~Aichan♥ with 「Katachi」, still the shashinshuu princess…

A~lo~ha♥~ (*≧∀≦)ノ!!!。。just beginning to watch our Rainbow Wahine softball team in the college world series as I start to type and upload images..so exited!!!

And continuing with the theme~* of Hawaii♥, Momusu's beloved leader Aichan returns with her now 11th!!! photo book shot on our island of Oahu here in the Hawaiian island chain and so deservedly so as she's so perfectly gorgeous in every way imaginable!!! Whenever H!P/Momusu visit Hawaii there's always an abundance of familiar landmarks and sites which are so familiar to me as I call Hawaii home♥. And in Momusu's illustrious history Aichan can also be argued as being the greatest leader the group has seen alongside awesome former Momusu members Yuko and Nacchi who were also the symbols of professionalism, also being the best of mentors♥ as Aichan is today~. Aichan just gets more and more beautiful~* as she matures and here now photographed @ 23 years of age "Katachi" appears as a culmination of all of those years of natural beauty which she possesses.

Happily we had such beautiful clear blue skies type weather while "Katachi" was being shot and the end result is nothing short of possibly being Aichan's prettiest, cutest and most beautiful shashinshuu~* to date.

And with the backdrop of Hawaii♥ of course there's an abundance of sun, surf, sand, shave~ice, surfboards, bikinis~*, our very popular and historic Haleiwa Town and of course the inevitable shashinshuu butt shot (^q^)!

Whether it be her drop dead gorgeous smile~*, her wonderfully infectious demeanor or those most expressive and beautiful eyes, when it comes to photo books I think Aichan is truly the shashinshuu princess~*~~* second to none and here "Katachi" solidifies it even more so for me ^ ^!!

And after a bit over 4 hours of non~stop scanning I present to my Vox neighborhood the following 70 scans which is by far the most I've ever done for a photo book……it's just that the entirety of "Katachi" is so gorgeous that it was near to impossible to leave any pages out so truly only a very few select pages aren't included here as it's very close to being a complete scan of the entire pb~. Also following the 70 scans just below are a few cute caps♥ from the accompanying 14 minute "making of" DVD.

These Aichan scans are a special thank you~* to all of my Vox neighbors for sticking with me here @ Vox and many of you over the years. ありがとう~o(*´∀`)o゛♥





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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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24 Responses to ~Aichan♥ with 「Katachi」, still the shashinshuu princess…

  1. J-pyon says:

    かわいいい。Especially the Bikini shots lol. Ai-chan is so gorgeous man i would love to be a musume just so i could see her all the time. どきどき (^_^)V


  2. xmangerm says:

    Nice photos ;))


  3. She really is gorgeous ne~* J~pyon o(*´∀`)o゛。。and just like with Reinachan the choice of bikini are always so perfectly matched I think. There's always an abundance of very familiar places which are used for H!P photo shoots whenever they visit Oahu so I'm always like I could've been there!!!!!…….well if I somehow knew where they were going to be ahead of time (/∇\*)!!!Surely H!P loves to visit our North Shore for all of the great little shops and eateries and surf shops out there…and oh yes~! the beautiful beaches.


  4. o(*´∀`)o゛。。happy~* you liked them!


  5. J-pyon says:

    Oahu looks gorgeous in the photos and allo hello videos. I am glad im transferring to the University of Hawaii Manoa this August, of course the gorgeous beaches was not the deciding factor for my decision to go to UH Manoa i here they have one of the top Japanese Language programs in the U.S.hence why i picked them since Japanese is my major…ok to be honest i want to go to the beaches and see all the beautiful girls of Hawaii as well lol. Of course im a bit nervous because i hear those of us from the mainland can get culture shock but ill try my best to prepare for that and hope to just enjoy my time in your lovely state of Hawaii. Who knows maybe ill get a glimpse of some HP girls while im there. (^_^)V


  6. I'm sure you'll love it here too! Well I'm a bit biased as all I've ever known is Hawaii♥ but I think you'll be totally okay as our cultures are really diverse with so many mixing together here in harmony~*. It can be quite warm although I'm sure it's even warmer there….ours is really humid though and not that dry type of warm weather but on most days we have clear blue skies so the beach will be a must for sure. Maybe you'll have much better luck then I've had in getting a chance meeting with a H!P member and gambatte~* with you studies at UH Manoa ^ ^。


  7. J-pyon says:

    ありがとうございます。also thanks for the weather tip it will help me know how to pack. I hear OG member Nakazawa-san takes a lot of vacations in Hawaii so that would be really awesome to meet that beauty ne~. (^_^)V


  8. Hydeo says:

    wow u have all of her pbs :3http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd501347efe326e860b.htmlin that pic u can see how small her is aheahea, and if u look her only from behind u can confuse her with a kid ehaheaethe pb look great , how much pics have this time ??thx again for post some of the pages ^^


  9. A~h! I never knew Yuko~san visited here often???…that's so awesome!! U~n surely you can dress in cool shorts~style most year round as even our winters aren't that cold…well in comparison to the Mainland for sure. Mid to low 60's is about average at that time of year and even then it's many times not even that cold here =).


