~If you only had a minute to turn someone on giveaway results+ (Morning Couscous commentary…XD)

Okay~* for the past couple of days I've been trying to sort through and edit out what can be well…..actually read without too much weirdness 😛 and well now while I'm not sure if I've done a decent job or not here is the girl talk which I often encounter..well when a particular someone is with me both the good and the bad!

So this past weekend was set, in which "Couscous" (friend's nickname which has too much of an embarrassing story behind it to tell (*´艸`)!!)and I sat down and listened to/watched all of the entries for the "turn me on giveaway" and while I'm familiar with some of the songs submitted surely in keeping with the theme~* of having someone inexperienced potentially being turned on♥ it would be Couscous whom would have the much more spontaneously fresh response to J~Pop as a whole as she's never listened to any before and nor does she speak any Japanese (except for bad words (ノロ≦。)!!!) so this makes for a most honest and well @ times mostly candidly amusing response~, sometimes non~sensible but don't tell her I said that (^q^)! So in collaborating here, we've officially become Morning♥Couscous….all girl power!! and somewhat "H~chy" ! times and of course I'm speaking of Couscous and not me for the latter (。ーωー。)。。。。♪♪

And to keep from this becoming oh so long and boring I've kept the running commentary for each track as brief as possible from recording it and keeping just a bit of it here through much editing and trying to figure out what was said which took a bit longer than expected so I apologize for the further delay, as the chatter between us can be endless and especially if we don't agree on something :P! And beforehand I would like to apologize to all the wonderful songs she was mean to (ノロ≦。)!!Original posting of entries can be read here =).

Mint's J~Pop choices:

AKB48- "RIVER" (played the audio track as sadly YouTube seems to have eaten the clip 😦 )
Morning (me): So it's your very first J~Pop song♥!
Couscous (friend): At first I thought they were shouting 'liver!'..it is catchy although the beginning was a bit much for me.
M: But the intro's one of the best parts.
C: It sounds like a lot of girls singing and they harmonize well.
M: AKB48 has a lot of members but only selected members perform on their title track singles and they're really awesome.
C: After awhile the chorus really grows on you too and parts of it sound a lot like American pop but especially in the chorus love that part the best!

Morning Musume Otomegumi- "Yuujou ~Kokoro ni Busu ni wa Naranee!~"
C: The girl singing at the start sounded a bit umm rough? I didn't think she was the best vocalist here so interesting they had her open the song. Love the punk rock sound and with cutesy visuals to go along it really works. I guess I just always envisioned Japanese pop to be much more Hello Kitty all the time so Otomegumi is really an eye opener.
M: (has censored herself after the rough Sayu♥ comment (+_+) )

Perfume's- "Electro World"
C: Electro Pop? Makes me think of night clubs and dancing! I think I like this song the best so far really would put me in a good mood even on bad days. The vocals are so "produced" but not overdone and the song instantly grabs me. Japanese fashion is interesting..like what they're wearing here.
M: This song's new to me too as I've never listened to Perfume before and aside from the techno of early Amurochan for the most part I don't tend to listen to that much electro~pop but of course this isn't techno at all…it's just that I sort of categorize them similarly. The main girl is really cute and so funny one of them is named "Nocchi" like with Nocchi of H!P or used to be in H!P.
C: I have no idea of what you're talking about and "Nocchi' sounds like a weird name.
M: It sounds better than "Couscous" I'm kidding!!! please don't hurt me!
C: (evil stare…..(。ーωー。)笑)

THE Possible- "Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~"
C: Wow that girl second from the left looks so hapa! and they all sing really well. I can totally see why guys would go for something like this..it's like the pv is trying to seduce me in ways I didn't think……possible.
M: Oh dear that what so corny!
C: You were supposed to say it was quick.
M: ……
C: Again the hapa girl sings the best but everyone sounds great in this group! The song is really well written too really really sweet…they're like angels in all white. I never told you this but a someone in particular used to tell me that you listen to all of this cutesy music and yet they all can't sing very well….this song proves otherwise and I think this song really represents the theme of what you're trying to do here with turning someone on. Do you have this song?
M: (shamefully) no but now I want it too。。。。(*´艸`)

Hoshino Kanako- "Regret"
C: Sounds like a rave song…energetic! It's catchy but it's just that after hearing The Possible it's difficult to like it as much although I do love this style of tempo.
M: It's from a dance game so knowing that approach…
C: Oh no I do love dance music so much I'm just saying that hapa girl's voice may stay with me for awhile.

J~pyon's J~pop choices:

Sharan Q- Jokyo Monogatari
C: The lead singer has very feminine eyebrows.
M: oh my god that's the first thing you're going to say?
C: Okay I really like his voice it has so much character in it and this is the first male J~Pop I'm hearing so it's a bit more of a shock…no surprise..no what am I saying.
M: You're weirder than I used to think.
C: Oh they're a real band and thank you you're such a sweetie to say as I know you like weirdness ( ̄▽ ̄) I like this song very much.

Zone- Shiroi Hana
C: Oh this one has subtitles..is it just this one girl singing?
M: No they're a band but she's the lead.
C: Knowing the lyrics they're very beautifully written and lots of emotion in this song. Oh okay now I see the band and I guess it's not just the guys who can impress with a band's effort they're really talented! What does "shiroi hana" mean?
M: White flower, although depending on how it's written it can also mean "nose" but here it's flower.
C: White flower, very beautiful song.

Berryz Koubou- Tsukiatteru no ni Kataamoi
C: This is the most Japanese~y video yet..with the screens it's really a great visual. That girl's voice is so high! Helium?
M: Momochan♥ I think that's everyone's first reaction she's arguably the most adorable in the group.
C: Well they're all really pretty and this song sounds sort of cartoony~ish I don't know how else to describe it. The dancing is great except for that wiggly leg thing they're doing there…sorry I think it's a bit odd.
M: This is so not cartoony it's cute~♥ J~pop! But I forgive you because you noticed Momo so you're not totally aloof!
C: (evil stare…(*≧m≦)!!)

