「Featured Post」“RED CLIFF I & II” (Highly recommended viewing)

~Every scene..a single brush stroke upon the canvas.

Films to savor, for film making of this beauty and depth and scale don’t grace us very often..and the fates truly lie in ways of the wind.

I couldn’t recommend two films any more than the John Woo directed epics “Red Clliff” and “Red Cliff II” and if grading on a ☆ scale these films receive 10 out of 10☆’s。

The two films combine for a running time of 4 hours and 40 minutes (2:25 and 2:15 respectfully) but be wary of a condensed version which edited out scenes in order to make the film one as I can’t imagine any loss of scenes doing any justice to John Woo’s masterpiece~. I haven’t felt captivated so much by a film in recent memory and from perfect casting to majestic sets & wardrobe to breathtaking choreography to a brilliant story, Red Cliff truly has it all.

The story is set in 208 A.D. and if you’re like me you’ve watched “Mulan” and wondered what the Hans were really like (人∀`*)。。okay that’s not entirely true :P! But just to see the history of a country at such a pivotal time played out with a budget which spared no expense

lending to a movie shot on such a large scale is beautiful. Did the films cost more than any Asian film to date? Yes~*!..and did it exceed the box office sales of the film “Titanic” in China? Yes~*!

And have historical figures ever looked hotter? Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Zhao Wei and Lin chi ling lead an outstanding cast and if Zhao Wei looks familiar you may have also watched her act along side Shu Qi in the action thriller “so close” while if you’ve seen any of those China Airlines commercials (they sometimes air here in Hawaii on rare occasions for China travel publicity..I think most recently during the Winter Olympics) then Lin Chi Ling (who plays Zhou Yu’s wife Xiao Qiao) will surely be a familiar face…she’s so so beautiful!! She portrays her character with such grace, there are so many scenes where you can live, sense and feel her emotions so much.

Like fine art~* John Woo’s attention to detail makes each scene, a masterful brush stroke with no non~essential scenes where strategy becomes genius and symbolism is presented to the viewer in subtle glances which make their presence and meaning known in some of the most profound and memorable of revelations~. Without presenting any spoilers, the film takes place in a time when the Han Dynasty sought to unite China under a single rulership by means of launching a full scale war on both the kingdoms of Xu and East Wu to the south in hopes of conquering them both. Han Prime Minister Cao Cao would lead a war of an unprecedented scale in China by both sea and by land forcing an alliance between the Xu and East Wu whom are both heavily outnumbered in troops and the sheer size of the Han navy. Enter in genius strategist Zhuge Liang played by the gorgeous Kaneshiro Takeshi..(did I say just how handsome he is!!..okay~* just did ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ♥♥♥。。!!and he provides so many of the wow~* moments in the film where your jaw may hit the ground and you’ll find yourself cheering!) whose knowledge of even utilizing astrology and weather would lead to the fate of a country all done in awe inspiring fashion~. Honor, betrayal, tradition and cunning take center stage as war tactics are played out by the most brilliant of minds…wonder how it’s humanly possible to “make” 100,000 arrows in just 3 days?…..you’ll have to watch to find out ^ ^!

“Red Cliff” displays breathtaking cinematography upon a vast and sweeping stage and captures a  true realism in its combat scenes (not for the faint of heart!) where even its dialog flows like art and it’s all lead by Woo’s ingenious use of camera angles, pacing and fades throughout~. Underlying meanings in the story also remind us that in every soldier there’s a father..a brother..a son..a friend and though he may wear an “enemy’s” clothing we’re all very much the same inside~. Again I truly can’t recommend a film any more than “Red Cliff”…..for all of its beauty and its ingenuity bringing to life a time of change all culminating into a climax like nothing filmed before, spectacular~! and with 4 hours and 40 minutes of screen time you just knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself from screen~capping bliss (*´∀`)♥!。。



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to 「Featured Post」“RED CLIFF I & II” (Highly recommended viewing)

  1. Choshi says:

    wow. i haven't watched this movie but my friends say that it's very good. might try one of these days when i'm not busy… 🙂


  2. Hydeo says:

    look really good :Pi go give a try too :pthe second is a sequence of the first ??


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    I remember this from Yaguchi Hitori Maru (C) ~ They spent a whole month talking about it… I had completely forgotten it though. I'll go look for it.


