「Featured Post」~My Life with Rei♥~

….surely there would be an abundance of pillow♥fights~*, nightly if possible, the sharing of make~up secrets..mostly hers though as she always looks so radiantly beautiful and I could oh so benefit from any help I can get(人∀`*)! Okay my daydreaming moment~* has passed (。ーωー。)。。。!!

“My Life with Rei♥” is rather an analogy of sorts as to my occasional encounters with this most alluring~* idol♥……

..going back to the Summer of 2007 when I first saw her in the pages of UTB (August 2007 issue) and Reichan was a mostly shy~* idol then notably learning to play the piano ♪~♪~*。。with aspirations to break into the music wold♥. A bit later you can even see a self drawn layout of her bedroom here just below from the latest issue of Bomb! magazine and there it is, a piano to one side of her bedroom next to a pair of her guitars as well っo(*´∀`)o。


Okamoto Rei “teenage days” music video♥!
..I was suddenly hit by Reichan’s release~* of J~Punk~Rock n’ Roll ♪~♪~*。。with the pv♥ of “teenage days” where there’s a most amusing play on words as when you listen each time surely you’ll hear her singing the line “thank you for my teenage days, kiss my *ass* and say good~bye….!!!” (・д・`*)!!!!!、however though the lyrics are written as “kiss my asu” (”明日”)which actually means “tomorrow” in nihongo but hearing the “u” in “asu” a bit subtle here it’s just so funny, amusing….um shocking………………….omg what happened to the shy Reichan from just a short while ago lol (*≧▽≦)♪!!

And now,

..@ 18 Reichan♥ is revealed to be part………….

..wota? lol okay it’s just that I can so relate to her collecting of anime♥figures and she even has a special place for them beside her t.v. and closet ….even better is that she also removes them from their packaging as both her and I are collector’s nightmares I imagine as we’d rather play with……I mean take out and display our figures rather than keep them sealed in a box \(^o^)/☆!

Bomb!’s covergirls also always have the largest feature including a “Growing Up” article where we see everything from baby photos, early childhood till now……Reichan’s so so adorable~* in these mite ne!

And then there’s Bomb!’s trademark “Body Check” feature and here everything from eyes, hair, nose, mouth, ears, hands, shoulders, waist, legs, feet and hips are spoken about from the idols♥ themselves….and it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in my feelings~* about my bust size (/∇\*)!。。。I mean even Reichan has a tiny inkling to be much bigger there* by her self notation and yet we both can be happy~* with how we were blessed to be so um…..tiny as we’re about the same size え~へ!(*≧▽≦)♪

And of course no idol♥ feature would be complete without a bit of seifuku♥, and yet I’m most giddy about her ladybug cleaning mittens as well as her most funny top which I must say speaks volumes and volumes about her so so fun and cute personality~*!!!! In the photos where Reichan is wearing the cute~* black & white polka dot ribbon in her hair you can catch a glimpse of the writing across the front of her top which reads: “Holey Shirt”, however with both the “e” and the “r” being a very very light off~white shade and from a distance perhaps invisible I imagine it’s most funny to then read her top saying: “Holy SH*#”……(sigh*…..) the awesome clothes that idols♥ get to wear (人∀`*)!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 「Featured Post」~My Life with Rei♥~

  1. Nino-baby says:

    Wow she's really pretty! And CUTE<3I haven't heard of her before, but cool she sings rock (rare for idols…)I love the "teenage days" song and pv – so cool! :)I think I'll go google this girl now ;D Thanks for introducing this wonderful idol to me!


  2. I was so caught by surprise~* when I was thinking at first…okay she'll be singing cute J~pop for sure!!..and then I was hit by some awesome punk~rock n' roll instead XD!! U~n Reichan's soooo adorable and really sweet when you hear her speak and see her personality. Her face upon the new issue of Bomb! magazine caught my eye so much and since I don't subscribe regularly anymore I needed to order….(sigh…) just wish shipping of magazines wasn't so expensive ne (;_;). I'm so happy~* you're going to check out more of her music..she's really so awesome as both an artist and an idol♥ ^ ^!


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    You're not the only one who likes Okamoto Rei.


