~AKB48 flashbacks/ Breaktime~* with Harutaccharina (*≧▽≦)♪ UTB Vol.175 Aug. 2006~

Takamina, showing us how to perform one of my most favorite♥ activities in life, sleep which I don’t get enough of though (+_+)。。。and I just love Japanese style~* nicks so from here forth whenever Kojima Haruna, Maeda Atsuko, Nakanishi Rina and Takahashi Minami♥ are seen together in these flashback posts they’ll be known as “Harutaccharina” え~へ*(*≧▽≦)♪。

Okay I’m odd I know to think such a thing (。ーωー。)。。。。but here as I continue to educate myself with AKB48 by taking out past issues of UTB and really thank goodness for having this subscription for now what has been I think the past 14~15 years I think??…as it’s proved so valuable time and time again as UTB’s coverage of all things~idol♥ has been amazing for all of these years!

The theme is “intermission” (break~time) (kyuukei*) and it’s amazing to learn that Harunyan has been featured in so many of AKB48’s a~side singles!!!…maybe all of them I think till now? And Acchan here still looks so young while Rinatin is a big Ayaya♥ fan~* \(^o^)/☆ I’m beginning to sound like a broken record in saying but it’s just that every time I see Takamina I’m reminded of SPEED’s Erikochan♥ so much and in seeing Takamina’s personality a bit more now she definitely seems to have a motherly type of aura about her….something really natural too about this o(*´∀`)o゛。I just noticed that Rinatin is no longer a member??…graduated?

Enjoy all of the sleeping~*, photo shoots and basketball…..in seifuku♥. Actually just about everything should be performed in seifuku♥ ne~* where possible. Seifuku~cooking, seifuku~volleyball (lol I’m just not a fan of bloomers so much w/ athletics XD!), seifuku~napping, seifuku~sleepovers, seifuku~dancing, seifuku~***??? Gosh I do think that happens (・o・)!

AKB48 in UTB Vol.175 August 2006

Takamina♥ is now up at least 3 ranking points tied with Tomochin♥ on my AKB48 member ranker, note to self …_〆(・∀・@) when I re~do my individual match~ups with Joh’s program~* ^ ^。And the single being featured in the article is AKB48’s second single “Skirt, hirari.” I’m searching for something about “senbatsu” (literally means “selection” but here it’s where a popular fan vote decides which members are prominently featured on their a~sides!) but didn’t notice anything written here……I wonder if senbatsu was always practiced with AKB48’s singles or if it began much later……much more learning needed っo(*´∀`)o!


~Best expression of the day~*!! A~h Takamina so adorable ^ ^♥!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~AKB48 flashbacks/ Breaktime~* with Harutaccharina (*≧▽≦)♪ UTB Vol.175 Aug. 2006~

  1. lol my mind wanders into oddness sometimes っo(*´∀`)o。。。I know I once created a special~* make believe unit for H!P too somewhere it's here XD. It's going to keep happening to with member shuffling in my ranking….Harunyan is irresistible for sure and yet not knowing much of anything about her earlier I didn't rank properly (*´艸`)!!So awesome that there AKB48's most prominent members and they're featured in their main song releases~* and for awhile silly me was worried that Korin♥ would be graduated and then I would have had a break down of sorts (/∇\*)!!!!W~ah! it was like a strobe~lighting attack (人∀`*)!!!。。that's such an awesome gif!!!! Are some songs like H!P's shuffling of members with their songs?….like in H!P concerts with everyone participating they'll have different members perform either solo or jointly with other members who aren't on the original recorded versions of particular songs. It's always so much fun to see/hear familiar songs performed by other beloved members. "Bird" seems like a solo song although I know I'm clueless to ask and Takamina♥ is purely awesome in this performance!!!!! I just favorite~d your link….she has such presence on stage too and I love her voice, it's strong ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ !!


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    From what I've seen, they shuffle all the time in the big concerts (not stages). They're not afraid of experimenting, with questionable results sometimes (Tsundere without Tomochin, what's the point?) and eventual gems (MARIA with Takamina + Tomochin + Miichan… I'd have already sent it to you if I could find this version on youtube -_-').Takamina rules them all on stage ~ could it be the name Takahashi? She overall remembers me more of Yaguchi though. She has a lot of exposition, good speaker, would definitely have the range to go from MiniMoni to original Tanpopo, and she's tiny.


