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~AKB48′s senbatsu girl Yukorin’s♥ solo cover oh! and there’s another cover too…

AKB48 "Heavy Rotation" Type B single cover …..lol just kidding (。ーωー。)!...both new single covers are just gorgeous!!!! Thank you~* Harimakenji for the link as now there's so much to look forward to and um…I haven't even heard the songs yet … Continue reading

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~Arashi♥ 「To be free」/ 「Yukaitsu~kai Kaibutsukun」

Arashi "To be free"… Arashi "To be free" (first press) CD + DVD release Arashi's latest single topped the Oricon again! yay~! with over 425,000 in sales for its first week which is really wonderful (*≧∀≦)ノ!!! and perhaps even more … Continue reading

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