~AKB48′s Yukorin♥ 「1位するの?」

A~h HarimaKenji follows quite a lot of AKB member's blogs and he's sent me a few of their links as senbatsu has been decided for their upcoming single!! So who will be #1??? Where is my most favorite♥ Yukorin going to rank??? While no official listing has yet been released just reading some of the reaction posts here with many many thank♥you's~* to fans……

Miichan♥♥ has ranked 14th: http://blog.oricon.co.jp/no3b/archive/2496/0 Much like HarimaKenji I so agree that Miichan should be ranked so much higher…still 14th is wonderful (*´∀`*) ♪

Kasai♥ has ranked 12th: http://ameblo.jp/xanadu48/entry-10558669165.html Just adore her voice so much!!! She has so much a seiyuu type voice I think so that equals cute!! cute!! cute!!

Tomochin♥♥ has ranked 4th!!!: http://ameblo.jp/xanadu11/entry-10558710748.html One of AKB's most striking beauties and so happy~* she's supported by so many fans voting for senbatsu!

Now here's where I had an OMG! moment!!!! Wait could it be?? Here: http://ameblo.jp/atsuko-maeda/entry-10558657438.html Acchan writes a most heartfelt thank you~* to fans for supporting her so much and she's written that her ranking is 2nd. She writes that she has room to grow…… Wait. 2nd?

Which can only mean……???? !!!!!


Has Christmas come early???<3 Is it time to take out that oh so expensive photo card again??? Those 43 reasons♥?


Maybe I'm dizzy~* from a lack of enough sleep and imagining things (。ーωー。)笑 Korin's♥ post is most euphoric with a little joke on how many times she can say thank you~* (^q^)! A scene from the stage of senbatsu……..♥. And just wow~* with 15,492 comments and growing \(^o^)/☆!!!!!

A~h I finally have gotten Yukorin's♥ autograph and was it a sign arriving on this very same day I wonder (・c_・;)????

Yay~* seeing that Wani Books has pre~autographed shashinshuu releases~* is so amazing!!!!

And wow~*!! I just looooooove how she signs! I mean it's so unusually wonderful and creative…maybe a bit strange looking but just pure awesomeness!!!

Along with Korin's♥ pb a deluxe photo binder and lots of cards also arrived♥♥♥! Everything is still factory sealed too but as you know me, I'll be opening everything and placing all of her cards into sleeves very soon. I should also scan these ne~? Maybe in groups though I think? Korin's♥ card binder is sooooo adorable as she has that oh so adorable~* expression which must melt the boys hearts surely o(*´∀`)o゛。。。。。。and to the right are a couple of shikishi but with these more often the signatures aren't real and just printed…but they're so popular and you see them everywhere on auctions every day new ones. I fell in love with these two and had to have them♥ even if the signatures aren't real =).

When thinking of acquiring any autographs be sure it reads ”直筆サイン” ("jikihitsu signed") which will mean it's in real handwriting and not printed so you know what you're getting ^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~AKB48′s Yukorin♥ 「1位するの?」

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    To tell the truth, I don't really care whoever wins this thing, since none of my favorites are real candidates… Tomochin is as close as it gets, and she's 4th. The whole point of this senbatsu for me is seeing how well Takamina, Miichan and Erepyon are ranked. Oh, I'm also thankful for the chance to complain about Mariko. I still don't know about Takamina and Pyon, I'll probably see it now… They must've posted something already. I usually read your blog first, I'll send you a message if they've posted anything.


  2. Thank you~* for the all of the senbatsu updates!!..a~hh Mariko, I have to admit a bit of disappointment when I saw which "kiss" poster was included with my copy of their fashion book "Wagamama Girlfriend" as it could have been Yukorin, Tomochin, Kojiharu, Matsui Jurina or Acchan. I guess it's just that I don't know much about her yet :/. I imagine Takamina must have been voted quite high or I really hope so! And Erepyon is always so adorable……ah I just saw your PM and am most curious to see who was voted 3rd thank you~* ^ ^!


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, I actually meant that as "complain about Mariko always being voted so high" =P well, if you ever get to know her better and find out why she's so famous, tell me about it.There's a really complicated looking chart I've found here with a lot of stats about all stages of the election. I like the part in the middle that shows how their votes, just look how close some of them were until the end… It's also interesting how Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina kinda exchanged places in the middle so Jurina won in the end with such a small margin… I'd bet some community of SKE wotas organized themselves to have both of them in the top, rationalized most people would vote Jurina since she's the most well known, and then all went for Rena in the first stage… just to rush back and save Jurina in the end when not as many people voted for her as they expected.


  4. Hi~* I just watched all three video clips♥! I was thinking of embedding them here in case anyone is curious =). lol I'm not sure if I'll ever know that either :P…omg she was 3rd! I was a bit shocked by that…..ah! it was sooooo close between Yukorin and Acchan in the end!! I mean relatively speaking and especially since Acchan has always been the top. I like your reasoning and makes so much sense that the wota saw that happening with the Matsui's…..I'm just beginning to like SKE48 since I've been listening to one of their stage albums and now two singles♥ so so happy for Jurina~*.


  5. Mikey says:



  6. Shar says:

    The deal with the Matsui duo is actually, in my opinion, a miniature version of the Acchan/Yuko battle, with fans and haters on both sides trying to beat the other. Yuko and Acchan were separated by only 597 votes (a mere 2% of their total), but they were both an incredible 7000+ votes (33%) ahead of 3rd place Mariko.


  7. Hi Mikey~*, I was only able to include the 3 links in the following post but they're really interesting to watch and really it's Acchan's speach (she's the second link~) as at times she's a lost for words and you hear so much fan support in shouts from the fan audience =). "Tokyo Sonata"….hmm I haven't watched this movie yet but with your recommendation I'm sure it's great ^ ^。


  8. The process is interesting as I wasn't aware that it was a three part?? structure with senbatsu~. U~n the wota and fans are quite fascinating too in how they follow and vote during the process and some of it seems orchestrated in a sense with members flip~flopping back and forth between votes. So true~* on how Acchan and Yukorin were sooooo close!!..I just didn't think she'd be able to do it but I'm so so happy =)! It was also interesting how for the most part the fan audience was much more quiet during Yukorin's speech and how they was so much yells of encouragement when Acchan stepped to the mic….Acchan seemed almost at a lost for words at a lot moments and I can't even imagine how emotional this event was for everyone. It's amazing how far in popularity the Matsui's have become and I'm especially happy~* for Jurina….I think she's wonderful and so so pretty. Mariko I'm still not very familiar with and as you say and even for me a newbie she's just not that visible except in magazines, oh it's interesting that she doesn't perform as much as the other members too at their theater something I wasn't aware of.


  9. Mikey says:



  10. I'm checking Amazon to look for a domestic release….really thinking there will be one as usually award winners always get domestic releases too here =). Thank you~* again for the recommendation…always looking for wonderful films to watch♥.


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