~Idol♥bedrooms Hello!Project style~..the mystical, shared & which Hello!Girl snuggles with Stitch?

Whether you’re inspired~* to sleep in an otaku wonderland or making it all pink♥ all the time and as girlie~girl as possible o(*´∀`)o゛、。。。many like myself would be so curious to see the bedroom set~up of an idol I wonder?

Well look no further as four Hello!Girls give us an intimate peek inside their bedrooms♥….

For me personally I so love collections~* and from Riichan’s accessories, Mittsi’s bag collection and w~ah! so many (・o・)!、Airiin’s pendants to Gakisan’s Disney figure collection they’re all so cute~♥! It’s notable of how spacious both Airiin’s and Riichan’s rooms are….which I envy so much mines being sooooo crowded (*´艸`)!!!。。how Mittsi shares her bedroom with her “oneechan” (“older sister”) and while despite the seemingly busyness* of Gakisan’s room there’s a very distinct serenity in her photos in particular with her wall clock and lamp set~up…..Gakisan’s cutest of iPods is also noted to be filled with K~Pop too ^ ^。And while Mittsi and Gakisan went as far as to show us their beds, Gakisan’s looks most confy~* that and we now see that her snuggle partner for sleepy time is none other than the most adorable Stich o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥。。hm there are Hawaii ties too in that partnership ne~* very sweet♥!

And before leaving I must say that there’s something really *~mystical~* about Riichan’s entire bedroom♥!! From her door’s greeting to those awesome Santa’s who see daylight year~round? XD…..the black cat plushy, her “yubiwa box” (“finger ring box”) to her pink~fairy~d “suitou” (“water bottle/ canteen”)….all so magically sweet! And it may not be too often that girls will allow boys an intimate peek~* inside their bedrooms….enjoy o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

Whom has the cutest bedroom♥?

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to ~Idol♥bedrooms Hello!Project style~..the mystical, shared & which Hello!Girl snuggles with Stitch?

  1. Mikey says:



  2. Hi Mikey~*! Oh Nacchi's "Screen" single was so bitter~sweet (人∀`*)。。。still sad to know she's graduated so long ago and with the exception of a single concert release~* which was really awesome♥!!! I think Nacchi would have a most organized and cute room for sure…..lol that's probably very right ^ ^。


  3. akaisuki says:

    I LOVE LOVE Mitsui Aika's tiger kigurumin


  4. J-pyon says:

    Just Like Kame my room is a mess so im always envious of those with the neat and orderly room. So saying that i think gaki-san comes across as the clean and orderly one in HP even when she was young she seemed so mature lol. (^_^)V


  5. So so~* cute ♥♥♥ ^ ^!!sadly Mittsi hasn't gotten any votes yet :/.


  6. I so can relate (/∇\*)。。、like if only I were a bit more organized myself :P! Gakisan is so adorable and yes~! so organized….her pre~thought on a vacation to a theme park were for example soooooo funny on Music Fighter♥! and yet I just can't get the image of the early morning raid of said one Kamei's♥ bedroom on a particular day~* where not only it was a mess XD but lol her demeanor was so adorable with her new haircut and megane then and ummmm…..the mess…(^q^)!


  7. Slasha says:

    I didn't know H!P people had such interesting rooms XD I wish they would show Nacchi's and Kaorin's rooms. Now that would be cool!


  8. I would so so love to see Nacchi's room!!!…I have a vision of hers being most organized but it's really just a guess based on her overall personality~*. I think it would be most warm and heart~ful as Nacchi has such a naturally wonderful motherly way about her which really showed whenever she was able to perform with or mentor the younger members on stage or set. She was so great with Maimichan during their duet single~* and with the younger generations and now I've gone way off topic XD! Hmm….Kaorin's room…….I think would be the most organized of any H!P member lol sorry it's my imagination again :P.


  9. OpsMonkey says:

    I voted for Risa just because I also have a Stitch in my room sitting along my H&A dolls. But her room looks the most interesting to me & her iPod case rocks. I'd say Rii's room comes in a close 2nd after.


  10. Oh Stitch is so adorable~♥ and blue which earns him extra points, really big bonus if he were pink though…(^q^)! The H&A dolls are so awesome!!!!..I wanted them too and found them on auctions but they were sooooooo expensive!!! From reading various fan's blogs though I realize that their original price warrants this so much but it's heartbreaking to fight over dolls knowing that you have little chance of winning the auction @ the end :/. U~n Gakisan's room would be the most fun to visit~* and who knew that Rii was so mystical @ heart o(*´∀`)o゛♥!


  11. HarimaKenji says:

    I'd like to see Kojiharu's room. according to Miichan, it's pure chaos, and I'd like to see if that's true ~ or Kamei's, I think Gaki once said it's not very organized… But I guess they'd clean up before showing it, so we'll never know…


  12. A~h remember those early morning room sneak~attacks? Nacchi being terrified, Reinachan being annoyed but I they were putting something on her face I can't remember at the moment what it was but Kamei's♥ was the funnies…(^q^)! She was actually already awake and wearing her glasses but her entire room was a mess…although it was a hotel room but still so funny and she's so cute~* when embarrassed!


  13. HarimaKenji says:

    I remember some very old ones with Morning Musume that I saw on YouTube… it was Yuuko-era Momusu, 4th gen had just got in and I remember videos with them ~ Here, I uploaded Aibon's on YouTube ~I just saw yesterday a recent one with Kojiharu, with a pretty interesting twist… There were 5 (or 4?) comedians there and each of them had to go into her room and do a "mission" without waking her, as a game ~ but then in the end they didn't talk to her too much or anything when she woke up =/


  14. HarimaKenji says:

    Here's Rika, Nacchi and Yossie ~


  15. omg! I've never even seen the Yossi one before!!! I have the others on a disc somewhere lost on a spindle (^q^)! Nacchi's and Yossi's reactions were the most genuine and funny!!! Especially Nacchi as who would've known she was such a deep sleeper?? And when that host guy drank from her bottle omg! so funny and then I guess they sort of indirectly kissed (・o・);!So creepy though each time those guys got into bed with them! (sigh….) really reminds so much of how Aibon was back then just so adorable and so funny that she wasn't freaked out in the slightest. I guess these are really common on Japanese variety programs and somehow I imagine Kohiharu not being too amused XD! I have a program where Arashi's♥ rooms are sneaked into that's really funny!!!!…and just to see how everyone sleeps is always amusing too ^ ^。


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