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Oshima♥Yuko “Yuko no arienai nichijou” shashinshuu~*! Okay~* I’m in love♥!!!!…not in a girl/girl type of way so don’t get any ideas~ (。ーωー。)。。。but just today I received Korin’s most recent shashinshuu release~* and while she’s already been my most favorite♥ AKB … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~The Masters, well sort of…it’s Yuukorin♥ vs. Airiin♥ (*≧▽≦)♪

Yuukorin Golf (Nike poster type A♥ :P) Tiger…”The Eyes have it” Well Augusta is upon us again…..omg I’m trying to sound all serious and yet I know not much about golf technique and I once “scored” a 35 on that … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Queen & Elizabeth「Love♥Wars」~ is…

Queen & Elizabeth first press Type A “Love♥Wars” single w/ poster & photo card …cute* sexy* sultry* rambunctious* cool~*!!! Just a hint of how taken I am currently with this new single from the house of AKB love♥!!! While both … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Yuichan~♥ (* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!

Yuichan♥ Happy Birthday April 2010 昨日は、唯ちゃんのハッピバスーデイイベントがありました~*!!!皆しゃん。。可愛いね!ゆいちゃん♥もう十九歳です~でも、若いよね本とに~*(人∀`*)。。。。最近ね~、彼女は大好き♥なアイドルです! ゆいちゃんへ誕生日おめでとうございます!!!

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~Happy Easter♥Bunny Sunday~*!

Happy Easter 2010 idol♥ style~*! Happy Easter 2010 idol♥ style~* I continue to wonder??? 何で (・c_・;)?。。why bunnies♥ and Easter? Eggs and Easter?….maybe a less of a mystery than the bunny♥ I'm sure and yet you can't help but embrace~* and … Continue reading

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~A most beloved♥ performance…Arashi “Be with you.”

Arashi “Be with you” Summer 2007… Arashi “Be with you” (Summer Tour 2007 Final Time- kotoba no chikara-) live~* With Arashi’s♥ soon to be released Anniversary Tour 5×5 DVD (JABA-5067) reaching fans on April 7th!! Wait, wait for it…. ….ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!okay … Continue reading

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I've been meaning for awhile to write an update~* on things happening in my life right now….and not long ago you may remember me speaking of closing this blog…well not stupidly deleting it again (ノロ≦。)!。。but rather just have it stay … Continue reading

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Momusu "America hatsu jouriku live" DVD… I think my camera died today….so it's back to cell phone photos with no flash…(u_u*)! I'm not sure what's happened but it's like the lens doesn't "see" anymore as the LCD screen is dark … Continue reading

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