Zard- Goodbye my Lonliness
M: This is their debut single the video is like a collage.
C: She has the best vocals so far I think. Even more so than the guy who shapes his eyebrows..
M: Ahh focus focus!
C: There's so much emotion and feeling in her voice..this sounds a lot better than some of the other music I listen to. It's so melodic with the piano notes and yet it sounds a bit like a rock song but mostly it's her voice here which is so moving. If she sang on American Idol I think she'd have a chance at winning.
M: That's so sweet but sadly she passed away I'll tell you more later.
C: …..

Tokyo Girls Style- Kirari (sadly this clip was no longer available =( )

MonicaaMamoo's J~Pop choices:

Utada Hikaru- "Automatic" (link) (again eaten by YouTube but since I have Hikki's music we listened to the audio track)
C: This really sounds so much like American r&b but she has the most powerful voice here so far! It's interesting how so much English is included in titles or lyrics..
M: U~n! Hikki is really an amazing artist and performer and I did ask you to go with me remember?
C: When? no you didn't.
M: Ehhh? I so did and you're now in denial mode..now you know you missed out on something so special?
C: You should have played me her songs first, it really would have helped in encouraging me..
M: (._.;)

Amuro Namie- "Dont wanna cry" (link)
C: Okay you're really hitting me with strong vocalists now…how do you pronounce her name?
M: A-mu-ro-na-mi-e" I really love this single it goes way back in her catalog…Japan was still releasing 3" singles back then♥.
C: She has such stage presence but that voice it's amazing. It's commanding and this is live..makes even a bigger impression compared to studio recordings where vocals can be enhanced sometimes. The dancing is fun too and there's a real joy in it.
M: Vocal nuances, control and power.
C: What's that on her arm?
M: You mean the bar code?
C: Ehhhh? can I ring her up?
M: No she's already mine XD.
C: (evil stare…(*≧m≦)!!)

Every Little Thing- "Fragile" (link)
C: Ohh another live clip! I'm beginning to like the rock and pop thing intermingled it really works so well and really when the vocalist is so capable.
M: Mochida Kaori♥ I really followed Every Little Thing from when the debuted but I find myself liking their earlier releases much more as I think they lost a lot when the keyboard player left as he wrote so much for them back then.
C: Forget the keyboard whomever…the guitar player's cute!
M: Are you really that shallow?
C: Not as shallow as you…
M: Okay but you are that shallow :P!
C: ….maybe not as tight* as you are but shallow okay~!
M: Omg! (*>ω<)。。。you have no idea but I hear it's a positive thing (。ーωー。)♥
C: Are we still talking about music?
M: Um, no XD.

Kubota Toshinobu- "LA LA LA LOVE SONG" (link)
M: One day I'm making you watch this drama♥! This song so so so awesome and I think timeless as it sounds just as amazing now as it did when I first heard it….reminds me so much of Kimutaku.
C: The melody is so happy and upbeat and he has an interesting hair style I must say.
M: Focus.
C: Love his voice I think he's sings in an almost English way in that he doesn't sound like he has that much of an accent really catchy song! So many la la la's though but I guess it's in the title so..
M: You're so weird.
C: Not as weird as you are.
M: I know =).

Wands- もっと強く君を抱きしめたなら (link)
C: Now this guy sounds Japanese..
M: Um he is.
C: Well you know what I mean he has much more of an accent than the last guy singing. Strong voice and the song is okay…it's good rock but just look at that mullet.
M: I've heard Wands before as they have a collaboration single with Zard.
C: Are you listening to me?
M: Eh?
C: His mullet, check out his mullet.
M: :/

HarimaKenji's J~Pop choices:

Ikimono Gakari- Hana wa Sakura Kimi wa Utsukushi (ugh! it appears that YouTube has eaten this clip =( )


C: Is that Slash???
M: No think he's just inspired =).
C: She's……..strange. But really cute it's just that she sings so unusually but it works okay and they have kind of a punky sound to them which I like. But she sounds so strange I can't get over it does she always sound this way?
M: More or less it's really her style of performance and JUDY AND MARY are really popular.
C: This song's growing on me. But she's so strange..
M: Stop saying that XD!

Zone- Egao Biyori
C: Now this is awesome an all girl group no I mean band you just don't expect to see this at all so sad that all girl bands seem so rare or at least with those that see success. Were they popular? They're great singing their own back up and they're real musicians.
M: U~n Zone was really big in Japan back then they're just one of those groups where I maybe had too much on my plate at the time so I sadly didn't get into them like I should have. This song's amazing they're all amazing.
C: All of those cutesy girls you listen to should learn to play instruments too I'd be that much more impressed.
M: I so agree but at this point I'd just settle for a live band backing them up in live shows as there's so much of an extra dynamic present with a live band being there and all of the added chemistry and interaction it can bring. There's Manoeri though.
C: What's a manoeri?
M: Never mind XD. I should play some Princess Princess for you I think they're still the greatest all female band Japan has produced to date you may like them.
C: Okay but for now Zone gets my awesomeness vote!

The Blue Hearts- Chain Gang Abe Natsumi- Nacchi version~
C: oh my god is his face going to remain that way?
M: Um I think so..
C: This is….
M: ……
C: It's….
M: ……
C: Interesting. The blues part is nice it's just that his voice is….
M: ……
C: like sandpaper.
M: Oh my god you're so weird.
C: Not as weird as you are.
M: I know =).
(Now listening to Nacchi version)
C: I like this version much better she sounds much better.
M: Ah you're being too harsh..okay Nacchi does sound much better but more importantly the song?
C: It's a nice bluesy song. I can appreciate this.
M: I've never heard Nacchi sing this way before…she's really channeling The Blue Heart's lead singer and it's so out of the box for any H!P member current or ex. There's conviction in these words so really you should appreciate that guy singing it too.
C: He sounded like sandpaper though.
M: :/.

