~AKB48♥ member ranker 6/21/2010~

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じゃじゃんっっ!!!It's just my second AKB48 ranking so far and while it hasn't been too between them there still are quite a few changes!! A very special thank you~* to both Joh @ IW and Harimakenji o(*´∀`)o゛♥, Joh for creating yet another fun ranking system and HarimaKenji for helping me so much to make this ranker at all visible as Vox has some issues with displaying embedded html text/images if they're deemed too large I'm guessing.

What made this for me even much more challenging than the previous ranker is that while the previous one matched members each and every one side by side giving you the option of whom would be higher but also allowing a draw (lol the draw option I may have used a bit too much though XD!) here there was no option of a draw so truly everyone needed to be ranked in their very own position. You can take Joh's all new AKB ranker here!! and there's also quite a variety of other rankers to choose from ^ ^!

Aside from my #1 being #1 and #2 being #2 still…..there's quite a lot of movement everywhere else and um….without the draw/tie option this time around everything's much more definite….I think? =). Since my previous (very first) ranker a lot has both inspired and opened up my eyes so much more, with shows such as "AKBiNGO!" where you get to see a lot more candid situations and here personalities really can grab at you!!, a drama like "Majisuka Gakuen" was just amazing!!!! with everyone present, so much behind the scenes and making of footage as I've gone from pv to pv since their very first singles, magazine articles, senbatsu speeches!! and demeanor while under such pressure!!, and while there were even more factors helping me this time around I have to say reading a few member's blogs in addition has been about as real as it gets and especially when a wonderful personality like with Miichan's♥♥♥ (her posts are just the most candidly humorous and fun to read!!) gets a hold of you (*´∀`)♪♪!!!Also outside of my more obvious choices members such as Myao (I think she's soooo pretty~*), Kitarie, Akicha Tomo (has the cutest seiyuu like voice) and Natsuki have been grabbing my attention recently however it's also most notable to share how learning of an idol's most endearing♥ gesture can also touch you so much…even if from afar. Specifically this idol is Wasamin and here you can read about CK's first hand meeting and his following accounts which are nothing short of amazing!!!!…here in part 2 and part 1!!! She's really so sweet ♪♪!!、now if only CK can see all the wonderfulness that is Yukorin♥…..kidding of course!…well sort of..hmm (*≧▽≦)!!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~AKB48♥ member ranker 6/21/2010~

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Yay, look at Mariko all the way down there where it makes sense for her to be! I love this ranking!…Anyway, there's really not much to say about the top positions, as I agree with most of them, except… who's Maeda Ami? I don't think I've seen her… Miichan must be happy right now =D and I'm so sure it was her post about H!P songs that got her all the way to third position ~ or maybe the marriage with Acchan ~ and Takamina is there too ~ but Lovetan and Sae o.o' omg what's Sae doing at 45 in the middle of people I don't know =o


  2. CK says:

    Wasamin ❤


  3. Thank you~* so so much for creating an image from the html text!!! I tried converting it with a program I found online but it didn't seem to work :/….I'm quite helpless when it comes to anything technical :P. A~h Maeda Ami first got my attention when they included her 1nin dance version of "Iiwake Maybe" with "Kamikyoku Tachi!!" She's been a lot more visible too now so I think the producers are really trying to push her into the spotlight~* which makes me happy!! U~n your sharing of Miichan's blog posts really opened my eyes to her personality and she's just one of the most wonderfully sweet members and I think she's so talented too! I don't know…she still makes me think of Konkon♥….that's adds a bit more too XD! lol I don't really know…I haven't connected with Sae just yet but I must say that the nick "Lovetan" is one of the very best ever ^ ^!!!


  4. (*´∀`)♥。。。!


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