AKB48 flashbacks/ Miichan, Takamina & hello~* Team K! UTB Vol.176 Oct. 2006~

Continuing with my ongoing look back @ AKB’s appearances in UTB we’re now up to the October 2006 issue.

Here Miichan, Maririn and Takamina have solo page features~* and while Takamina♥ and Miichan♥ have kept to very much their familiar cute hairstyles it seems that Maririn has gone through a peppy short look to long and back to short over time. I can’t quite put my finger on it quite yet but somehow Miichan reminds me still a bit of Konkon….nande??? She has such adorably sleepy~* eyes so bonus points for that \(^o^)/☆!

Happily we’re still very much within UTB’s DVD issues so with that there’s a nice accompanying video clip of every photo shoot which also includes three early standout members representing Team K, with Erepyon, Umechan and yay~♥ Korin has her debut in UTB as a member of AKB! I say this cautiously as over time I always seem to find early idol appearances in old issues of UTB, idols which I wasn’t familiar with before when these issues were new but later discovered through friends, clips, groups or music =). It’s so cute how both Erepyon and Korin look like perhaps just tinier and younger versions of themselves here as overall their looks haven’t changed much over time however with Umechan I’m just so unfamiliar with her as I don’t recall seeing her in much of AKB’s music videos…..perhaps it’s just their a~sides I’m seeing mostly though.

And just as I would’ve suspected, it’s Korin here being such the giddy and outgoing personality amongst the three…..part comedian, all ~♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛ Sometimes I think it’s a bit sad that AKB rearranges their Team members and it’s really seeing the friendships and bonds between the girls surely built over time and then just knowing one day they may be separated (´⌒`。)。。。

Complete scans and the video clip follow just below:

AKB48 in UTB Vol.176 October 2006


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8 Responses to AKB48 flashbacks/ Miichan, Takamina & hello~* Team K! UTB Vol.176 Oct. 2006~

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    You're putting Miichan and Konkon together because I talk too much about her, and then you see Konkon's photo ~ Now seriously, I've no idea why you'd relate them, they have pretty different personalities ~ Umechan… never heard of her. Also never heard Maririn… That's Shinoda Mariko right?. She's usually Mariko-sama, some members call her Mariko, and a few Mari-chan. At least according to Wikipedia, I've never heard Mari-chan…I think there was only one big restructuring of the teams? There were new members/graduations before, but only once members changed teams, I think. So all the original Team A members who had their last concert last week were together since the beginning ^_^Bye~bye! Oyasumiichan ~ ❤


  2. lol you're sending subliminal Konkon~* messages to me with your avatar always being there XD! I know it's strange and I don't really know why…hmm but then again I am strange so it may not be alarming at all :P. I've never recognized Umeda Ayaka either in their videos or from any programs :/ and yet it's like she's been in Team K forever I think? I'm now thinking that she hasn't been featured in very many singles…the a~sides at least. U~n it's Shinoda Mariko and I thought I read that somewhere…"Maririn?" a~hhhh but I most likely imagined it (._.;)I'm a bit confused by this and CK sent me this listing of the teams a few weeks ago indicating the changes to their Teams……I guess I was totally under the impression that if occurred periodically…again me being (*´艸`)!! Ah and he said that it brought so many of the girls to tears for those being sent to another Team after being together for so long =(. At least Miichan and Tomochin will still be together (*´∀`*) ♪ Oyasumi~* ♥Team AMaeda Atsuko (no change)Takahashi Minami (n/c)Shinoda
    Mariko (n/c)Kojima Haruna (n/c)Takajyo Aki (n/c)Nakata
    Chisato (n/c)Itano Tomomi (to Team K)Fujie Reina (to Team K)Minegishi
    Minami (to Team K)Miyazaki Miho (to Team B)Kitahara Rie (to
    Team B)Sato Amina (to Team B)Team KAkimoto Sayaka (n/c)Oshima
    Yuko (n/c)Miyazawa Sae (n/c)Ono Erena (n/c)Umeda Ayaka
    (n/c)Kuramochi Asuka (to Team A)Matsubara Natsumi (to Team A)Kobayashi
    Kana (to Team B)Sato Natsuki (to Team B)Chikano Rina (to Team
    B)Masuda Yuka (to Team B)Oku Manami (to Team B)Kasai Tomomi
    (to Team B)Team BWatanabe Mayu (n/c)Kashiwagi Yuki (n/c)Hirajima
    Natsumi (n/c)Ota Aika (to Team A)Katayama Haruka (to Team A)Sashihara
    Rino (to Team A)Nakagawa Haruka (to Team A)Nakaya Sayaka (to
    Team A)Nito Moeno (to Team K)Yonezawa Rumi (to Team K)Nakatsuka
    Tomomi (to Team K)Tanabe Miku (to Team K)Promoted Research
    Students (Kenkyuusei)Iwasa Misaki (to Team A)Maeda Ami (to Team
    A)Oya Shizuka (to Team A)Kikuchi Ayaka (to Team K)Nonaka
    Misato (to Team K)Matsui Sakiko (to Team K)Uchida Mayumi (to
    Team K)Ishida Haruka (to Team B)Komori Mika (to Team B)Suzuki
    Mariya (to Team B)Sato Sumire (to Team B)


