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(originally posted on October 22nd, 2009)…today (May 27th, 2010 Japan time) is the 3rd anniversary of Sakai Izumi’s passing, this is in remembrance of a wonderful person, artist and musician who touched so many~.

(10/22/09) The following was composed over 4 days…this post is very dear to my ♥ and one that I so wanted to write @ some point before I leave this blog~. I’m sorry that I haven’t been around recently as overtime at work has kept me away and with each day that I writing this post I kept losing more sleep it seems (ノロ≦。)!My mind feels a mess right now and I apologize so much in advance for any typos! surely there must be some or a lot?……but I hope you will enjoy what is written here….hopefully tomorrow I can speak with everyone♥ here again when I’ve caught up with my needed sleep ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzz….

Every now and then we’re graced with something so unique and special in music♪♪~, artists that move us with their melodies…relate to us with their lyrics and capture us with their hearts~. Sakai Izumi debuted as the lead vocalist for the group Zard in 1991 and for over a decade and a half her powerful vocals would resonate beautifully over 45 single releases and 20 albums (including compilations & tributes)…..she’s truly an artist that has left us too soon~. The sales figures which will follow later in this post truly speak for themselves…as ZARD will forever remain as one of the most beloved and successful groups in Japan’s illustrious music history~.

Born on February 6th, 1969 Kamachi Sachiko would later go under her “stage name” Sakai Izumi and her launch into the music world would go through modeling as she became Nissin’s race queen in 1990 while her Toei karaoke queen title was much more related as she would find her now legendary place in Japan’s music history.

~Hitomi sorasanaide mp3~

(Click play above for what will be a little prelude to what you’re about to experience in J-Pop music♪♪~…the wonderful world of ZARD♥….and it may also tide you over until you reach the next audio/visual experience~) a translation of the song above can be found a bit later in this post~….but surely this post isn’t really meant by any means to be consumed in a single meeting as it’s rather um long (。ーωー。), but rather hopefully to be enjoyed in separate and hopefully enjoyable excursions over a period of time~ ^ ^。

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While much of Zard’s legacy is found in their most unique musical sound which placed their own brand of spin upon a mixture of pop/rock to merge at times with contemporary jazz, folk, ska, bossa nova..etc etc., perhaps the most endearing aspect for fans in their music lies in Sakai Izumi’s lyrics which she wrote in entirety throughout the group’s career~. In so much of her lyrics you’ll find expressions that most everyone on many days can so much relate to in our their own lives….through life’s anxieties….the triumphs and faltering of loves….friendships…hopes…desires and *dreams~*….the lingering past and the uncertain future~. Sakai Izumi would also go on to writing lyrics for other notable artists in Field of View, Deen and Barbier with also a collaboration with the band Wands in her early career…..and much of this would lead to her work as producer which occurred in her latter releases from Zard’s original album “TODAY IS ANOTHER DAY.”

Also very notable is Sakai Izumi’s most unique vocal style and through what is often intricate phrasing she possesses both a beautiful softness as well as an amazing range in power which is always *heartfelt* and seamless in delivery~.

My very first time experiencing Zard’s music would be with their 6th album titled “forever you” from a friend’s recommendation, and while at the time even this album was an older release…it would begin one of my most earnest efforts in backtracking as I so wanted to collect and be able to listen to all of Zard’s earlier releases as I had truly already fallen in love with their sweet brand of pop/rock~. So many of their singles were already out of print then so I would then need to sometimes search through rental CD shops and second hand online stores in hopes of acquiring her complete discography and happily after a few years and lots of wishing I was able to complete Zard’s early catalog and I never missed a release since ^ ^。

For much of her life within Zard and even on the outside, Sakai Izumi remained very private and this also translated into the group’s solitude in refraining from live performances….an isolation that would last for most of the groups existence although Zard did once appear live on music t.v. shows such as Music Station in their very early days~. In January of 2000 Zard would release their first and only live CD album…”Zard Cruising & Live”….the live recorded event of events would be held upon the cruise ship…”The Pacific Venus” and the setting aboard appeared to be a most intimate concert with those so lucky to get a ticket aboard this unprecedented event in the group’s career~…only 600 fan club members were able to attend out of more than 2 million requests for tickets~! In 2005 Zard would release what would be a culmination of the group’s very first open tour across Japan which ran from March till July of 2004~! Their “What a beautiful moment” tour would visit Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama, Aomorishi, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka reaching it’s climax at Japan’s celebrated Nippon Budoukan at end~ and a beautifully packaged 2 DVD set would follow and even with Zard’s immensely beloved catalog of songs available to perform….their setlist didn’t disappoint a single bit~! In October of 2006 Zard would also release another first in the form of an all inclusive music video compilation titled “Le Portfolio 1991-2006″…the box set would also include a photo & lyric booklet as well as an outer flip open style casing. The videos within are presented in a collage style which groups them into short periods of mostly one to two years at a time~.

In hindsight, Zard’s unspoken hiatus which occurred after their single release in May of 2006 and went on for about a year afterward maybe should have triggered some concern….but really I just could never have thought something was so wrong back then. Sakai Izumi had been hospitalized in June 2006 after discovering that she had cervical cancer and had the tumor removed. She returned to the hospital in April of 2007 after the cancer was found to have spread to her lungs. Sakai Izumi passed away from a brain contusion which she suffered after falling about 3 meters down an emergency stairway in the hospital hitting the back of her head. She had been on one of her daily walks when this occurred. I can only imagine that the medication she was under and the overall weakness of her body caused this to happen.

Numerous album compilations & tributes along with memorials would follow. On December 12th Zard’s final recording “Glorious Mind” (jbcj-4003) was released (although two latter single releases would follow with guest artists Kamiki Aya and Kuraki Mai helping to pay tribute as they recorded their voices along with Sakai Izumi’s in previously unreleased works written by the late artist) placing the final bookend to what has been one of the most loved and celebrated works in J-Pop history.Furthermore…there would be album compilations released since…”Soffio de vento” is a compilation of Sakai Izumi’s favorite songs personally chosen by her and “Brezza di mare” is a collection of songs from her catalog paying tribute to her memorable career, both were released on August 15, 2007 and include special additional DVDs. On January 1st, 2008 Sakai Izumi was paid tribute to during Japan’s annual Kouhaku (Red & White Songfest) and while Zard never appeared on the Kouhaku it was so much a wonderful gesture on their part. Shortly afterward on January 23rd, 2008 “Zard Request Best~beautiful memory~” was released….the collection includes two discs of fan voted favorites, a 17th anniversary calendar and a special DVD with a medley of Yureru omoi”…”Glorious Mind”..and “Makenaide” from Sakai Izumi’s tribute event where artists came together to perform live for fans as a large screen towards the back of the stage showed images of Sakai Izumi performing “along” with them in this final live tribute to what was……a most beautiful life~ now gone too soon.

~The singles~

While I would have loved to have included each and every song here in mp3’s….that would have been a much too daunting task I think so here I’ve selected a few favorites♥ to accompany these cover scans which will cover Zard’s complete works~. Please enjoy the music♪♪~ experience of Zard♥~! ^ ^

Zard’s debut single “Good-bye My Loneliness” was released on February 10th, 1991.

~Good~bye my loneliness mp3~

“Good-bye My Loneliness”

Kokoro no oku wo anata ni nozokaresou
(I feel that you are going to peek deep into my heart)
me wo sorashite mo kizukaresou de
(Even if I avert my eyes, I think you will notice)
kemuru tokai no rain drops
(The rain drops of the smokey city)
yuraideita no
(It is fate)
mata hitori ni naru no ga kowakute
(I am again scared to be alone)

Good-bye my loneliness
anata no mune ni sotto tenderness
(On your chest, gentle tenderness)
tobikomitai no
(I want to jump in)
dakara ima wa soba ni ite hoshii no
(That’s why I want you to stay by me)
dakishimete yume ga kieru mae ni
(Hold me before I finish dreaming)

Tsurenai koi no yukue wa kisetsu makase
(Leave the whereabouts of love that you cannot lead to the seasons)
itsumo mirai ga ame de mienai
(The future is blurred because of the rain)
tasumu tokai no tear drops
(The tear drops of an aching city)
okubyou ni naru no
(I become fearful)
samete omoi atatamete hoshii
(Refresh my memories that have faded)

Good-bye my loneliness
shinjiteite mo futari faraway
(Even if we believe, we are faraway)
omoide ni naru
(Making memories)
dakara ima wa soba ni ite hoshii no
(That’s why I want you to be close to me)
dakishimete subete wasuresasete
(Hold me, let me forget everything)

Good-bye my loneliness
shinjiteite mo kitto faraway
(Even if we believe, your are faraway)
omoide ni naru
(Making memories)
dakara ima wa ikanai de hoshii no
(That’s why I don’t want you to go)
dakishimete yume ga kieru mae ni
(Hold me, before my dreams disappear)

“Fushigi~ne…” was released on June 25th, 1991.

“Mou sagasanai” was released on November 6th, 1991.

“Nemurenai yoru wo daite” was released on July 22nd, 1992.

~Nemurenai yoru wo daite mp3~

“Nemurenai yoru wo daite”

Zawameku machi no keshiki ga tomaru
(The noisy cityscape disappears)
ano hi mita de-ja-vu to kasanaru kage
(The deja vu I experienced, and the overlapping shadows)
moshimo ano toki deawanakereba
(If we didn’t meet during that time,)
kizutsukeau koto wo shiranakatta
(I never thought that I would hurt you.)

Ijiwaru ni kotoba wa surechigau kedo
(Even if we exchange harsh words,)
ai wo motometeru
(I am looking for love)

*Nemurenai yoru wo daite
(Hold me when I can’t sleep)
Fushigi na sekai e yuku
(What a mysterious world we go to)
mada shoujo no koro no
(When I was a little girl,)
adokenai egao ni modotte
(Returning to your familiar smile,)
In my dream mystery

Koboreta yume no kakerao sukutte
(Picking up the pieces of my broken dreams,)
narete iku mainichi wo tashikameteyuku
(Checking them over, crying everyday,)
moshimo ano toki sukoshi otona ni nattetara
(If I were a little more mature that time)
sayonara ienakatta
(I couldn’t have said goodbye.)

Tokete yuku kodoku na kokoro wa itsumo
(My melting heart always)
ai wo motometeru
(looking for love)

**Nemurenai yoru wo daite
(Hold me when I cannot sleep)
kakenuketa toki wo omouno
(I remember the time when I ran and fell for you,)
mada shoujo no koro no
(When I was still a young girl,)
Adokenai egao ni modotte
(returning to your familiar smile,)
In my dream mystery

by Maruyu Naoyuki

“In my arms tonight” was released on September 9th, 1992.

“Makenaide” was released on January 27th, 1993.

~Makenaide mp3~


Futoshita shunkan ni shisen ga butsukaru
(In an accidental moment our eyes meet)
shiawase no tokimeki oboeteiru deshou
(This palpitation of happiness you still remember, right?)
pasuteru karaa no kisetsu ni koishita
(I fell in love in the pastel color season)
ano hi no you ni kagayaiteru anata de ite ne
(Be the you who sparkles like that day)

Makenaide mou sukoshi
(Don’t give up just a little more)
saigo made hashirinukete
(Run through to the end)
donna ni hanaretetemo
(No matter how far apart we are)
kokoro wa soba ni iru wa
(My heart is by your side)
oikakete harukana yume wo
(Run after the distant dream)

Nani ga okitatte hetchara na kao shite
dounika naru sa to odokete miseru no
(What happened, I’ll make a funny face showing you jokingly
that it’ll become okay one way or another)
koyoi wa watakushi to isshoni odorimashou
(Let’s dance together tonight)
ima mo sonna anata ga sukiyo wasurenaide
(Even now I like that you don’t forget)

Makenaide hora soko ni
(Don’t give up look, over there)
gooru wa chikazuiteru
(the goal is getting closer)
donna ni hanaretetemo
(No matter how far apart we are)
kokoro wa soba ni iru wa
(my heart is by your side)
kanjite ne mitsumeru hitomi
(Feel my eyes that are fixed on you)

“Kimi ga inai” was released on April 21st, 1993.

“Yureru omoi” was released on May 19th, 1993 and its coupling with song “Just for you” is such a beautifully written ballad~.

