~Sayu’s recent remarks create a backlash of anger from Matsujun fans…

Just heard this news from Zdorama and it's causing quite a stir with Arashi/Matsujun fans. It occurred last week on the June 17th episode of Arashi's popular~* "Mannequin Five" corner which airs as part of "Himitsu No Arashi Chan." Morning Musume's Sayumin appeared as one of the five special guests whose job is to critique the varying fashion~* of Arashi members where there's always a theme for each episode and for the "Mannequin" part of the title it's really cute♥ as each member strikes a mannequin~like pose after choosing their wardrobe and then stands as still as possible while the guests browse their choices and each guest is asked later to make a "purchase" as in choosing which member's fashion they liked the best (making a "purchase") until ultimately one member is left standing as the bottom XD! This episode features a few extra "mannequin" guys along with Arashi♥!…..and I always love the funny snide remarks made as each chosen "mannequin" exits happily~* then knowing they won't be victims of the bottom always cracks me up (^q^)!!

This corner is sooooo much fun to watch and one of my most favorites♥ that Zdorama has introduced me to!…and in the past it's always the most candid and often times insightful commentary from the guests which makes you giggle~* only then to have an even much more amusing conversation between the members of Arashi as they try to revamp their wardrobes in between guest visits and comments all the while trying to avoid becoming the dreaded bottom of the day's fashion :P! The mood has always been light and playful with fun jabs being thrown every which way and sometimes in the most unexpected lights~^ ^!!

However some remarks made by Sayu on last week's episode have sparked an uproar of anger amongst Matsujun fans so much that it's been reported that Sayu's blog received in excess of 5000 comments after the airing where fans vented their distaste and heavy anger often making very much personal and hurtful comments towards her. For anyone long familiar with Sayu's personality she's been known in the past to sometimes come across as a bit sharp with her words but ultimately much of it stems from her "screen personality" or rather somewhat of her niche when it comes to her cutely playing off of her well known narcissist~flavored humor. As you'll see in the clip, some of Sayu's remarks towards Matsujun in particular included calling him flamboyant, calling his fashion sense horrible and she also said something a bit odd about his face. But while fan reaction has been most harsh towards Sayu, was Matsujun really even upset?? as it appears that he takes it all with a bit of humor laughing much of it off throughout the clip and even bringing up an earlier comment made by Sayu before the first break where he says that "his face has nothing to do with his fashion…"…(^q^)! Matsujun has always had such a fun and comical side to him as well so I'm thinking that he really wasn't bothered at all perhaps? And now I'm most torn between how to feel about this….I mean just knowing Sayu's comic personality and that dynamic of sometimes sharpness she plays with and also seeing how Matsujun responded with his own bit of humor here leaves me wondering….??? and as a fan of both groups in Arashi♥ and Momusu♥ it strikes an even deeper worry and sadness in me =(. 

You can watch the clip here @ Kiiroi Namida's Vox and decide if the backlash towards Sayu is warranted or perhaps too harsh? And by the way, Matsujun's♥ looking most gorgeous hereヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!!。。 so much that you also may be tempted to kiss your computer screen just as one of the guests wanted to kiss him while he was in mannequin~mode (*´艸`)!!

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15 Responses to ~Sayu’s recent remarks create a backlash of anger from Matsujun fans…

  1. akaisuki says:

    this reminds me of some kpop girl idol commenting about a co-idol because of his miss pronunciation. dayum, the fans were like,,, "IMMA KILL YOU!!" X]]]


  2. akaisuki says:

    she should had been more careful +.+


  3. Renyi says:

    Like you have said, this is part of Sayu Momusu's personality, she is always a straight shooter and sharp with her comment.I think the fans need to watch those TV shows with a lighter heart, and not to take everything so literally, its all a little bit of fun.


  4. So true~* that fans can be most passionate about their faves and they'll surely stand up for them at a moment's notice! This shocked me though and it's also very possible that many of the fans who left comments on Sayu's blog weren't familiar perhaps with her known personality and how she portrays her "idol character" I'll call it but also I'm not sure how often she's been in collaboration with the boys in Arashi so maybe being a bit more careful as you say would have been better…..just a really far blown out situation :/.


  5. I really do get that feeling~*, like so much could have been taken out of context and just not knowing her character which she plays up to all the time with Momusu and so often being a guest of shows and radio~. I'll never forget the time she went head~to~head with that lady host (can't think of her name (._.;)!) on Music Fighter…she makes me crack up soooooo much!!! But anyway there was a conversation about cuteness in general but before you knew it Sayu was so hilarious being so blunt with her saying things like to be in Momusu you have to be cute :P!!!..and the like!! The shocked look on the host's face was so honest and then the humor shot up from there XD.I'm hoping~* that the things written on her blog don't get to her although I'm not sure how that would be even possible….I mean some of it got so personal in attacking her but I just hope this entire situation soon goes away.


