~AKB48♥ flashbacks~* Lets Dance w/ “acchi” game♥…UTB Vol.174 June 2006~

In hindsight whats fun in seeing these issues in an all new light~* now, is seeing the progressive relationship~♥ w/ UTB and AKB!…..while looking from issue~to~issue they develop from news to -> new face features to -> fresh! and inevitably to -> covergirls~♥!

Here in just their second prominent appearance the seifuku♥ runs wild in pink~plaid and white with members Oshima Mai, Narita Risa, Minegishi Minami who’s just awesome!!!, Itano Tomomi (Tomochin♥!) whom I’m slightly obsessed with (。ーωー。)。。。。。Okay! a lot obsessed XD!!! and the oh~so~funny Ohe Tomomi~*! Notice how “Tomomi’s♥” rule in AKB!…well until they meet Korin♥ (*≧▽≦)♪!!!!

A most cute UTB photo shoot~*….okay I’ll shut up while you see Team K’s then line~up….I don’t have the fan history =( so I don’t know but I imagine for any longtime fan it must be pretty fun and nostalgic~* to see…………………………..


…..Korin♥!!!!!!!! and Tomochin’s♥ like doing a Street Fighter fireball~?! ala Chun Li♥ XD! or is it inspired by H!P’s Nono and Aibon perhaps? =)

..and in case CK♥ you’re reading looking XD Wow~*!!~!! Meetan @ 22 o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!!Ono Erena somehow is so recognizable and doesn’t Kayochan~* remind you of H!P’s Mako~chan♥?!!! Love the pointing game~* so funny…(^q^)!

AKB48 first video clip~* in UTB June 2006!

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25 Responses to ~AKB48♥ flashbacks~* Lets Dance w/ “acchi” game♥…UTB Vol.174 June 2006~

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Tomochin went through a real transformation <3~ from her old Tsuji-like state to her current Goddess look. I remember when I started watching Team A's Stages, and at the first ones I was like "Hey, I know one of them! There's Tsuji over there XD". Then, at the later ones I was sad she just disappeared =/ and it took me a bit of research to connect the two ~Don't forget to listen to Tsundere if you like Tomochin <3Also, you got it 100% percent right with Kayo = Ogawa, that's perfect all the way to their personalities. She was always on their show a long time ago, but then she disappeared T_T… That also happened to Meetan, she used to appear a lot more…


  2. I've been seeing so much "AX 2010" goods most photos from this event~* on auctions recently….is this an annual event for AKB? Silly me thinks of anime expo whenever I see "AX" XD. By the digital screen atop it looks like a top song countdown or some sort and "Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!" was slated to be next~*!!!! It's one of the cutest~* songs!!! ♥ So so true~* as Tomochin I would never have recognized had her name not been written in the article next to her photo! I mean it really doesn't look like her at all….image or anything appearance wise to today~! She does definitely have that Nono thingie going on for sure!!….awesome too just imagining that H!P was influential to AKB then so much and in particular for individual member's inspiration on styles~*. I just bookmarked the clip~* you linked…."Tsundere" awesome!!! and even the cameraperson surely knows that Tomochin is front and center!! She just has some sort of an aura about her……and overwhelming idol♥ aura? She's amazing~*! A wonderful♥ friend CK here on Vox has been teaching me about AKB48 and his favorite member is Meetan!!! He has a site here~* and he's met her sooo many times!!!! Lucky~*!!!! He taught me about SND48 which graduated members can join….a much sexier* lol it's so funny saying that as AKB is so sexy* already :P! and yet with SND48 they've apparently taken sexiness* to an entirely new level as I've learn~ed from CK's first hand accounts @ his Vox about how their shows are produced!!!! I'm sad to learn that Kayochan is no longer active? =(


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    I don't know how long they've been doing it, but they did it in 2009 too. They perform their top 100 songs, I believe chosen by fans. Every song is performed with no cuts, and it's divided in 4 concerts with 25 songs each.It's always great to watch Tomochin ~ and I feel like Tsundere was made just for her. You know, like Mr. Moonlight was made for Yossie. My favorite AKB performer would be Takamina, but Tomochin is probably second ~ or maybe third to Miichan, I don't know.


  4. Is this their "Request Hour?"….I was so dumbfounded when Guldari asked about it (._.;). So so want to see an entire performance like this~*!!! 100 songs sugoi~*!!! and to be voted by fans♥ even better!!! So wonderful when groups ask fans to participate like with Melon Kinenbi's best of album with fan voting online (it's one of very few that I've gotten to particate♥ in =) ) and Zard also did a fan best of request~* too. The continuous format is amazing so much pressure on the girls I imagine with pre~preparation and choreography overall!!! I was looking at at Team K DVD online for sale but it was a bit pricey….but for a concert like this I'd surely want to have it no matter what the cost….well within reason XD! U~n! I see what you mean just as Yossi's signature song with "Mr. Moonlight!." E~h? lol Tomochin♥ will cry just kidding XD!!! Takahashi Minami…I'm still trying to learn everyone's names XD….Takamina♥ so cute~*!! and she's in just about every magazine photo shoot I have ^ ^。She's such a presence too and out of all of the longer standing members of AKB I think she's kept her look so much the same. I mean you can't really alter perfection in beauty ne~*! She still looks wise reminds me of SPEED's "Eriko~chan" and that's a wonderful thing as I adore her so much o(*´∀`)o゛!!