(and I'm including this song as the first one was eaten by YouTube)
Oshima Yuko- Nakinagara hohoende
M: Be very careful with your words!
C: Ehhhh….it's very melodic. She looks like an angel.
M: Are you making fun..
C: No this song is pretty and she sings it very well. Who are all of those people behind her?
M: Oh these are best of countdown songs so the rest of the performers are also on stage.
C: That really didn't make much sense to me but okay.
M: Is this something you'd listen to?
C: I think I would like when I'm alone.
M: Ehh what's that supposed to mean? :O
C: Oh my god I can see what's going on you love her don't you.
M: I really like her but love I don't think you'd use in the way that you're thinking..
C: No you love her and that's why you're so protective..are you secretly a (censored for your protection (*´艸`))
M: Noooo what are you saying!!!
C: Okay but you sure lit up when this began playing just saying is all…
M: She has the best dimples.
C: You have dimples too..
M: No I don't.
C: Yes you do..smile.
M: No.
C: Smile.
M: No.

denadel's J~Pop choices:

Namie AmuroNever End
M: I love her pvs always so visually dynamic.
C: I didn't recognize her earlier but is this is that girl on your wall..the tapestry.
M: U~n♥. This goes quite far back in her career really beautiful single.
C: Her voice has a lot of character she sings really strongly.
M: It's extra beautiful with its Okinawan tones you can hear the sanshin at times.
C: Sounds like a shamisen?
M: Similar instruments but they're constructed so differently love the sound.

Do as infinity-
M: I once purchased an entire album of theirs just to have one song what was it called?….(goes to check)
C: Are you wearing a bra?
M: Eh? no but it's just you so..why are you looking
C: It's not like I'm looking you're just extra jiggly today so..
M: When you're tiny it doesn't matter as much..oh the song is called "Week!" I was watching an old drama and I kept hearing this song so I had to have it.
C: This song's really peaceful. Her voice has a nice character to it.

Boa- Amazing Kiss
M: Boa is a Korean J~Pop artist.
C: I bet the guys go for her a lot this video is totally man bate see she's even being chased in the video..
M: You're so funny….weird.
C: This sounds the most like our pop dance songs you hear on the radio it's very club like too like it like it.
M: Boa is amazing and sexy and pretty she's perfect.
C: You have a girl crush?
M: Crush envy it's almost the same.
C: I think with the theme this really would be an easy transition into Japanese pop as it's so similar but with just Japanese words.

Utada Hikaru- Sakura Drops (Sadly YouTube has eaten this clip =( )
(now listening to the audio from my CD)
M: This is one of my more recent favorites you should hear this song performed live.
C: She sings with a lot of feeling and the song's sweet and poppy. The keyboards are enchanting sort of sparkly like much like the "Amuro" (mispronounces name XD) girl she sounds to have the best range. Really beautiful song.

Hamasaki Ayumi- Immature
C: Ah she has the same last name as you?
M: I sometimes pretend we're related XD.
C: Maybe not as much strength in her voice as the last girl but she sounds really good and the song has a nice energy to it. Japanese artists sure like their rock don't they as even with some of these more poppy songs there's a rock sound to them matches well though. Ah that was an abrupt ending.
M: One day I'll let you hear how Ayu speaks…she just sounds so different then and you'd most likely not imagine a voice like that coming from her =).

Rebear's J~Pop choices:

Morning Musume.- Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima (link)
C: What cute animation oh wait why are they all dressed as guys? This song..
M: It's just part of the pv's charm.
C: It sounds sort of like a play song or stage song like from a broadway show or something..but more like a comedy and there are so many of them. It's quite an odd song.
M: Morning Musume really can't be summed up in any one song or even with just a few really..this also isn't representative of their works just a single venture they did more for a fun touch. They're catalog of songs is large and I'm thinking a song like "Koe" or "Memory seishun no hikari" would attract you a bit more.

Utada Hikaru – Keep Tryin' (link)
C: Japanese videos are so much more fun then ours..just the visuals here really makes it fun to watch.
M: We just heard a Hikki song two songs ago..
C: Sakura drops was a beautiful ballad but this one's a lot more free sounding like it'd put me in a good mood first thing in the morning…happy.
M: Sakura drops showed much more of her range vocal wise..this one's definitely fun and upbeat..depends on your taste I think.
C: They both are good..I wouldn't be able to choose between them although I may be leaning towards this song just a little more.

Hiramatsu Eri – Heya to Y Shirts to Watashi (link)
C: This sounds much more old fashioned and at first I wasn't sure what I thought of her voice…there's something like warmth here.
M: U~n the pv has a special warmth too with its visuals.
C: Makes me want to have a girl and a boy but of course a husband first who's loving do you know where he is?
M: I was trying to place it…definitely is arranged like a waltz and I love her phrasing especially during the chorus..
C: You're ignoring me?
M: About your husband to be? You're so funny I going to tell your boyfriend you're having impure thoughts about cheating…
C: No but can you imagine him being like they guy in this video?
M: Um no but it isn't real life…I'm still telling him..
C: You'll be tickled to death you know.
M: (。ーωー。)笑。

Arashi – Truth (link) (YouTube has eaten this clip so we're now listening to my CD)
M: Arashi are hot so here you'll just have to imagine them moving by staring at this cover XD.
C: I know you have their DVDs..
M: But it's just this song for now oh but I could have showed you their latest live DVD but too late..
C: (evil stare (*≧m≦)!)
M: …
C: The violins make it haunting like or dramatic it sounds intense. Something like this could make me a fan the music is really stylish and well it's a boys band so.,
M: Group..
C: Same thing.
M: (._.;)!