  6. J-pyon says:

    I thought it was hilariously funny and as you said it looked like everyone was just having a good laugh. Some fans especially the die hard fans tend to be very quick to come to the defense of their favorite entertainer even though its just lighthearted banter. I personally believe that people need to see the humor in life and not try to blow something like this out of proportion. Sayu im sure will be the first to tell you she loves Arashi but since she is in show business you have to do things that will get peoples attention for ratings and if she doesn't she may find her self without a possible future after MoMuse. I am sure they all know how Sayu has a black side to her hence why she is always on the show London Hearts and is a favorite among MoMuse girls to go on variety shows.


  7. I hope~* Sayu's okay through all of this..can't imagine suffering so many attacks and it's true that sometimes one can jump to conclusions too quickly without really realizing the context and that it was all in fun~. Matsujun's so popular in the group and found it interesting that she really poked a bit of fun at him but I guess she just really didn't care for his styling for that day so I'm sure none of it was meant to be at all malicious….when she made fun of his face I was like w~ah! lol XD!! I would so love to see Reinachan on "Mannequin Five" as she's really the most fashionable Momusu member so I think that would be fun!…although after all of this I wonder if their agency will keep them from appearing in the future :/?


  8. J-pyon says:

    No i don't think there agency will not keep them from going onto that show but the reason i think they got Sayumi on the show is because she has been making a name for herself as having a poison tongue which is evident on the london hearts show were she is always cutting down (or as they say on the show dropping a bomb) on the other guests. Sayu has become the Variety Show favorite among the Musumes so she tends to get asked the most. I am also sure shes fine she has been in the entertainment business for 7 years now im sure she is well prepared by Tsunku and the HP staff to handle these kind of situations, and as they say in show business there is no such thing as bad publicity. (^_^)V


  9. U~n it's really in context of these shows with all of the humor =) and that's so wonderful that Sayu gets the most invites for variety shows, I totally wasn't aware of that XD. I do hope so…it's just that even if on the outside one can learn to or show a strong exterior and learn to deal with similar type situations but really on the inside everyone can hurt this way like when you're away from the entertainment aspect of it all and you have time to reflect, and especially with how vicious some of the comments were on her blog I'm still very concerned about her mindset and well being. Like you say I'm sure she'll appear fine and maybe even will be totally….I really do hope so but it still worries me (;_;)


  10. J-pyon says:

    Ahhh you are so kind teehee, and yea you are right one can still be hurt by nasty comments no matter how prepared you are but i believe she has mentioned before that she receives unkind comments on her blog all the time im sure as well as hoping that she has grown a bit immune to it and has grown a thicker skin, that is the tough thing about being in show business is that you are more accessible to comments both good and bad because the more people who know you the more people will have an opinion about you. That's why im so glad to live in obscurity lol i don't have to deal with those kind of pressures. In my heart i know Sayu will be able to endure because she has many loving fans like you to keep her going. (^_^)y


  11. J~pyon you're most kind heart♥~ed too~*! And you're so right that being in the public eye leaves way to the possibility of sometimes harsh or unkind criticism. U~n! we'll continue to adore~* and support her ne….Sayu♥.


  12. akaisuki says:

    sorry for the late reply. i changed email so i didnt had the change to check the old one.agree! she, being a famous idol/artist should better be careful of her words for fans are keeping an eye on their idol. i notice she's still judging arashi's outfit even after the incident? so that means, the comment didn't had much impact on the HNA stuff (???)


  13. Oh no it's okay (*´∀`)..please no need to apologize, I switched e~mail too awhile back as for some reason Vox and my old e~mail weren't getting along very well :/. U~n that's so true and fans can be most passionate about their favorites♥. It really became a situation where fans watching Arashi were shocked by what's sort of like Sayu's natural image as she tends to be this way in a real sense it's her very character that Momusu fans know. It got ugly though as it was perhaps misconstrued as being overly malicious….I just hope that both sides can make amends from here ^ ^。


  14. akaisuki says:

    i think their manager/s should do something? at least say something to clear it? or maybe this had been forgotten by other fans; but i really find it awkward watching her continuing her 'role' on HNA(._.)`ヘ´)ヘ´)(`ヘ´)ヘ´)


  15. I'm thinking that time will help to make this a forgotten misunderstanding but I agree too that it could have easily have been diffused if a statement was made soon after. I think most important is that Matsujun didn't appear to be upset but rather found humor in it all so maybe he knows of Sayu's personality ^ ^。


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