~S/mileage’s♥ final indies pv…

"..the name's Age, S/mileage"….sorry just had a film moment there…(^q^)! It's their toy~guns on the cover here so so cute~* and lethally adorable just like Mr. Bond ^ ^!

I really can't say enough of how much I absolutely love whenever Tsunku gets his Beatles inspiration~* on and it's quite often if you've experienced all of his compositions till now and not just with second gen. Tanpopo♥ as the best of music♪ never goes out of style.

Well I've already rambled on endlessly about this single release and S/mileage in general here on this blog so I've just a little bit to add today~* and it's about the closeness and chemistry~* which S/mileage possesses so much! They just poke so much non~stop fun @ each other during the included "making of" segment on this DVD making it every as bit as entertaining as the pv♥ itself!!!…and if you just how much I love pvs♥ that's really saying a lot っo(*´∀`)o!!!。。and with so much cuteness~* to spare!!! and just the director's visions here so spontaneous and fun! well, I'll just let the pv♥ do all of the talking from here as I think the creativity and fun factor are off the charts~* for S/mileage in their final indies release~* ^ ^!

S/mileage releases can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

S/mileage releases can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

(Click to play~* ^ ^)



~ a few sights from the "making of…."….


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