~500,000 AKB48 fans can’t be wrong.

Okay it's a really old album title to be borrowing from but it so get's the very point across (*≧▽≦)♪

And that's 513,000 and counting in sales @ this point for AKB48's 18th single release~*!!!! I just read a couple of things that I just found sort of odd @ IW with someone suggesting that AKB aren't that popular in Japan. Or that AKB are a fad and won't last very much longer. (・д・`*)!。。and while I think the growing numbers speak volumes for themselves and that this is truly just beginning to approach the golden♥years of Momusu's height of popularity which was most awesome \(^o^)/☆!!!!、but why is anyone hating on something so wonderful for idol♥ pop music overall in Japan right now?

Another reasoning for the above reference to an old album was also in taking recognition of just how poignant it is in how AkiP is single handed~ly now creating such an amazing resurgence of an older style of 80's pop music♪♪~♥!Surely everyone knows of his direct connection to this golden era for music in Japan and in particular with the idol giant of the day in "Onyanko Club." AkiP has managed to fuse together that which was once old along with all that is new today~* and you can clearly hear it so much in just about all of his songs♪♪. When I first heard "Shonichi" and especially "Wimbledon e tsureteitte" the sound was so striking and deeply reminiscent of this age of J~Pop which I had thought had been just for my backtracking with music, for I think the exploration of older roots in anything you adore or love can truly uncover so many yet to be discovered treasures and with music in particular it can open so many more doors for your enjoyment~* and expand your listening library vastly =). Even @ 28 now (きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!。。I'm getting old!!!!) I love listening to much older artists many of whom had already been broken up long before I was even born with favorites♥ like Glenn Miller, The Doors, The Beatles, The Eagles, Steely Dan…just to name a few.  And it can lend itself to your listening of today's music as well as surely the older roots of music will pop up in sometimes even subtle ways in the single and albums you purchase today giving you that……familiar 'wait a minute!' type of feeling.

And now getting back to AKB48 and how this relates, while admittedly the title track here is most gratuitous towards their male fan~base for sure what with the beach and bikinis, bikini car wash (lol who would have imagined?? XD!!), ice cream, pizza, a hitchhiking Mayuyu? :O, Miichan♥…..Yukirin♥ and that oh so ingenious implementation of a bit of Austin Powers in that opening where the presumption of nudity* is blocked out of view in very timely and amusing fashion….the funniest part of the video it just cracks me up (^q^)! and what else do boys like seeing us girls do? (*≧▽≦)♪ Still to even suggest that sales exceeding half a million are solely attributed to this aspect is both close minded and just now seeing the larger picture of it all. It's true that the advent of the internet itself with all of the downloading going on (´⌒`。) has taken away a lot from potential music sales so naturally sales in general are down in every genre so to witness even in these difficult financial times such a sign triggered by these eye opening sales from an all girl idol♥group…surely says even that much more and should not be dismissed in such a manner in which some are taking :/. And why so much hate to begin with (´⌒`。)。。。。。the girls of these different groups don't dislike each other and there's a mutual respect and adoration~♥ there ^ ^。 It isn't a boxing match, there are no winners or losers. Enjoy~* what you love and keep an open mind always♥.

AKB48 releases~* can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

AKB48 releases~* can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

AKB48 releases~* can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

…we now interrupt the author's babbling (。ーωー。) to bring you a few words from our sponsors…..


….and we're back :P.