~Yureru omoi mp3~

“Yureru omoi”

Yureru omoi karadajuu kanjite
(Experiencing swaying feelings inside my body)
kimi to arukitsuzuketai in your dream
(I want to keep on walking with you in your dream)

Natsu ga shinobiashi de chikazuku yo
(In stealthy steps summer is approaching)
kirameku nami ga sunahama uruoshite
(Glistening waves are moistening the sandy beach)
kodawatteta mawari wo subete sutete
(Throw away all the fusses around)
ima anata ni kimeta no
(Now I have decided on you)

Konnani jibun ni au hito wa mou
inai to hanbun akirameteta
(I have given up on thinking there is no other person who suits me so)

Yureru omoi karadajuu kanjite
(Experiencing the swaying feelings inside my body)
konomama zutto soba ni itai
(I want to remain by your side always)
aoku sunda ano sora no you na
(Like that clear blue sky)
kimi to arukitsuzuketai in your dream
(I want to keep walking with you in your dream)

suki to aizu wo okuru hitomi no oku
(The depths of my eyes that send the signals of I love you)
nozoitemiru furi shite kisu wo shita
(Pretending to peep in, I kissed you)
subete wo miseru no ga kowai kara
(It is because you’re afraid of showing me everything)
yasashi kara nigeteta no
(You escaped from tenderness)

Unmei no deai tashika ne
(This meeting of fate is for sure, right?)
Konna ni jibun ga kawatteku nante
(Because I have changed so much)

Yureru omoi karadajuu kanjite
(Experiencing swaying feelings inside my body)
konomama zutto soba ni itai
(I want to remain by your side always)
ikutsu samishii kisetsu ga kitemo
(Even if many lonely seasons come)
tokimeki dakishimeteitai in my dream
(I want to hold this palpitation tight in my dream)

Yureru omoi karadajuu kanjite
(Experiencing swaying feelings inside my body)
konomama zutto soba ni itai
(I want to remain by your side always)
aoku sunda ano sora no you na
(Like that clear blue sky)
kimi to arukitsuzuketai in your dream
(I want to keep on walking with you in your dream)

~Just for you mp3~

“Just for you”

Faindaa no naka tereta shigusa wa
(The gestures shined in the finder)
ano koro to kawaranai
(Is the same as that time)
chikaku ni isugite kizukanakatta kedo
(Being too close I did not notice)
anata ga itsudemo soba ni ita
(You were always by my side)

I need you, babe
warawanaide kiite
(Listen without laughing)
konya wa sunao ni nareru
(Tonight I will be gentle)
I love you, babe
subete wo anata ni
(I’ll give everything to you)
kokoro kara just for you
(From my heart just for you)

Toki ga kasokudo tsukete sugiru yo
(Time passing with acceleration)
shiawase sugirunda ne
(because we are too happy)
chiisana ai wo utsusu waingurasu
(The wine glass that reflects this tiny love)
mimamoru you na star light
(As if to watch over star light)

I need you, babe
tsumetaku shita koto mo atta kedo…gomen ne
(There were times when I was cold to you…I’m sorry)
I want you, babe
afureru kimochi wo
(My overflowing feelings)
dare yori mo just for you
(More than anyone just for you)

I need you, babe
warawanaide kiite
(Listen without laughing)
konya wa sunao ni nareru
(Tonight I will be gentle)
I love you, babe
subete wo kakeru wa
(I will risk everything)
kokoro kara just for you
(From my heart just for you)

kokoro kara wa just for you
(From my heart just for you)

“Mou sukoshi ato sukoshi…” was released on September 4th, 1993.

“Kitto wasurenai” was released on November 3rd, 1993.

~Kitto wasurenai mp3~

“Kitto wasurenai”

Kitto wasurenai mabushii manazashi wo
(I surely won’t forget that dazzling look)
shinjitai shinjiteru
(I want to believe, I believe)
anata ga kawaranu you ni
(You will stay the same in my mind)

Every day, every night naitarishitakedo
(Every day, every night I did things like crying)
dare ni mo hanasenakute
(I could not tell anyone)
bukiyou dakedo seiippai anata wo
aishita ano kisetsu
(Even though I was clumsy, I loved you the best I could)
kureyu mich afureru hitonami
(When the streets get dark, among the crowd of people)
ima ni mo egao de anata ga arawaresoude
(It’s as if your face is going to appear at any minute)

+ Kitto wasurenai mata fuyu ga kitemo
(I surely won’t forget you, even if winter comes again)
omoide dakishimete itai kara
(Because I want to embrace those memories)
sora no kanata e to kanashimi fukitobase
(I’ll blow away those depressing thoughts into the sky)
shinjitai shinjiteru
(I want to believe, I believe)
anata ga kawaramu you ni
(You will stay the same in my mind)

Wakare wa konayuki
(It was snowing when we parted)
sabishisa ga mune ni
tsumoru mata aitai
(Loneliness is piling up within my heart, I want to see you again)
doushite ano toki kizutsuke atta no darou
(Why did we hurt each other?)
tsuyogaru shikanakute
(There was nothing I could do except put on a bold front)
hoshikuzu no naka maniau you ni
(As if meeting each other just in time, amongst the stars)
juutai nukete okuttekuretano itsumo
(You always passed through the traffic jam and saw me off)

Kitto wasurenai mabushii manazashi wo
(I surely won’t forget that dazzling look)
setsunai yakusoku ga itai kedo
(Even though this heart rending promise is so painful)
tooku hanaretemo kokoro wa tomaranai
(Even though we are so far apart, I can’t stop this throbbing heart)
akirametai akiramenai
(I feel like giving up, I won’t give up)
kodoku ga doa wo tataku
(Loneliness is knocking on my door)

(repeat +)

“kono ai ni oyogitsukaretemo” was released on February 2nd, 1994.

“Konna ni soba ni iru noni” was released on August 8th, 1994.

“Anata wo kanjiteitai” was released on December 24th, 1994.

~Anata wo kanjiteitai mp3~

“Anata wo kanjiteitai”

Nee sonna ni shaberanakutemo
Even if you don’t talk much
Watashi waratte irareru kara
I can smile
Mou aenai ki ga shite…
I have a feeling that I cannot see you anymore…
Daremo inai eki no houmu
On the platform of an empty station
Sorezore no fuyu erabi omoide ni te wo futta
Choosing several Winters I waved my hand to memories

Anata wo kanjiteitai
I want to feel you
Tatoe touku hanareteitemo
Even if you are far away
Tokimeku kokoro tomenaide
Don’t stop your throbbing heart
Minna mienai ashita wo sagashiteiru
Searching for a tomorrow that no one can see
Yakusoku nante nanimonai kedo
Although we don’t have promises
Kawaranai futari de iyou ne
Let’s remain an unchanged couple

Furueru kuchibiru fusaide
Closing my quivering lips
Wakare kiwa iikaketa kotoba ni
When I was about to speak on the brink of parting
Mou aenai ki ga shita…
I had a feeling that I cannot see you anymore…
Hitori aruku machijuu ga nijinda kyandoru de ippai
The whole street where I walk alone is full of blurred candles

Anata wo kanjiteitai
I want to feel you
Shiroi toiki no kisetsu no naka de
In the season when one’s breath is white
Imasugu tondeyukitai kedo
Although I want to fly to you immediately
Subete wo sutete yukenai watashi ga iru
I cannot just throw away everything and go
Kuchi ni dasanai yasashisa ga itai
It hurts not being able to express my gentleness
Mado no soto mo yuki ni kawatta
Even outside the window it has changed to snow

Anata wo kanjiteitai
I want to feel you
Giniro no kisetsu no naka de
In the silver season
Kagayaki tsuzukete hoshii
I want (you to) continue shining
Dakedo tokai no supiido ni nagasarenaide
But don’t be carried away by the city speed
“Matteiru kara” to doushite ano toki sunao ni ienakatta no darou…
Why at the time I could not say “I’m waiting for you” gently…

“Just believe in love” was released on February 1st, 1995.

~Just believe in love mp3~

“Just believe in love”

Surikireru hodo kiita arubamu ga
ano koro tatta hitori no tomodachi datta
(The only friend I had was a record album that I listened to until I wore it out)
deai to wakare wo kurikaeshi
(Repeated meetings and partings)
tadori tsuita ima anata ni
(After all of that struggling, I finally found you)

Just believe in love
anna ni atsuku kogashita omoi ga yureteiru
(Have you started to forget the intense feelings I burned on to you)
kanjiteru anata no ai wo karadajuu
(I feel your love all over my body)
kono mama tokete yuku asobi tsukarete nemuru kodomo no you ni
(It melts away, like children sleeping after a hard day of playing)

Furishikiru ame ga niji ni kawaru
(The downpour of rain turns into a rainbow)
toshi no sa no mayoi wo sutete tobi konda
(I disregarded the age difference and jumped into the relationship)
ima kono shunkan ni yume ga samete shimawanu you ni tsuyoku
dakishimete watashi wo
(Hold me tightly, like this is the last moment we have together)

Just believe in love
katachi no nai ai ni wake mo naku nakitaku naru keredo
(For no reason, I want to cry over a loveless relationship)
dare yori mo anata wo nukumori shinjiteru
(I wanted to believe in your warmth over anyone else)
nanika ni kizutsuite wa…
(I got hurt over something…)
sonna toki futari wa yoku niteiru ne
(On things like this, we are both alike)

Just believe in love
anna ni atsuku kogashita omoi ga yureteiru
(Have you started to forget the intense feelings I burned on to you)
hohoemi mo wasuretaku naru kono machi de
(In a city that makes you want to forget to smile)
tsumazuku koto sae mo ashita e no kibou e to kaete yukou
(Even when you stumble, you can always change your hopes for the better)

Ashita e no kibou e to kaete yukou
(Let’s change your hopes for the better)

…coupling with “Ready, Go!”

~Ready, Go! mp3~

“Ai ga mienai” was released on June 5th, 1995.

~Ai ga mienai mp3~

“Sayonara wa imamo kono mune ni imasu” was released on August 28th, 1995.

“MY FRIEND” was released on January 8th, 1996.

~My Friend mp3~


Anata wo omou dake de kokoro wa tsuyoku nareru
(Just thinking of you makes my heart grow stronger)
zutto mitsumeteru kara hashiri tsuzukete
(Keep running because I am watching over you)

Hitamuki datta tooi hi no yume wa
ima demo mabushii
(The dreams we had in those days when we were single minded are still shining bright)
donna ni fuan ga ippai demo
(No matter what kind of hardships)
massugu jibun no michi wo shinjite
(I will firmly keep believing in my way)
kazaranai sugao no anata ga suki
kawatte shimau koto ga kanashii
(The sight of your unadorned face becoming distorted makes me so sad)

Itsumo kagayaiteita ne shounen no mama
(You were always shining through with your youthfulness)
hitomi wa my friend
(Your eyes tell me you are my friend)
anata ga soba in iru to
(When you’re by my side)
nazeka sunao ni nareta
(For some reason I always became gentle)
kono kyori toori nukeru kaze ni naritai
(I want to become the wind, whirling away from here)

Hontou no ai nara
(If this love were true)
kitto ironna koto nori koerareta no ni
(All these hardships would be overcome)
hoshi no pareedo namida ga koborenai you ni
ookiku iki wo sutta
(Under this parade of stars I took a large breath as if to hold back the tears)
hitori de iru toki no samishisa yori
futari de iru toki no kodoku no hou ga kanashii
(It’s even sadder when I feel lonely while we’re together than when I’m alone)

Itsumo waratteita ne ano koro futari
(When we were a couple we were always laughing)
setsunai my friend
(My distressing friend)
anata wo omou dake de kokoro wa tsuyoku nareru
(Just thinking of you makes my heart grow stonger)
zutto mitsumeteru kara hashiri tsuzukete
(Keep running because I’m watching over you)

Itsumo kagayaiteita ne shounen no mama
(You are always shining through with your youthfulness)
hitomi wa my friend
(Your eyes tell me you are my friend)
anata wo omou dake de kokoro wa tsuyoku nareta
(Just thinking of you makes my heart grow stronger)
zutto mitsumeteru kara hashiri tsuzukete
(Keep running because I’m watching over you)
hashiri tsuzukete…
(Keep on running…)

by Eugene Mok

“Kokoro wo hiraite” was released on May 6th, 1996…..and I so love♥ its b-side “Change my mind.” There’s so much in these lyrics that reveal suppressed feelings when in a relationship similar to this one~.

