~Can you say Dragic, omg!!! the Suns are up 3~0 \(^o^)/☆

I don't very often speak of basketball here and it's somewhat of my fear of jinxing my favorite♥ team :/…still it's okay to fangirl♥ over basketball ne~*! You see whenever Suns games are televised here (which isn't very often especially during the regular season =( ) and I happen to tune in…….


..they lose almost always ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!!

So the solution? I usually don't watch and just wait for the final score/highlights XD.

Today however, I took a real risk in watching 😛 and happily~* the Suns♥ won and are now up 3~0 on the most dreaded Spurs (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ who scare me and I imagine all Suns fans everywhere!

Okay so it's far from over just yet as you need 4 wins to advance to the next series in hopes~* of reaching the finals =). Ugh! and then there's the Lakers most likely….still really really happy~* today ^ ^!!! 

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~Can you say Dragic, omg!!! the Suns are up 3~0 \(^o^)/☆

  1. J-pyon says:

    Yup Yup we love Dragic here in Arizona 1 more game and we advance hopefully that will come on Sunday yay go suns!!! (^_^)V


  2. I hope hope~* too \(^o^)/☆!!!。。oh you're so lucky~* as you can watch the Suns♥ play live!!! I'm soooooo jealous!!!! We've only had pre~season exhibitions here in the past that I know of and the Suns have never visited =(. Go~Go Suns♥ えぃえぃ、ぉー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!!!


  3. Rad♂ says:

    Wow, so you're a Suns fan, eh? I prefer the Warriors, but they're so pathetic these days. What about those Lo Soles jerseys?


  4. Suns♥ are yummy~*!!!….watching right now…..ugh~! it's so close (´⌒`。)!!!I remember their previous jerseys and these are so pretty~* too ^ ^♥。


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