  4. Alezra says:

    MBBB~ ❤ ❤ ❤ Missed talking to ya hun~ :)) And reading your awesome bloggie~ :))Awww~ Once again I wish i was asian~ Why are you asian gals so pretty anyways! D: Haha~ ❤ Rei~~What to say more then cute, pretty and all in one package~ Love her school outfit… Hmm i think I'll snatch the style and make a simmilar one for myself haha~ :DHaha ''kiss my asu~'' haha nice song and surprisingly dared? 😀 Haha i like it! Rei's cooler then i thought 😀 The song is very catchy after listening to it twice i started singing along with it even though i dont really know what i'm singing haha~ xDHaha~ aww dunno just got a kick after hearing her song, I felt like calling one of my old bfs from high school~ 😛 Maybe i just should chill it and just dont do unecessary things for now..O.Ò));…….. haha~ xDOmo i just realised what i was about to do~ Cant belvieve i got so affecetd from a song haha xD :DStill love it though :3 Thank you for sharing hun~ Lots of love Awee~ ❤


  5. W~ai! Miichan updates so often ne on no3b's blog!! Miichan and Reichan are friends sugoi~*! And now I'm so jealous she went to dinner with her….lol wait a minute whom am I jealous of??? lol both of them for going to dinner with each other (。ーωー。)。。。。。!She starts by saying it was after a recording session??…a colllaboration? hmm..probably not although I wonder. Such a cute key holder too♥♥♥ ^ ^!


  6. Hi Alezra~* ヾ(^∇^)!。。isn't Reichan so awesome!! and cute punk~rock can become so addicting ne~* plus she's singing with such conviction and even the lyrics with "asu/ass" so funny that they wrote that in on purpose XD! lol! but maybe he would be so happy~* to hear from you?, well actually I have no idea of what I'm talking about and surely you know best or is it the "kiss my "a" and say good~bye part:P! ehhh?? you're so pretty~* and I'm thinking that many Asian girls would want to look like you too o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    They all update a few times every day ~ but I think Acchan wins on frequency, although it could be Kojiharu if you count tweets. Kojiharu almost abandoned no3b's blog since she started her twitter account… I don't know much about Reichan, I just remembered her as the "asu" girl ~ I think there was a post on intlwota once about teenage days. It does leave an impression.Looks like all idols decided to show us their wota heart now ~ most of the AKB members with blogs have talked about manga these last few weeks, most of them are reading One Piece and Acchan does a daily report on what volume she is currently reading… I remember Yaguchi made a post once about her collection, and she had a One Piece character too… and a big Spider-Man.


  8. Wow speaking of Acchan I just saw she has a new shashinshuu~* being released on June 7th….so far from the entries you've showed me I think no3b's are the cutest~♥ and just to see such connections~* in the idol world is so so amazing, eye opening and fun! lol Reichan is known as the "asu" girl XD somehow I find that awesome (*´艸`)。Hmm…I haven't really gotten an interest in Twitter just yet….it's just that having something to write about during moments~* of the day would be quite odd for me as I'm usually doing nothing XD. So awesome to know how idols♥ are really just like us collecting, reading manga (me doesn't read much manga but I do watch an occasional anime :/) and with figures omg! it's just the best seeing them here in Reichan's bedroom and out of their boxes….and now I know I'm not completely odd in doing so ^ ^。I only first heard of "One Piece" when I received Marippe's single and their songs are so cute♥!!!…here.


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    YES, no3b are the cutest!! I'm happy you've noticed =)I don't have anything to talk about on Twitter, but I just use it to follow other people ~ but it's not like anybody cares about what I'm doing (=o it'd be a problem if anyone did), so I tend to be quiet… But Twitter is great for Kojiharu, her posts were already Twitter-like back when she still used no3b's blog… one line posts like "I'm on the way to work" with a V sign photo attached ~ she did half a dozen of those every day.


  10. It's just so fun to read such candidness and especially learning the things they're into and such =). Plus Miichan is really funny (^q^)! Mm maybe one day I'll create a Twitter account but not anytime soon as I just don't think I'll have anything to update it with XD…still I can see how following celebrities Twitters can be so insightful and fun. lol that's so funny…..Kojiharu sounds very business like ^ ^。


  11. HarimaKenji says:

    Miichan is being cute again on no3b's blog ~But I'd never take her to the police if I caught her… especially for just 120,000 yen, that isn't a lot of money if you think about it =o not enough for Miichan. She's being modest.


  12. Her "Wanted" notice is soooo cute~*!!!!…and how she's warning everyone to watch out plus I so agree the reward's not anywhere near enough!!, Miichan's priceless o(*´∀`)o゛♥!。。as is her fun sense of humor (^q^)!


  13. Pingback: ~OKAM♥ & candy*, making the universe infinitely cuter one photo @ a time っo(*´∀`)o! | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

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