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Who knew that Penguins could write??? (^q^)!

Penguin♥ Seriously at first while he stood atop the high snowy cliff, I was wondering what he was going to do……then imagining that omg! he was going to pee what I had typed (´。・д・。)!!!。。but okay happily~* it was not the … Continue reading

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~嵐 Building the perfect Monster♥~

嵐♥ in “Monster” Arashi “Monster” LE & RE single releases~* Oh the joy~* that Arashi♥ always shows in their work! And with the included “Monster” pv making of footage which brings the LE’s bonus DVD up to a running time … Continue reading

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AKB48 flashbacks/ Miichan, Takamina & hello~* Team K! UTB Vol.176 Oct. 2006~

Minegishi Minami in UTB Vol.176 October 2006… UTB Vol.176 October 2006 (the DVD issues…) Continuing with my ongoing look back @ AKB’s appearances in UTB we’re now up to the October 2006 issue. Here Miichan, Maririn and Takamina have solo … Continue reading

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おやちゅ♥みなしゃい( 」´0`)」~♪

今、眠い。。。眠い。。 今夜の眠いタイム曲は?♥ ↓↓↓↓ おやすみ(´-ω-`) ZARD "Yureru omoi" single cover (Scan0008) 02 ジャスト・フォー・ユー Zard "Just for you" Faindaa no naka tereta shigusa wa (The gestures shined in the finder) ano koro to kawaranai (Is the same as that time) chikaku ni … Continue reading

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~AKB48 5/26/10 senbatsu results~!

AKB48 senbatsu happyou 5/26/2010 (click~* click~* for larger image =) ) AKB's "senbatsu" is not only so unique but it also produces such decisive results as to the current state of their fans and which members are @ the top … Continue reading

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~Stay away from those deep fried avocados (*>ω<)!!!

Deep fried avocados (ノロ≦。)!!! Not only do I tend to stay away from anything deep fried, but now tonight and just about a half an hour or so ago I now have a new found distaste for deep fried avocados … Continue reading

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~Noto Arisa’s HAPPY!STYLE goes indies with 「NO NIGHT EDEN」~

Noto Arisa "NO NIGHT EDEN" booklet (cover scan) 能登有沙 "NO NIGHT EDEN" album release (initial pressing) This was really one of the more difficult indies releases~ to acquire I found as ex~Hello!Project member Noto Arisa's first mini album "NO NIGHT … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Zard Forever~

This gallery contains 100 photos.

Sakai Izumi (edit: all audio & video clips which were lost during my move from Vox to WordPress have been re~uploaded to this post. If there are any other older posts dated before September 12th, 2010 (originally “Vox” posts) in … Continue reading

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~If you only had a minute to turn someone on~*….

♪♪~♥ ….to music lol, hmmm what were you thinking of??? (。ーωー。)。。。。。、 So anyway if you had just a minute to think about it (no cheating XD!) what five songs would you choose if you were trying to turn a friend … Continue reading

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Vista may be hating me…please help (/∇\*)!

I didn't think anything of it at first, but yesterday I was planning to watch a movie on my laptop only to have my vlc media player not respond so I first thought that perhaps it was the DVD? So … Continue reading

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