Is today national SPAM Day?…this is most saddening (+_+).

SPAM is so popular~* here that at times I think they should move wherever their factory is to Hawaii♥ え~へ(*≧▽≦)!。。however that's so not the Spam I'm speaking of sadly (+_+)。

Seems today I've received an extra abundance of strange and mostly confusing comments in seemingly randomly selected photos or posts including….

Sophie who wrote: " Thanks for this great work is very useful for all readers, I thank you for allowing me to read this great information. Lots in Costa Rica" in my Neo Magazine post….notable here is the link at the end =(.

Johnathan Nadeau who wrote: "I congratulate, it is simply excellent idea" in my C-ute's SHOCK!" post. I'm not even sure of what that really means as it sounds so random and what is it being said in context of? =(

Giles Bass who wrote: "It seems to me, what is it already was discussed, use search in a forum" in this photo from Kohachan's "Kirarin Revolution song selection"…..I mean it's a photo, no article just a photo scan so that makes no sense whatsoever =(.

Harold Lohr who wrote: "It at all does not approach me" in my ~AKB48 flashbacks/ Breaktime~* with Harutaccharina…" post. I don't even know where to begin with this one….makes no sense either, what's the point of this =(.

Todd Gaither who wrote: "I think, that you commit an error. I can prove it. Write to me in PM" in my Arashi's 2009~2010 Johnny's School Calendar should include a life size Nino figure! post. Why does this person want to speak to me in a PM and not just write their intentions? ぇええ〜ッΣ(゜ロ゜;ノ)ノ!? I have no idea of what sort of error could be in a post simply about Arashi♥ and their calendar….it's just so weird and unwanted really……Spam. Don't people have better things to do =(.

Edit: I've been as quickly as possible, blocking all spammers and deleted all of their unwanted random comments which make no sense….and yet new ones keep appearing although late today (May 1st) it's lessened quite a lot…no it's become quite bad again =(!!! I need to find a solution and quick.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to Is today national SPAM Day?…this is most saddening (+_+).

  1. I got so many spam comments as well and ignored all of them.


  2. CK says:

    Think of it as a testament to your popularity XP


  3. Choshi says:

    oh, without this post, i will also be confused.. i recently received a comment about me committing an error and i have to PM him… And it was just a link post to a forum! i think the site is having problems about this…


  4. yodcAlger says:

    we tend to get them every so often as well…usually with an embedded hyperlink and the comment is usually left on a reeeeeally old blog entry


  5. HarimaKenji says:

    You might be confused because some of them
    didn't leave a link in the message… They're exploiting the links on
    their names to their VOX blogs. If you check the blogs, they all have
    the same content repeated multiple times, long lists of keywords about
    jobs. It's a classic scheme to get people there through Google, and they
    need outward links from different pages to get a good place on search
    results. Also, the more popular the blog that links to them, the better
    they do on Google, and your blog is as popular as they get on VOX. Why
    they want to do that is another story, but that's what they're doing.Trouble

    is, I doubt VOX has good (or any) anti-spam protection. Since only
    members can comment, VOX likely thinks it's okay to not worry about the
    comments, and just take measures to stop people from automatically
    creating accounts to post spam, and deleting the ones that appear; that
    means if someone does break VOX's registration captcha, you'll be seeing
    lots and lots of spam.If you do see more of them, especially if
    they're all the same kind (these jobs thing) you might want to make a
    list of the accounts and send it to VOX. Since all of them have the same
    / similar posts, they might delete all of them at once, including any
    ones that still haven't spammed your blog.


  6. I'm only now understanding what their intentions are with HarimaKenji's explanation~*……I'm still receiving a few more today but I've blocked them and then deleted their comments :/.


  7. E~h?? I find it very hard to believe! lol I'm naturally regarded as a dork mostly (^q^)!


  8. ……ah seems they have ulterior motives.


  9. I'm understanding much more now as to what these odd comments are really there for so I've begun blocking these psuedo~vox people and I'm deleted most of them as they really make no sense (+_+)。Sad, I've gotten even more today it seems….


  10. Thank you~* I was so wondering why this was happening and so suddenly too as so many random~like names have been appearing here. I did click on a few and saw the job related sites…it's just sad that some people would want to manipulate search engines and not even have any regard for the sites they're spamming :(. I've been blocking every one of their accounts so they can't come back, well with the same log~in I guess :/ and yet it seems endless as more have appeared today. I also have saved their sites in a folder so that Vox can know about this as you've suggested and I just hope this passes very soon. Thank you~* again so much for all of your insight and knowledge…I feel much better now knowing why these people do such things albeit I think it's sad.


  11. It really does seem that Vox is under a sudden spam attack (*>ω<)!!。。just hopefully these people stop soon as it's quite annoying to have so many random and meaningless comments everywhere and I'm still receiving them today :/. As HarimaKenji explained it's being done for a sort of search manipulation…just really unfortunate that they use others with no regard at all :/. I've been blocking their Vox accounts and deleting their messages…..I've left a few of the older ones here just for an example in case anyone else receives them and is curious. Hopefully it stops soon.A~h! and in much happier news your Arashi♥ prizes have been mailed this week so please let me know that they've arrived safely….they were sent first class so I hope they reach you soon ^ ^。


  12. Choshi says:

    i hope those spams stop too… It's quite troublesome and confusing… about the prizes… thank you very much! i'll inform you once i receive them… i'm so excited too!


  13. Ugh! still receiving more today…I think 8 spam comments (ノロ≦。)!!


  14. CK says:

    you aren't alone, they are starting to hit my VOX too


  15. Ugh! (ノロ≦。)!in all I've gotten 21 of these spam comments….I thought they would stop or at least slow a bit but it hasn't been the case :/. Still I keep blocking these accounts and then deleted their nonsense comments as soon as I can….funny today I was able to do a few of them in a matter of seconds after their posting =). I may have a most huge favor to ask in the near future…


  16. HarimaKenji says:

    If your huge favor is something like restricting comments to only people who are on your neighborhood/friends and asking those who want to comment to add you there so you can allow them… I'd have done that already.


  17. Thank you~* so much, you sparked me changing my privacy settings here and I'm so sorry I'm replying here so late (._.;).


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