Nakashima Mika – Glamorous Sky (link)
C: Now this band has a really dark like sound like it..
M: It's from a movie "Nana"..
C: They keep showing that girl in the crowd she's pretty..
M: It's like a tie in for the pv with the movie.
C: I'm always imagining this style of pop to be cutesy mostly so this is a nice change as it's really dark like..moody and the band even looks goth.
M: I only have one album from Nakashima Mika it's a best of and I made sure it had this song on it..really the reason I bought it.
C: Burn me a copy wanna hear more..
M: Ehh don't say burn..I'll let you borrow it..
C: Kechi.
M: I'm so not you're so mean..
C: I only know three words kechi..baka and urusai but that's all I need to have a conversation with you sometimes..
M: I'm so not the kechi you have to take that back..maybe the other two at times oh dear..
C: baka..
(the rest of this "conversation" has been omitted for your protection XD)

Henkka's J~Pop choices:

Hiromi Ohta – Momen no Handkerchief
M: Oh this is what would be considered a "standard" in J~Pop a well covered timeless song.
C: It's a pretty song and like much of our music sometimes the further you go back the better it is..to a point as I guess you can say there's bad and good in every time..
M: You're suddenly making sense..
C: Baka. She's really pretty too and her voice may be even better than some of those we heard earlier I'm much deeper than you may think.
M: That's what your bf says..
(the remainder of this "conversation" has been censored for your protection, believe me it's for the best XD)

Kazumasa Oda – Love Story wa Totsuzen ni
M: Wait let me show you his real avatar….here..
C: Wow I would never have guessed it was this sort of rock looking guy..what's a Henkka?
M: Nobody knows..rock maybe but he's really actually..
C: the sensitive type that's so cliche you know long haired sensitive guy plus now add in rock it can't..
M: We once shared hair care tips♥  he really is much more sensitive than his photo looks to be I think he was going for a tough look with the guitar but somehow you just know differently..
C: So many guys are like this…they make you think they're all indifferent but soon when they're alone they're all gooey and stuff.
M: Are we still talking about his personality or something* else?!!!
C: Wait the song's over.
M: It's buffered okay play…
C: ….
M: Tokyo Love Story it's the title from a drama it looks like..the ending theme song. I've only heard Oda Kazumasa from one single I have "Tsutaetai koto ga arunda".."there's something I want to tell you." A friend suggested it and silly me never actually watched the drama. Oh I know that guy! Oda Yuji!! Oh my god it's Eguchi Yosuke I know him too. Why do I suddenly want to watch this drama!
C: He has a really soothing type voice sexy like too..
M: I think he sounds sort of like Karasawa Toshiaki~san..sophisticated like and yes sexy~!
C: What does this Oda guy look like?
M: I have no idea (._.;)

KAN – Iezu no I LOVE YOU
C: Sometimes the dorky guys are the best..
M: Don't say that!
C: You know what I mean like this guy he's dorky yet so perfect with his manner and even his voice it's perfect!
C: No really I like him Kan or whatever that can't be his name is it?
M: (._.;)…
C: It's a sweet love song right..in the title and I could get married to this..
M: Again with marriage?…I'm telling your bf! he'll be frightened to death!!
C: You know I know how to hurt you….
M: I won't tell…….((。ーωー。)。。。)。。

Princess Princess – DIAMONDS
M: You know Henkka…I spent days completing a most beloved post about Puri Puri! (link)♥..A~h! he likes Puri Puri!!♥!! The Hello! Project cover was so so but yes the original!!! I could go on but that could take awhile..
C: It's like you're having an orgasm in front of me not good! and he can't hear you..this is..
M: Okay old school but Puri Puri is timeless I mean you like Zone but Puri Puri is the greatest all female band ever in Japan…I think they helped to pave the way for great bands like Zone later and for any girl wanting to be successful writing and performing her own music.
C: This song is catchy..it's..
M: It's an early performance you can tell by Kaori's hair style…still long she's awesome!
C: This song is..
M: It really only captures a tiny snippit of what Puri Puri was all about you need to hear and see so much more like with their Platinum Days DVDs to really understand how much a part you know of the landscape they were for Japanese music and not just rock they covered it all in their careers.
C: You won't let me speak..
M: Oh sorry what were you going to say?
C: …..I can't remember (semi~evil stare (*≧m )。

Momoe Yamaguchi – Playback Part 2
C: I just read his (Henkka's) comments and he admits a girl is manlier than him :O
M: Well if you knew Henkka you'd understand…hm I know what he means. I think that voice would kick his butt and then twice on Sunday.
C: She looks so intense and she does have a low voice…is Henkka..
M: Hmm…I don't know but it's most likely much higher pitched than Momoe…Momoe definitely wins you can just tell I mean just look at his hair it's much too pretty.
C: Hm..Henkka.

maiZe's J~Pop choices:

(Complete video clip links with maiZe's commentary can be found here @ fields of maiZe in the morning. Mite ne~* ^ ^。

Angela Aki- Tegami
C: She sounds American?
M: U~n Angela Aki is a hapa girl and totally fluent in Japanese culture..she also performed a theme for Final Fantasy I'm sure I've played it for you if you remember?
C: Sorry no but it's really different hearing someone English speaking sing in Japanese..
M: U~n she's totally fluent but I'm not sure if you'd look at it quite that way..
C: I love piano solos with just vocals this song is……relaxing. Like it

