~Oshima Yuko rumored to be dating Eiji Wentz (・o・)

Hmm…just how smart is Yuko?..well she said and proved a lot by counter~blogging an article put up by Sports Hochi which is a daily sports newspaper just today~. Thank you~* HarimaKenji for linking me (*´∀`)!

First of all the article is claiming that there are romantic dating ties between Yukorin and WaT's Eiji Wentz and who could blame her I mean he is a hot handsome hapa guy (makes him an "HHH" XD!) Sometimes girls have to attend HHH meetings by order of a court but that's another story :P! Anyway the article goes on to mention details of their "romance" having been going on for a few months (can an idol nowdays really hide for that long without being seen?!!!) ever since the two acted together in the drama "Angel Bank ~ Tenshoku Dairinin" (haven't seen it, now want to see it!) and also mentions Eiji visiting Akihabara Theater and even a concert earlier this month @ Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Now we all know the consequences of dating while being an idol you see it's similar to a pro star quarterback not being allowed to ride a motorcycle :P! As it's in his contract! Hm, but does an idol have such a contract in which they signed when first joining on I wonder (・c_・;)?Maybe the first meeting could go like this…..

..we'll just call the "agent"…..??? I know!

Agent Kinyoku (aka Agent "Abstinence"): So Yukochan you just need to sign here, here, here, here, and here wait let me turn the page and here, here and here and just one more time here…..hahhahah no I lied there's also a signature required here.

Yukorin: I must think of a simpler way of signing my name….I've gone through so many sharpies already.

Agent Kinyoku: Just be sure to read the very fine print, here use my magnifying glass I always carry one with me for these special occasions.

Yukorin: So you're saying I won't be allowed to…snow board, parachute out of a plane/jet anything that flies, go surfing unless it's near to the shore, attempt to fly, drink milk unless it's lactose free, eat fugu, play flag football a the beach, prepare fugu, become pregnant, ride a motorcycle, hang out with Carrot Top, talk to Mel Gibson, dress like Lady Gaga, join the X~Games (unless you're only interviewing the athletes), climb Mt Everest, and no stalking Tackey or Tsubasa?

Agent Kinyoku: No not that section it doesn't apply to you that's just for the male athletes I sign. You just can't date anyone ever.

Male athletes?..'become pregnant?' O_o

Agent Kinyoku: After you've been in the business for this long and you've seen everything you gotta cover all bases just to be safe.

Yukorin's blog entry to address the report by Sports Hochi can be read here~*. You have to love the poise and wit she employs to deal with this hopefully non situation "situation" as Yukorin first states that she's been written about for her very first dating scoop. She goes on to say that Wentz is much like an older brother to her giving her advice at times and that specifically the meeting at Yoyogi earlier this month during her concert was actually attended by the cast of drama and not just Wentz. There's a funny moment when she says that Wentz "doesn't see her as a female" and she also apologizes to fans and her fellow AKB members for causing so much worry. There's a very sincere tone to everything she writes and you have to really appreciate her candidness in light of such a alarming situation..hopefully non situation "situation." Towards the end of her post Yukorin states clearly that she has no time for love in her life right now with work being her priority above all (the no love part is sort of sad but we all know what Agent Kinyoku would say! (>_<)’!). But the most funny part of Yukorin's wit comes right at the end where she addresses that the article made her realize she's a celebrity!…and she addresses "Kayochan" (not sure who that is :/ and she notes that AKB members have sent her lots of e~mails too regarding this news) directly asking her to stop sending her e~mails saying she's been "dismissed!" =(..and to instead start her own scandal…..lol to take the heat off of Yukorin I'm guessing :P! Yukorin's so funny (。ーωー。)笑!

I've been trying my best to concentrate today and be productive but I keep seeing this…..


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8 Responses to ~Oshima Yuko rumored to be dating Eiji Wentz (・o・)

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Noro Kayo, Yukorin's best friend in AKB =P I guess she's in SDN now. The two were shown together in Yuko's 600 second episode I think?Angel Bank is interesting, good dorama, but don't expect much from Yukorin, it wasn't a big part. She was way more front and center in Majisuka. Look, someone uploaded this making segment on YouTube.


  2. Gosh~!* I can't wait to see the finished pv♥!!! It's like….I don't know how to even describe it really…maybe it's like a giant slumber party AKB style っo(*´∀`)o!。。I'm really pathetic I've only seen Yuko in "Majisuka Gakuen"..was supposed to post about it but it'll now be the most late Majisuka post ever XD!! It was so awesome still want to write about it even if know one will care lol :P. Oh I don't know Noro Kayo I did watch the 600 t.v. shows but I didn't know who she was :/. Mmm..I still haven't really gotten interested in SDN they just may not be for me I think, not promising that though…I've seen WaT on t.v. here during the Kouhaku I think, he looks soooo familiar so I'm pretty sure that was him and they're a duo. Nice songs and he sings very well but I've just never been a fan. I love how Yuko addressed everything and quickly!


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, I have some memories of WaT from Utaban ~ There was this episode when they appeared to promote the gayest PV/song ever… They did it under another name though. Yuko has a lot of dorama appearances already, going all the way back to when she was 11 years old o.o'


  4. lol is that how it's introduced :O!!! I can't stop laughing…but he must be sweet~♥ if Yukorin thinks of him as a brother (*´∀`)♥。Ohhhh Utaban…!!! I was shopping on Yahoo! Japan auctions for Yukorin collectibles and I couldn't believe at first when I saw this video for sale…I mean she was like I don't know but so little….it's a little too early for a video I think but Japan's so different as far as their idol culture. It's so awesome that she's made it this far!! to the top of AKB even if for just one single I'm so happy~* for her!


  5. Amazing~* Yukorin's acting goes back to 1999 for t.v. and 2000 for movies!!


  6. HarimaKenji says:

    It does get very weird you know… like, there's always people worrying about shashinshuus when they're young like with Airi's and when Erepyon had her first one at 14… but then I've seen some covers in Amazon.co.jp that I'd doubt they were 10 -__-'


  7. I've sort of gotten to the point where I try not to let anything surprise me too much (easier thought of than done :P!) when it comes to idols, I guess for me I just want to celebrate and share idols♥ here but along the way there are questionable releases for sure :/. Even the adorable Inoue Mao was modeling very early but she wasn't gravure at that age so she definitely had a set criteria for what she was doing all the time which is smart. I just saw that Airiin has a new pb being released….Airi Suzuki/Airi Suzuki Shashinshu "Tokobi"w/ Making-of DVD BOOK
    2800 yen US$32/88.25 Release Date:2010/08/20
    Description:Photo book release from Airi Suzuki (Cute, Bunono!)
    featuring photos taken in Shikoku. 96-page. Includes a making-of DVD.
    *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe,
    and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.
    URL – http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=NEOBK-812884She's so awesome as a vocalist and dancer so talented!! Yes though her first pb was quite early…still there's Maeda Yuuka now which I'll scan soon from the latest UTB..I think her pb is released really soon. She's cute and I hope it's tastefully done which I'm sure it'll be.


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