~Change my mind mp3~

“Change my mind”

Gogo no hi ga sasu doressa
(The dresser shone upon by the afternoon sun)
hoho no sobakasu ga kininaridashita
(The freckles on my cheeks were weighing on my mind)
ato juppun nemurasete kare wa tsukarete beddo no naka
(Let me sleep for 10 more minutes, he said lying tiredly on the bed)
kanjojo to watashi no hazzama de anata wa itsumo chissoku shisou
(Squeezed between me and her, you were always suffocating)
kono goto futo kangaeruno
(Recently I am suddenly considering)
hakushi ni modosoukatte
(That we start afresh)

Iijjiwaru ni tell you
(I tell you spitefully)
kanojo no koto najittara kitto kirai ni naru wa
(If I rebuke you about her, you will come to hate me)
tabun watashi wa tell you
(Probably I will tell you)
“I can change my mind”
hidoi yatsu dato semete
(Reproach me that I am a cruel girl)

Boottoshite futtoushita yakan no oto ni sae
(I was in such a daze that I was even unaware of the boiling kettle)
funukena jibun wo mou hitori no jibun ga azawarau
(I laugh at the cowardly me who is alone once again)

Shinkokyuushite tell you
(I tell you with a deep breath)
mou nido to awanai to heisei wo yosowootta
(I pretended to be at peace by never seeing you again)
uso nano ni…tell you
(Even though I lie when I tell you)
“I can change my mind”
anata wo kurushimasatakunai
(I didn’t want to make you suffer)

Shinkokyuushite tell you
(I tell you with a deep breath)
mou nido to awanai to heisei wo yosowootta
(I pretended to be at peace by never seeing you again)
uso nano ni…tell you
(Even though I lie when I tell you)
“I can change my mind”
kattena yatsu dato semete
(Reproach me that I am a selfish girl)

“Don’t you see!” was released on January 6th, 1997.

~Don’t you see! mp3~

“Don’t you see!”

Tomodachi ni tegami wo kaku toki mitai ni
surasura kotoba ga detekureba iinoni
(I wish that I could write this letter like when I was writing to a friend, because then it is so easy to write)
mo sukoshi otagai wo shiriauni wa jikan ga hoshii
(I wish we had a little bit more time, so we could have gotten to know each other better)
uragiranai no wa kasoku date nante
sabishisugiru yo
(It would be too lonely if the only people that we wouldn’t betray is our families)
love is asking to be loved
shinjiru koto wo yamete shimae ba
(If we stop believing)
raku ni narutte wakatteru kedo
(I know that it would become easier but…)

Don’t you see!
negattemo inottemo
(Wishes and prayers)
kiseki omoide
(Miracles and memories)
sukoshi wa kikikakate
(Just consider these things a little)
Don’t you see!
chotto sameta furi wo suru kuse wa
(My habit of pretending to be asleep when I was awake wa…)
kizutsuku no ga kowai kara
(because I am afraid to get hurt)

Taxi noriba de
(At the taxi stand)
matteta toki no chinmoku wa
(The silence that I felt while waiting)
tatta gofun nano ni
(Even though it was just 5 minutes,)
monosugoku nagaku kanjita
(It felt really long)
muri wo shite tsukarete
(We get tired because we force it on ourselves)
aozameta koi wa yokisenu dekigoto
(And because of that, our love fades)

Don’t you see!
chiisana kenka de
makezugirai na futari dakara hotto shita no
(Even if we have a small fight, we both don’t like to lose, so I was relieved [because I know it isn’t serious])
Don’t you see!
ironna hito wo miruyori
(Instead of seeing many different people)
zutto onaji anata wo miteitai
(I want to see just you)

Don’t you see! I’ll never worry tonight
I’ll lay me down tonight
You know, I do it for you

Don’t you see!
umareta machi no nioi
(The smell of my hometown)
kurekakaru gairojuu wo futari arukeba
(The two of us walking along the side of a tree lined avenue)
Don’t you see!
sekaijuu no daremo ga donna ni isoide mo
(No matter how busy people in the world are)
watashi wo tsukamaeteite
(Please keep holding onto me)

“Kimi ni aitakunattara…” was released on February 26th, 1997.

~Kimi ni aitakunattara mp3~

“Kimi ni aitakunattara…”

Kimi ni aitakunattara…
(If I shall want to meet you…)
sono hi made ganbaru jibun de itai
(I want to stick it out on my own till that day)
aoku kurekaketa machinami
(On the street which is bathed in evening blue)
mata omoikiri sawagou ne
(Let’s make merry to our heart’s content again)

futo kagami wo mireba nante tsukareta kao
(When I look into the mirror by chance, I see such a tired face)
hito no me niwa jibun wa dou utsutteiru no kana?
(I wonder how I look in the eyes of others?)
tamani wa sukoshi kyori o oite
mitakatta no shibaraku wa
(Occasionally I wanted to overcome this distance between us, but for the time being)
renai janai koibito janai kankei de ite
(Let’s have a non romantic, non lover relationship)

Kimi ni aitakunattara…
(If I shall want to meet you…)
itsudatte sugu ni tonde yukeru
(I’ll wish to fly to you in a flash, no matter when)
koware yasui mono dakara koso
(Because it’s such a fragile thing)
taisetsu ni shitai to omou
(I’d want to treasure it)

Soredemo anna deai wa nido to nai yone
(Even so, such a meeting will never come again)
warubuttatte hito no yosa souna hitomi wa kakusenai
(Even if you pretend to be a bad egg, your eyes tell me you are a lovable person)

Tooi shourai ga konnani
hayaku kuru towa omowanakatta
(I didn’t realize the distant future would arrive this fast)
hontou ni watashi de ii no ka yukkuri kangaete…
(Please think it over carefully, am I really the one for you?…)

Kimi ni aitakunattara…
(If I shall want to meet you…)
itazurana egao o omoidasu
(I remember your mischievous smile)
“daijoubu dayo” to iu kimi no kotoba ga
(You say “it’s all right” but these words)
ichiban daijoubu janai
(aren’t the most assuring)

Kitto unmei ga futari no
mikata o shitekureru deshou
(Surely fate would be on our side)
wagamama janai kirai dakara janai wakatte
(I’m not being selfish, it’s not because I dislike you, please understand)

Kimi ni aitakunattara…
(If I shall want to meet you…)
sono hi made ganbaru jibun de itai
(I want to stick it out on my own till that day)
kore ga saisho de saigo no koi ni
nareba iina to omou
(I want to make it my first and last romance)

Aoku kurekaketa machinami
(On the street which is bathed in evening blue)
mata omoikiri sawagou ne
(Let’s make merry to our heart’s content again)

by Eugene Mok

“Kaze ga toori nukeru machi e” was released on July 2nd, 1997.

~Kaze ga toori nukeru machi e mp3~

“Eien” was released on August 20th,1997.

~Eien mp3~

“My Baby Grand~ nukumori ga hoshikute~” was released on December 3rd, 1997.

~My Baby Grand~nukumori ga hoshikute~ mp3~

“My Baby Grand~ nukumori ga hoshikute~”

Koi wo shiteite mo tokidoki
(When you are in love)
sugoku fuan ni naru
(Sometimes, I get very uncertain)
donna ni isogashii toki mo
(No matter how busy I am)
hitori ni naru to sabishii
(When I am along, I am lonely)
kioku soushitsu ni isso nareba ii to
(I might as well lose my memory)
tachinaoru made zuibun nagai jikan ga kakatta
(It took me awhile unit I recovered)

Nukumori ga hoshikute hitogomi aruita
(Yearning for warmth, I walked through the crowd)
buru na toki wa soba ni ite
(When I feel blue, stay by me)
ima nara motto sunao ni nareru
(Now I can become more meek)
machijuu ga yasashii
(Citywide everything is more kind)

Tsune ni mae muki nante…
(Always looking forward…)
minna yowai bubun motteru
(Everyone has weaknesses)
kokoro yurushita goku wazuga na hito ni wa
(To those few who I permit)
oshaberi ni nareru no ni
(We could have a conversation)

Nukumore ga hoshikute mune no oku ni
(I want warmth deep inside me)
fukaku himeta omoi
(The thoughts I hide deep inside)
dare ni demo ii kao suru hito wa kirai dayo
(I hate the kind of person that puts on a false face to impress anyone)
Baby Grand

Nukumori ga hoshikute
(I want warmth)
sotto te wo nobasu
(I slowly extend my hand)
yuki no yoru wa soba ni ite
(During those snowy nights stay by me)
tooi machi no hi yume wo miru hito
(The city lights look far away, a person who dreams)
anata e to todoke
(A report for you)

Koe ga kikitakute mo waratteite mo
(Even if I wanted to hear your voice, or your laughter)
aenai modo kashi sa
(Feeling irritated because I can’t meet you)
uchuu no soko ni futari ikiteru
(The two of us exist deep in outer space)
Just leave a tender moment alone

by Maruya Naoyuki

“Iki mo dekinai” was released on March 4th, 1998.

“Unmei  no roulette mawashite” was released on September 9th, 1998.

“Atarashii door~ fuyu no himawari~” was released on December 2nd, 1998. “Atarashii door…” and “GOOD DAY” were both released on the same day as separate singles sort of like “double-a” sides~.

“GOOD DAY” was released on December 2nd, 1998.

“MIND GAMES” was released on April 7th, 1999.

“Sekai wa kitto mirai no naka” was released on June 16th, 1999.

“Itai Kurai Kimi ga Afureteiru yo” was released on October 14th, 1999.

“Kono namida hoshi ni nare” was released on December 1st, 1999.

“Get U’re Dream” was released on September 6th, 2000.

~Get U’re Dream mp3~

“promised you” was released on November 15th, 2000.(below is the album version)

~promised you mp3~

“Sawayakana kimi no kimochi” was released on May 22nd, 2002.

“Ashita wo yume mite” was released on April 9th, 2003.

“Hitomi tojite” was released on July 9th, 2003.

“Motto Chikakude Kimi no Yokogao Mitetai” was released on November 12th, 2003.

“Kakegae no nai mono” was released on June 23rd, 2004.

~Kakegae no nai mono mp3~

“Kyou wa Yukkuri Hanasou” was released on November 24th, 2004.

“Hoshi no kagayakiyo” was released on April 20th, 2005.

“Kanashii Hodo Anata ga Suki” / “Karatto Iko!” were released as a double-a side on March 8th, 2006.

“Heart ni hi wo tsukete” was released on May 10th, 2006.

~Heart ni hi wo tsukete mp3~

“Glorious Mind” was originally slated to be Zard’s final single…it being the first to be released after her passing, however two more singles would follow with more unreleased music~ and guest artists sharing the vocals. “Glorious Mind” was released on December 12th, 2007.

~Glorious Mind mp3~

“Tsubasa wo Hirogete” / “Ai wa Kuraami no Naka de” were released as double-a sides on April 9th, 2008.

“Ai wa kuraami no naka de” features the guest vocals of Kamiki Aya~.

Just being able to hear more music with Sakai Izumi’s writing and vocals was so special and when this single arrived I was truly filled with a sweet happiness…both tracks are so different in “Tsubasa wo hirogete” being a soft ballad~ while “Ai wa kuraami no naka de” is a powerful and most energetic rock composition~.

~Tsubasa wo hirogete mp3~

~Ai wa kuraami no naka de mp3~

“Sunao ni Ienakute” was released on May 27th, 2009…the title track was originally released as the coupling song for Zard’s 2nd single “Fushige ne…” so many years ago~ and here it is as an all new recording from earlier this year! All lyrics & music composed by Sakai Izumi~. The coupling with track “Hypnosis” is also a rearranged track as it was originally released as the coupling with song to Zard’s single “Mind Games.” Guest vocalist Kuraki Mai is heard on the title track “Sunao ni ienakute.”