  4. Shar says:

    Yes, the movie is a two parter (kinda like Kill Bill), with the second movie continuing straight from the first. And like MB said, it is highly recommended watching, one of the best Chinese movie(s) to come out in recent years. It's sad that the producers never submitted it for the Oscars, or more people would have known about it.


  5. Hydeo says:

    really go take a look so :3~ hope have with english legend in the internet heheh :3


  6. Reiko says:



  7. Hi Choshi~* I hope you can get the chance to watch Red Cliff!!..it's an amazing epic!! Plus Kaneshiro Takeshi and Tony Leung are hot (*´∀`)♥!!


  8. A~h! you're always so great at finding programs online =)! I'm thinking you've watched already? Let me know what you thought of the movies and I hope~* you enjoy them. U~n as Shar said part II is a sequel to the first and continues with just a brief recap~.


  9. W~ah! that's so cool!! This film really leaves an impression~* and I'm also trying to share it with friends so hopefully they'll like it too =). So many wow~! moments in the film and John Woo's timing and attention to detail is amazing! I hope you enjoy the films too ^ ^。


  10. Mmm…I'm thinking there'll be English subtitles for sure =).


  11. I'm so happy~* you loved the movie too!! yay! definitely one of the best epics ever!!..and yes! Kaneshiro♥Takeshi is ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!A~h! I've watched "Ichi" too!! I purchased the DVD @ Amazon not too long ago and was actually planning on writing a post here about it…(I'll refrain from seeing the review until afterward so I don't sound redundant XD). A friend lent me a drama with Ayase Haruka but sadly the first disc keeps freezing up in my player =(. The drama looked really fun from what I was able to watch so far and she's really a wonderful actress and pretty~* too! My parents would watch the "Zatoichi" movies @ the theater here in Hawaii with my grandparents….I wasn't born yet to go watch but then later those theaters that would show old Japanese films sadly closed =(. I've gotten to watch a film of "Zatoichi" later though and the new take on his character with a female lead was amazing~* in "Ichi!" I also liked Beat Takeshi's version of "Zatoichi" and it was cool how he played the character with his eyes closed the whole time plus there was so much fun and subtle humor in the film too…loved it!


  12. Hydeo says:

    hehe i go try watch in this weekend so i tell u what i think later :3


  13. I think you'll really like the films~*, they're a masterpiece!


  14. Mikey says:

    This is one of my favorite films!! I have the Asian version – Part One and Part 2. And I was able to see the US West Coast Premier of the US Version at SDAFF last October here in San Diego! 🙂 It had 2 showings at the film festival and one after that due to popular demand! Glad you love it too! <3Love Vicky Zhou Wei as the warrior Princess… She also stars in the live-action (2009) version of Mulan! I bought that one too! I think it's her best role ever and very emotional. Jackie Chan's son is in it too!!Red Cliff is John Woo's masterpiece!! <3<3>


  15. Mikey says:

    Oh! I love the music too! I have the Soundtrack. Alan (Tibet/Chinese) is awesome!! She also has a Japanese record contract… 🙂


  16. When I was shopping for both films a few versions were already out of print but eventually I found a set which included both films uncut. That's so awesome!! it was featured at your film festival!!!…I would have loved to have been able to see them on the large screen!! Amazing!! Amazing!! Amazing!! Definitely one of the best films I've ever watched all time!! A~h Zhao Wei?…I'm so bad at knowing stage names properly (._.;)! "Warrior Princess"….I know the film "The Warrior" starring Ziyi Zhang really good you should watch! Oh I didn't know that there was an adaptation of Mulan?…wanna see!! Now you've got me thinking about films….hmm…I'd suggest "K~20" and "The Hidden Blade" too!


  17. HarimaKenji says:

    I’m watching this right now ~ it looks even better than I remember when I saw it in Yaguchi Hitori… and I mean “looks” literally.


    • Ohhhh this is so much one of the best films ever made \(^o^)/☆!!!。。and I just noticed that some of the sizing and alignment of my photos have lost their impression* edge here after coming from Vox :P!! It looks okay though and I’m just happy~* that every photo made it here =).

      I’m so happy~*~~* you’re watching Red Cliff!!!! Both movies are masterpieces with the best writing…enough character development and the story omg!!! awesome!!! Plus most importantly Kaneshiro♥Takeshi is in it (*≧▽≦)♪!There are just so many wow~* moments in both films…..I hope you love it~♥!


    • Mmm…okay Lin Chi Ling is really cute~* too ^ ^。


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