~Yukorin♥ a day in the life, well 600 seconds of it…~

By now I imagine there must be lots of these mini episodes circulating…I'm just watching some of my favorites courtesy of HarimaKenji~*. The files are quite large too for 10 minutes so the video is really clear…well clear relatively speaking of course as "AKB 600 sec" (also available in 5400 second take~home size!) is a hidden camera t.v. program which started just recently. lol some of it seems like the hidden camera crew are stalking the members so you sometimes get odd angles or a view from outside of a building's window but in any case if you've ever wondered and I'm sure many have?…just what do your favorite♥ idols do in their free time? Or if you're Yukorin you bring some of that one~of~a~kind warmth and hilarity to work..(^q^)!

Yukorin has such a ♥teddy~bear♥ for a heart!…and while not finding comfort in Miichan's lap, the scene below ↓↓↓ went on for quite some time as noted in the program awwww ♥♥♥….

Who knew that Miichan also could be a body pillow ねみゅいみたい(´-ω-`)!

Yukorin's hidden camera goes on to show a short clip with Sasshi and Kitarie culminating into a movie discussion, time getting her hair done to shopping @ an amazing place called "NIKEiD STUDIO" where you can design your very own shoe utilizing an awesome program!

The most revealing conversation though occurs later in the evening when she meets with Kayo~chan (that name should have stuck with me the other day (._.;) ) for dinner and the topic of discussion quickly becomes men and what type attracts Yuko♥! So all of the men out there that find Yukorin to be your dream~* girl first you must know that she likes the manly~type…or was that "boyish" no definitely manly as she did a bit of impromptu XD! And it's also notable to mention that it seems that having facial hair….a beard, goatee or something like that gives Yukorin extra incentive to find interest in you…awwww she has a ♥teddy~bear♥ for a heart and she likes if you look like one, kidding :P!!!! I think goatee's are very manly, *sexy if you can grow one ^ ^。

….no they're not about to kiss*! Yuko's just in a daze ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzzz........

Now if the staff and that camera would just leave :P!


It's also noted that if fans are interested in getting the full 90 minute…yes! 90 minute versions of these programs they're being offered on memory cards I think….just imagine of all the funny things Yuko would say with hidden cameras on her for that long (*≧▽≦)♪~!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to ~Yukorin♥ a day in the life, well 600 seconds of it…~

  1. Shar says:

    The cameras aren't "hidden" at all. All the crew did was paste some cardboard on to the camera lens to make it look like it was hidden. The girls have full knowledge of the program and know that they are on camera, which is why they tend to stick to relatively safe topics during their conversations. And I'm sure all the people that appeared in it (their friends and the shop attendants) have been told beforehand that they're being filmed as well, because y'know, it'll be terrible if people found out that Yuko actually IS dating Eiji Wentz.


  2. I totally bit on that (*´艸`)!。。with them billing it that way and well, I am really gullible :P! U~n does make more sense otherwise you never know what could happen….Mmm I really was impressed by how Yuko handled the article!When Yuko was hugging~♥ Miichan I was so moved and yes~! it was sooo sooo sweet (*´∀`)。 I only have a few episodes but I totally love the format and yes like you say being able to hear things we normally wouldn't ^ ^。


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