~Sunao ni ienakute mp3~
~Hypnosis mp3~

~Singles sales totals~
Year Title Peak Copies Sold
1991 Good-Bye My Loneliness 9 209,460
Fushigi Ne… 30 31,090
Mou Sagasanai 39 36,940
1992 Nemurenai Yoru o Daite 8 458,480
In My Arms Tonight 9 321,810
1993 Makenaide 1 1,645,010
Kimi Ga Inai 2 801,690
Yureru Omoi 1 1,396,420
Mo Sukoshi Ato Sukoshi 2 843,880
Kitto Wasurenai 1 872,130
1994 Kono Ai ni Otagi Tsukarete mo / Boy 1 887,190
Konna ni Soba ni Iru no ni 1 787,660
Anata o Kankiteitai 2 737,910
1995 Just Believe in Love 2 655,960
Ai ga Mienai 2 720,790
Sayonara wa Ima mo Kono Mune ni Imasu 1 551,260
1996 My Friend 1 1,000,620
Kokoro o Hiraite 1 746,980
1997 Don’t you see! 1 602,760
Kimi ni Aitakunattara 2 635,840
Kaze ga Tori Nukeru Machi e 3 281,130
Eien 1 628,770
My Baby Grand (Nukumori ga Hoshikute) 3 331,840
1998 Iki mo Dekinai 3 240,740
Unmei no roulette mawashite 1 247,560
Atarashii Door (Fuyu no Hmawari) 3 205,170
Good Day 2 223,950
1999 Mind Games 1 147,130
Sekai wa Kirro Mirai no Naka 2 201,410
Itai Kurai Kimi ga Afureteiru yo 5 124,730
Kono Namida Hoshi ni Nare 5 129,700
2000 Get U’re Dream 4 241,220
Promised You 6 115,360
2002 Sawayakana Kimi no Kimochi 4 69,740
2003 Ashita o Yumemite 4 62,049
Hitomi Tojite 4 44,208
Motto Chikakude Kimi no Yokogao Mitetai 8 50,489
2004 Kakegae no Naimono 4 46,244
Kyo wa Yukkuri Hanaso 5 33,384
2005 Hoshi no Kagayaki yo / Natsu o Matsu Sail no You ni 2 79,816
2006 Kanashii Hodo Anata ga Suki / Karatto Iko! 6 33,957
Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete 10 26,944
2007 Glorious Mind 2 84,027
2008 Tsubasa wo Hirogete / Ai wa Kuraami no Naka de 3 83,694
2009 Sunao ni Ienakute 5 36,178

~The Albums~

“Good-bye My Loneliness” was released on March 27th, 1991.

~Good~bye My Loneliness mp3~

  1. “Good-bye My Loneliness
  2. “Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de”
  3. “Koionna no Yūutsu”
  4. “Oh! Sugar Baby”
  5. “Onna de Itai”
  6. “It’s a Boy”

“Mou sagasanai” was released on December 25th, 1991.

  1. Fushigi ne
  2. Mou sagasanai
  3. Sunao ni Ienakute
  4. Hitori ga Suki
  5. Forever
  6. Lonely Soldier Boy
  7. Itsuka wa

“Hold me” was released on September 2nd, 1992.

~Nemurenai yoru wo daite mp3~

~Dare ga matteru mp3~

  1. Nemurenai yoru wo daite
  2. Dareka ga Matteru
  3. Sayonara Ienakute
~Sayonara ienakute mp3~

“Sayonara ienakute”
Mado ni nijimu city lights
(The city lights blur on the window)
bonyari ame no oto wo tanoshinderu
(I enjoy the sound of the falling rain)
nagasugiru yoru no sugoshikata
(Time passes slowly at night)
umakunatta mitai
(I think I got better)

Yasashisugita wakare no kotoba ga
(The words said when we broke up were too kind)
ima mo yomigaeru memory
(Even now, I still remember)
mada doko ka de omoide no naka no
(Still deep inside of me are these memories)
anata wo sagashiteru
(I still search for you)

Mezame no kouhii nigaku nomi hosu
(I drink my bitter wake up coffee)
asa no keshiki kasunderu
(Tomorrow’s view looks misty)
imagoro doushiteiru no ka to
(I wonder what you are doing right now)
karendaa wo nozoku
(I peek at the calendar)

*Saigo no natsu azayakana shiny blue
(The last summer, brilliant shiny blue)
mune no naka ga setsunai story
(Deep in my heart is a sad story)
mada doko ka de anata wo matteru
(I’m still waiting for you)
sayonara ienakute
(I can’t say goodbye)


4. Ano hohoemi wo wasunaide
5. Suki na you ni odoritai no

~Suki na you ni odoritai no mp3~

6. Dangerous Tonight
7. Konna ni aishite mo
8. Why don’t you leave me alone?
9. Ai wa nemutteru
10. Tooi hi no nostalgia (Something about this melody……..it has such a “closing” effect~ sort of like you’re imagining seeing the credits rolling while it’s playing along. I know that probably makes little sense to you but still it’s the feeling that I get every time I listen….it’s sort of a longing for…that I also feel and that’s most likely in the lyrics as well. I really love this song so much too~! ^ ^

~Tooi hi no Nostalgia mp3~

“Tooi hi no Nostalgia”

Higure doki yoku futari de aruita ne
(We used to walk together in the sunset)
Mada kaze ga samui haru no hibi wo
(During the Spring when the wind was still sort of cold)
Sora miage kagayaiteru ano hoshitachi
(Looking up to the sky to see those stars)
Te ni todoki sou de sotto nobashita
(It seems so close so I reached out for it)
Gomen ne naisho de ano koto dekaketa koto
(I’m sorry,when I left without telling you)
Sugu hanaseba yurushite kureta?
(If I told you right away would you have forgiven me?)

*Ano hi ienakatta kotoba wa ima mo kono mune no naka de nemutteru
(What I couldn’t say that day, it’s still in my heart)
Ano toki mou sukoshi yuuki wo daseba
(If I had a little bit more courage then,)
Kimi wo ushinawazu ni sunda kamo
(I probably wouldn’t have lost you)
It’s too late
Tooi hi no nostalgia
(Nostalgia of days gone)

Hissori to iki wo tometa arubamu ni wa
(I hold my breath quietly as I reach for that album)
Togireta shiawase no history
(Our happiness ending)
Futari to mo asu no yukue shiranai egao
(The 2 of us had smiles on our faces, not knowing where our paths would lead us)
Mujaki na mukashi mune ga itai
(Those innocent days I long for)
Yappari dame da yo
(No, it wouldn’t have worked out)
Ima de mo ki ni natteru kara
(It still bothers me even now)
Hanaseba yurushite kureta?
(If I told you would you have forgiven me?)

Ano hi ienakatta kotoba wa ima mo kono mune no naka de nemutteru
(What I couldn’t say that day, it’s still in my heart)
Ano toki mou sukoshi otona ni nareba
(At that time, if I was a little bit more mature)
Kokai wa hanbun de sunda no ni
(There would have only been half the regret)
It’s too late
Tooi hi no nostalgia
(Nostalgia of days gone)


11. So Together

“Yureru omoi” was released on July 10th, 1993.

1. Yureru omoi

~Yureru omoi mp3~

2. Season

~Season mp3~


Popura no namiki wo kusuguru
(Tickling the roadside popular trees)
kaze wa haruiro kirameiteiru ne
(The wind is the color of spring shimmering)
ano hi to onaji michiyuku seifukutachi
(Same as that day, uniforms going down the road)
futo natsukashiku mune ni aoi toki
(Suddenly yearning blue times in my heart)

Setsunakute dashisobireta tegami
(The letter that I failed to send because I was hurting)
itsumo tooku kara kimi wo omoi oh
(Always thinking of you from far away)
ienakute nayandeita ano season
(The season when I suffered because I couldn’t say [confess my love])
itsuno hika sotsugyoushita ne
(In time I graduated)

Kinen no arubamu ima demo
tokidoki wa hiraite miru kedo
(Although even now I still open the commemoration album once in awhile)
usureyuku kimi e no akogare ni
(My admiration for you is wavering)
seishun no imi wo shirasareta
(I was taught the meaning of youth)

Setsunakute awai yume wo idaki
(Embracing a painful and faint dream)
kagayaita keshiki ni wa kaerenai oh
(I cannot return to the sparkling scenery)
ienakute kuchibiru kanda season
(Not being able to speak, I bit my lips)
kokoro ni kizamikonde
([This unrequited love] has engraved into my heart)

Kokoro ni kizamikonde
([This unrequited love] has engraved into my heart)
I’ll remember you and the windy season

3. Kimi ga inai (B-version)
4. In my arms tonight
5. Anata wo suki dakedo
6. Makenaide (translation appears in singles section above)

~Makenaide mp3~

7. Listen to me
8. You and me (and…)

~You and me (and…) mp3~

My most favorite♥ song by Zard….I find it difficult to even put into words what this song means to me~…

“You and me (and…)

“Gairoju no shita de yakusoku shita” to
(She said) “(He) promised under the roadside tree”
Kanojo no hazumu koe ni watashi, tomadoi wo kakusenakatta
To her bouncy voice, I could not conceal losing my bearings
Ibu no yoru wa tabun kanojo to sugosu no ne
You will probably spend Xmas eve with her, right?

+Mou dekinai wa enjirarenai
I can no longer, I cannot act
Todokanai omoi wa tada konayuki ga mau machi ni kieteyuku
Those thoughts beyond reach could only vanish in the street where the powdery snow dances
Kuzurehajimeta haamonii
The harmony that started to collapse
You and me

“Ima dake kangaete” sou itte daita
“Only consider now” saying this you held me
Kanjiteru noni mune ga itai
Although I feel this way, my heart aches
Yurusarenu yume wo mita no
For I dreamed a forbidden dream
Kanojo to tomodachi de itai no kore kara mo
I still want to be friends with her from now on

++Mou nakanaide ai wa zankoku ne
Don’t cry anymore love is cruel
Atatameta toki wa tooi
Warm times are distant
Deatta koro ni mou modorenai no kaze ni togireta haamonii
We can no longer return to the time we met, the harmony that is interrupted in the wind
You and me



9. I want you
10. Futari no natsu

“OH MY LOVE” was released on June 4th, 1994.

1. Oh my love

~Oh my love mp3~

“Oh my love”

Yurui sakamichi jitensha oshi nagara
(We are pushing our bicycles up this gentle slope)
Ie made okuttekureta
(You were with me all the way till we reached my house)
Anata wa watashi no namae yobisute nishite
( You called my name without saying “miss”
Yugure ni hohoendeitakedo
(You were smiling at the evening)

+Hora kasokudo tsukete
(Hey, drive faster)
Anata wo suki ninaru
(I’m falling in live with you)
Oh my love
Mou tomodachi no eria hamidashita
(We’re no longer just friends)
Isshoni iru toki no
(When wer’e together)
Jibun ga ichiban suki
(I really love [being] myself
Shuumatsu made machi kirenai
( I can’t wait till the weekend)
Sonna munasawagi yureru gogo
(This heart is clamouring [for you]; [in] this swaying afternoon

Utsu muku yokogao nanika nayanderuno?
Sono wake wo oshiete
(Why are you shying away and looking so downcast; what’s bothering you?)
Hajimete no kisu no hi machi wa
Suroomooshon ni
(The day when we first kissed the entire city seemed to be in slow motion)
Kousasuru kurakushon de yume ga sameta
(Only when the car horns started sounding everywhere did we wake up from this reverie)

Hora hashiridashitawa
(Look, it’s off and running)
Anata e no puroroogu
(The prologue of [the story of] my chasing you)
Oh my love
Muishiki ni kami wo nobashi hajimetano
(I’ve let my hair grow long without realizing it)
Anata to iru toki no
(When I’m with you)
Sunaona jibun ga suku
(I really love [being] my gentle self)
Watashiu no sonzai dore kurai?
(How important am I to you?)
Hiroi senaka ni toi kakeru natsu
(The Summer when I confessed my feelings for you with your back towards me)

Repeat +

Anata to iru toki no
(When I’m with you)
sunaona jibun ga suki
(I really love [being] my gentle self)
Watashi no sonzai dore kurai?
(How important am I to you?)
Hiroi senaka ni toi kakera natsu
(The Summer when I confessed my feelings for you with your back towards me)

by Eugene Mok

2. Top Secret

~Top Secret mp3~

3. Kitto wasurenai (translation can be found in singles section above)

~Kitto wasurenai mp3~

4. Mou sukoshi ato sukoshi…

5. Ame ni nurete

6. Kono ai ni oyogi tsukarete mo

7. I still remember

8. If you gimme smile

9. Rainen no natsu mo

10. Anata ni kaeritai

“forever you” was released on March 10th, 1995.