  10. I've always adored Aichan so much and for years she was my most favorite H!P/Momusu member…I just needed to collect all of her pbs as they were released =). Oh I just realized that I didn't include her Gen. 5 pb with Konkon, Makochan and Gakisan….just her solo releases but that one's most cute too!U~n! she really is quite tiny!…but then again I am too (人∀`*)。。。。oh I scanned 70 pages this time which is really just about the entire pb with just very few pages left out. You're most welcome~* o(*´∀`)o゛。


  11. Hydeo says:

    yah, i like her a lot too ^^, but i dont go betray the neko-chan(reina) aheaheae…. i count in the pic u have the entire collection aheahea ;3, dont want send the katachi for me :3 ? aehahehae… yah solo is more good :3~~ i think ai-chan have a good body ^^… i go take this weekend and save the pics :3~~ so the next pb is to maimi 😛


  12. Ironically out of all her pbs it was her "5" collaboration with Gen.5 which went out of print the quickest back then, but happily~* they re~released it a few months later and maybe the demand was higher than they had anticipated =). A~h I think Maimi's latest pb has already been scanned?…I saw a few links @ IW the other day with I think 3 sites offering scans ^ ^。


  13. Andy says:

    First of all, thanks for adding me to your neighbourhood so I could see these photos. Oh my god.Second of all…they…have a picture with her on top of a washing machine. I…see no innuendo there at all. Oh wait, yes I do. O_O Man, that's dirty!!


  14. Hi Andy~*, thank you for neighboring me o(*´∀`)o゛。。I'm sorry for not neighboring right away as I've been getting a lot of spam accounts recently so whenever I see a blank avatar it makes me a bit hesitant….but happily~* you're you and I'm happy you enjoyed Aichan's new pb =). lol it didn't cross my mind but now that you mention it it's quite Hmmm (*´艸`)。。。。!


  15. Hydeo says:

    so the re-released has out of sale fast too ?yah if i remember someone make the full scanand yesterday some good soul uploaded the sayu 20's @.@ finally someone make this.. and in the msg him said he go start upload the pbs from the new ones, so soon go have the Ai-chan and the kamei and the last of the ssayu make :3~~ cool no ? finally someone back to upload the pbs :3now i really need a reina pb aheaheahei dont remember the name of the last b of maimi aheahea


  16. I sort of have mixed feelings about this as I think that leaving something out encourages for the potential of more sales of pb….still in the past I've included complete scans but those weren't done by me originally. Everyone always mentions lower sales for H!P and yet with so much file sharing going on does anyone realize that it's a large contributor to all of this?…so with pbs I'm very different in my way of thinking than you are and I just wish for better success and sales instead.


  17. Hydeo says:

    humm… i think pbs sell really good :p~~ … is hard get the full pbs this days, hope that guy i talked before start and dont stop to upload the new pbs ^^ ehhehenah the online things dont broke the money they get, because who live there always go buy the original thing, the problem is who dont live in japan, because is expensive import the things ^~yah, i never told i dont want to have good sales ^^


  18. I've always believed that it's the extras which entice fans so much in getting the actual releases instead of downloading them and true that fans especially in Japan will continue to support them this way =). I still think the file sharing does hurt sales a lot though maybe more internationally than locally :/.


  19. Hydeo says:

    yah the extras normaly make the fans get the copies more fast :3~~ i dont think the groups go end because of this, they have concerts and events, and the locals fans normaly go, and the international fans have good chances to go too


  20. Those can generate a lot of revenue too I agree =). It's just so much more visible though with single and album sales as you really never hear about how much a J~Pop group/artist generated in sales for concerts and merchandise….it's always single and album sales which are brought up whenever there's talk of a group/artist being on the up or possible decline in popularity~.


  21. Hydeo says:

    u see they never go have lost in sales, because have ppl who buy all the versions or buy more than one :P.. i see a new where a guy buyed 500 version of AKB last single ehehe, dont ask me why O.oso i think the sales is hard affected because of net download, i really like buy the original ones when i have lot of money to spend with this ^^, but now im working but i need help here in my house to pay the things, because my dad stay without work now ;\i dont think much, because u see some ppl buy more than one so sometimes the rank is not so correctly hehe


  22. Gosh~! I can't get over that a fan actually purchased 500 copies of a single??? (・o・) that's just um wow!!!! Although what would a person do with so much of one single?? What's interesting about the Oricon is that not all sites are counted I'm pretty sure so you'll always have a bit of inaccuracy in totals but more or less it's still very reflective of how successful a single/album is =).


  23. Hydeo says:

    yah teh ponytail to chuchu aheahea :x, have a program where appears the boxes with lot of singles aheahehareally dont know, is that why i said they never go lost the selling part in japan heheyah, normaly H!P akb and idoling get top10 when relese a single or album


  24. The more I think about it the more I can't get over it it's just so odd, I mean even if one could afford so many copies of a single what will one do with them lol I'm sounding redundant :P. Still though I stand by my believing that every single sale of a release counts =). U~n very true!! Momusu's most recent single sales were down a bit but they still reached the top of the Oricon chart ^ ^。


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