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~Erepyon, Mr.Children and I~

Ono♥Erena Erepyon’s ipod!!! my Mr.Children visual collection A~h! mite mite!!!…….Erepyon ♥'zzzzz Mr.Children too!!!!!!!!! I just never imagined something like this, I mean Mr.Children♥ has long been my most favorite band in the world! (additional Mr.Children posts here♥) and to now … Continue reading

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~Yan Yan Yan にゃんにゃんにゃん♪~...

Mayuyu♥ in Yan Yan…(Scan0010) Yan Yan Vol.9 January 2010 …so why Mayuyu first? She's really the member who first caught my eye as it was ultimately Watarirouka Hashiritai that did it =). Well there were other strong factors involved but … Continue reading

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~J.J.♥ wins @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway \(^o^)/☆!!!!

Jimmie♥ wins @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway!!!! Oh the tension!!! the panic (・д・`*)!!!~!。。as the final laps wound down today I was in total panic mode!!! I mean the blue deuce and J.J. haven't exactly been best of friends on track … Continue reading

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~Ah! wanna dress like an idol? Want that Tomochin style?(*´∀`)♥~

Seifuku♥. You’ve seen this fashion countless number of times on t.v., in dramas, in music videos, @ your school,……in your bedroom too??? really (*´艸`)!!。。。。and yet I’m guessing hm. No matter how much seifuku is currently in your life there just … Continue reading

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~Morning Musume’s template~ aka 「青春コレクション」

Momusu in "Seishun Collection" Morning Musume "Seishun Collection" LE types A, B & C singles w/ pv DVD single release… It may be true that after 42 singles and so many accolades one may have seen and somewhat done everything? … Continue reading

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~S/mileage’s major debut single 「夢見る15歳」~

S/mileage in "Yume miru 15sai" S/mileage "Yume miru 15sai" types A, B CD singles & pv DVD single releases… I was so worried that moving to major releases~* would result in S/mileage leaving behind their strong "J" style which they've … Continue reading

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~Lilpri 「Little Princess ☆Puri!」

Lilpri "Little Princess☆Puri!" single (jacket scan) Lilpri "Little Princess☆Puri!" CD single This single's so cute~*!!!'s like 3/4's S/mileage with Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon and Wada Ayaka representing "Takashiro Reira", "Sasahara Natsuki" and "Yukimori Ringo" respectfully..hmm one more character to represent … Continue reading

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So two guys step onto a grass court and two days later it’s 59~all in the fifth set???!!!!

Turtle♥ tennis! Is anyone watching Wimbledon? If so perhaps the most remarkable thing has happened from yesterday till today and yet it's still not over! I mean it's all sorts of new records I'm guessing for the game in general … Continue reading

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AKB48 X B.L.T.”2010 Shinshun Collaboration Daruma”

AKB48xB.L.T.新春コラボだるま大島優子Ver.!! AKB48xB.L.T. collaboration Daruma Oshima Yuko photo A~h! this is so cool! I just never imagined an idol♥ Daruma??? AKB48 and B.L.T. teamed up to bring us this oh so different collectible…it's Yukorin's ”新春” ("Shinshun") meaning "New Year" collaboration Daruma … Continue reading

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~Sayu’s recent remarks create a backlash of anger from Matsujun fans…

Matsujun♥ Sayumin♥ Just heard this news from Zdorama and it's causing quite a stir with Arashi/Matsujun fans. It occurred last week on the June 17th episode of Arashi's popular~* "Mannequin Five" corner which airs as part of "Himitsu No Arashi … Continue reading

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