Sakamoto Maaya- Hemisphere
C: It's dramatic especially like the orchestration the violins it's an uneasy emotion.
M: Sounds really most dramatic almost frantic in its tempo..first time I'm hearing Sakamoto Maaya.
C: When I think of animation it's the visuals that capture me the most..
M: The Lion King, Aladdin?..
C: Don't make fun you like those too..
M: Just saying this is quite different and yet I know what you mean not familiar with this series but the song has a captivating quality about it. Little Mermaid♥.

m-flo feat. Yamamoto Ryohei & Melody- miss you
M: Oh I recognize Verbal from a collaboration single he did with Amurochan…awhile back what was the song called…?…."Lovin' it" ? I think?
C: The rap in betweens are catchy….it's like r&b? with an added…..rap. I like the sound here with the smooth sound of their vocals I never knew that guys rapped like this in Japan it's….
M: Are you shocked?
C: a bit…but it's somehow really cool and even though I don't know what they're saying I like the rhythm of their..voices. It's more like the rap guy is more important than the girl singing is that right?
M: It's a collaboration so I think it was intended to be much more equal.

Matsuura Aya- Zutto suki de ii desu ka
C: Elegant voice..and really pretty too oh this video, it's so creative with the images the transition(s) how it goes from one scene to another with a bit of trickery.
M: They call her Ayaya really one of the very best idol vocalists ever…I do love her cutesy as you would call it songs too with "Momoiro katamoi" which I'm so going to make you listen to as it was my very first favorite song by her..got me to get her entire catalog at that point and "Egao" which is my overall favorite♥. She sings amazingly and especially when you hear her live as there's just no drop off from her studio versions….she' so much amazing.
C: Her voice is soothing and yet so strong at times..like it.

Arashi- Love so sweet
M: Oh you've already pledged your love to Arashi♥!!
C: This video is so cute! they're supposed to be like mannequins? the song is..
M: I'm making you watch Hana yori dango too you can't resist..
C: Okay.
M: That guy's in the drama you have to watch..
C: Him?..
M: no..there that guy he's well aloof dreamy you'll like him XD! and remember Letters from Iwojima?
C: hm?..
M: This guy's the one of the main actors….you recognize him?
C: Mm..not really I watched (it) awhile ago. Shhh…I'm listening to the song.
M: …

C: aha the dog! it pee'd! this video is so cute okay the guys too..the song is perfect…love it!

Thank you~* for all of your song entries…so who turned Couscous on~* the most???
Winner(s?) to be announced soon ^ ^。

Edit: Winning song entries:

So I've been awaiting an e~mail from Couscous today~* so that the "Turn me on…" giveaway winner may be announced as planned…….and just a few minutes ago her message arrived =). However Couscous whom I thought had an iron clad will all these years (therefore entrusting her to make this most difficult decision)….seems to have withered in the summer heat like a stick of Wrigley's spearmint gum left on the dashboard of your car for at least two days (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓

After a couple of follow up e~mails I've decided instead of awarding a single prize to one winner, to award all three with first place choosing first, second place choosing second and third place will win the third prize~ ^ ^。


Before revealing the winning song entries I'd like to say a big thank you~♥ to everyone who entered with their song choices and that Couscous had a most difficult time deciding which in turn delayed these results a bit longer than originally planned but now with a bit more freedom to choose three and not just one entry of songs she has made her choices =). If your entry is a winner please make your prize choice in this post with 1st place getting first choice, second place second and third place will win the third prize available.

So without further delay, here are the song's which turned on~* Couscous the most…


1st place~ MonicaaMamoo

(suffered a brain meltdown (._.;)…okay it's right now)

2nd place~ Henkka

3rd place~ Rebear

Prizes to choose from: A newly sealed copy of Arashi's newest single "Monster" (LE w/ DVD edition), a newly sealed copy of Oshima Yuko's newest photo book "Yuko no arienai nichijou" or a newly sealed copy of AKB48's latest best of album "Kamikyoku Tachi" (first press edition which includes a randomly inserted AKB member's photo also w/ Erepyon bonus).

I really thought everyone had such diverse and wonderful songs in their entries, songs which
can really turn on~* someone who's new to the J~Pop genre!
Thank you♥ so much for sharing music
and congratulations~*~~* to the winners (*´∀`*) ♪♪

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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40 Responses to ~If you only had a minute to turn someone on giveaway results+ (Morning Couscous commentary…XD)

  1. Henkka says:



  2. HarimaKenji says:

    =OHey, here's something weird: I'm Henkka. I didn't know Henkka came from Henri, and I've just found out my middle name (Henrique) is the Portuguese version.MB, your friend's reactions are great =D the whole post is funny. I love her reaction to YUKI, I was exactly like that when I started listening to her ~ she just sounds so strange when you're not used to her, I can relate. I don't get the sandpaper comparison, but anyway, his singing really is terrible ~ but somehow appropriate for this song. I don't know why. He's not the official singer by the way, he's the guitarist, he only sings this song I think. I don't like Nacchi's version, she should just have sung it normally instead of trying to imitate… Oh, and I'm glad you "lit up" when you saw Yuko, that was the whole point of recommending it ~You shouldn't have showed her Henkka's photo. It's well established that everybody loves his beautiful hair. I worry it might distract/influence the female judges.And ZONE is the best all girls band. ZONE FOREVER (^o^)//(… says the guy who only listened to "DIAMONDS". Okay, I'll go read the Princess Princess post again and listen to others)


  3. Henkka says:

    Harima: … Wow. It's a Henkka! You've come to replace me as the new Henkka? Bastard…Oh and Henkka, I recognize your worries about my hair affecting the outcome of the competition. For the sake of fairness, I hereby recommend that my hair is disqualified. If I do happen to win, my hair will never get to see the prize. The little bastard. *angrily shakes fist at hair* In fact, my hair is officially withdrawing from the competition on his own.Henkka's hair: Like hell I am!H: Oh but you are!HH: No! Fuck you! *strangles owner to death*H: …HH: *happily whistles Final Fantasy fanfare music*


  4. I left a bit of it out…mostly from Couscous and if you're ever in Hawaii I think she likes you…(sigh…) a single photo says so much! Well she's actually not single but you can just tell some things when you're close to them for many years =). Happy~* you read! Puri Puri is most awesome!!! Mmm intense I think that's an accurate description and really I think we have that* much better than you guys XD! omg! is that true?? It means Henri..didn't know that. Sorry I promise to pass this on and maybe now you can appear much more manly to her I wonder (^q^)!


