「Featured post」~井上真央♥2007~

The Amazon Marketplace can be a great place to shop~* and especially when you’re trying to locate something which is out of print. It’s been awhile since I acquired any new Maochan collectibles and I’ve been eying for some time now her 2007 shashinshuu release.

Finding a pristine copy wasn’t a problem either as all sellers affiliated with Amazon do write up a well detailed description of their merchandise’s condition so if just came down to price and of course those seller star ”☆☆☆☆!” rankings which can mean the difference between good service or perhaps things not going according to plan. The price range was pretty wide starting from just 1980 yen all the way up to 7500 yen :O!!!….for me just about in the middle of that price range seemed right as the book didn’t necessarily need to be sealed and yet receiving it in good condition was most important =).

You can shop for “Inoue Mao 2007” here if your’e interested in getting a copy too ^ ^。

The book comes nicely cased in an outer box and the book itself is one of the thicker shashinshuu you’ll find as it’s full of wonderful photography documenting Maochan’s U.S. visit from ticket counter to Venice Beach to her destination Las Vegas~* \(^o^)/☆ And while paging through the photographs along with her self written dialog which are presented scrap~book style, you can’t but help reminiscing about “HYD’s Final” movie! Was it one of the best every endings to wonderful drama? You bet! And while I’m most tempted to ramble on about HYD much more at this moment~* this Sunday’s going by so quickly so I’ll just link here my thoughts on the first series which started it all♥! For the movie “HYD Final”‘s specially packaged box set release~* please click here ^ ^。

Inoue Mao is by far one of my most favorite♥ actresses as she’s always able to capture the essence of the characters she plays with such heart, warmth, humor and I sense a really genuine humility about her which really grabs you and she’s so so pretty~* and awesomely talented!!!, but of course it also helps when she’s cast with the hottest of guys o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥!!!!

..and it’s this most priceless~* of expressions that I so love!!!! like whenever Domyoji says or does something strange…(^q^)!

The photo sets you see above to the left were something I just happened to stumble across while browsing auctions…..Mmm..if you think I’m on auctions way too frequently you’re probably right (*´艸`) !!What’s interesting is that these are actual photos like with Kodak’s logo on their backings so I’m not sure if they’re somehow home made or perhaps officially released photos…??? In any case they’re really clear and were taken from select pages from “Inoue Mao 2007.”  So while this shashinshuu is the soft cover type which would sustain irreversible damage if pressed upon a scanner, it’s lucky~* to have this accompanying photo set which I was able to scan just below =)…..

I also purchased a few magazines with Maochan as covergirl so I’ll post those up soon too.


Maochan♥ so pretty~* ^ ^!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to 「Featured post」~井上真央♥2007~

  1. She's so pretty! I didn't know she's that girl in HYD. I have seen an ad once on tv, but nvr got the chance to watch it as it's aired on different station and definitely conflict w/ my fave programs time from other station,too.


  2. maiZe says:

    Long time no talk… XD I've been busy with IW and trying to translate Risa's blog (I'm like… 100 posts behind. T__T)


  3. Jeff D says:

    I thought just struck me. Where do you store all this stuff?


  4. Guldari says:



  5. Oh if you get the chance to watch HYD is so much one of the best dramas ever!!! You'll laugh, cry and get so attached to all of the characters in the show! This drama really helped to launch Inoue Mao's acting career so much and it has two series and then a final movie to bookend it all♥.


  6. That's great! No wonder so many loved watching it ^q^ I really hope i can one day as i had only seen Korea's BOF.


  7. Hi maiZe~*! Sorry I've been sort of living in a hole so to speak lately…..I know I'm never in chat either (._.;). Wow I noticed that everyone is writing so much @ IW recently as I see everyone's names as authors =). Wow that's really an great task to take on!!!…especially if Gakisan posts several times a day like some idols♥ do! I read just a few idol blogs these days…mostly to know of upcoming events and magazine appearances as most of them will update~*. Oh "First Kiss" was great ne~*! I did the exact same thing as it was strictly to see Maochan in a drama she stars in as the main character. Every time I see her I want to go to the beauty salon and get a make~over (人∀`*)!It seems I have a slight case of Maochan~envy :P…she's just so gorgeous and I especially love her look in "First Kiss" she's just so perfect~*. Oh and speaking of Arashi members if you get the chance please watch "Yasashii Jikan", it may be one of Nino's very best dramas I think that he's acted in……just have lots of tissues ready (´⌒`。)


  8. (*´艸`)。。。if you saw my bedroom you'd be really worried!….lol my bf says it's not a bedroom but rather a 'storage room' (._.;). I'm really organized though with everything, it's just with wall hangings and those type of collectibles where I've run out of wall space for :/.


  9. ”ファーストキッス”も見ましたか?その時から、真央ちゃんは本とに変わりましたね~^ ^。あ~よかったGuldariくんもHYD♥が好き!


  10. I first thought that HYD was the original but I've heard that the Korean version was released~* first so you've watched the original version I think….I've heard that this version is addicting too~♥ but I hope you can see HYD version also so much for Inoue Mao, Matsumoto Jun♥ and Ohguri Shun♥ especially as this cast is so beautiful and talented with such an engaging storyline ^ ^。


  11. Guldari says:



  12. maiZe says:

    It's funny… The Friday nights that I'm actually up late/ really early Saturday morning are the times you don't come to chat… XD It's kinda sad. But no worries. I'm sure one of these days we'll be in there at the same time. ^_^


  13. う~ん、真央ちゃんの登場人物は本とに違うだったね~。でもまだまだ可愛い♥。。よかったo(*´∀`)o゛。


  14. I'm so sorry as I've been really random in visiting chat (._.;). It's just that most Friday nights it's been really unpredictable as friends sometimes invite me with late plans….meaning sometimes they show up here without me knowing and they drag me out XD. Mmm…I'm not very interesting to speak to though so you're definitely not missing me there (。ーωー。)笑Wow I don't know how you can manage so much!!! I can barely write here enough and it sounds really fun to have a separate blog for specific faves♥. lol she updates sooooo often it sounds!!! Most idol blogs I read only post maybe once or twice a day and sometimes even less than that and then I begin to miss them and I'm wondering what they're doing lol (^q^)!I'm sure you're doing awesome with Japanese \(^o^)/☆ Her character was so different especially from HYD so at first I was a bit surprised and yet everything really worked out =). With as much as Arashi members act I'm sure it's only a matter of time and I'm really curious to watch the movie you mentioned as I've only seen her in one movie so far :/. Oh awesome!! It's really a different style of role for Nino but so so emotional and moving. The story of his father and his relationship with his son (Nino), their past and what's most heartwarming I found is how there's so many mini life stories intertwined into each episode making each so special and memorable….plus a bunch of special~* cameos!!!! The link above is mostly spoiler free but maybe it's best not to click on it just yet ^ ^。


  15. Bianca says:

    I wish Mao will have a drama soon. T-TShe really is pretty and a good actress.


  16. A~h~! HYD♥ really can get you hooked on Maochan ne~* o(*´∀`)o゛。。and I so agree as she' so talented and she showed so much of her ability to portray emotions in this drama especially with her breaking down when Ohguri~kun saves her in the classroom……and also her comedic timing is second to none!


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