~Jimmie Johnson♥ wins @ Infineon Raceay in Sonoma!!!

Well I do love wine so much especially a merlot or cabernet sauvignon o(*´∀`)o゛。。。!So today the Cup series visited what is known as wine country in Sonoma California and so awesome that even Jeff Gordon has gotten into the wine business a few years ago so I imagine that there's at least of bit of wine tasting going on during this most unique weekend for all of the drivers~.

With only two road courses on the Cup schedule each year it really is something to look forward to and anticipate greatly!! Critiques of our beloved 4x champion wondered long if he was capable of capturing the checkers on such a track and here with its 11 unique turns it presents quite the challenge for Cup Series drivers whom are much more accustomed to ovals, tri~ovals and the like.

I have to say that today's event turned out to be one of the most hotly contested events here that I've seen….and hot as in driver's tempers and the like which was displayed both on and off track throughout the 110 laps which ensued….patience and courtesy often become secondary when the laps wind down but for today it seemed to occur very much earlier in the event as both obvious hits and questionable driving were on display throughout :O!!

But the final drama and the final outcome didn't even involve any such action under the green as dominate Australian driver Marcos Ambrose appeared to be under crew chief's orders to try to conserve fuel in the waning laps and it all occurred while he was leading under caution!! no less…….at one point Ambrose's car actually came to a complete stop while heading up a steep incline on the track, an infraction which under the rules stated pushed him back to where he had continued to move his car @ that point pushing him back to 7th when the re~start occurred :/! Everyone surely must maintain speed of the pace car and position under the yellow and it really became the unfolding of what up to that point had been a most dominate and inevitable first win for Ambrose as it looked.

So J.J.♥ now with his closest competitor now mired way back in traffic and restarting 7th seized the moment~* to make it to victory lane for his very first road course win of his Cup Series career \(^o^)/☆!!!。。it was so awesome to see!!!! I'm completely giddy now。。。うれしー(*≧∀≦)ノ !!!!

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