  5. I've been seeing so much "AX 2010" goods most photos from this event~* on auctions recently….is this an annual event for AKB? Silly me thinks of anime expo whenever I see "AX" XD. >> yes it is an annual event. if i am correct it started around 2007 or 2008.I'm sad to learn that Kayochan is no longer active? =( >>she's still in SDN48 so hopefully she will be active again in the future


  6. Wow that's so awesome!!~! So so many cute photos from this year's event too…so tempting, must control myself XD!It's really wonderful that AKB has SDN48 as for us fans as our favorite idols♥ grow in age so do we and it'd be sad to know that members can't continue on in the main group anymore =(. Great for Kayochan and CK did a really great posting about Meetan just as she was sort of being forced out of AKB and how resilient and amazing she was in accomplishing a feat on her very own…made me cry too (;´□`)。。。it's posted here~*.


  7. Shar says:

    The full title of the event is "AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100". It is held yearly in late January since 2008 at the Shibuya-AX concert hall, hence the short form "AX 2008/2009/2010". It is a concert event with the girls performing their "best 100" songs (as voted by fans) in reverse order over 4 days (25 songs per day).


  8. Hi Shar~*, a~h 'Shibuya-AX'..thank you~* for explaining and I can imagine how this event must be such a difficult ticket to acquire…I've been seeing so much too upcoming autograph opportunity tickets being auctioned for scary high prices (・д・`*)!!!。。must be amazing~* though to be able to witness these in person! Genius format too!!! and on the overhead screen just imagine the suspense of seeing that happen live♥! That just made me smile~* so much ( ̄▽ ̄)。。。for longtime fans~* being able to see even graduated members return to the stage and in such surprise moments no doubt….love love that they keep their set~list a secret for each performance….Ohe Tomomi♥ although I'm a newbie with AKB48, CK initially sent me one of her personal videos where she's at home…and she's one of the most engaging and adorable personalities an idol♥ could ever have o(*´∀`)o゛。Korin gives me *tingles* so much….I know it may be a bit odd to say as a girl but she's so so much pure ~♥~ to me!! Thank you~* so much Shar for educating me so much, you're very knowledgeable and I appreciate you helping me (*´∀`*)。


  9. Hydeo says:

    Itano Tomomi (Tomochin♥!) whom I'm slightly obsessed with
    (。ーωー。)。。。。。Okay! a lot obsessed XD!!! translate for me her obsessed thing haeha :3 TomoTomo <3~~ haha i think i disturb u a lot :3and again, i want so much talk with u in real time ;\… hope someday u can use msn or something, u cant try talk with ur parents about ?


  10. Oh no that was just me thinking out~loud (*≧▽≦)♪。。。not a quote from the article. It seems though that we're never online at the same time, it'll be so late for you I know (+_+)。


  11. Hydeo says:

    is that why u need back to msn , so u can found me every time on :3~~ TomoTomo <3~~


  12. W~ah! you're up really late :O!!! If you'd like to meet in #wotachat it's okay ^ ^。


  13. Hydeo says:

    we can try, what the time diference about us u know ??so we can try chose a time


  14. Gosh I know I should know this by now (._.;)…..I know it'll be really late there though unless I'm able to be online much earlier than I normally am, maybe a google time zone search will help us?


  15. Hydeo says:

    probably :Pu can make this search for us ??if go be in the friday and weekends, i can stay a little more time online in the nite, so we can try a time, but lets go make this wayi stay online until more later, but u come a little early too, so we can have a more time to talk, its ok for u ??


  16. HarimaKenji says:

    WTF Hydeo. Here's your answer. Stop being lazy and go figure it out yourself if you're the one wanting to know it. By the way, that's why I blocked you on MSN.


  17. Hydeo says:

    really u blocked me ?? lol ^^''


  18. Hmm….this weekend's been a bit too busy and I apologize so much. It's just that with Mother's Day and some things happening it'd be much better next weekend I think. U~n I think I'll be able to be here sooner perhaps next weekend…not promising though but I do think I can be online earlier ^ ^。


  19. Oh Hydeo I don't think HarimaKenji will receive your comment unless you click on the "reply" link =).


  20. Hydeo says:

    ok… in the middle of week we se what we can do……….i dont kow why he really block me ^^… i sended an email for him o him msn…i thinked he is my friend at all….i lost some interest on net because of this msg of him…


  21. Hydeo says:

    hey i really dont get why u block me on msn….i thinked we are friends…we always talked about music and programming on msn…really dont understand why the sudden block……………………..


  22. Oh I hope you can speak with one another….I'm sure you can work things out =). Okay maybe we can time it much better…still I don't want to promise as sometimes things come up during the weekends for me but if I'm able to be online earlier maybe we can be in #wotachat ne~*.


  23. Hydeo says:

    i dont see a good point to him block me… we always talked a lot about music and programing,and lot of other things, we sended pics of akb to each other…i dont really get why the sudden block…ok i go check the time diference and tell u later ^^…..sorry, hope u dont think im a idiot and make u lost ur time with me …


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