~Hirano♥Aya 「Hysteric Barbie」~

After a brief break seiyuu sensation~* turned pop/rock idol Hirano♥Aya returns with her latest oh so sexy punk~rock flavored title track!!

Love the current trends with record labels more and more offering CD editions which include original pvs♥ all in one inclusive single package. Also wonderful is the penning of all lyrics for all three tracks by none other than the multi talented Ayachan. "Hysteric Barbie" opens with rapid fire lyrics performed with a taste of conviction and the pv offering is most sweet and sassy with visuals of a new do for Ayachan…it caught me off guard too!…especially since the CD's jacket photography has her wearing an auburn colored and stylish wig so I just had no idea she'd opted for shorter! And she certainly is suited for both styles so much….always so kawaii♥. I also received Ayachan's new concert DVD which has an awesome set list and will share that soon ^ ^。

Hirano Aya's "Hysteric Barbie" LE CD + DVD release can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Hirano Aya's "Hysteric Barbie" LE CD + DVD release can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Hirano Aya's "Hysteric Barbie" LE CD + DVD release can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.


The two coupling with tracks "Kiseki no iro" and "Dahlia" are trademark Ayachan songs~♪♪…..mid tempo to aggressive rock while presenting the listener with melodic and sweet vocals and just the way she's able to vary her tone so much!!!…a~h! the arsenal of a seiyuu.

03 ダリア
Hirano Aya

And here still my most favorite ballad~♥ from Ayachan

13 星のカケラ
Hirano Aya

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7 Responses to ~Hirano♥Aya 「Hysteric Barbie」~

  1. J-pyon says:

    Aya is so awesome she just plain Rocks. Really love the new song and the video was fantastic as well. I really love those rock girls they really do it for me you know. also i really think that she can look good in any hair style as well. Weird their is a trend in short hair going around, like gaki-san, and cutes maimi-chan, now aya-chan, and all three girls look good with short hair don't they. Unfortunately i did not get this CD along with my Berryz Maji Bomber order but for sure my next order will include this rocking single. As for you sharing i like to say ありがとうございます。じゃね。(^o^)/


  2. Thank you~* for listening!!..and I'm so happy you like Ayachan's style too! I just love her videos♥ and they've actually been a bit more creative in the past but still this one's awesome too. A~h! if you love rock girls then you may also be interested in checking out Okamoto Rei~*…she's really cute and then when you hear her songs it's like who~ah!


  3. philipleslie says:

    Sadly your Vox links are broken, but a really enjoyable post nevertheless!


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