So funny Neowing (Cdjapan) sent me two of these photos..one for each edition and I'm thinking hmm did they really only have one photo design left? XD

And if you're on the fence of whether to get jacket A or jacket B I think you should get both♥! Okay that didn't help at all did it (._.;)……it's just that in addition to the two main tracks beginning with the sunshine~* and "Chou Chou" ("Shu Shu") "scrunchy~♥ filled title track and it's intensely shot and dark and moody coupling  with song "Nusumareta kuchibiru" where the undergirls get to shine~* so much!!…there's also included with the type A edition the track "Boku no yell" by the Theater Girls (all of the additional units are beginning to run my brain ragged lol :P!) which showcases outdoor soccer and what with the World Cup upon us it's so perfectly~* timed ne! and with the type B edition omg!!!! it's the best!!!!! as "Majisuka Rock n' Roll" gets a sequel song♥!!!!! I mean you need to get type B just for this extra song and of course with the generosity and fan~friendly idol♥enterprise which is AKB, you get music videos for all four songs all with full blown productions in their own right all included with both CD single releases with no separate pv DVD singles needed to purchase ^ ^*。And with "Majio Teppen Blues" the accompanying music video is like a mini fast~forward recap movie in itself♥♥♥!!!! Oh and…..

..Korin♥ still looks pissed!!!! awesome, okay just hoping she's still this angry if there really is a sequel (*≧▽≦)♪~!!!And did you hear the interlude sung by Takamina♥?!!!! She absolutely rocked "Majijo Teppen Blues!!!!" Oh and also broke the tension~* =)! Below are all scans from both inner and outer jackets from type A and B releases~* and it's so cute that the discs themselves have little scrunchy~♥ images just around their centers~ o(*´∀`)o゛。And in particular I so love the inner jacket photos as they're most adorable collages of all featured members….both jackets so sexy♥ and pretty!!






Gosh~* is there anything cuter than Miichan's♥ no holds~barred dance??!!! Well, until the bullies show up and well…..tie her up and change the CD playing for the newer song (´⌒`。)。。。。。!Takamina!!! and so much female ferociousness all leading up to that oh so priceless~* look on Acchan's face @ the finish….poor Miichan (;´□`)!!! Again "Majijo Teppen Blues is so much a highlight of this release and only available on the type B version making it a must have for sure!! Just pure awesomeness all around and fun reminiscing………………….♥!


…oh my (・o・).

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7 Responses to ~500,000 AKB48 fans can’t be wrong.

  1. Aprilis. says:

    I'm not sure why… but they are very popular in Japan right now. It's almost as if the hype just bloom overnight. Ask the junior high students and they'll say "They're so cool/cute!"


  2. They are all so cute ^q^ I saw them first in Chu Shiyouze
    video in ur
    post. The photos are pretty so colorful, too. Thanks for sharing 😉


  3. Zush says:

    [c’est top]


  4. Hi Aprilis~* ヾ(^∇^)、I so agree!! and meteoric really is how they've bloomed so quickly! Their single sales are fascinating as it really took a leap with the release of "Oogoe Diamond" to "RIVER" and now with "Sakura no shiori" and "Ponytail to chou chou" it's just gone through the roof \(^o^)/☆I think AKB also manages to be so unique in just how accessible they are and I mean all the time as they constantly have meet & greet with photo opportunities type of events and how I hear they high five~* you after each show =). And to be able to see a show during the week at their theater is so unique too and I'm thinking that fans just really love and appreciate this accessibility so much making their endearment continue to grow ^ ^。


  5. I'm so happy~* you liked this single too ^ ^!。。really makes you think summer doesn't it! The opening to "Ponytail to shu shu" is so funny too, made me think of Austin Powers in that scene where melons and other props are mean to block out all of the insinuated nudity* so funny and inventive!! Sales have been amazing too for AKB♥ as they're really on the rise!!


  6. So true~*, I only recently began watching AKBingo episodes and much like Arashi they have the most perfect of formats to keep things fun always っo(*´∀`)o♥!!。。and when it comes to their pvs♥♥♥ they're so soooo fun and creative!! You can tell they get such great budgets too for all of their productions and I so wish~* that H!P would move to a similar format with their releases so that everything with songs and music videos and alternate versions are all housed on a single release instead of how they're currently releasing pv DVD singles a week to two weeks after the single's already been out :/. It's so much more fan friendly with costs and space too on our shelves for our collections. And with AKB they really are connecting with fans so much with how they handle their meet and greet events too from everything I've read…..I do hope that Tsunku is realizing this ^ ^!


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