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    *but on the Top 100 shows the members are always the original ones from each song. And they use the original clothes too, even when they're the male idol clothes from no3b's dorama Mendol.


  4. In the past I've been caught by surprise when during H!P concerts, then some of the very young members of C-ute or BK would sing a song by the likes of Def.Diva something just so sexy~* and mature like and still it's always worked really well ^ ^。And I so agree that with some songs it's just not a great idea to mix up the member line~ups so much and especially if it's a signature~like song…..it just can't be as enjoyable then :/.A~h Aichan♥ the ultimate performer!..one of the most professional members that H!P has ever employed…top notch dancer, wonderful mentor (something she doesn't get the credit she deserves for)…and she's so awesome with her solos and has such a great presence~*. I'm just realizing their heights more and more too and in recent photos…..I just realized how tiny Korin♥ really is she's so so adorable~*, tiny is wonderful lol but I may be slightly biased as I'm really short too o(*´∀`)o゛。I think that makes so much sense too as fans surely in that type of atmosphere and concert would surely want to see the songs performed like their originals and not rather like "experimental" line~ups for lack of a better description (._.;)…W~ow! that's so so cool!!!! Outfits~! Just the thought I know means so mcuh!!! I remember being a bit sad not seeing Momusu perform "The Man Power!!!" in their awesome ultra sexy~* togas♥♥♥!!!! They did wear them initially but in later concerts they stopped wearing them and for that song in particular the visuals are so much a part of the complete song experience to be able to fully appreciate how awesome the choreography was too…till this day those togas♥ are my #1 favorite♥ Momusu outfits for a single all time っo(*´∀`)o!


  5. Shar says:

    About the senbatsu. It's basically just a term for the girls who gets selected for the A-side singles by the management. It's typically divided into the "upper senbatsu" (the most popular girls who appear in every single A-side a.k.a Acchan & Co.), the "lower senbatsu" (less popular girls like Sayaka, Kitarie etc who are barely making it into singles), and what is now known as the "Undergirls" (which is just about everybody else who gets to perform the B-side instead). Senbatsu members fluctuate, because the number of girls required varies from single to single (7 for "Skirt, Hirari", 15 for "RIVER" and so on) and also depends on which girls management wants to push.


  6. Hi Shar~*, thank you so much for explaining ^ ^。I was thinking that senbatsu occurred much more often with fan votes determining which members get to appear on a~sides….I've seen images of the announcement for "Iiwake maybe" and the emotions!!! It makes you want to cry to just knowing how much pressure is on everyone to want to gain the popularity amongst fans, must be so overwhelming and you can just see it on their faces (;´□`)。。。a~h it's so different hearing how the girls are divided as such and I imagine many fans have favorites also in the undergirls ranking. W~ah! they're doing it again!! It's such a dramatic way to choose the featured members and maybe even a bit cruel in some ways but I can see how this process really can help to heighten everyone's effort~* and how much excitement and anticipation it can create which surely is a media boost!!…not that AKB needs much more as they're so popular o(*´∀`)o゛♥。I just feel so badly for the members who don't rank very high with fan voting and it's really a bit mixed for me…still I understand why they're doing it. CK has shared~* so much of his experiences as he's been to their theater so so many times!!! It's awesome that an idol♥ group can perform daily~* and yet I so understand what you mean as how it may become a bit too routine for the girls having the same thing repeated so often. I'm all for mixing things up!!….love love to see/hear new takes and interpretations of familiar songs but I'm thinking that since I'm still a newbie with AKB my first time watching will be much more enjoyable seeing the original members perform and then a bit later seeing the shuffles will be that much more enjoyable~ っo(*´∀`)o!Mmm….I'm a bit, no very much of a dummy when it comes to programs in general so bit torrent is something I haven't tried XD. It's okay though as HarimaKenji has posted a link~* where the files are ready to play after download so know I'm watching their variety programming beginning with AKBINGO! Thank you~* so much for the "stage48" site link!!!! You're very sweet~* Shar, I appreciate it so much ^ ^*。


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