1. Ima sugu ai ni kite

~Ima sugu ai ni kite mp3~

2. High Heel nugisutete

~High heel nugisutete mp3~

3. Forever you

~Forever you mp3~

“Forever you”

Wakai koro wa hitoichibai koukishin ga tsuyokute

(When I was young my curiosity was stronger than others)

ironna mawari no hito ya kazoku ni meiwaku bakari kaketeta

(I always caused trouble to my family and various people around me)

tesaguride yume wo sagashiteita ano hi

(Fumbling in search of a dream that day)

jibun ga ashita donna fuu ni naru no ka wakaranakute tada

(Not knowing how tomorrow will turn out only)

mae ni susumu koto bakari kangaeteita dear old days

(Thinking of moving forward)

Mou nakanaide yatto yume ga kanatta

(Don’t cry anymore finally my dream is realized)

zutto…forever you

(Throughout…forever you)

sou aserazuni sou isogazuni otona ni naritai

(Not so hurriedly not so hastily I want to grow up)

Takusan shippai mo shita kedo itsumo sonna toki

(Although I have had many failures always at those times)

yasashiku shinsetsu datta hitotachi no egao ga ukanda namida mo wasureta

(Smiling faces of gentle and kind people came to my mind…forgetting my tears)

jibunde eranda michi dakara

(Because it is a road that I chose by myself)

Mou mayowanai ima ga shiawase dakara

(I will not be in doubt anymore because I am happy now)

zutto…forever you

(Throughout…forever you)

souo aserazuni sou isogazuni aishitai no

(Not so hurriedly not so hastily I want to be in love)

Sore wa atatakai anata ni deau made no shiren

(That is a test until I meet a warm you)

mukashi ni koukai nante shitenai

(I have no regrets about the past)

matatonai nido to konai watashi no seishun dakara

(It is unique and will never come twice as it is my youth)

So stay with me my love forever

4. Mou Nigetari Shinai wa Omoide kara

5. Anata wo kanjiteitai (translation in singles section above)

~Anata wo kanjiteitai mp3~

6. Kiraku ni Ikou
7. I’m in love
8. konna ni soba ni iru no ni
9. Just believe in love (translation can be found in singles section above)

~Just believe in love mp3~

10. Hitomi sorasanaide

~Hitomi sorasanaide mp3~

~”Hitomi sorasanaide”

Itsumo kono jikan wa uchi ni ita no ni…
(Although you were always home at this time…)
saikin kimi wa rusu gachi da ne
(Recently you tend to be away from home)
yatto deta denwa no koe mo
(Even the voice of the phone call that got through at last)
imamade to chigau kanji ga kawatta yo
(Differs thus far, the feeling is different)
mada kimi no naka ni boku ga dorekurai iru no ka
(Still in you how much of me is there)
tashikamete mitainda look in your eyes
(I want to ascertain and see the look in your eyes)

Hitomi sorasanaide aoi natsu no tokimeki no naka de
(Don’t avert your eyes in the palpitation of the blue summer)
summer breeze kokoro kusuguru yo
(Summer breeze my heart tickles)
hitorijime shitakute dakiyoseta atsui gogo
(Wanting to monopolize you I embraced the hot afternoon)

Ima no mamade wa shiya ga semaku narushi…
nanika ga owatte shimai sou to kanojo ga itta
(She said “As it is now my outlook becomes narrow, and it’s as if something is going to end”)
sono hou ga kimi ni totte yume ga aru no nara
(If there is a dream for you that way)
boku wa sou shiyou
(I will do that)
yakusoku dakara umi ni kitatte kanji ga
(I came to the beach because it’s a promised feeling)
isshoni iru noni samishii yo
(Even if we’re together it’s lonely)

Mou ichido…
(Once more…)

Hanashi sorasanaide aoi natsu no tokimeki no naka de
(Don’t avert from the conversation in the palpitation of the blue summer)
Summer days omoide ni shinaide
(Summer days don’t make it into memories)
ano koro no kimi ga ima mo mune no naka de waratteru
(You at that time is still smiling in my heart now)

Ano koro no kimi ga ima mo mune no naka de waratteru
(You at that time is still smiling in my heart now)

“TODAY IS ANOTHER DAY” was released on July 8th, 1996.

1. My friend (translation in singles section above)

~My Friend mp3~

2. Kimi ga ita kara

~Kimi ga ita kara mp3~

Such a catchy song which was originally written for Field Of View……Zard presents their own version here which is quite mellow compared to the rock version which Field Of View released~.

3. Sayonara wa imamo kono mune ni imasu
4. Love ~Nemurezu ni Kimi no Yokogao Zutto Miteita
5. DAN DAN kokoro hikareteku
6. Nemuri
7. Kokoro wo hiraite
8. Totsuzen
9. Kyou mo

~Today is another day mp3~

“Today is another day”

Kawaikunarenai hontou no wake wa
Anata ga watashi wo erabanaitte shitteiru kara
I can’t be cute anymore knowing I wasn’t chosen (by you)
Kikioboe no aru ashioto ga shite
Hearing the familiar sound of footsteps
“Aa” to furi kaettara hito chigaidatta
“Aa” I look back but it turns out to be someone elseKitto kokoro ga sabishiinda
Surely it feels lonely in the heart
Hito ni kitai shitai atenishitai shinjiteitai
I want to place expectations, hopes and trust in others
Moshi anata wo wasureraretara soredemo watashi ikite ikeru no kana
I wonder if I can go on living even if I were able to forget you
Ashita ga aru
There’s still tomorrowKuchi ga umai hito dato dareka ni kiita
I heard from someone that he is good with words
Me no mae no tottemo yowai hito wa uso nano?
The weak person who stands in front of me makes it all seem like a lie
Utagai dashitara kiriganai noni ne
But if I start doubting there will be no end to it
Baka mitai soredemo anata no yume wo miru
Although it is foolish, I still dream about you

+Kitto kokoro ga sabishiinda
Surely it feels lonely in the heart
Hito ni kitaishinai atenishinai shinjitakunai
When we place no expectation, hope, or trust in others
Kanashii genjitsu wo nageku yori ima nani ga dekiruka wo kangaeyou
Rather than sighing about this sad reality, let’s think what we can do about it now
Kyou ga kawaru
The day’s going to change

Repeat +

Today is another day

11. Ai ga mienai

~Ai ga mienai mp3~

12. Mitsumete itai ne

“ZARD BLEND~SUN & STONE” was released on April 23rd, 1997 and was Zard’s very first compilation of previous released hits~.

“Eien” was released on February 17th, 1999 and the first pressings also included a bonus 3″ CD single containing a special recording of the popular Western hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” which can be found here~.

1. Eien

~Eien mp3~

2. My Baby Grand~nukumori ga hoshikute” (translation in singles section above)

~My baby grand~nukumori ga hoshikute mp3~

3. Wake Up Make The Morning Last ~Wasure Gataki Hito e~
4. Brand new love
5. Unmei no roulette mawashite
6. Tooi hoshi wo kazoete
7. Atarashii door~fuyu no himawari~
8. Good Day
9. I feel fine, yeah
10. Shōjo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni
11. Iki mo dekinai
12. Kaze ga toori nukeru machi e

~Kaze ga toori nukeru machi e mp3~

13. Photograph

“ZARD BEST The Single Collection~kiseki~” was released on May 28th, 1999 and was available in at least three different first press editions (the only ones I’ve been able to find) with two including VHS “show reel” and “memorial clips” while the third version came with a large sized 36 page photo booklet (“artist file” of ZARD). (photographed above in collection photos) This collection also includes the single “Hate shinai yume wo” which features a collaboration with ZYYG, REV, ZARD & WANDS.”

“ZARD BEST ~Request Memorial!” was released on September 15th, 1999 and features 14 previously released tracks all of which were chosen by fans~.

“ZARD Cruising & Live” was released on January 26th, 2000 and was released in a special limited edition commemorative package which includes a 36 page color booklet with photos from this unprecedented event in the group’s history till this point as well as the live CD and CD-ROM disc with extras~.

Just below is a sampling of what was experienced aboard as I’ve chosen ZARD’s performance of their much beloved single “Dont you see!”

~Don’t you see! mp3 (live from “Cruising & Live” aboard the Pacific Venus)~

ZARD’s 10th anniversary saw the release of their album “Toki no tsubasa” on February 15th, 2001 (pictured above with “Cruising & Live.”)

1. Get U’re Dream

~Get U’re Dream mp3~

2. Kono namida hoshi ni nare
3. promised you ~with P edition~

~promised you~with P edition mp3~

4. Itai kurai kimi ga afureteiru yo
5. Mado no Soto wa Monochrome
6. o.mo.hi.de
7. Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo
8. Sekai wa kitto mirai no naka~another style 21~
9. hero
10. Yureru omoi (Gomi’s New York Remix)
11. Makenaide (Gomi’s 10th Annivesary Special Mix)
12. Toki no tsubasa

“ZARD BLEND II ~LEAF & SNOW~” was released on November 21st, 2001…..this Winter best selection album contains 16 previously released hits~.

“Tomatteita tokei ga ima ugokidashita” was released on January 28th, 2004 and perhaps you can tell just how puffy this cover is~!….the outer casing is made of plastic with a plushie inside~. This would be ZARD’s 10th original album release.

1. Ashita wo yume mite

~Ashita wo yume mite mp3~

2. Toki no tsubasa
3. Motto chikaku de kimi no yokogao miteitai
4. Pray
5. Deai soshite wakare
6. Tomatteita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita
7. Hitomi tojite
8. Sawayakana kimi no kimochi (Album Ver.)
9. Ai de anata wo sukuimashou
10. Tenshi no Yōna Egao de
11. Kanashii Hodo Kyou wa Ame de mo

ZARD’s11th and last original album titled “Kimi to no Distance” was released on September 7th, 2005.

1. Natsu wo matsu sail no you ni
2. Sayonara Made no Distance
3. Kakegai no nai mono

~Kakegai no nai mono mp3~

4. Kyou wa yukkuri hanasou
5. Kimi to no Fureai
6. Separate Ways
7. Last Good-bye
8. Hoshi no kagayaki yo
9. Tsuki ni Negai o
10. Anata to Tomo ni Ikite Yuku
11. I Can’t Tell
12. good-night sweetheart
13. Kimi to Kyou no Koto o Isshou Wasurenai


On October 25th, 2006 ZARD’s “Golden Best 15th Anniversary” collections were released….three versions in all with each including a different extra DVD containing CM selections corresponding to the seasons with…..green for ~Spring~…blue for ~Summer~…and purple for ~Autumn to Winter~. The collection is comprised of 2 CDs containing a total of 27 tracks…..all three versions do have the same track listing with just the extra DVD being the variation~.


Two additional commemorative releases would follow on August 15th, 2007 and reiterate….”Soffio de vento” is a compilation of Sakai Izumi’s favorite songs personally chosen by her and “Brezza di mare” is a collection of songs from her catalog paying tribute to her memorable career, both include special additional DVDs~.

The final bookend tribute would be released on January 23rd, 2008, “Zard Request Best~beautiful memory~”….includes two discs of fan voted favorites, a 17th anniversary calendar and a special DVD with a medley of Yureru omoi”…”Glorious Mind”..and “Makenaide” from Sakai Izumi’s tribute event where artists came together to perform live for fans as a large screen towards the back of the stage showed images of Sakai Izumi performing “along” with them in this final live tribute~.

~Album sales totals~

Good-bye My Loneliness————————–253,740
Mou sagasanai—————————————-333,080
Hold Me————————————————–1,065,190
Yureru omoi———————————————2,239,354
oh my love———————————————–2,002,070
forever you———————————————–1,773,930
Today is another day——————————–1,655,430
Toki no tsubasa—————————————-371,350
Tomatteita tokei ga ima ugokidashita———212,494
Kimi to no distance———————————-151,840Zard Blend ~Sun & Stone~————————–2,004,699
Zard Best The Single Collection ~Kiseki~—–3,034,054
Zard Best Request Memorial———————–1,496,804
Zard Blend II ~Leaf & Snow~————————231,386
Golden Best 15th Anniversary———————-942,220
soffio di vento Best of Izumi Sakai Collection-129,793
brezza di mare Dedicated to Sakai Izumi——-134,826
Zard Request Best Beautiful Memory————-229,014Zard Cruising & Live————————————-305,550

And here are a just a few live clips from Zard’s “What a beautiful moment” DVD release~…click the tiny arrow to play and please note that depending on your connection some videos may take a bit longer to buffer and play~.

So what does it take to recreate ZARD’s music in entirety in a live environment? A 19 member super group~!!…comprised of members:

Sakai Izumi: lead vocals
Ohga Yoshinobu: electric guitar
Watanuki Masaaki: electric & acoustic guitar
Okamoto Hitoshi: electric guitar
Asai Hiroshi: bass
Furui Hirohita: keyboards
Ohkusu U-zo: keyboards
Iwai Yuichirou: acoustic guitar & chorus
David C. Brown: drums
Takaku Tomoya: violin
Oyabu Taku: manipulator
Suzuki Hisatsuga: saxophone
Katsuta Kazuki: saxophone
Ohta Shinichiro: acoustic guitar & chorus
Kurumatani Keisuke: percussion
Okazaki yuki: chorus
SATIN DOLL featuring Megu, Miki & Kayo: chorus


~Yureru omoi (live from “What a beautiful moment”)

Sakai Izumi’s vocals so strong here as this performance opens Zard’s “What a beautiful moment” DVD~.


