~Coverboy Kimutaku♥ w/ AKB48 in latest issue of Popeye~!

It always makes me smile~* seeing those GATSBY ads which Kimutaku has been doing for quite awhile now ( ̄▽ ̄)!!!。。as they never fail to appear while watching episodes of SmapxSmap♥. I especially love the "moving rubber" commercial where he's dancing and my mom says he looks strange for some reason doing that…(^q^)!

Hmm..I've never owned an issue of Popeye until now with their latest issue….it's a long running fashion magazine and the only reason it caught my eye initially was Kimutaku gracing~* its cover ………(゜∀゜)………。♥♥♥!

But there's also AKB48 here too which is a bit of a surprise as it's mainly a fashion magazine for men…well with eyecandy galore for girls too!!!! Love Smap and adore Kimutaku the most~* and I think many may have been heartbroken when he married Kudo Shizuka but I'm also so happy~* for them ^ ^!Can you believe they've now been married for 10 years…..so sweet~* ne o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

I scanned just the Kimutaku feature along with AKB48's appearance and while, well this is supposed to be all about the clothes and fashion….but we'll see about that (。ーωー。) ♪ ♪。。。。。

~AKB48♥in Popeye May 2010~

It's just two pages of AKB48 love here, but how awesome everyone looks!! Plus two of my most favorites♥ are up front and center!! And it may just be me but I think Korin♥ so often has the cutest/odd facial expressions as she does above although it's a bit more subtle than usual….it's like a partial smile~* thingie going on..love it \(^o^)/♥!!!Here Korin is joined by Acchan, Tomochin, Harunyan and Jurina (whom at first I couldn't find on my AKB48 ranker and then discovered she's actually a member of SKE48, Matsui Jurina XD…interestingly though AkiP has had a bit of collaboration between his groups as Jurina has performed on an AKB48 single with "Oogoe Diamond" =) )

And it's really cool that they're featured in Popeye as AKB ='z awesome fashion sense in the most profound of ways!!!! And with their release~* of their very own fashion book "Wagamama Girlfriend" just recently which I've ordered but am yet to receive (;´□`)。。。the timing is so perfect here! Did I mention that Korin♥ is in this mini article? (。ーωー。)!、。。and I've just gone a sort of Korin♥ shopping spree~* of sorts (*´艸`)!!I purchased 35 of her photos (wait!!! I think that number just went up!)  (the B.L.T. ones are scary though just so so expensive so I tried to keep away (・д・`*)!!!), an autographed shashinshuu~* w/ event photo, "cube" strap with a cute photo!, her 2010 calendar♥, special~* B.L.T. Springtime Daruma head w/ photo Korin edition♥♥♥, a few print signed "shikishi" (which are like a fancy board panel) and a few other thingies. I promise~* to post when they each arrive ^ ^*。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~Coverboy Kimutaku♥ w/ AKB48 in latest issue of Popeye~!

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Jurina didn't just participate in Oogoe Diamond, she took the lead from Acchan =P I heard a lot of people hated her for that back then ~ she's the most promoted SKE48 member, by far. She's always on AKBINGO! too, so you'll see more from her sooner or later ~Kudo Shizuka? Really? I didn't even know he was married. So male idols can get married and have a career? Cool! … anyway, if I remember right, Kaorin impersonated her once on Hello! Morning, and then it turned into a recurrent character in the comedy skits… A very creepy character. Ogawa's was way better, in the same monomane competition she debuted the "old man from a cold place traveling in tokyo and making Yuuko literally ROFL"-character. Good times.


  2. I'm so looking forward to AKB48's pv♥ collection release~*!!!! Without
    having yet watched any live performances I'm yet to match directly the
    solo members vocals to their songs….and this is so so important to
    know. I'm hoping with their pvs♥ I'll be able to identify even better
    with their vocals and even personalities as that shines through too I
    imagine just as it does with H!P. I'm so happy that I know who she is
    now as it would have confused me to see her on AKBINGO!..with me just
    wondering why can't I find her in my AKB48 member ranker? XD So funny
    but the ranker is so perfect~* as I can check it to see members so I can
    get to know them much better….I know I'm such a dork (*´艸`)!Oh no it's sad that fans went against her =(…I learning how Acchan is so popular and yet I'm sure even Acchan was happy~* to share the spotlight ne~.A~h
    it's one of those industry double standards it seems :/….I feel so
    badly for the girl idols not being able to do the same without being
    written badly about, fired or stalked by a tabloid =(….but lucky for
    guys I guess. I feel so much for girl idols♥ though as personally I
    don't think I could cope with not being able to date and then even
    having to keep it a secret it would be so stressful just knowing the
    possible consequences. Ugh I've gone way off topic here….um I posted
    about my feelings on this awhile back…it's somewhere on this
    site…lol I'm so disorganized (*>ω<)。。。but I think it may have
    been written about the time that poor Kannachan was spotted with Ryosuke
    I think? It was him I think?? Oh yes that was a bit creepy with the
    sleepy eyes thing going on and most impressive was how Kaorin monomane'd
    her voice to perfection! You'd never imagine it but Kudo Shizuka has an
    unusually awesome voice!!! Most unique!!! Makochan sugoine~*!!!! Her
    old man monomane was the best and it cracked me up so much too! A~h
    you've gotten me so nostalgic for great H!M episodes from back then!!!
    Yossi as Rikachan's husband priceless~*….Nono and Aibon as their
    mischievous children and so poor in their skits….Yossi vs. Rikachan as
    Angel vs. Devil was great too….even Mikitty as that giant bird who'd
    drop golden poop! so funny omg okay I'll shut up already (*´艸`)。。。!


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Ohh, I loved those kindergarten parts with Nono and Aibon ~ I have somewhere here a bunch of screencaps from an episode when they got up on their desks and started singing enka, too great ~ and then when Nacchi-sensei asks them how they know that, they say "Papa and Mommy always sing this together at night… crying…" And everything Ogawa and Yossie did was awesome.


  4. A~h I forgot about Nacchi's sensei role and I love how glasses can immediately make one the head of authority XD! Nono & Aibon…just that pairing will never see anything like it again I imagine. The timing, their individual personalities working so well together and their looks so adorable and funny so much of the time! "Bakajo" is legendary and how she wore the crown at the end…but also funny how Gakisan was so adorably clueless too…I mean she was so much younger than most members at the time and schooling~wise too and so her answers and reactions to sensei were so priceless~* (*´∀`*)。Makes you want to bottle up those memories and keep them frozen forever….♥. The Thane I think his name was?…academy episode was awesome too!! "cheese in hand…." and Nacchi not knowing of Mt. Fuji~san's height??! :O…..her art too was creepy with her drawing of the warning sign…(^q^)! You've gotten me so much into a H!M mood right now…miss seeing it so much as it was back then, really such an amazing idol♥ program for the ages~* ^ ^。


  5. akaisuki says:

    kimura! stay hot as always~


  6. う~ん!そうそう~o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥!


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