  5. W~ah I never thought two Henkka's would be possible…well I'm sure only one of you conditions his hair with beer =). Couscous was really being a bit cautious with whatever she was saying…you know knowing she was being recorded and I was being left to all of the editing…scary (・д・`*)!!。。Yuki really moved her to have the funniest expression on her face something along the lines of: (・_・)・・・>(・c_・;)?・・・>(・д・`*)。Oh that's such a relief knowing….I've heard the name The Blue Hearts years ago but have never heard them perform and to think that voice represents it all XD! Okay so I'll let Couscous know that he wasn't the main vocalist I think it will put her mind more at ease XD. A~h I thought Nacchi did well but now that you mention it she was trying to emulate that guy instead of trying to make the song hers and just sing in her tone and style~….I guess the audience got a kick out of it though or perhaps they were reacting to the song selection itself? I may not live that one down for awhile you know having such an excited reaction only to have one of your best friends then make fun of you throughout the whole song (._.;). I'm so going to try to get one of AKB's top 100 countdown DVDs!!!!…just to see more of this and well I'll learn so many of their songs so much better this way although I'm also set on getting every stage album which is available on CD. I learned from CK that not all are available on CD =(. Well Couscous is under orders to be most fair and just go with which song selections together were most appealing to her..those that would turn her on* and into a potential fan the most. I should be getting her choices today~* although Couscous is known to be a bit late at times with things…..more things…..sometimes things you don't want to be late* with (´。・д・。)!!!I'm so sad I think I YouTubed the live performances and pvs♥ back then for the Puri Puri post so they've all been eaten =(! Hmm…..Puri Puri versus ZONE??? I'm much too biased to judge that XD! I'll leave it to you although I still may disagree (^q^)!


  6. HarimaKenji says:

    =o but surely you've heard Linda Linda one way or another? I don't know how you could have avoided it for so long ~ it's so famous.


  7. It's weird to think that there are now two Henkka's in this world….I honestly used to think that the"Hen" part was referring to this kanji: 「”変”」。。。so it was self imposed by you to mean strange, odd and peculiar。。。。(。ーωー。) ♪♪~*!I so want to say it makes much more sense now with "Henri" which is a cute name sounds noble and honest nothing like the kanji for "hen" but I'm now torn between these two meanings as it's been so long that I've thought your name meant odd or peculiar sorry XD! Odd and peculiar can be most endearing~* to me but now you're Henri…(sigh….) what to do ^ ^?And don't worry your hair will be somehow powerless for her final choices…I just e~mailed her and explained the whole hair thing and she was like "what?" I think we've managed to confuse her =).


  8. Mmm….no this is my first time hearing this song um he looks drunk or something?…ehhh? at first I though he was trying to fix his shirt but actually he's just sticking his hand down his pants (・д・`*)!!。。okay so they're a punk band I guess I couldn't be sure with the ballad sandpaper guy sang before. Hmm..maybe punk and I don't agree although there are songs with this style of music where the vocals are cute instead and them I'm like o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥!The audience is definitely loving this song and performance!!! I'm really sad..I've never heard this song before :/.


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… now that you mention it, it wouldn't surprise me if he were drunk… Although I think he jumps around too much for that, wouldn't he fall? It's his normal performance style, actually, I think he's not even that jumpy here.There's no reason to be sad =/


  10. That's true! and something tells me he's thinking a bit too publicly about Linda :O! I can imagine him running wildly around the stage much more too!..really suits this style of music =). Thank you~* now smiling ^ ^。


  11. MonicaaMamoo says:

    WHAAAAAAAAT omg really!!?? Me, first place??? Aww I am sooooo happy to knoww your friend enjoyed the songs I shared (*^ー^)ノ 90's JPOP is truly amazing ne~ Thank you soo much MorningBerryz for letting me enter this contest ♥!! If you dont mind, I would really like the AKB48 album :)♥ and btw, this post was SO FUN to read~~ (≧▽≦)


  12. maiZe says:

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway MB! 😀 It defintely gives me a focus for new blog posts (as I've been so bad updating recently… But in more recent times, I havea reason since I'm in the process of moving – Joh just got our internet up and running at the new house today).


  13. J-pyon says:

    I know im a bit late with this being busy getting ready to move to Hawaii and all but i like to congratulate the winners good job everyone. (^_^)V


  14. Henkka says:



  15. Hi Monicaa~* congratulations!!! It was so much better to have Couscous do the honors as for me it would have been much too difficult to decide and more importantly be completely fair as there were a few songs which I already knew so I may have been helplessly biased XD! I'm happy~* you enjoyed our candidness together we're like a most odd couple whenever we spend a lot of time together :P. Okay you're choosing the AKB48 "Kamikyoku Tachi" CD with Erepyon bonus…..just one tiny favor to ask though if it's possible for you to reveal when the CD arrives which member photo you got. They're supposed to be really random but I've been hearing that a lot of fans who ordered through Cdjapan all received Mayuyu's♥ photo which made me most happy but still I'm curious to know if there's a different member's photo in there =). Please PM me with the details of where you'd like your AKB48 CD mailed to and I'll have it sent out as soon as possible~*. Congratulations again and I hope you enjoy the album it's most awesome!!!! and the extras on the DVD are incredible!!! ^ ^。


