~Erepyon, Mr.Children and I~

A~h! mite mite!!!…….Erepyon ♥'zzzzz Mr.Children too!!!!!!!!! I just never imagined something like this, I mean Mr.Children♥ has long been my most favorite band in the world! (additional Mr.Children posts here♥) and to now learn from Erepyon's blog…(thank you~* Harimakenji for linking me!!) that she's a really big fan too it's just so awesome っo(*´∀`)o♪~!!!!。。her entry can be read here♥!! Um there's also nothing like needing to borrow a computer XD! With continuing issues with not being able to create caps from my VLC despite reinstalling =( and this new weird problem where I seem to not be able to delete or move some video files I've created for upload to Vox)….I've now become a rather frequent visitor here away from home so happy~* that sharing♥ runs in the family =). Oh I've gotten off topic :P……so!… 

..in Erepyon's entry she says how much she loves Mr.Children….Sakuraisan's vocals♥♥♥..and how just listening the their music can bring her to tears (´⌒`。)...!So awesome~*! And as you can read on her ipod it's all cued up with Mr.Children (often said "Misuchiru").

So now I'm watching Misuchiru's most recent DVD concert release~* "Mr.Children Dome Tour 2009 SUPERMARKET FANTASY"….うれしー(*≧∀≦)ノ♪!!

This alone would move Erepyon up!! up!! in my member rankings if I were to do them again now, I mean she loves the most amazing~* and greatest band in the world!!!!!…I can't help but ♥ that!!

Hmm….so again while I'm watching Mr.Children's newest concert DVD they do perform a few songs which are on Erepyon's i-pod screen above so I've included a couple of them just below ^ ^♥。

Misuchiru♥ performances whether in smaller venues like during and before their "[es]" days, for a t.v. appearances or if in the largest of Japan's domes they all have one sure thing in common!! Epic!! epic!! majestic!! majestical!! Mm that's not even a word (^q^)!

First up will be "Worlds end" which is the first track on Erepyon's i-pod and at times this song reminds me so much of U2 can you hear it too?…it's pure adrenalin, "Hanabi" which is a top 5 favorite song of mine, "esora" which Sakuraisan always gets so amp~ed! up for and if you haven't yet watched its pv♥ it's soooooooooo cute!!!! and somewhat mystical, "Koe" has such a sweet melody and I just love the live version's intro here and "koe" is also the theme~* here for my Vox…see the kanji in the background =), "and I love you" this song is always performed so deeply emotionally and the title says it all ♥♥♥!, and last but certainly not least is Misuchiru's golden classic "Namonaki uta" which served as an amazing drama theme song for "Pure" and has the distinction of being the best selling single for first week's sales in Japan all time with over 1.2 million sold, then reaching over 2.3 million in sales overall. So so many accolades to speak of for Misuchiru♥ but since I've already gushed on ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!about those and their amazing~* history here, I'll let their live performances below speak for themselves further…..







What a feeling it must be to hear an entire stadium serenade your words (人∀`*)♥。

A few of my most favorite Misuchiru songs would be: "Kimi ga ita natsu", "Hoshi ni naretara", "Dakishimetai", "Innocent World", "[es]~theme of es~", "Namonaki uta", "Kuchibue", "and I love you", "Sign", "Classmate", "Kurumi", "Shirushi", "Tabidachi no uta", "Not Found", "Hanabi", "esora", "Hana-memento mori-", "Worlds end", "ALIVE", "Koe", "Owari naki tabi", "GIFT", "Nishie Higashie", "Goodbye my gloomy days", "and I close to you", "LOVE", "Cross Road", "Ame nochi hare", "Yurikago no aru oka kara", "Everything (It's you)", "Over" and "Tomorrow never knows."

and the musical journey continues….♪

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~Erepyon, Mr.Children and I~

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Yaaay, so now that Pyon's gone up, time to stalk Myao's blog until she says something interesting ~ and your ranking will be looking like mine in no time at this rate =DAnyway, I'm glad you liked it, I was wondering if I had spamed you too much since you didn't say anything.


  2. Oh no that could never happen! My eyes went large when I made her i-pod photo larger and saw all Mr.Children songs on it ^ ^!!I saw that she had posted also about leaving for L.A. at the airport and so cool in so many of her fan comments~* they were suggesting Misuchiru♥ songs and telling their own favorites!! It's difficult to choose just a few as they have so many awesome songs Sakurai~san is the most amazing songwriter!!!


  3. J-pyon says:

    Mr Children are insanely popular and im really surprised that someone so young like Erena likes a band that started so long ago. Usually when i talk to younger people about some of the music i grew up on they look at me with strange looks like wondering who im talking about lol. Unfortunately it took me many many many years later to hear about Mr Children. When they started out i was in Jr high still and of course there was no internet so i never new about any Japanese Band at that time. I really like their songs that the style of rock songs is my favorite. They have so many CD's out i would not know where to start, as is i can barely afford my idol habit (I wonder since ill be living in Hawaii soon if shipment costs will be lower since Hawaii is closer to Japan than Arizona). Anyway i really respect Mr Children for not only the great music they put out but also for all the charitable work they do they are truly a band to listen to. (^_^)V (Wow my posts have been getting longer lately lol).


  4. Mm…Mr.Children really transcends even time I think and when I watch their concerts you always see such a diverse audience and age wise too. Music really in general transcends time like I have so many friends who love groups/artists from way back and just with me I'm still in my late twenties and yet I love groups like The Beatles, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones also…big band, be~bop jazz with Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Billie Holliday, etc. =). Hmm…..I would suggest "Atomic Heart" as a first album it's really so landmark for them with the material on it and of course "Innocent World" is there!! I wonder, it may still be quite expensive though but should be less…shipping is just so so expensive :O!!


  5. HarimaKenji says:

    For lack of better place I'll just say it here… Here, look what Erepyon did =/ it is so weird to see her like that, but the second photo is cute ❤ I don't know what to think of this yet.


  6. W~ah! so so short ne~?!! Hmm….Erepyon does match okay though I think and I love how the thought process with girls is always with so much apprehension of what others will think (*´∀`)!。。。we all think the same XD. When I was little getting a haircut was sort of traumatic as you never knew if you'd get teased when you return to school afterwards……well Erepyon will never have that problem she's too cute!!!


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