~When idols karaoke, and let this put to rest the AKB vs. H!P sentiment (*>ω<)。。。

….it’s the beauty~* and power of blogs shining so much ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!
With idol♥ blogs there’s so much insight of daily life to be shared with fans alike~*!

AKB48’s mini unit “no3b” (“No Sleeves” comprised of members Minegishi Minami, Takahashi Minami & Kojima Haruna)

has shared~* what many may have been so

suspecting all along?

Surely idols♥ are fans too ne~* o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥

HarimaKenji~* has opened my eyes even wider!!!

In a very recent post by “no3b’s” Miichan,

she shares her account of their karaoke night….

…and it’s all Hello!Project♥♥♥ up for the mic~*!!

If idols♥ can love and adore their fellow idols’♥…..

..surely all fans♥ can too ne~* o(*´∀`)o゛~*

And they sang♪ really awesome songs!!!!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~When idols karaoke, and let this put to rest the AKB vs. H!P sentiment (*>ω<)。。。

  1. Rebear says:

    A~h!!! This is amazing~! Thanks so much for sharing this blog post, MB! ❤ An all-H!P karaoke night from AKB girls… I would never have imagined~.


  2. HarimaKenji says:



  3. HarimaKenji says:

    I found the Ayaya post ~


  4. I had so much the same reaction~* too just so so happy to know how here there are AKB members being fans of H!P and surely it's vice~versa too ne~* o(*´∀`)o゛。。。I just think that surely idols♥ are fans and supporters of fellow idols♥ in a big way~* and this confirmation right from idols themselves says so much….just really awesome and even though I don't sing very well I'd loved to have karaoke~* in that room so much ^ ^♥!


  5. Oh wow "Ne~" is one of Ayaya's cutest~* pvs♥ for sure!!! So cute too it comes in a special release pouch with a card! The dance I can just imagine other idols wanting to learn as it's so perfect and with the song matches soooo well~*. Thank you~* so much for the AKB48 link to their t.v. programs….I'm so so happy to be able to watch too!! Miichan is awesome♥!!! A~h lol that's so funny and how the truth is revealed ne~*……I've read that Yukorin♥ actually auditioned to be in H!P awhile back..I think it's true? Not the Kohachan♥ audition but I think it was said to be for Gen.8? or Gen. 7 when Tsunku lost his mind and chose no one (´⌒`。)!W~ah! I'd love to have heard Miichan sing "koiING" too it's so much a personal favorite♥ of mine o(*´∀`)o゛。


  6. A~h I almost forgot (._.;)…Miichan's Ayaya♥ post~*!!! Sugoi~*! She's such a fan and I bet Ayaya would be soooooo full of smiles to know too! I love how she comments about the dance for "Ne~e?" so cute!! I just noticed that No Sleeves released a new single just yesterday in Japan….I should have ordered it, will order it ^ ^。


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… I don't know about Yukorin's audition, but it couldn't be Gen 8. That was in September 2006, and she joined AKB48 in April 2006, so it doesn't work. She could have been in one of Gen 7 auditions, but there's nothing on the Japanese Wikipedia about that. Another AKB48 member, Sumire Sato, was a finalist in Gen. 8… it could be a mistake.I'm glad to hear you could watch them =) I wasn't sure if it worked.


  8. A~h (._.;)!!…I did a really bad typo there..it should have read Yukirin ugh (ノロ≦。)!。。and yet maybe I read something wrong as I saw that while going from link to link looking for AKB member clips and I think it was in a forum conversation but not really the topic. So great for Sumire to reach her dream~* of becoming an idol♥ and singing with a group (*´∀`*)。Thank you~* so much..I'm having so much fun seeing so many clips are available there and there's just such a history with AKB now that I may never catch up XD! A~h Hydeo was teasing a bit but in fun..he says you're friends o(*´∀`)o゛。


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Ahh, right, Yuki did participate in Gen 8. I guess AkiP (Akimoto Producer) pays a lot of attention to Morning Musume auditions, there was also an SKE48 girl in Gen 8 (and I'd add, he makes way better choices than Tsunku in this case).


  10. Guldari says:

    AKBにはハロのファンがたくさんいます.ハロのアイドルたちは長い間東京の対象だったからです!はるごん,こじはる,さっし,ゆきりん….ファンの處地では, とても気持ちが良いです.自分が憧れるアイドルを眺めながら夢を育てて自分がその東京の対象であるアイドルになるというのはすごい事ですね!


  11. I do agree so much and I've been always so impressed with Tsunku's judgment in the past as I always wonder just how does one see so much in that moment~*, that an idol inside is waiting to blossom….still a bit lukewarm with Mittsi too although I really like her in Guardians4 so much!!!..she seem to shine~* much more in that element and maybe it's because of less members I wonder? Oh I just received SKE48's new single~*!!….I don't know what I'm doing though trying t grasp so much too soon really XD! I should be just focusing on AKB48 and their units but I was just curious as I love AkiP's sense of the 80's and just how awesome the song writing was back then and him now bringing it back with a modern resurgence!!!


  12. HarimaKenji says:

    Tsunku's judgement is way out of reach for anybody else, I guess. I'm sure he doesn't understand it himself, and if his comments are any close to what he actually does, it's probably true… When I watched the original Asayan audition, I was the whole time trying to understand what Tsunku was thinking, and the comments he made, but it never made 100% sense. Like, he would say something very good about one of them, but not choose her, and then when Nacchi first sang, he just stood there saying nothing but something about the way she held the microphone, and then he chooses her. And then when asked about the group's name, for some reason he starts thinking about food (I think he even suggested Morning Salad at one point…) and then in the end… Morning Musume. No real reasoning given. He just looks at the girls, listens for a few seconds, magic happens in his brain, and he has the answer… But I guess that's what it means to be an expert. Oh, don't bother focusing on anything ~ Just keep doing whatever you like, stop doing the stuff you don't like anymore, and focus takes care of itself. I don't know much about SKE (well, neither about AKB…) but their debut single is one of my favorites ~


  13. よかったですえね~*(人∀`*) ♥!長く長く~*そう思うとo(*´∀`)o゛。。ただちょっと。。あたしは躊躇いにステートにいますけど。。。!ありがろう~ね♥!今から、あたしはもっと自信を持っています♥。


  14. U~n the mind of a genius…..Tsunku is mystifying in so many ways~*. I remember watching some of his audition comments although I haven't watched them entirely and I so understand and agree with your reactions as it's often offbeat or seemingly disconnected at times and yet he's chosen so amazingly~* over the years that you just wonder what he's seeing despite his sometimes odd words of description. And thank goodness~* that Nacchi♥♥♥ impressed him!!!!!! She was Momusu for me personally for the very early years….and actually what am I saying as Nacchi was my most favorite H!P/Momusu member until she graduated (;´□`)。 'Salad!!!' that's so funny odd and yet amazing~* to have such an off thought XD! You always♥ make me feel so much more at ease…..you can probably tell that I can be at times a bit high~strung (*>ω<)!!!。。U~n I will take my passions and interests in stride here from now on……there's so much to share~* and I just feel so guilty taking so long to get to them (._.;). Oh no you're definitely so knowledgeable in all of J~Pop♥ and I'm always learning so much through our conversations and your deep knowledge~*…SKE48 is awesome too although I'm just touching the tip of their music and members♥.


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