~Noto Arisa’s HAPPY!STYLE goes indies with 「NO NIGHT EDEN」~

This was really one of the more difficult indies releases~ to acquire I found as ex~Hello!Project member Noto Arisa's first mini album "NO NIGHT EDEN" went out of print (although I think? a second edition with different colored casing is perhaps available?) seemingly so quickly. So off to auctions♥ it was and after a few weeks of searching and thinking it wouldn't appear after all???……and waiting a single auction appeared and you can imagine the fierce bidding that ensued (・д・`*)!。。

So through a proxy service I've received Nocchi's♥ album and while this album contains just 5 tracks it certainly makes the most of them~*.

While Nocchi doesn't possess necessarily remarkable vocals this mini album includes such a cute~* variety in character vocalizations in the sense that each song show such diversity at times not heard in full length albums and done in just five tracks. For example there are the sweet♥ ballads "Furi muite…" and "Ame iro caramel" which take such extremely different vocal approaches where the former takes on a stronger tone while the latter is in some ways almost "anime" like and playful~* and it's most deliberate and intended in some songs as you can differentiate clearly each song's approach as Nocchi sounds so different on some tracks. "High Speed Motion" also displays a stronger vocal nuance but it may be the very first track "Gozen 2:30 no kare" which is best written from a musical standpoint mainly for its catchy~ness♥ which is also laced with a most playful and sometimes offbeat tone. For certain the wacky award goes to track 2 "Jichoutte oishiino?" as the musical demeanor readily prepares the listener for what's to come…..cute though but yes a most wacky song (^q^)!

Again Nocchi may not be the most naturally gifted of vocalists but I found great joy in her variety and diverse approach here and when songs are adorable……..it's ♥!!!! Nocchi also impressively penned all the lyrics for her debut mini album and also is credited as co~producer throughout \(^o^)/☆。。。something which is perhaps unique for a H!P artist??…I could have missed something though so please do correct me if I'm mistaken (*´艸`)。

"NO NIGHT EDEN"…..a most playful, colorfully diverse and cute~* and most importantly fun album o(*´∀`)o゛♥

01 午前2-30の彼
Noto Arisa

03 あめ色Caramel
Noto Arisa


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