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~Pickles & ice cream and then my water broke (・д・`*)!、a new addition to the family it’s a..

The new family♥ member ..Mmm..a new external DVD drive (*´∀`)♥。。。oh it was just me being my normal clumsy self dropping a bottled water tonight which caused a mess (ノロ≦。)!A very warm and special thank you~♥ to J~pyon, aiLaMarie and HarimaKenji … Continue reading

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~Now scanning…♥!

Now scanning…♥! A~h! so which B.L.T. member photos did you receive in your photo books?….really pretty~♥ photos in here..(sigh*) my very first mystery B.L.T. photo envelopes (*´∀`)♥.... Send to a friend

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Have you ever woken up to find your DVD drive has run away on its own? Please help!/Today’s arrivals

(*≧m≦)!! Well my adventures in pc~land continued on it's way towards bad today, just turned my laptop on only to find that somehow my DVD drive is missing (ノロ≦。)!。。。it just says upon booting up that AnyDVD cannot locate a DVD … Continue reading

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~Nacchi♥ is back (*´∀`)!!

Nacchi♥! わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛!!!。。this is such happy~* news!!!! Nacchi is back!!!! Gosh! the last time she released anything new was way back in the winter of last year with her "Summer Live Tour 2009" DVD but now she has a new single~* … Continue reading

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~UTB Aug. 2010 Covergirls S/mileage, Team Dragon & an episode of seifuku♥ gone wild!

UTB Vol.198 August 2010 (cover scan) UTB Vol.198 August 2010 w/ trading card set B… Gosh~* I'm truly late with posting the latest UTB (ノロ≦。)!。。and sorry for the late responses this week as I've been a bit under the weather … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」“RED CLIFF I & II” (Highly recommended viewing)

Red Cliff I & II DVD set ~Every scene..a single brush stroke upon the canvas. Films to savor, for film making of this beauty and depth and scale don’t grace us very often..and the fates truly lie in ways of … Continue reading

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~Yukorin♥ a day in the life, well 600 seconds of it…~

Oshima Yuko (Korisu♥) in "AKB 600 sec"… Oshima Yuko "AKB 600 sec" By now I imagine there must be lots of these mini episodes circulating…I'm just watching some of my favorites courtesy of HarimaKenji~*. The files are quite large too … Continue reading

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~Oshima Yuko rumored to be dating Eiji Wentz (・o・)

Oshima Yuko♥ Eiji Wentz Hmm…just how smart is Yuko?..well she said and proved a lot by counter~blogging an article put up by Sports Hochi which is a daily sports newspaper just today~. Thank you~* HarimaKenji for linking me (*´∀`)! First … Continue reading

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~AKB48 chu♥shiyouze???!!!

Yuko ♥’z Acchan! (*´∀`) …なんだこれ?(・o・)! もう。。最新のシングルのジャケットリリースから、本とに沢山話があるね~!! でもねこれが信じられない。。。。。どんなシングルですか?最初の気持ちはきっとびっくりした(・д・`*)。  ちょっと、口も利けないですけど。。。。見たい!!!見たい~!!!! あははは~!彼の顔はそれをすべて言うでしょう!!! Mmmm。。。。。。。 。。大丈夫。AKBはアイドルグループです。けどね、AKBは全然違うでしょう?独特、すごい♥! 。。。たぶんね~、あたしは言う事ができない同じように望まれない(*´艸`)。。。! あたしは何が言っている???(。ーωー。)笑! この画面イメージを見ましたから、pvをもっと見たい♥。。。。たとえ~でもPVを楽しみわ(*´∀`)。 Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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~Watarirouka Hashiritai’s 「Seishun no flag」 here to raise your spirits and inspire (*≧∀≦)

Watarirouka Hashiritai are Lovetan, Harugon, Nacchan, Ayarin & Mayuyu♥ Watarirouka Hashiritai Seishun no flag (first press Types A,C & DVD) AKB's mini unit Watarirouka Hashiritai (now new and improved~* with 5 members!) scores their best selling single yet with "Seishun … Continue reading

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