  16. Hi maiZe~*!, thank you so much for taking part although I feel really cruddy knowing your entry wasn't chosen…ahhhh I guess I could say that repeatedly as I just thought everyone did such a great list to introduce J~Pop to someone new to the genre~ =). Couscous did make it so much for interesting though and I couldn't have asked for a more fair approach as she has never listened to any Japanese music before so her responses were most geniune~….I would have had trouble with that part XD. So great that Joh has everything set up and I hope you love your new home♥!!! Moving is so hectic (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!。。something I've had to twice in the past so I hope you're settling in great! Hm Cardcaptor Sakura is totally new to me I've heard of it before but just never encountered any of the anime or perhaps if a friend back then had encouraged me it would have been part of my daily watching. Thank you~* for the song links and I'm looking forward to listening to more of Sakamoto Maaya…..oh please do tell about "Yasashii jikan!" You can find a little post here I did after it totally and emotionally consumed me for the better of two weeks as I made time to watch ^ ^。


  17. Mmm…if you knew Couscous she's very impressionable so I think with so many songs here and such a diverse variety too, she hopefully~* will take an interest in Japanese music…..lol I may be pestering her soon XD! Thank you~* so much for taking part and for taking the time to select songs which have such meaning to you it means very much to me =)! I think every entry had so much to share and as a whole Couscous won't be able to resist. I really wanted to after seeing the response I got….I was thinking that not many people may take part so to have so many songs introduced I was most touched and happy~*. I was originally going to use these three prizes in separate giveaways but in light of everything I just couldn't hold them back really…I'm most happy to present them here on behalf of hopefully Coucous' new found love o(*´∀`)o゛♥。Hmm…..Henkka you surprise me so much all the time!!…but then again you may just be tapping into your inner boy~band ambitions??? I'm only making fun sorry (^q^)!!! Arashi is the most awesome of all Johnny's!!!!!! I know it's very arguable but I'll say it here anyway XD….love love Arashi!!! I just never imagined you'd be interested…..so much 嵐♥, so little Henkka?? Again I'm just teasing :P…..although Couscous has some very candid thoughts about you (・o・) just saying……and omg umm……"Sakura sake", "WISH", "PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE”、"Happiness", "Love so sweet" and tons and tons more! "My Girl", "Still…", "Hero", "We can make it!", "Beautiful Days", "Typhoon Generation", "Tochuu gesha", "Hitomi no naka no galaxy", "Hadashi no mirai", "Everything", "LIFE", "Arashi", "Lucky Man"….a little daydreaming♥…. oh and you so must watch this performance of "Be with you" ♥♥♥♥!!! if Aiba~kun♥ doesn't melt your heart then Nino will…no wait! I just remembered it's all here♥ although it's a bit dated so some songs are missing from my top loves! I just went fangirl crazy on you really really sorry (*´艸`)!I'm okay…..:P Henkka please PM me with the details of where you'd like your Arashi CD sent and I hope~* you love it!! it's the LE♥ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  18. Henkka says:

    (Oh silly me, I didn't even notice that Monica and maiZe had replied before me. Duh!)And no problem! This was really fun and I'm actually really glad if Couscous thought my choices were any good. I'm definitely going to have to go and make a post about this on my blog too. 🙂 And about my pick for Arashi… I did have to download scans of the said Oshima photobook to see what I was missing and all I'm going to say is just… wow. Hahaha. There's some… pretty… errr… well, there's some nice shots in there, we'll leave it at that. The photobook seems really nice but since I'm really more of a Arashi fan rather than a AKB fan, I think it'd be nicer if Rebear would have the PB (since I'm going to assume the average male fan is more AKB-inclined, rather than Arashi ;)). If I was my perverted usual Henkka self, I would've gone for the PB, but I think it's nicer this way. I really love "Monster" and I have an inkling that even if Rebear isn't a fan of AKB, I think after seeing the PB, he'll have to… well… become a fan of Oshima's chest at the least. (I'm sorry. I had to say it.)Anyway, stop teasing me about my Arashi fandom! Guys can like it just as much too! 😛 And I agree, Arashi's my favorite Johnnys group as well. (Well, them or TOKIO!) MB, please do your best to remove any questionable thoughts about me from Couscous' dirty mind!!


  19. A~h! Couscous isn't well that dirty minded XD…I mean she's really sweet♥ although she takes a lot out on me (´⌒`。)。。no wait she is dirty* I just thought of something and another (。ーωー。)!A~hhhh the power of Korin♥…and Henkka's in denial? lol! I give you credit =) guys I know are usually inclined to stay away from anything where their "manly~hood" is in omg jeopardy?? Um that's so funny men are weird (*≧▽≦)♪ Not you though…I'm thinking now of how Couscous spoke of you and all of that in just a photo :O! Oh so you admit it….um I guess that's a well I don't know, good if you're emotionally connected but bad (ノロ≦。)!!!if a guy is just staring at your butt for no real reason and it has nothing to do with feelings or love :/. Oh you're so sweet♥! you really had this reasoning with Rebear's feelings?…….Oshima has a beautiful smile~*! say it along with me 😛 okay her chest is sexy* too :P! Henkka just scored bonus points~*!…you love Arashi♥ too the most \(^o^)/☆!!。。mmm TOKIO is awesome too a real band too…..I just have so much less music of theirs but that's my fault (._.;). I'm e~mailing Couscous now…..!


  20. Henkka says:

    Huh. I'm not sure what to think about Couscous here. One moment you tell me she's a sweet, nice girl and not pervy-minded at all, and the next you tell me she's getting all sorts of weird ideas about things and being "late" with "things you don't want to be late with"… Interesting! :DAnyway, about the guys and guy groups thing, I think that's something that comes with age… When you grow older than 16 years of age, you sort of stop worrying about whether or not people think you're gay or not just for liking a boy band. Anyway… tell Couscous to please stop perving over me. *cold shiver* Just kidding. 😛 Fantasize all you want Couscous♪♫☆Anyway MB, I emailed you my addy to your gmail, I hope that's alright!