~You and me (and…) (live from “What a beautiful moment”)

This arrangement of my most favorite♥ ZARD song is a bit edited in length but nonetheless so *pretty*~!…..just really one of the most sweet and moving ballads ^ ^。


~Don’t you see! (live from “What a beautiful moment”)

I really love how this collage of different live performances were merged into one to match a single live recording~!! It really is a most creative way to create the experience of multiple lives all in one and the continuous timing is amazing~!


~Kitto wasurenai (live tribute)~

This final live clip that I chose is from the first press DVD from ZARD’s single release “Tsubasa wo hirogete”…it was recorded live on September 14th, 2007 after Sakai Izumi’s passing. This is just one of numerous live events which gave fans one final chance to say goodbye via a live atmosphere where a complete live band performed “alongside” Sakai Izumi’s images as both her voice and videos were timed to match the groups’ performance~…..truly very moving.

On October 25th, 2006 a commemorative pv and photo collection was released….five separate sequences which covers ZARD’s releases from year to year in groupings gave fans their very first chance to own their pvs through this most beautifully and thoughtfully packaged release~.

This post is my personal tribute to Sakai Izumi~ as her music♪♪~ will live on in my heart forever~.
Thank you for sharing so much.

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  1. I was sooo impressed!.. When i actually saw this post this morning, i read the first part of it and noticed it was so long [ as i am not really a fan of reading long texts]..Then awhile ago [ after watching a movie] , i went back to Vox and checked and to my surprise I saw my name on the blog , which i really didn't see earlier. I then hop to looking at the photos of this pretty *sakai izumi*..then scroll up and continue reading…..I am not really familiar with this group but thanks to you as i have read lots abt them [ I actually read it ^0^ ]… I enjoyed the scans and photos ~ too bad i haven't watched the videos, maybe some other time ~ Internet connection was really messing up due to the bad windy weather we're experiencing now due to this ITCZ caused by typhoon in north. I feel so much sadness while looking at her photos too ( maybe cuz she looked sad in most of her pics).. And y she had to be taken that early 😦 .. And for the songs, i like the first one [ i dunno the title since it's in japanese ~ and i listen to english & chinese songs mostly… ah but i have heard kiroro, seiko matsuda, utada hikaru, imai miki, to name a few, cuz my friend loves listening to them and she always shares it w/ me♥ ] . *Goodbye my loneliness* is very nice, too.. I hope to listen to more tracks when the connection returns to normal… I really enjoyed it and Thank you so much for sharing it and knowing u composed it for 4 days [ as i was really expecting this post since i alrdy saw the scans previously ] .. It was so well done! U can enjoy the photos, the music, the videos, lyrics and translations… ♥ fei chang gan xie ♥…..sorry this is too long ^0^


  2. my gudness ~ after typing and before it was posted, i got this message -**It’s been a long time since you started this comment. We want to make
    sure you still want to post it. Please hit “Post” again to confirm.***ah… confirmed and posted ! ~ zai hui !


  3. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    This is amazing.Thank you MB


  4. Oh no you have a typhoon nearby?! (;´□`) the weather's been so odd recently like there's always a storm somewhere just really bad. I did really babble on for so long here….I'm so sorry~! I just really wanted to share so much of Sakai Izumi's music and heart in what she always wrote….it still devastates me to know that she's gone. =( I sometimes go overboard I know…(._.;) but in planning this post I just knew that wanted to include so much….I guess I'm hoping that more fans can be met through this~ o(*´∀`)o゛!I hope I'm making sense?…omg I'm still groggy from sleeping for so long today (*´艸`)。I'm so happy that you've read about Zard♥! Her music touched so many….her lyrics are truly so down to earth and genuine in ways that we can all relate I think. A~h I'm so sorry!! I've been doing a bit of editing since….the first song is titled "Hitomi sorasanaide"…there's also a translation later in this post. I love her bossa nova version so much!! It was originally recorded as a rock version by another group that she gave this song too…but I so love her version much more! Really sweet♥ and elegant ne~. Sakai Izumi was so private in her personal life so fans rarely had a chance to see her too much in candid moments….still in her writing I think so much of her life can be seen….or her feelings~. She does look somber so much in her photos…and I think a lot of it was a reflection of her shyness….it's just so sad that just as she was opening up more and more….she's no longer here. =(I love those artists too that you mention….I have Matsuda Seiko's complete "Bible works" and Imai Miki is sooo amazing!!! My most favorite♥ song by Imai Miki is "Piece of my wish"….I have it posted here….somewhere….Ah~!I added a bit more translations today….and I'm sorry for my typos! (ノロ≦。)!I've been trying to correct them today too…(u_u*)!But most of all thank you so much for reading/listening♥♥♥~….it means so much to me!!! *Thank you*.


  5. *Thank you* Tsuji-kun♥~! o(*´∀`)o゛gomen for my blabbering here but I hope you do enjoy the songs♪♪~ so much!


  6. A~h and I added a bit more in translations….sorry for any typos~! (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓


  7. It's actually the 4th typhoon since last month. And everyone who was affected w/ the previous ones have not recovered yet. The typhoon actually has weakened into a tropical storm and starting to move away ~ it's really a relief when i saw the live feed. Even though it's so far from where I was but it still worries me."Hitomi sorasanaide" ~ i think i have to listen more… Thanks a Lot! Ah yeah ! Piece of my wish *so nice* i think that's the only song i know from her.. I don't know much about them, as i only listen to the songs that were shared to me ^_^ .. And you're so welcome! ! !


  8. I'm so relieved that the storm has weakened…..typhoons here too are so scary and in the past we've had so much destruction from strong storms. I think it's getting worse ne~ with the frequency of storms…maybe just my imagination but it just seems that so much more odd weather behavior is developing in all seasons (;´□`)!I added a few more translations today but I'm also so noticing my very bad typos in them~ (>_<);…I've been trying to correct them today as well but I'm sure there are more..A~h so no not good! I think my brain wasn't working so well when I was trying to type those properly…(u_u*)! But for the most part I think they're okay…I hope! *Thank you* so much for listening~! o(*´∀`)o゛。。。u~n repeating myself but I'm so *happy*! ^ ^


  9. Yeah ~ and u know the 1st of these 4 typhoons happened last month. It's actually more destructive than Hurricane Katrina. It actually poured a month worth of rain in just 12hrs ~ I can't even imagine seeing those people on their rooftops 😦 .. and the 2nd, happened just a week after that. It was really scary. But so thankful now..Glad ur so happy, what u did was so impressive. Xie xie ni ^0^ **** i haven't really get mails from vox since yesterday so it took me so long to reply..**.


  10. A~h that's so frightening and even worse than Katrina?! (;´□`)!The weather is just so destructive lately with some areas getting no rain while others are getting too much….I wouldn't even know how to survive in a situation like that..that's so awful. I hope everyone can recover too~ and I hope there are no more typhoons.That was happening to me too a short while ago….there would be an odd delay with some of VOX's notifications~ I really do rely on them so without them I'm totally lost~! (´⌒`。) *Thank you* so much your words mean so much to me truly~! ^ ^


  11. Tiggerkun says:

    Absolute Masterpiece! Thank You for sharing and taking the time for putting this together. No one could've done a better job. I can hear Sakaisan saying to you "Do Mo Arigato Gozaimasu! Mata Aimashou…" Sakai Izumi was such a beautiful person inside and out. She was/is my most favorite JPOP artist and always will be. Unfortunately, she was such a private person. But, fortunate to have these videos to treasure. I have to say "Don't You See" is my favorite She puts so much energy into this song and looks like she's having so much fun performing this song. I thought I was her #1 fan but, I have to bow my head to you. I know how it is with work and overtime. So Yes! You deserve a break. I hope you're catching up on your rest. God Bless and hope to hear from you real soon.


  12. Oh *thank you* so much~!! o(*´∀`)o゛。。。I was so trying to finish this post~ that I think I went through some sleep deprivation ( 」´0`)」!but I really wanted so much to share her music♪♪~ and the amazing legacy that I wish to live on~. W~ah! I'm so so happy to hear that Sakai Izumi is your most favorite♥!!! When I was discovering J-Pop ZARD's music was one of the early artists that I really fell in love with…it's always so difficult to try to find out of print releases and for awhile I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to find all of their singles~ but I searched and searched and although some are rental CD singles I treasure them all so much!! I was really surprised at how private Sakai Izumi and the group were..she really had a shy♥ heart ne~. But their live performances are all so amazing and the group she has on stage with her just breathtaking!!! so many great musicians to be able to perform their songs in true form~! One of the VHS 1st press editions has an amazing early performance of "Makenaide" performed on February 5th, 1993 on Music Station!! I so wanted to include it here too but with the macrovision??….I have no idea of how to convert it to DVD to be able to share (>_<)。I love how it's all done in a collage of footage from different performances at different locations..I agree so much!! I also love hearing their latter songs performed with a drummer as some were I think recorded using perhaps programming? *Thank you* (*´∀`*) I've been able to sleep a lot recently so I feel really *happy* and refreshed~…you're so so kind and I feel so unworthy, honto ni arigatou gozaimasu~ ^ ^。


  13. Guldari says:

    本当に良い文だ!私も 彼女が好きだ.負けないでとか揺れる想いとかマイ フレンドとか…彼女の歌を聞けば力が出る.彼女のライブを韓国で見られなくなったことは切ない.韓国の多くのファンも彼女を憶えている.


  14. denadel says:

    Youre right, I like this music. It is nice and mellow, I like 🙂
    Her voice is just like u describe it; range in power, pleasant and soft.

    The second song sounds a bit like stings "missing you". It has the same "back beat" (this is probably not the correct musical term xD)
    I really like the lyrics of the song. If you want to i can make a subbed video of it now that you have translated the song. Let me know!
    Ah, and a saxofon comes through! It is like the sound of a live band, which is nice.
    The song changes throughout, as it starts out with that "back beat" which "fades" away then comes the sax. nice arrangement, i like it.
    (I am not gonna comment on every song, hehe. Then this post would be miles long!).

    When i listen to the third song i start thinking, nah this isnt that good. Then suddenly the sound and vocals increases and the song "hits" me.

    oh, i really like kitto wasurenai and my friend. such nice songs 🙂

    When i saw the title of "heart ni hi wo tsukete" and TBS in pharenthesis, i thought it might be a cover of namie and super monkeys song xD
    It wasnt. I like the song title

    The lyrics for tooi hi no Nostalgia are so good, I am with you when you praise them for that!
    A 3 inch of cant take my eyes of fof you, no way! THat is so cool! I collec tthat song.. sort of.. WHen I hear an artist with that song i do my best to find it. Tommy february's version is my favorite.
    WHat doe sthe 3 inch look like?

    Ive been listening through all the songs, so i've been sitting here for quite some time. Time just went by so fast!
    I think the songs are nice, with kitto wasurenai being a favorite right now. Some of the songs didnt do it for me at first listen..

    A really interesting post and a nice listen!

    Their songs are kinda in the same style, that they are soft and mellow even though they are up-beat (with a few exceptions, like ai wa kuraami which is more rockish etc).
    Hm, i am not so used to discuss music styles. But what i am trying to say that even with the songs that have more instruments in them and a faster pace (like ready go) they are still soft and soothing. I dont know if mellow is the right word, but what i mean is that them music makes me relax and listen and are pleasent to my ears 🙂

    Thank you for making this post and sharing their music 🙂

    But two more comments:
    1 Dont hate you cause you dont have the chance to reply me right away lol. Dont worry about it 🙂

    2 You write "before i leave this blog". What do you mean?


  15. このブログは長い時間がかかりました。。。でもあたしに坂井泉水さんがとても大切な歌手です。あっ!本とに嬉しい!!あたしもそう思っています。。。坂井さんの声が優しいと強い!あっ!韓国にもZARDはたくさんのファンがありますか?!素晴しいです!\(^o^)/☆


  16. First~ *thank you* for listening♪♪~ so much and for sharing so many of your thoughts on these songs~! A~h do you mean "Good-bye My Loneliness?"….that would be so awesome if you could create a subtitled version~!! I'm totally clueless on how to do anything like this (._.;)! I really fell in love with the contemporary jazz feeling that the saxophone added in so many ZARD songs~..and at times it really gave her music so much of a unique identity with a rock sound collaborating with jazz~. "Tooi hi no nostalgia" really moves me so much….the piano's melody sets up so much of Sakai's vocals and when those lyrics begin and you realize their meaning it's so sweet♥ bittersweet♥~ (*´∀`*)。I was at first thinking of including a scan of the 3 inch single but with so many songs already in the post I didn't want to scare anyone away with too much~…um lol I think I've failed miserably at that though (人∀`*)!I'll add the song and scan soon~! =) It's amazing how many artists have recorded this song ne~!!! Such a catchy and timeless song♥!!! Love it~!!!…and it's awesome that you collect every version~! \(^o^)/☆ZARD really did establish a "trademark" sound over the years by mixing various genres all the while keeping a very upbeat pop/rock sound and so of can be identified just with Sakaisan's eloquent vocals and lyric compositions~. I always really worry that visitors may be angry as more and more recently I haven't been online as much to reply as quickly as I used to……I so much love to hear everyone's thoughts so it really bothers me when I'm so late (;´□`)!!There's a lot of turmoil within me and even as I type this now….but I hope you can understand me in what I've written in here in this post which I'm keeping at the top of the blog for now~ until I leave. =(


  17. denadel says:

    Dont mind being lat ewith the comments. I sometimes get late too, depending on the amount of work i have. If someone gets angry its their problem, ne?


