~AKB48♥ flashbacks/ Their debut in UTB Vol.173 April 2006 + introductions & indies single debut~

Unlike H!P♥, my education of AKB♥ when looking for their very roots will largely rely on printed literature I can find and what's available on the web~*.

It all started with an auction sighting….lol I'm sort of an auction junkie~ (*´艸`)。。however upon stumbling on an auction for UTB DVDS which were a sort of brief offering from this amazing~ publication (the seller had I think every edition for sale and it sold quite quickly!!!), the "key word" being AKB related I had one of those OMG! moments~* (・o・)!!!。。Korin♥ in UTB all those years ago???…AKB48 in UTB all those years ago!!! Sugoi ne~* as sometimes you have possession of literature and an abundance of photos and media with content there you just not knowing!!!!..just that your interest was misguided all those years and just not being aware (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ So I quickly searched through my UTB issues searching for AKB48♥ and um……well Korin♥ (*≧▽≦)♪

Aichan's♥ beautiful cover here also marks the debut of the UTB DVD!!!…with 90 minutes to begin with as running times shortly thereafter grew to 100~110 minutes of idol♥ content. Still miss the UTB DVDs a lot today and I wish~* they'd bring them back as they added so much life to their issues sharing some of the very best idol~ness♥!

For me what's first and foremost notable (besides Tomochin♥ being pretty much un~iden~ti~fy~able in her photo (^q^)! okay this was taken @ 14 XD! and if you saw me @ 14 you'd be omg (・д・`*)!!!) is the front page article featuring key points to AKB48's uniqueness and appeal points as well. It's point 3….and I couldn't be happier~* reading this as that undeniably strong 80's styling~*~~* I've been most moved and impressed with in my earlier posts is stressed here and right at their very beginnings and how Akimoto~san envisioned it all to be~*!!!! A few years in the making now we see the awesomeness of the 80's style so much as it's truly~* transcended time with music……connecting today's generation to that oh so golden era in J~Pop's past っo(*´∀`)o♥!

While I was still in my infant~years (人∀`*)。。。during the early 80's J~Pop era~*, I've always wanted to with most things in my life needed to seek out the origins with any new interests, and of course with the help~* of great friends♥ this undeniable sound~* is so much timeless it seems! I've been meaning to post here three groups in particular whom yield from the Otomejuku♥ era…CoCo, Ribbon and Qlair as I've only touched upon them briefly in the past but I really intend to show the true~* connection between AKB48♥ and all that is golden era of this amazing time in J~Pop and it's all in the song♪ writing~*!!!

AKB48♥, through the genius of Akimoto~san has bridged J~Pop's golden~* past with its future and it's brimming with an insatiable fortune ^ ^。

And in this article their featuring AKB48's debut single…."Sakura no hanabiratachi" which it says was released as an indies single charting @ #1 indies and #10 Oricon!!!! Really awesome for their debut ne~*?, a song said to celebrate "the nostalgic graduation season…." and love the pink cherry blossom inspired seifuku too ^ ^! 

Check~* out Minegishi Minami so adorable!!..Ohe Tomomi @ just 16….she cracks me up so much in her personal clips! And w~ah the future ace~* Acchan @ 14 here it's just amazing to see so cute everyone~*!!! A~h Takahashi Minami~* @ 14 here really looks so much the same and I mean that in a good way~* as she's so pretty and reminds me of Eriko~chan of SPEED ^ ^♥!They really have a resemblance maybe so far as to appearing as sisters ne~* o(*´∀`)o゛。 More UTB meets AKB flashbacks to come ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!

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