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, I never really looked at that, I had just finished to get a good feeling for where everyone I cared about in AKBINGO! was and then they changed it -_-' I mostly ignored it. But now that they're changing I should take a look.Pyon is still in Team K, it's so strange =/ and Lovetan (Ota Aika) changing to Team A. They should both be in Team B. My image of the teams has always been:A = acchanB = kawaiiK = kakkoiiso they should be in B. But the changes to Team A are the weird ones, definitely… although Tomochin does fit in Team K I think. =O I know one kenkyuusei, this Komori Mika, I know her somehow =) She's cute, she'll be perfect on Team B.


  4. omg! lol I totally thought you were saying "good night" to me XD!!!!!! Of course that wouldn't be the case :P, it's Miichan @ the end there =). Oh I love the images you have in mind with the Teams….and so true as Acchan really does rule them all so to speak well at least with the Japanese fan~base for sure! I'm slowly beginning to understand why she's so popular but I don't want to say just yet until I've seen a bit more of her outside of just their videos~. Mmm….Mayuyu and Yukirin definitely head the image of kawaii♥. Kitarie I'm still finding myself drawn to her and I wonder how she'll be joining Team B ^ ^。


  5. HarimaKenji says:

    I was saying it to you ~and Miichan says it like that in her blog. in fact, I was supposed to be sleeping 3 hours ago, but stuff happened =/ and I'll be a zombie in class tomorrow morning ~ or I should say, today morning ~I think these teams should work at least as well as they did before. It's not like it created a supergroup and broke another one, they're still all balanced ~ some weird stuff but it's okay. something else I just noticed, Itano went to Team K but Kasai changed to B, so they're still separate…


  6. Oh please please get some sleep~* soon ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzz…..! Wait I'm going to flush myself down the toilet for not recognizing that!!………………..okay I'm back (人∀`*)。I'm still just getting familiar with the "main" core of the group but you're right as they're all very balanced with favorites♥ in every Team~*. Hmm…after their amazing collaboration on "Love Wars" I would have thought too that they would be together. During the "making of" clip they showed so much fun chemistry between them so it only seems right that they should be in the same Team. "Love Wars" is still one of my very most favorites♥ from AKB and it's cute that they each did their own solo versions of the song too although I only own Tomochin's solo version as I needed to choose between which version to get and that was instantly decided even though Kasai Tomomi has perhaps the cuter vocals (I think she could do a bit of anime if she wanted =) )….it definitely needed to be Tomochin ^ ^♥。


  7. XiTaU says:

    hey MB long time no chatyou should know Ume chan from the morning musume lucky 7 auditionshe was one of the finalists for Fukuoka and should have clearly beat koha :)I think u are mixing konkon and mii together because they both have that down syndrome look about them but also is very cool/cute.glad to be reading your blog and you posting more about akb its the future of female groups, what can i say bikinis sell singles seeing as this single looks like it will hit 1/2 a mil.anyway hope your wellTTYLXiTaU


  8. Hi~hi~* hisashiburi desune~ (*´∀`*) ♪ How have you been? Sadly I'm not able to be in chat too often these days but sometimes on the weekends I say hello~. A~h I totally didn't recognize it was her and that's really bad as the lucky 7 auditions were so addicting for me (._.;)! It's wonderful that she and Sato Sumire continued to go after their dreams~* as both are now a part of AKB and so exciting that Sumire has now gone from Kenkyuusei to being a member of Team B! \(^o^)/☆A~h lol you're so funny……hmm think they're both so adorable~! And like HarimaKenji said they really don't have alike personalities so perhaps I'm just having a strange moment (*´艸`)!!。。u~n I've really been learning so much about AKB and a little bit about SKE48 but mostly just their single's tracks/members and AkiP is soooooo much an awesome producer/writer…..mastermind etc. etc.! I've really been drawn to his sense of 80's style J~pop which is so much a part of his songwriting and how he's bringing it back to the top of the charts again. I guess I've always had a love for the retro~ when it comes to most music and you're sooooo right! Mizugi + seifuku ='z ~♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥MB


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