Morning Musume。「10 MY ME」~♥!!

While I totally missed out the photo card I’m so so happy~* with the DVD included with the LE!

And has Momusu♥ ever sounded so polished?!! From songs such as Aichan & Gakisan’s duet on “Ano hi ni modoritai” to “Nanchatte renai” there’s an abundance of most sweet~* and sophisticated melodies on “10 MY ME” all coming from Tsunku’s pen… no not that* pen as that came out a bit odd, an actual pen (*≧▽≦)。。。!The mini interludes of rap~~* also add an edge on select tracks and while Momusu’s current musical direction has a very varied palette they’ve always managed to keep their identity intact as so many here can be considered signature~*.

And while graduations come and go with sudden and often unexpected flurries at times, now with this much more stable line~up of members at Momusu’s core it lends so much to something which can’t be stated enough…that being their vocals. I remember vividly…now seemingly so long ago fans at times berating Sayu’s vocals but surely now not a single fan I think can ignore just how much she’s grown vocally as has the entire group and even with the latter generations~*, here vocally Momusu’s sound is near top notch with “10 MY ME” making that statement.

While I’ve previously gushed~* about the singles♥ “Kimagure Princess”, “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai” and the oh so addictive “Shouganai yumeoibito” which are still very much stand~outs on the album there’s so so much more to love here o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!!!I imagine everyone’s already listened countless times so here are just my most favorite♥ of tracks from “10 MY ME”…….

.. from my most most fave♥ being “Loving you forever!!!!” A song that makes you feel~* so much emotion not only lyrically….the melody so majestic (人∀`*)。And a~h Sayu’s solo so adorable!!! With “Nanchatte renai” Tsunku really tugs at your heart~strings perhaps not in an obvious way but instead with its melancholy~* and “Namidacchi” for its euphoric energy in chorus and cutest of little raps!!! Still “Genki pikappika!” I found to be the most adorable song on the album and easily could have been a single I thought although with the current style of a~sides, perhaps it would seem out of place? And with a new Aichan/ Gakisan duet in “Ano hi ni modoritai” it’s reminiscent of their beautiful collaboration in “Koe” which are both pure ~♥~!!! The challenges of an entirely Chinese language version of “Ame no furanai hoshi de wa aisenai darou?” surely must’ve had everyone up to the task~* and I imagine with guidance and inspiration from both Junjun and Linlin it’s nothing short of sweet~* and immaculate!

04 涙ッチ
Morning Musume

~Really awesome live version of “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai” @ Nakano Sunplaza and also included on the extra DVD LE edition~* are individual member solo pvs♥ for “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai”…..amazing bonus!!! Most are wonderfully playful and even seductive at times, especially with Aichan though as she absolutely owns and seduces the camera like no one else ………(゜∀゜)………。♥♥♥!Also love those catwalk scenes as really everyone here looks so model~like! Sayu too I felt had one of the very best solo versions as the girlie~girl♥ of the group, it’s really her insatiable cutesy qualities and love! love! how her nuances in gestures come across…Sayu never change っo(*´∀`)o♥。


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2 Responses to Morning Musume。「10 MY ME」~♥!!

  1. J-pyon says:

    I really think that Tsunku hit a home run with this album. The Girls sound magnificent and the songs are all good. This album is one of my favs and when im at school im always listening to this masterpiece, actually i listen to it during tests as well and since im always getting an A on my tests it makes me think their may be a correlation here hmmm…10 MY ME = A.(maybe). chu. (^_^)V


  2. I so so agree~! \(^o^)/。。Tsunku~san receives a gold~☆ for his songwriting here!!! U~n the vocals are really outstanding throughout!…so many songs I'm in love with too o(*´∀`)o゛♥。Sweet~*….Momusu has put you in a learning mood ^ ^。


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