~aiko♥ 「BABY」~BABY!~BABY!~。。。。

…a~h seems I'm much in AKB mode (*´艸`)!Seriously though it's aiko's 9th album which topped the Oricon charts @ #1! Delicious♥? Yummy♥? Just ♥ the free soul~* that is aiko….and whether it be the rolling~ragtime piano notes of "beat"….the subtle ska stylings~* of "milk"….the soaring notes of KissHug to the ballad~y~serenity of "Yellow" and while on most aiko compositions the category thought alludes all as she's just aiko…most unique~*.

aiko's one~of~a~kind vocal phrasing transcends at times from rock, jazz, pop, ska and a variety all her own and somewhere in between hers profoundly incorporates so many musical nuances and statements….so much that it's not a stretch by any means to envision that great big musical blender mixing inspirations from decades of the 60's/70's along with the fruition of jazz and rock as we know it from today and yesteryear~. Getting a bit off~track here XD but I've found that aiko's releases of late are all printed on extra thick~glossy textured paper, really a nice touch~* from PONY CANYON♥.

Each song meticulously crafted with ingredients of baritone sax, piano, trumpets, also sax, trombone, guitars, drums, tenor sax, string arrangements and horns and if even for must a few minutes or moments~*, if you separate her vocals from the music in entirety……aiko's writing will envelop you as just as with jazz at its best her notes are masterful in no lesser a tense as a pop~artist complete♥.

So here's just a taste, or rather a hearty serving from the latest album from aiko whom pens all of her own lyrics & music ♪♪~*。 "BABY"…..please enjoy the music ♪♪。。。^ ^!There's even a "Beatle~listic" styling to one of her openings….can you tell which one? ^ ^♥。

~Recommended tracks~

"beat", "Nageki no kiss", "Yori michi", "Yellow", (personal fave♥♥♥->->->) "Modorenai ashita" "Anoko no yume" and "toenail"…"Tunnel" omg had a brain hiccup there, she's not singing about feet (._.;)!!

aiko's "BABY" CD can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

aiko's "BABY" CD can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

aiko's "BABY" CD can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Just happened to notice this photo hidden behind the jewel case's inner backing which is a solid yellow….so cute~♥ it was hiding back there ^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to ~aiko♥ 「BABY」~BABY!~BABY!~。。。。

  1. Henkka says:

    Still haven't listened to this album as much as I should've. We definitely share some favorites, I too am especially liking "Modorenai Ashita" and "beat", as well as the other songs that were released as singles. トンネル though, wouldn't that be "Tunnel" instead of "Toenail"? Silly MB! :PAs for the Beatle-listic intro, I didn't even hear it on my listens before so I was wondering if you were just imagining things, but I went back and listened to the intros once again and now I'm hitting myself for not noticing it before. That'd definitely be Nageki no Kiss, right? For a second there I thought she might start singing "picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…" 🙂 Anyway, I'm happy to do my part as huge a Beatle fan. ♪


  2. mousoufest says:

    This is kinda random but do you know why the record company is called "Pony Canyon"? XD


  3. A~h I just got a drama♥ to watch with aiko performing its theme~* song! I won't know which song though until I watch the very first episode so very very soon!! Oh those are two of my most favorites♥!!! lol ugh!!! that was a bad brain hiccup (*>ω<)。。。!I had been just listening in the background for the very first time while I was typing this post and didn't pay attention to any lyrics….still there would have been an ”い” in there after "ne"…..what was I thinking or rather why wasn't I thinking??? A song about feet…..(flushes self down toilet!!!!)U~n that's the song!…aiko's songwriting♪ is so awesome!!!! and she embraces and is inspired by so many different periods and styles in music plus The Beatles are love love love! Thank you~* for answering the tiny Beatles♥ trivia..no not trivia XD…..I mean question XD.


  4. Hmm..I've never thought about that and it's a really great question~*. I was hoping that maybe an old logo would explain things much more but I haven't seen it change even with their older releases~*. But ah I found something…."Pony" and "Canyon" were at one time separate labels and it was even called "Ponyca" with "ca" standing for "computer game software" as they expanded…..then they merged together under one name. Pony Canyon's been such a front~runner with so much success with idols♥ in general from everything really….image releases~*, movies, music they've housed so many talented and cute artists/idols over the years and even when I go retro in listening to the mid to late 80's they've been such a hallmark of success and great productions~*.


  5. Hydeo says:

    i dont believe u like aiko @.@really ??maji de?? oh gosh <3~~~


  6. U~n♥ actually for quite awhile now…I first saw her sing on a t.v. program and just fell in love with her voice so much and she's really so pretty~* and adorable I think too! She's also amazing to write her own lyrics & music, such an amazing artist!!


  7. Hydeo says:

    yah her is really goodan look like a teen yet haehaheai love her voice and songs too :3~~ i know her for long time ;3~~ , she always release good singles


  8. E~hhh?? really? I never really thought that…well aiko does have a rather youthful aura about her but somehow I've always found her to be so mature..maybe it's in her lyrics? U~n! and although aiko is so so popular~* in Japan I haven't met too many fellow fans :/….so I'm happy~* to know you love her music too ^ ^。


  9. Hydeo says:

    yeh, i never found an concert of her to watch ;\… but her voice and songs are really good and coolyah, her fans are exclusive ones, maybe have a lot but hard to found than @.@i have all her songs on my pc ;3~~ if u want some in special ^^ i can upload to u


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