  18. *Thank you* for being so understanding o(*´∀`)o゛。。。I sometimes get so busy these days~ and can't find enough time in each day to be online as much as I'd like to~ (´⌒`。)。Some other things have changed too since then~ mostly with my new relationship♥…ah~ this post linked above is a bit different and I'm wondering if you're thinking of the older one that I posted awhile ago? March is yet so far away~ so things could really change before then but I truly think that I will leave this blog then~ as so many things will be happening then in my life~ ^ ^。*Thank you*!! It means so much to hear you say that~ o(*´∀`)o゛。Hai~ I'll add it to this post….hopefully tomorrow. =) Sakaisan has a really strong accent even when speaking in English so I'm not too sure how much you'll like it…??? still really awesome I think that she recorded a version of such a beloved song♪♪~!


  19. denadel says:

    Yes, I guess i am referring to another post, as the one you mentioned is different. I thought it was the same *blush* gomen.


  20. *Thank you* so much~ o(*´∀`)o゛!Things can change over so much time~ but I didn't want it to seem so sudden….so I wanted to write that post~ ahead of time as my life is changing so much now~ ^ ^。I'll miss♥ so much too but most it will be the *friends* that I've made here~ (*´∀`*)・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。Gomen~ I still need to add "Can't take my eyes off you" to this post…I should be able to add it by tomorrow I'm so sorry =(. U~n~ I'll add the pv…..but can it be saved from a VOX file here?..or does it need to be at YouTube although I don't have an account there anymore =(.


  21. denadel says:

    Yep, I'll be waiting for it 😉


  22. I'll see if I can create an account there as I don't think I've used that site before….sorry it took me so long but I've added a linked post~ with Sakai Izumi's version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"…it's on the front page right now although I did link it back to the "~ZARD Forever~" post ^ ^。


  23. denadel says:

    You dont need to create an account there. You can just press upload file, then add the file and choose the free version. piece of cake 🙂


  24. A~h! so unusual…every so often the text is dark here~….I'm still not sure why (・c_・;)?Oh I forgot to ask what type of file would be best? I can convert to several but I'm not sure which is easiest to use for you…please let me know and I'll create it very soon~! I love that it has a really French sound to it too~ you surely know way more versions of this song so hearing that it's quite unique is amazing~!! U~n the children's chorus was so adorable ne~!….and Sakai Izumi sang really well in English although I was a bit worried that you may find her accent to be a bit too strong….so happy it wasn't the case~! =)


  25. denadel says:

    Oh, the text turned black. New to me 8D hehe


  26. It's really odd and I'm not sure why this occurs sometimes..(・c_・;)?I sometimes have difficulty reading them and it's so funny as I have to get really close up next to the laptop's screen~…(^q^)!Hmm…avi, it may be quite a large file I wonder..okay!A~h I sometimes write strange descriptions too for music~ sometimes for me it's more of a *feeling* I get when listening rather than anything technical~ XD. My connection has been a bit slow recently but I'll send you the link soon~!


  27. Rad♂ says:

    Wow. This is not a post, it's a museum. What an artist, and what a sad fate.


  28. It means so much for you~* to say this…..this was truly a very dear project that I so wanted to complete so it took quite some time to get together properly and I'm just happy if it can bring Sakai Izumi's heart and music to others who have perhaps not enjoyed her music before as well as with fellow fans who I hope can find closure and warmth in her remembrance along with me….she was so amazingly talented, open with her lyrics and her vocal nuances and strength top notch o(*´∀`)o゛♥


  29. LydenLeaf says:

    Lovely and well-written post you have here Berry. My favorite anime series Detective Conan introduced me to ZARD’s music and since then, I’ve been longing to get the band’s complete discography. Sakai Izumi is one of the best Asian singers I’ve listened to and I agree with you that her voice and singing style is unique. I was really surprised about her passing away and it was around that year too that I started to get into Asian music. It was all too sudden for me. I began exploring the music of other artists but I found myself always listening to ZARD on random days. I came across your site because the urge randomly struck me again and I thought the timing is just right for Valentine’s Day. Ms. Izumi’s writing and lyrics really never fail to waver emotions and reach across borders. I, myself, am not a speaker of the Japanese language but that didn’t stop me from listening to the band. I took my time in looking up the English translation of the songs as well. I’m almost nearing adulthood and it’s already been 4 years since Ms. Izumi’s passing but I deeply feel that her music, ZARD’s music will forever circulate. It will always be embedded in history. If I do ever get married and have children of my own, I know I’ll be passing down ZARD’s music to them.

    Once again, this is such a lovely post and I enjoyed reading and listening. Thank you very much for sharing/spreading the love for ZARD!


    • I love how there are so many ways to discover an artist~♥….like through anime, dramas or even variety t.v. and I think it’s really great that you found Zard through a series she really dedicated herself to writing for =). A new commemorative complete box set was released not too long ago for her singles and there was an album box set released awhile back too…only drawback are that both are quite pricey but they’re beautifully packaged so they’d be worth looking into for having a complete collection of Zard. U~n I’m glad you recognize her unique style of phrasing and just her tone overall is nothing like anyone else in music past or present. lol Sakai Izumi’s phrasing even through my grandmother off a bit when I was asking her to help me translate one of her songs…..gosh* that was years ago but I still remember it clearly. I remember the night I had heard and I received an e~mail saying that she had passed away =(….it really saddened my days. And a few months following there was so much going around the internet about how the hospital facility she was staying at may have been at fault for having this happen…..from what was stated initially I still wonder why she was walking alone on a stairway then….it’s really puzzling like something doesn’t quite make sense. That’s such a wonder part of music, how it knows no boundaries and actually opens doors to different cultures too all on its own =). I have some friends too whom speak or know very little Japanese and they still love and relate to J~pop so much regardless ^ ^。

      You’re so wonderful and I love your sentiment~♥…wonderful music truly never goes out of style and so Zard and Sakai Izumi will surely live on in all of our hearts. Thank you~* so much for reading and listening, you’re much too kind (*´∀`)♥。


  30. mikeymikez says:

    I bought “Zard Request Best~beautiful memory~” because of you, remember? ❤ You certainly have the "go to" memorial for music!

    You might want to look at some of the wikipedias about her and add this link. It would be a huge contribution for people looking to find out more about her! I can't imagine there being a more complete overview, especially with the music and video that you have personally collected!

    Hugs to MB!


    • Hmm not sure if Wikipedia would want me? I mean I’m like this tiny blog and they seem to be much more broad in that sense with their authors. I’m just happy~* that found Zard and Sakai Izumi’s heart….her lyrics (*´∀`)♥。It means the most when we share music and love this way over the internet ^ ^。


  31. Mike Avila says:

    I think you should do a googlevsearch for the first wikipedia zard entry and add the URL in the external links section. I truly believe it would be a great addition to that entry 🙂


    • Hmm…maybe? The Wiki article is really informative and I don’t know if I’d much to it.


      • Mike Avila says:

        You have so much more detail! As a supplement, I think it would be awesome and approriate 🙂


        • ugh lol…i just noticed that the word ‘add’ is missing above xD……I’m sometimes a scatterbrain while typing and then I accidentally miss word(s) (> <);…..

          Looks like I'd need to have an account there?…..I had this naive thought that anyone could edit anything freely but then again I guess that would create inaccuracies and such.


          • SagSousuke says:

            You can edit anything on Wikipedia without an account, just click on the “edit” link, there’s one at the top of the page and after every section title.

            But this being a personal blog post, the link will probably be deleted on Wikipedia. The external links there are usually official.


  32. Wilson Charca says:

    this singer is beutifull in all her songs ,peace and happy is my feeling when I do listen these songs.


  33. Ran says:

    Hello. I’m originally from China, currently living in Germany. Your text is so long, and I only overviewed it. I will take my time to read it completely, to take the time mindful go through it, as you and Izumi deserves. But my impression is already, despite what you said, wikipedia is better and more informative etc., you should link your article about Zard on the wiki. You see, sure, wikipedia is very informative and tells anyone what Zard did, but you actually tell us who Zard was, who Zard is, as a eternal person who will always live in our heart.
    I’m born in China, and I grew up with lots of prejudices over Japan and Japanese people. The history, something wrong, something true, we’ll never find out every details. And over all those years, even in the Western world, I sense that my prejudice still stayed deeply in myself. Thank god I get known Zard, because I was curious who actually was the singer that was responsible for the beautiful song text of the intro song of Dragonball GT, and one of it’s ending songs – Don’t you see. So I got to know Izumi Sakai, and fell in love with her songs. Her melodys. Her expressions, how she is able to give such an intense feeling and emotion through her songs. She is the only one who completely blew my mind up, to make me rethink about all Japanese and the country Japan itself. It is amazing what a strong effect only 1 single person with her music can have on me. Again, I thank her so very much. And I wish her.. really, really all the best. Rest in peace, Izumi Sakai. You will live forever in every single one of us.


  34. Susana E. S says:

    I love Zard´s music, she was such a wonderful songwriter and her lovely voice still touches my heart. I enjoyed the translations you have, but could you help me with “Separate ways” and “Kimi to no fureai” I would really appreciate it. Greetings from Mexico!


    • Happy to meet a fellow Zard~♥ fan =). I know what you mean as her lyrics were always written so down to earth and you could really relate to them in every day life~. Her voice exquisite and so unique. I haven’t had any translations from her final album…i’ll post here if i’m able to do them. Writing them and not being too literal really helps and i’ve always been quite bad with that aspect. Hello~* from Hawaii ^ ^。


  35. backham says:

    . I promised never to forget you . sakai izumi sang thank very much for beautiful song.


    • Sakai Izumi was such a wonderful lyricist whom always wrote from the heart in such ways that anyone could relate, it continues to sadden me with her all too soon passing and just to think of the wonderful gifts of music she has forever left with all of us continues to warm the heart~♥.


  36. philipleslie says:

    HI! The mystery is solved. What a great and passionate post, and I”m certain that if you were writing this today, you’d write it exactly the same. Thank you for directing me to this performer. I knew her beautiful voice was familiar, because I’d listened to Zard a while back intending to investigate further, though I was sidetracked as usual by several other things. Her story is very moving indeed, and when listening to the songs, you can’t help but think of her brief life, so that they carry extra meaning. I admire her unwillingness to participate in the publicity circus. It didn’t seem to have much impact on the record sales, which were consistently healthy. I’ve listened to several of the mp3s you’ve provided, and really look forward to working my way through the remainder. I particularly love Makenaide and Tsubasa wo Hirogete (interesting to hear her working with Mai Kuraki on the joint-A-side of that). Thank you so much!


    • I have too her tribute concert and music videos which were a bit of a rarity throughout her career as well as some rare live footage from Zard’s very early days…I forgot to mention I think that Zard went through its most notable musical change at one point when Sakai Izumi decided to part with firstly her longtime drummer…I wonder if you can pinpoint the single where this occurs? Anyway there was a tiny bit of drama there but nothing major.

