So two guys step onto a grass court and two days later it’s 59~all in the fifth set???!!!!

Is anyone watching Wimbledon? If so perhaps the most remarkable thing has happened from yesterday till today and yet it's still not over! I mean it's all sorts of new records I'm guessing for the game in general and overall as a player I'm not familiar with in Nicolas Mahut and up and comer John Isner have been playing a tennis match for two days and it's been twice suspended due to darkness :O. This isn't a typo……it's now 59~all in the 5th set!!!!!!!!!! I've never heard of such a thing!!!!!!!!! And if I heard correctly they said that this one tennis match is going on 10 hours long and has over 400 winners hit in it :O.

Hmm….I know Wimbledon is rich in tradition but they did adapt by building an electronic roof over Centre Court so I'm wondering if now Wimbledon needs lights?…or maybe better yet a tie~breaker in the 5th set. Those guys must be exhausted and to think even when one of them does eventually win it'll still count as only one match. However it'll go down as one of the most landmark and amazing~* tennis matches in history all time!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to So two guys step onto a grass court and two days later it’s 59~all in the fifth set???!!!!

  1. J-pyon says:

    Not much of a tennis fan but i do want to take some lessons but the reason for this comment is i have to tell you i really love the picture you posted of Kame-chan. Thank you!! (♥_♥)y. かわいい ね。


  2. A~h love this photo so much too!! I'm thinking of a Kamei and Riichan match! Oh I'm just watching the match but it's on a delay….it just ended a few minutes ago and I was actually wondering if it would ever end XD!! Isner won 70~68 in the fifth set….:O! I've just never seen such a thing before ever I mean the coverage that's present with so many reporters everywhere and just think it's a first round match!! Mahut played so awesome!!! just sad that anyone had to lose in the end :(…he served an astounding 65 times to stay in the match as Isner was serving first in the fifth set that's just frightening to even fathom. I thought it was an amazing~* gesture at the end when the chair umpire and both players received special mementos for this monumental match but I felt so badly for Mahut as he must have been feeling such sadness and yet he was asked to stay on court for so long afterward……I don't think a match will ever last this long ever again. Um Wimbledon needs a tiebreaker in their fifth sets XD.


  3. Saburo says:

    I think Centre Court is the only one at Wimbledon with lights (and roof). Seems like the (smaller) crowd there wanted to move the match there.
    Too bad they didn't; the continuity of the match is all jagged with all the suspensions in play. Still, an eight-hour set is lunacy…


  4. They finally did cave by building a state of art roof for the facility funny I'm still sure the purists there wanted tradition to remain. It was amazing to see so many fans filling not only court 18 (I think it was) but also watching on the jumbo~tron outside…something you usually only see for the top seeds when playing on the main courts =). And with so much media present it looked really like the finals of the tournament :O! So true~, even a "well" timed bathroom break (sometimes accused of being gamesmanship :/) can change a match so much taking a player out of her/his groove….would have been something seeing them play for over 11 hours straight!!


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