~OMG!!! it’s AKB @ the Anime Expo?!!!!!!!!

I was just sent this photo in an e~mail………………..just OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No he didn't???….Oh I think he did!!!!!!!!!! and this after I had pretty much begged him to go just to get their autographs but then he said 'no' he wouldn't go but now there is this???!!!!!!! Yukorin♥, Acchan♥, Takamina♥, Miichan♥ Erepyon♥..I'll be back right after I go strangle him I am soooooooooooooooooooo jealous ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~OMG!!! it’s AKB @ the Anime Expo?!!!!!!!!

  1. It was a good concert~! Although getting an autograph was a completely different story. I lined up post concert and sat for about 2 hours with my friends. I think only 50-60 people got their stuff signed that round. At the most. And only 8 of the 16 girls were at the signings at any given time… so getting all 16 would have been a real challenge.


  2. CK says:

    You saw me??? hehehe.


  3. Still really depressed about not being able to go this year,…..and last year (;_;). Gosh 60 autographs doesn't sound like many as I heard there were so many in line wanting autographs :/. My friend was in line too for the first autograph session but he said a lot of people were cutting in line up at the front with friends and he didn't get in either that first time. Interestingly he said everyone was allowed to take a photograph from a distance when they entered the room before getting their autographs as during the next session he said that wasn't allowed…sort of odd. But a friend he made there took video footage of the second session so I can't wait to see!!! Hm from what I understand it was the same 8 girls at both sessions and also at the "meet & greet" on day zero. Interesting that neither Yukorin♥ or Acchan♥ attended those but still a lot of cute members were there and especially Aamin! Oh you should have said hello~* he's really sweet ^ ^。I think he was at the Manoeri film event as he told me he was a member of the press and would also have a luncheon with her.


  4. The show itself was amazing. I think Yuko posted the set list in her blog. I'm still not familiar with -all- the songs. Especially the unit songs. The girls really give their 200% up there. I was especially taken by Yuko's dancing and Acchan's stage presence. I can really see why they are the top 2. They're truly truly truly inspirational. They are super slinky sexy. D: Like Super Super Sexy.


  5. Just seeing the photos I so wish~* I could have gone!!!! I'm well sort of well a lot in love with Yukorin♥ but happy~* that Acchan was amazing too!! She's been growing on me much more recently and she really is beautiful and so talented. Their "Iiwake Maybe" outfits are the best!!!..still can't believe they were seen walking around town with them on! Gosh I can't believe they make everyone wait for so long and then to start late and end early…..I would've cried!! I am beyond grateful for an-D's running so frantically to reach the autograph area..I'm thinking I'm really short so my legs wouldn't have gotten me there on time XD! W~ah! that's soooooo close to front!!!! lol the wota's have their dances and chants I'm always impressed by that when I see them on concert DVDs! Oh I hope enough fans did show up to make Manoeri♥ feel welcome. A~h! I'm not getting her autograph as someone's gotten a bit too attached to it っo(*´∀`)o!。。AKB one's are most cute and I'm happy~* they wrote in both Japanese and English ^ ^。Would have loved to have seen "Sekai wa summer party" live…definitely one of my most favorite♥ Manoeri songs ♪。


  6. For me, just seeing them in person on stage was enough. I've had friends tell me they tried to get tickets to see them at their Akihabara stage and failed numerous times throughout a month-long trip. o_o; Although my personal favorites didn't make it, I'm still impressed by the lineup that did come. XD Autographs would have been really nice, but I didn't have my hopes up anyway. ^^


  7. Ah! that's unimaginable! I mean in an entire month and yet they weren't able to see AKB live? I've been learning more about their theater and actually a lot much more recently from an-D and he says that it's like rocket science trying to attend their theater concerts, and although they occur daily you have to sign up online with many options available and yet it's so difficult to be allowed in :/. I'm just thinking that then this LA appearance was so much more accessible for everyone as you could purchase tickets much more straightforward, the theater procedure is so so complex from what I'm learning!! You can't simply just walk up and purchase tickets as it's all done in advance with a drawing sort of procedure and they even have special exceptions I hear? I would've so been run over I think at getting autographs!! Hmm…something interesting about a piano that an-D mentioned although he didn't post it just yet. I would've so thought that she'd perform on piano as that's so much of what makes her so unique and a cut above I think above other idols in that she plays so well an instrument!..and while singing!!


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