  21. If I only were allowed to tell you why we call her "Couscous"…..(。ーωー。)♪♪。。will leave that to your imagination~*LOL just a note …_〆(・∀・@)Okay~* =) but it's so funny how guys I know here react and act regularly XD! You could teach them so much I think =)! Couscous will be crushed!!!….well she's not single so what is she thinking?? My guess and this all on my own \(^o^)/☆。。。is that she just wants so much to condition your hair and run her fingers through it endlessly while listening to "The King is Half Undressed"……don't you think (^q^)! Okay I'm reading your PM now…….it's so warm, summer surely has arrived ^ ^。


  22. Guldari says:

    長い!すごいですね.すべての内容を理解することは大変だが,一つは確かに分かります.MBさん, たのしそう!


  23. U~んまたまたガールズのおしゃべり♥!ときどきね。。この話は率直過ぎるかもしれないし(*≧▽≦)♪読んでいただきありがとうございますo(*´∀`)o゛♥!


  24. Hi Monica~* sorry for the delay but I just wanted to let you know that your AKB48 album and Erepyon shitajiki are on their way and they should arrive soon =).


  25. Heeeeeeeenkka~* I'm sorry it took a bit longer than I had wanted but your Arashi single is on it's way….I told the postal worker to be most careful♥ and I used lots of bubble wrap ^ ^。


  26. Henkka says:

    Thank you MB! I want you to also be aware that you're stealing my Arashi CD virginity! I'll let you know when it gets here. 🙂


  27. MonicaaMamoo says:

    oh its no problem~~ thank you sooo much (*^▽^*)ノ I'll let you know when it arrives~~ im so happy!! Now I have something to look forward to this week~~♪


  28. Hmm…so funny when you put it that way (^q^)! (imagines Henkka "going around the Arashi block" a few times XD!) I hope~* it arrives quickly ^ ^!


  29. A~h shipping to the mainland is usually quite fast so I think it'll arrive quickly =). The DVD extras~* are so fun to watch with so so many extra pv♥ versions included. I'm so wondering if it'll be Mayuyu as the bonus photo….would be really odd if Cdjapan somehow only received one photo type as they're supposed to be random inserts..can't wait to find out ^ ^。


  30. MonicaaMamoo says:

    Uwa~h i really hope it arrives soon :DDD Im so excited to watch the dvd and see who's photo is included in the CD~~ (^ー^)ノ Speaking of AKB.. they have arrived in LA today.. and I really envy those who are able to go to their live at Anime expo > <;; I was planning to go but sadly, I dont get my paycheck for another two weeks (im out of money haha) but apparently, oshima yuko has been in LA for a while now for a photoshoot ^^ I wish I would see her somewhere~ like im sure she would be easy to recognize with her big dimples :)♥


  31. oMG! a photo shoot?!!! Would be amazing to just "happen" to bump into her XD! I've seen some of the other members post about leaving for L.A. I think it was yesterday? or the day before? I wonder if it'll be for a magazine or maybe a photo book?….either way I can't wait to see her photos in L.A.! Hmm…yup dimples♥.


  32. MonicaaMamoo says:

    Hmmm she mentioned it on her blog as 写真集~~ ^^ haha it would be so amazing to bump into her or anyone really :DDD (I also hear BENI and Aibu Sakichan is here for Anime Expo as well) but i live a little far from the city so might be a little hard XDD


  33. Oh "shashinshuu" ♥♥♥!!! Yukorin in L.A. can't wait for its release~*!!! Some of the girls who went to the expo have been blogging about their experiences day to day and they've been all over California so many of them. I'm guessing they'd be traveling with security people though…to ugh! keep fans way :/.


  34. mousoufest says:

    Hahaha Couscous is so funny!! The part where he kept saying Yuki is strange cracked me up!! Actually, I laugh pretty much every few lines, lol~ And he's so mean about the look of the artists XDD (Mullet! Face! Eyebrows! XD) Your conversations with him are all so adorable and humorous~ It's great! I regret not participating in it T^T but even reading it is fun =3= I hope you will make something awesome like this again XD Especially with this very interesting friend XD


  35. Awww…Couscous will be happy~*, Mm Couscous is a girl friend actually but now I'll tease her that someone thought she was a boy XD! We're sort of weird when we're together but hopefully~* in a good way (*´∀`)!。。all I have at the moment is a sealed copy of Yukorin's♥ "Yuko no arienai nichijou" to giveaway, I may set something up if anyone is interested ^ ^。


  36. mousoufest says:

    lol!! Ooops!! I am sorry Couscous! Now that I read the entry…A boy don't talk like that XD Weird is good! It means you guys suit each other and you guys have lots of fun together!! Everyone will be interested in beautiful Yukorin's photobook~! I will certainly join:)


  37. E~he! I told her she was a tomboy although she's probably the exact opposite :P! We really do get along so well and having grown up together we have a lot in common and also a lot to make fun of each other about (。ーωー。)。。okay~* I'll post something up soon for a Yukorin pb giveaway ^ ^。


  38. Henkka says:

    Argh, sorry MB, I completely forgot about messaging you on Arashi's arrival like I said I would! Anyways, I'm happy to announce it arrived here safely. 😀 Thanks again MB, you're awesome!


  39. Hi Henkka~*, I was beginning to get worried that maybe my cousin had filled out the custom forms incorrectly (/∇\*)!。。happy~* Arashi♥ is safely with you! Just remember Nino♥ is mine!!!..you'll have to fantasize about someone else :P!


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