~Watarirouka Hashiritai’s 「Seishun no flag」 here to raise your spirits and inspire (*≧∀≦)

AKB's mini unit Watarirouka Hashiritai (now new and improved~* with 5 members!) scores their best selling single yet with "Seishun no flag" @ 40,000 units! I can't say enough about how much I so love this unit!! The girls are all so perfect together and all of their songs have been so awesome so far! Plus a new Mayuyu♥ solo?…..yes!

I opted for single types A & C along with their DVD single (released on the same day) and with the first press editions you'll receive a randomly inserted trading card, bonus DVDs with types A & B as well as an extensive photo booklet with type C! Also a poster is included with each edition ordered so….um now I have three copies of the same cute poster you see to the left :P.

Watarirouka Hashiritai's "Seishun no flag" can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

watarirouka Hashiritai's "Seishun no flag" can be ordered here @ Yesasia.

Watarirouka Hashiritai's "Seishun no flag" can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Upon opening my singles I received trading cards of Ayarin, Nacchan and yay~♥! Mayuyu♥! (*lucky*) While the backs have messages from the girls what caught my attention most are the lei's in which both Mayuyu and Nacchan are wearing also with flowers in their hair as could it be that AKB is going Hawaiian style~*?!!! The beautiful flowers that Mayuyu are wearing are plumeria, they have a really sweet scent (*´∀`)。


"Seishun no flag" immediately jingles~* with the catchiest of melodies♪~ and it's deeply reminiscent of the golden J~Pop era of the 80's, here the very staple of AkiP's musical direction has never resonated so infectiously and so poignantly you can't help but move to this one~♥! As music should make you happy~*, "Seishun no flag" has all of the ingredients for turning that most trying day around or perhaps it's one to awake to I think. The song itself is written to be inspirational and the pv carries the visual to do the rest~! The girls all have such cute vocals and we're treated to quite a few solo lines spread around, still Mayuyu's voice is my favorite and she must have struck a chord with the producer as she's again happily~* given a solo song for this single yay~! ("Nantai renai kurage musume") In all there are three tracks total each also with karaoke versions for you to sing along too ♪♪。While I've included the original pv version above there's also an extended movie~like version of this music video titled "special version" which is available on the DVD release which is most awesome too….more on the DVD a bit later. If you've also watched J~Pop groups of yesteryear you'll also notice how even the dance choreography is very much in tune with the style of back then and I so love how seifuku♥ now isn't just for wearing as seen here it can also double as a flag holder っo(*´∀`)o...and not just symbolically coinciding with the title, as they add so much to the dance itself.

03 軟体恋愛クラゲっ娘
Watarirouka Hashiritai (Mayuyu♥solo)


In addition to the original version of the title track's pv, both singles types A & B's bonus DVD includes a "let's make a bento…" segment where you'll see each girl's ideal bento go from drawing board (literally!) to shopping for the ingredients……



…plus there's individual self shot camera footage from each girl shot during the making of the pv, the only catch is that type A includes the footage from Lovetan, Harugon & Nacchan while type B includes the footage from Mayuyu & Ayarin…..so cute as Mayuyu places a kiss♥ on Lovetan o(*´∀`)o゛↓↓↓


As aforementioned, release type C includes a cute~♥ photo book! I've scanned the entire book just below….



"Seishun no flag"'s DVD is definitely a must have!! First there's the "special version" (the movie~styled pv), multiple dance shot versions and these dance versions are quite special!!!!!!!

A most ingenious feature has been placed in both the "4 angle" and "3 angle" versions where the viewer can simply click on the screen on any of the numbers which represent different camera angles as the pvs play~! The response time is quite quick too as the camera angles switch smoothly and it's all at your fingertips….um your mouse's click~*.


The four angle dance version includes the entire group while……


..the three angle versions are solo versions and there's one for each member!! Below is Mayuyu's solo version….a~h I bet you knew I'd pick hers (*´艸`)。。。。

..but wait!, as there's also step by step dance lessons for "Seishun no flag" complete with flag positions as well as "making of" footage also on the DVD release~. But what I really hope is for the multi angle pvs to become a regular feature, they're such a wonderful idea and with so many YouTube dance stars uploading their fan videos I'm sure these multi angle versions will be most helpful ^ ^。



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  2. 渡り廊下走り隊で、AKBファンになりました♥。。。。あたしのAKB初恋で~す^ ^。Mmm...そうね、まゆゆはユニットのセンターになっていますけど、彼女は本とに人気メンバーです。でもGuldariの気持ちはあたし良く分ります。


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