~S/mileage’s major debut single 「夢見る15歳」~

I was so worried that moving to major releases~* would result in S/mileage leaving behind their strong "J" style which they've embraced so far in all of their indies single releases. Sometimes J~Pop groups can truly "grow~up" too quickly moving to a much more American R&B style which already floods the airways…..happily~* that's no where the case here!!!

Tsunku's music writing keeps very much to their previous form before going major~ although interestingly he left the lyrics for the coupling with track to another composer. I was most impressed with how each girl's vocals were pushed so much and in particular with the title track "Yume miru 15sai" where they're challenged to a bit of falsetto styling and while the title track has nice dramatic touches with so many hooks♥ abound! its coupling with partner "Thank you! Creme Brulee no Yuujou" is absolutely no slouch either! Love love all of their covers and as usual I wasn't able to hold back so I got both LE's and their pv DVD single =).

This song's actually a lot cuter than the main track!..and somehow even the entire production here sounds a lot more youthful if that makes any sense at all XD.

When it comes to pvs♥, S/mileage has you covered with 4 versions including a "Dance version" (included with LE type A single), one titled "Another Version" XD! (included with LE type B single) while both the original and a "Close~Up Versions" are included with their separate pv DVD single release.

If there's one tiny complaint it would be that I so wished~* they had performed their "Dance Version" pv in those black, red & blue plaid outfits (see very top picture of this post) and although they're wearing jackets they still somehow resemble seifuku very much it seems and that's always win win! look for idols no matter what the occasion….song style…..air temperature….weather….time of day….time of night……what you had for dinner….when you woke up that morning…well, you get the idea (^q^)! Sadly those outfits make very scarce appearances here, still the pvs are most cute and a bit retro~like with that oh so glittery background you see!! Some may feel that they lack the creativeness of their previous pvs and I do agree you know with "Ama no jaku" being shot on location with schools scenes and I so loved all of those photos taken by the girls themselves which went up on the classroom blackboard!…and maybe even more so with "Otona ni narutte muzukashii!!!" which was just off the charts for its fun creative touches which were non~stop with the stage animated slide show coupled with more cute happenings than you can shake a stick at!!! I actually have no idea of what that actually means…..you know the thing with the "stick???" 😛


~The pvs♥~

The accompanying pv DVD single runs approximately 20 minutes and S/mileage continues to have the most fun behind the scenes footage from H!P as of late….just the things you say during your youth ( ̄▽ ̄)。。。!!the giddy conversations, gestures and little games to pass the time between takes, oh and so soooo much eating it's funny!!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~S/mileage’s major debut single 「夢見る15歳」~

  1. J-pyon says:

    I am really glad you like S/mileage's debut single, i for one am a really big fan of them and Tsunku really amazes me with how many great tracks he writes for all of HP. As you said this song has many great hooks and the master of making great choruses delivers again. The girls are so amazingly cute and from the making of DVD as well as the shows they appear on, you can see that they are so full of energy and really funny as well. I also have to mention i really love their singing as well both individually as well as together they are a strong group in my opinion. I really look forward to their future works and i really think they can have a bright future ahead of them. Like you im also glad they stuck with the Genki style of their previous tracks instead of the more R&B, serious style that artists are getting more into these days. (^_^)y


  2. I know I was so relieved/happy~*!! when I clicked play and S/mileage was still genki J~pop…said perfectly!, it seems that groups so often can tend to grow up too quickly in a sense and with S/mileage you really sense they're so much better matched at this point of their early career not to move on just yet =). "Ama no jaku" is still my most favorite♥ but I love all of their singles so far so much and this is a most encouraging style of release for their major debut. So true~ they're like the cutest little comedians while behind the scenes and I hope they never outgrow that (*´∀`)♥。


  3. solo-kun says:

    I preferred the second track on this one, but still, I enjoyed them both. I think because it's cuter, as you said.Their promotion, events and such seem really fresh and new. They're really fun to watch. I've liked everything they've put out thus far and I'm looking forward to seeing more from them.


  4. Hi solo~* cute usually wins ne~ ^ ^♥!U~n…"seishun" love how they interact with one another as there's simply never a dull moment and they have such a natural chemistry about them. A~h I'm so happy!!! S/mileage has had nothing but catchy songs plus their pvs♥ so so cute!!!! I also love that Tsunku injected a bit of the Beatles in one of them….legendary meets youth can't beat that! "Ama no jaku" is still my most favorite melody but everything's really really close in that regard.


  5. Guldari says:

    可愛いね.さきちは本当に中学生らしい.グループ名前のように, 皆笑う顔がとてもきれい!


  6. あっ聞いたの??憂佳ちゃんの初写真集???ちょっとびっくりした。。。でもやっぱね~。


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