Vista may be hating me…please help (/∇\*)!

I didn't think anything of it at first, but yesterday I was planning to watch a movie on my laptop only to have my vlc media player not respond so I first thought that perhaps it was the DVD? So I tried another DVD with music videos and that wouldn't play either as they would both just sit blank without any reaction from vlc…(u_u*)………

….and today as I tried again to watch a movie, now Vista has decided to freeze up suddenly. I'm wondering if Vista is beginning to hate me again like it did when I first got this laptop but ever since it's been most cooperative with everything~*. I actually ended up needing to take out the battery from my laptop as it just wouldn't re~start or shut~down properly which cannot be a good sign! So now I'm a bit apprehensive about trying to play any DVD until I find out what's wrong and while I was hoping~* to post about Mr.Children's new concert DVD "Supermarket Fantasy" I've had to put that on hold and well pretty much everything else on hold indefinitely.

Another odd thing and I don't know if it's related in any way to my DVD playing woes, is that every so often whenever I try to view some folders/windows such as "computer" or "documents" they won't show any data either and instead there's this strange light green bar growing across the top of the window which looks like it's trying to load something and it moves really slowly and even when it appears to reach the far right "end", none of the data in that window appears…now that really can't be good :/!

Anyway, without any access to playing DVDs on my laptop or access to some files I'm sort of in a bind when it comes to posting up anything new~* here………… I may not be able to update here for awhile sort of indefinitely until I can get everything working again properly =(.

If anyone can help please let me know….

I'll miss everyone~* while I'm gone but I can still leave you with a "smile" for now~ ( ̄▽ ̄)♥。。。


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to Vista may be hating me…please help (/∇\*)!

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… The files not being shown sound like a failing hard drive, Vista is trying to read for a while and then gives up…VLC not working I have no idea. Did you try some other media player? Can you read the contents of the DVD through Windows Explorer? When you say that VLC didn't respond, do you mean you tried to open the DVD in VLC and it did nothing, or you tried to open it and it crashed, or you put the DVD in and waited for VLC to start automatically, but it didn't? In any case, though, I can't think of how it would connect to the files not shown… Oh, and since it was working until recently, it can't be a compatibility problem with Vista.Anyway, there's not much I can do but guess… The problem with not accessing files could be bad, your best bet is probably sending the laptop for maintenance. Maybe get someone to install Windows 7 while you're at it.


  2. It seems the Windows media still works okay, it's just that only my vlc will take snapshots~* I think. A~h that would be so sad if my hard drive is going bad (+_+)。。。as there isn't too much on it as most of it's free space. I tend to save most everything on an exterior hard drive so it helps to keep the main drive uncluttered but maybe this hasn't helped much I wonder? vlc opens up with the tiny control panel but clicking on play or even trying to send the DVD to it gets no response……and then I tried doing it over and over and then the entire laptop froze which was really frightening. The mouse was still working and I could click on icons and open windows but nothing would open or respond in any further way. I've been eying the new Windows7 as I see commercials every day on t.v., maybe I should invest? It's just that I'm so computer~ignorant that I'll probably do something wrong unless it walks me step by step through the process (._.;).


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    You could try reinstalling VLC, maybe a different version, I don't know. It just sounds so wrong to stop using VLC and go to Windows Media Player =/ but who am I to be biased, VLC is not working. And WMP is. I don't get this -_-'Anyway, back when I used it WMP couldn't take snapshots because it just didn't do it, and if you tried to use Print screen and then paste it in Paint it would just show a black screen… But I searched on Microsoft's page and found an entry on keyboard shortcuts for Windows Media Player 10 saying "CTRL+i" takes a snapshot, you could try that. I've no idea if that works. For some reason, it's not listed on WMP11's shortcuts list, but who knows. There's also other players you can try. But it's still very weird that it doesn't work. Did you try VLC with some DVD that worked before?Well, all I've heard is that Windows 7 is better than Vista, and that's easy to believe. I tried it once and it wouldn't recognize my desktop monitor, and there was no way to enter my monitor's details manually, so I just gave up. I wasn't that interested as I normally don't use Windows; it always makes me angry in these cases when I can't configure things myself. In its defense, the only OS that recognized my monitor right away was Windows XP, so it's probably Samsung's fault. The installation itself isn't complicated, but you can always get in trouble in the end. It's probably not worth it if you'd do it yourself.


  4. I so don't want to use Windows media player =(!!! Hmm….wow I had no idea of this and if vlc continues to hate me then I may have no other choice. Still I'll try your first suggestion and I'll uninstall it and then try again and maybe there'll be a newer version I wonder…mines is quite old I think :/. U~n I've tried simple pv DVD singles too and still vlc won't play them =(. A~h I still have a lot of friends who love their xp versions and for such good reason as nobody seems to have any issues with this version. I'll just be afraid to lose everything in the transition but I guess I could try putting everything onto my external hard drive and then keeping them safe there first….I'm the ultimate computer~dummy lol you have no idea how clueless I am XD.


  5. I'm going to do the uninstall/install of vlc today…hoping~* hoping~* it works. And omg………did you know that there's such a thing as an "unblock" site something like Anyway I think one of these creepy spam monsters are trying to get back in this way but I'm just hoping that they saw that all of their non~existent comments are now nowhere to be seen =). I still got two more this morning so I don't think they've learned very much (*>ω<)!!。。and now it's really bothering me as I think they're going on IW too??? I just saw two eerie comments which are so random that it appears to be spammers too :/. One is that they have really generic fake sounding names and they're also only latching onto the posts by writing with the key word idea you told me about and they're using older entries too as well to attack. They both seem harmless but they don't make much sense as to the topics of the posts there but one big difference is that they're not written with bad "Engrish" so maybe I'm way off in being suspicious?


  6. Oh and I forgot to say that I've sent an e~mail to one of the administrators there so maybe they'll be deleted I'm not sure though as again I may just be a bit overly~paranoid as the spam here never seems to stop (*>ω<)。


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    =O they found IntlWota? Interesting, I'll take a look over there.


  8. HarimaKenji says:

    Well, there's nothing there. In any case, they're using WordPress, so they have a lot more options even if they are "targeted". Not like Vox where all you can do is hide them and hope they'll go away -_-'


  9. That was quick….someone at IW has deleted them already as they were the two most recent comments and I just sent an administrator there the e~mail about my suspicions. I hope~* so as it's really a pain to see these people/things do that to other sites :/.


  10. Mikey says:

    Did you get this fixed to your satisfaction? I went to Windows 7 on my laptop, even though Vista was working for me pretty well…I still occasionally get a random spam too 😦


  11. Hi Mikey!!..u~n everything's working okay again with my vlc although for awhile I was bugging someone here and using their computer whenever I wanted to create screen~caps XD! I've thought about windows 7 but I'm still stuck in Vista for now but it's been good to me for a long time now although recently my DVD drive came up missing according to my laptop =(!..but I've gone external now with a much better drive so everything's happy~* again thank you!


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