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~Erepyon, Mr.Children and I~

Ono♥Erena Erepyon’s ipod!!! my Mr.Children visual collection A~h! mite mite!!!…….Erepyon ♥'zzzzz Mr.Children too!!!!!!!!! I just never imagined something like this, I mean Mr.Children♥ has long been my most favorite band in the world! (additional Mr.Children posts here♥) and to now … Continue reading

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~Yan Yan Yan にゃんにゃんにゃん♪~...

Mayuyu♥ in Yan Yan…(Scan0010) Yan Yan Vol.9 January 2010 …so why Mayuyu first? She's really the member who first caught my eye as it was ultimately Watarirouka Hashiritai that did it =). Well there were other strong factors involved but … Continue reading

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