scanning the majority of the main features here beginning with S/mileage♥ who've deserving~ly gotten the cover!! While some may have issues with (personal favorite member Yuukarin♥) releasing a solo shashinshuu (July 23rd release date) from the off shots found here I think the photographs keep to her adorableness and even with the mizugi photos it's all tastefully done.

Of course one of the first things to look for when receiving your issue of UTB are the trading cards~*!!

They're sooooo evenly balanced!..with Momoclo having a two~member card in each set, S/mileage being featured in each set either with a solo member card(s) or group card and AKB/SKE having card(s) in every set! Also keeping Acchan and Yuko separate is wonderful thinking although if I had my wish~* I'd have them both in set B as it's the set I received. Yuukarin and Maimichan have such cute cards too and what caught me by surprise in this issue aside from the machine guns and seifuku♥ (。ーωー。)笑....is the solo feature on Erepyon!! Well she's graduating from AKB and here her pictorial was taken before her recent shorter hairstyle which she also sported @ the Anime Expo in LA so perhaps this can be seen as a AKB~farewell feature of sorts as the theme here is her turn to adulthood~.

Receiving set "B" was perhaps meant to be ne~*…I mean there's Yukorin♥!!!, Erepyon♥, Ayaka, S/mileage and yes~! everyone gets Momoclo too~ っo(*´∀`)o!

Now speaking of seifuku♥ going a bit wild, there's a Matsui Rena (SKE Team S) feature where if you dream~* of school~girls kicking butt in torn up seifuku???……then your wish is about to come true shortly (。ーωー。)笑!Well after the awesome "Majisuka Gakuen" I guess we all should have expected this ne~* =)!

Is is just me? or are the girls of Momoclo appearing to be growing up at a meteoric rate?!! lol their feature is titled "Hurry up girls!!" although their fast developing popularity~* is much more the focus. Hmm…the whole lolli~pop* thing though (*´艸`)!!。。。and something's amiss in their jump scene XD!

omg! okay I didn't scan her feature but Aizawa Rina um….well I'll just say that I once laughed too hard and this happened only no one was there to photograph it :P! Those UTB photographers!! always pushing the envelop!!

Watarirouka♥Hashiritai now featuring Ayarin (she's soooo cute!) are featured for their latest single release~* "Seisun no flag"….Ayarin, Mayuyu, Harugon, Nacchan & Lovetan, such a perfect unit!

But what caught my eye the most in this issue is the Team Dragon feature with Yukorin and Acchan…we'll just call this one a prelude to a kiss♥?….nah just kidding, well sort of kidding (*´∀`)♥。I ended up doing multiples for the Team Dragon release with me agonizing a bit and then finally choosing the versions of Mayuyu, Yukirin and of course Yukorin…will be posting those soon. Yuukarin and Maimichan close out the issue with solo features each, and with Maimichan her long running UTB features have been getting more beautiful by the issue and there's a sweet~♥ poetic~ness (yes I'm still making up words :P!) as she's represented here in the four seasons….haru "spring", natsu "summer", aki "fall", fuyu "winter." I especially love the colors in her spring and fall photos! so so beautiful! And lastly Yuukarin goes mizugi and while some may have expected it sooner or later I do imagine that there's a mixed array of reactions ranging from age and idols to H!P promoting a popular~* member in a new light. For me, I think she's really pretty~* here and it makes me curious to see her shashinshuu as some idols♥ just have that look and personality which endears~ ^ ^♥。

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2 Responses to ~UTB Aug. 2010 Covergirls S/mileage, Team Dragon & an episode of seifuku♥ gone wild!

  1. J-pyon says:

    This Magazine takes some really gorgeous pictures of these girls. Glad to see S/mileage getting some cover time. The first thing i thought of when seeing the Matsui Rena scans was the show Sailor-fuku to kikanjū staring Yakushimaru Hiroko. here is a link to a clip from that show if you don't know what im talking about since it was a very old show lol. (if you watch pay attention to the scene that starts at 1:44 its really famous in japan and made me think of Rena)Sailor-Fuku to Kikanju


  2. U~n! along with Yan Yan, Bomb and Girls…UTB really does have some of the best photography in their issues! They're really dedicated to both AKB and H!P so every issue is wonderful~. Oh I've never heard of this show….(checking the link) thank you~*!! Matsui Rena is getting so popular~* in SKE48 and she seems to now have a rivalry with Matsui Jurina in the group although Jurina still has an edge as she's been featured in AKB already as senbatsu~ (*´∀`)♥!


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