      Thank you, I had written this actually part way in tears back then, I can still remember vividly a friend e-mailing me late at night telling me that she had passed, the rest of that evening felt so eerie like and I was in total disbelief…I actually didn’t want to literally believe it and so it was in a way in hindsight now, therapeutic to write this soon after and with Zard I first began with “Forever You” and worked my way backwards I remember having to use the old gigantic book/index of Japanese music which was published annually for record store use and one could use it for reference to find catalog number of everything available and even out of print releases too….before the internet caught on fully and had everything readily accessible. Luckily just about all of her singles were still in print back then save for just a few which I lucked out on finding in our old (now sadly gone) Japanese CD rental shops here. With some of the translations above you can get a real feeling for how she approached her music intertwining it into real life and fans I believe really attached themselves to those stories and situations which are so relateable. A true sense of he personality is written so openly in her songs, and as you mention her voice, hers was just beyond unique even….down to her intricate phrasing…like I remember one day taking her album “Forever You” to my grandmother’s house back then and my grandmother even wanted to peruse just a few of the lyrics just to confirm how she was translating it as Sakai Izumi at times had a very natural way of phrasing syllables, words and phrases even into rhythms having that even take precedence over syllabic pronunciation….its’ really cool. Her power and depth and yet how elegant she projects seamlessly through her words, you’ll so know her voice forever even with songs you may be hearing for the very first time not knowing whom it is. Both awesome songs you’ve mentioned here and really “Makenaide” was iconic for Zard as with encores and such it was Zard’s song in which fans were so beloved to…if you read through its lyrics it’s pure gold, inspiration ~*. Would you be interested in hearing my top faves? I notice that I didn’t list them here as I’d usually have done with other ‘artist’ posts here. The mp3’s I’ve included here, I was really trying to mp3-those standout songs so to speak although you could listen through her entire albums and love them entirely but I was intending to create a much more focused approach on cataloging her music here rather than mp3-them all if that makes any sense. I have a few more aspect of Zard to share but I won’t overload you now….and oh dear I’m just thinking that I also sent you that Ueto Aya post which is probably ridiculously long..even for silly me =P.


      • philipleslie says:

        I’d love to know your favourite Zard songs. As I mentioned elsewhere, I’ve located several of their albums and hope to order them as soon as the Christmas post frenzy has passed. I’ve also spotted various bundles of Zard singles (22 in one batch) which I’m keeping my eye on (although my wallet reminds me that it needs feeding at some point soon). Your quest to locate their music is a wonderful story in itself. I know the excitement of completing a collection using catalogues and lists from when I used to collect books, mostly out of print, by certain authors, and nowadays, when I’m slowly filling in the gaps in my music collection. Is there a lot more written about Zard on Japanese sites? And don’t worry about linking me to two lengthy posts! I love how you write and what you write about, so it’s a pleasure to lose myself in them!


        • Collecting fave artists and new discoveries is such a fun journey while I know first hand that there can be times of disappointment when you just think that something in particular may be out of reach..and yet the just anticipation and when you locate one of those releases it’s beyond rewarding ~*….like you’ll know a releases’ cover by heart and on the day it arrives it’s like no other feeling, just at this moment (sorry I have probably way too many spontaneous thoughts xD) I remember when CoCo’s “Chiisana ippo de” was like one of their ‘Holy Grail’ singles which was a rarity to find in its post production and when a few friends and I finally received it it was just like euphoria….you know just seeing its front and then for the very first time getting to see the back of that 3″ CD single was so amazing, and yet now lol Otokichi has this single readily available lol you can get in in a few days =D. I’m not sure of the content out there on Zard but I’m guessing it must be vast by now but I haven’t done any proper searching. And speaking of Holy Grails, prior to Zard, Sakai Izumi released what till this day is one of Japan’s most rare and highly sought after photo book collectibles, I do have its images but never was bold enough to pay the bidding prices being asked back then for an actual physical edition. I’m sure there are a lot of images out there but it’s not so much a part of her in which….I don’t even know the words to say here…but I think you’ll understand.

          Okay, here are the songs and they’re in no particular order, but these are the Zard songs I’d definitely choose if I had just one chance ~* to turn on a person to their music♥:

          Kimi ni aitakanattara….
          Just for you
          My Friend
          Suki na youni odoritaino
          You and me (and…)
          Hitomi sorasanaide
          Don’t you see!
          Just Believe in Love
          Anata wo kanjiteitai
          Sayonara ienakute
          Oh my love
          Dareka matteiru
          Yureru omoi
          Top secret
          My baby grand
          Today is another day
          Kimi ga ita kara
          ai ga minai
          kokoro wo hiraite
          I’m in love

          Tooi hi no nostalgia, in a sense this song has always had a ‘closing’ feel to it and it somehow musically with its deeply somber notes and lyrics has always moved me to tears (see lyric translation above, while listening) it’s a song of deeply heartfelt regret and when she sings ‘if she could have only expressed herself from her heart then and how it’s now too late…” her vocal tone is as real as….it’s so moving. Sorry now I’m all emotional…consider yourself lucky ~* you’re so far away =P!

          “You and me (and…)”….how she creates such a real and relateable scenario right from the opening verse and its so natural in her delivery and this melody♥ it’s the one of the most exquisite…beautiful…which I’ve ever had the pleasure to have known in my entire life really, I mean that….this song is extra special it really is. Anata wo kanjiteitai….it’s an intense song…..if you follow with it’s lyrical meaning coupling with the song’s melody and emotions through both in a single movement, lol okay I’m getting way too much……um aren’t I? Music just moves me….I hope I haven’t scared you (゜Д゜;)!! Oh and the drummer thingy I mentioned above, well it may be subtle but in any case it’s definitely a defining change in Zard’s music overall…..funny you think drums and yet it did change so much back then.


          • philipleslie says:

            I will keep your list handy for when my search begins. Thank you. As for being scared: not remotely. It’s refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely moved by artistic creation. How sad if an artist’s efforts never touched anyone deeply. Whenever you make something, be it a blog post or a symphony, you’re hoping to communicate with someone and maybe even change their world in some way.


            • Could you feel that same sense in “Tooi hi no nostagia?” And with “You and me (and…)” I had to choose that song for your blind taste test as its melody and the lyrical meaning are so perfect and when she hits those emotional notes you just feel it so much. Haha no guesses on the sudden change in Zard’s music?…I’m thinking you ignored that one altogether =P.


              • philipleslie says:

                ‘You and me (and…)’ is exquisite, both as a song and a vocal performance, and I’m so happy you introduced me to its unique sound. It’s exactly the sort of song I wish I could write myself. ‘Tooi hi no nostalgia’ does have a satisfying end-credits feel to it, as you say. As for the change in direction…I’ve tried, but that’s quite a tricky one for my ears, as I find the sound-world very consistent. There’s the celebratory ’80s’ sound (power chords and emphatic drumming) throughout, as well as the tender, more introverted songs. I’ll work on that some more…


              • philipleslie says:

                Have just listened to three more singles from different periods. ‘Promised You’ certainly has a different sound from the very early songs. I think I’m getting closer to pinpointing the transition!


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  39. djv124 says:

    So my heart is truly heavy writing this response, but not for any kind of a bad reason.
    Zard really, really made me feel kind of…nostalgic, as some of the songs really reminded
    me of being a kid, for some reason. Especially the earlier tracks, as they kind of put me
    in this sort of mindset where I recalled going to this one swimming park and listening to
    the 80’s music blasting in the car stereo. Especially the song GOODBYE MY LONELINESS, which
    is easily one of my top favs by ZARD. Such a simple song, and yet more powerful than I can
    put into words.

    NEMURENAI YORO WO DAITE was another song that did that as well for me, but more with the
    lyrics, as I reading them, how she talked about looking for love. As a kid, I didn’t really
    understand all of that kind of stuff, but now that I’m older, reading lyrics like the ones
    in this song connect those early feelings of my youth with the powerful pull towards
    wanting somebody to love in life that I can call my own, I guess? I mean, even when she says
    about the world being so mysterious, especially when she was a little girl…I felt the same.

    JUST FOR YOU (one of your favs!) I can’t even comment on…it had me in tears, okay? Don’t make fun of me!
    I loved the guitar in it! I tried looking up the guitar tabs because I wanted to learn it.
    Very simple song, again, but her voice when she holds some of those notes just really works
    and for some reason, feels very modern to me. Like it could’ve been written today and not
    be out of place. And the whole I LOVE YOU BABE English part really made me smile through
    my tears. And I can picture this song being the ending song for a really sad, coming of age
    anime. How about you? Can you see that?

    JUST BELIEVE IN LOVE kind of feels like an Utada Hikaru song at the beginning. I wonder if
    Hikki was influenced by Sakai? But you can kind of hear it in this song more than the other
    ZARD songs you included in your post. I mean, I think Hikki has a much more diverse vocal
    palette than just about any musician to ever live on this Earth, but when I watched the live
    videos you put up of ZARD playing, I can tell the group sounds just perfect live as they do
    in the recordings, so it would’ve been something to hear Hikki and this girl perform together,
    and if they were doing each other’s songs, I think Hikki would’ve chosen this one. Now I wonder
    what song Sakai would’ve chosen of Hikki’s? That’s the question.

    CHANGE MY MIND could be my favorite ZARD SONG. I love the lyrics, the song arrangement, the
    fact that it kind of teases you into thinking it’s much more epic in the song arrangement
    than it is, until the verse comes in and it becomes this syncopated acoustic guitar track
    and Sakai just breezily going through the verse, and then it kind of comes back to more
    instrumentation and picks up in the second verse really nicely with more sounds to please the
    ear. It’s perfectly written, and as a musician, I don’t often say that about a song. And
    it feels like this was written on some kind of a real life experience, perhaps? Again, I
    have to make the comparison to Hikki and how her lyrics are sometimes SO specific you KNOW
    she’s talking about something that happened to her in real life, and when I look at what
    Sakai is saying in the lyrics, it feels like she’s really suppressing something but wanting
    to talk about it with her lover… and just can’t.

    And oh man, that trumpet solo!!! I hate trumpets and saxophones (or maybe it was a sax?),
    but it just worked! Ahhhhhhh! This song is too much for me!

    Now, there are a handful of songs that I didn’t care for, to be honest, because they sound
    alot like they could be the same exact song, with just a few different parts arranged for
    variation. And they had too much of the cheezy metal guitar in the background that kind of
    muddled up the real appeal of all these songs, which to me is Sakai’s vocal talents. I kind
    of wish I could hear an all acoustic version of these songs… you know, just Sakai and some
    guy on a guitar and a girl on a piano for a few songs and just really keeping it low key.
    I sort of picture Sakai like how Jewel was when she first started her career, just playing
    coffee clubs in San Francisco. I can see Sakai being the opening act for her and then later on,
    becoming the headliner. Sorry for the weird comparison, but my heart just really aches for
    all these songs to be stripped down in some regards, on the ones that have the over the top
    80’s Rock metal approach added to them.

    But then I hear a song like PROMISED YOU, and it’s bare enough for me to really enjoy, and
    also Kakegae no nai mono which is probably my second or third favorite song by ZARD. Just
    simply and utterly beautiful beyond words. A song you might want to have playing in the
    background of a rainy day. Seriously, it’s perfectly nuanced in terms of the vocals and the
    music not interferring so much but just being in the right place in each part of the song.

    GLORIOUS MIND I think might have been a hint of where Sakai might have gone with her songs
    had she not passed away. I can hear her getting a bit more modern in her musical arrangements, but
    still the focus would be on her ability to really weave in and out with the high/low notes she hits
    all the time in her music. I didn’t care for the GLORIOUS MIND chorus part, but to me, this
    song feels very much like another song you would have in an anime, but maybe this time I can see it
    being an opening song for an anime? I dunno… it felt like that to me. I do think Sakai is
    at her best when she’s front and center, and this song had maybe a bit too much other things going on
    like the guitar solo that I didn’t care for, as it was just a basic solo, nothing too great or original about it,
    but then Sakai comes back in after the solo, and her voice just overtakes even the faint backing vocals that come
    in at this point too.

    Though this technically is ZARD’s song, Ai wa kuraami no naka de felt very different to me
    with everything it was trying to do. I did like the strange guitar effect around .16 seconds
    into the song. Very kakkoi! However, this song I think would be something better appreciated
    live than on a recording. The guest vocals weren’t too bad either. I am curious though… was
    Sakai’s voice on this like as a layer with Aya’s? Or was my mind playing tricks on me?

    I think I’ll stop here, but really, honestly, I’m blown away. I think something as beautiful
    and as richly rewarding as listening to ZARD made me feel like there is so much more out there that I don’t even know
    exists when it comes to JPOP and Japanese music in general. I truly feel blessed that I got a chance to hear all of this,
    and it’s all because of you MB. You know, if you ever want me to come to Hawaii and just chill with you and listen to all of these songs
    together, we can have a listening party, then maybe go Karaoke someplace, and pay tribute to Sakai and her seriously addicting vocal skills!
    Just throwing that out there. Thank you so, so, so much for opening me up to her.


    • Denny Sinnoh says:

      Re: “made me feel like there is so much more out there that I don’t even know
      exists when it comes to JPOP”

      My feelings exactly. I sometimes feel like I have wasted my life sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to never show up.
      I like a lot of the older Japanese artists MB shares (ribbon, etc.) because they
      “remind me of a past that I never had” to invent my own phrase.
      : )


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