~AI KAGO meets JAZZ ♪♪~

~For so long jazz has been one of my foremost favorite forms of music♪ loves♥, discovered through friends mostly well much older friends most of the time XD….and whether it be Brubeck, Harry Connick Jr., Chick Corea, Django Reinhardt, Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, John Patitucci, Billie Holiday, Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, The Rippingtons, Branford Marsalis, David Benoit, George Benson, Charles Mingus, Lee Ritenour, Sadao Watanabe, Doris Day, Oscar Peterson, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Grover Washington Jr., Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Chet Baker, Stan Getz, Keiko Matsui, Thelonious Monk, Benny Goodman, David Sanborn, Glenn Miller, be~bop, big band, contemporary jazz, jazz fusion or anything in between just to name a few…..the list of my faves goes on and on for much of these albums have been hand~me~downs~* primarily, promo copies and just a bit of experimenting on my own over the years albeit my jazz collection of approximately 800+ CDs (if including all traditional & contemporary jazz) hasn't grown very much in recent years….well with the ascent of J~Pop and other interests in music it's always remained a special personal connection for me. And with such generosity I often feel somewhat spoiled by it all but I'm so happy~* that so many have been so kind to me over the years….I'm so undeserving ne~ (*≧▽≦)!。。。

Jazz can bring such warmth and calm to one's soul….and yet add energy and liveliness with just a single tune….and even though I'm sort of young to be saying, jazz is truly a great part of our heritage~*….and well it's not a side of me in which I often share as most I think would think me odd or strange perhaps but on the same note my love for the sixties with such groups as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors are equally a part of my younger soul embracing our legendary past where I don't think age should matter as today's generation alike I think can learn to appreciate where our musical roots have grown from and in this way the art of classic jazz and alike can live on forever even through our younger current generation ^ ^。

An early childhood memory~* for me would be the opportunity to see (maybe just be present (._.;) ) for the legendary Miles Davis who performed live in concert at our very own Waikiki Shell here in Hawaii~♥ when I was yet to reach the age of 7…still I can clearly remember one thing~*, that is just wondering why he stood performing for so much of the concert with his back towards the audience (・д・`*)!!。。。lol the not so deep thoughts of a child and it wouldn't be until years later that I understood what his demeanor was and that it wasn't at all unusual =). I have friends even much younger than me whom embrace too artists of the like and some even in their teens, for me at now 28 I know I still have much to experience and learn whether it be from our storied musical past, present or into the ever growing and unknown future~ (*´∀`*) ♪。

I was most delighted to see such a perhaps unlikely pairing of jazz and Aibon~* and here with an array of such popular standards in the genre Ai performs beautifully and with the melodies and aura from the likes from Gershwin to Porter what's not to love!

Surely Aibon's accent does present a slight nuance of a barrier as there are simply parts of the English language which have no equivalent in Japanese but in listening to this album I quickly forgot those concerns and here I think you'll also find a most unique sweet~* cuteness if you will throughout brought on through her delivery and with her time spent in N.Y. I'm thinking it surely must've inspired in some way to bring about such a brave project~*!

Please enjoy these select songs from "AI KAGO meets JAZZ The first door"…^ ^♪~*。。。

Kagou Ai's "AI KAGO meets JAZZ The first door" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Kagou Ai's "AI KAGO meets JAZZ The first door" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Kagou Ai's "AI KAGO meets JAZZ The first door" can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ~AI KAGO meets JAZZ ♪♪~

  1. MonicaaMamoo says:

    A~h Aibon♥♥ I love her so much! (*^▽^*) I met her about 2 months ago at my city for a KDDI event!! I've been wanting to listen to her new jazz album♥ Thank you for sharing~~♪♪


  2. mousoufest says:

    Wow, your Jazz collection is very impressive!I heard "Sunny" before, and I liked the sound but I just wish she could have sung in a language she can pronounce properly, just because by having a thick accent people might see her as amateur. But surely it was much better pronunciation than the average Japanese singers! I was a bit surprise to see her take on the Jazz genre but the results are very nice.


  3. J-pyon says:

    One of my Favorite Albums i have bought recently is aibon's jazz album and her cute accent make it even more enjoyable. With aibon making a jazz album that put 50% of minimoni as jazz artist's ~ne. I just wish i could get a hold of Mika-chan's jazz album. Thanks for sharing your the best じゃまたね。(^_^)V


  4. Wow! that's so lucky~*!!! What is the 'KDDI' event I'm so curious to know how you were able to meet Aibon~*? It was quite a courageous project to take on no doubt and she did so well in translating the feelings of the songs vocally I think although I don't know how good her English comprehension is…still very sweet~*!


  5. A~h thank you~*..they're for the most part I think maybe even 90% hand~me~downs that I've gotten over the years…it seems you say you're growing an interest in something and so many come to help you with gaining a better knowledge and listening experience…I may be shamelessly spoiled XD. I know it can be so challenging as there are just so many nuances and sounds in English which aren't present in Japanese…I hope most will enjoy the songs and maybe more of her fans will purchase this so hopefully she isn't seen in a bad light in any way o(*´∀`)o゛。Oh I must share~* this!!!! I've been posting about Matsu♥Takako for awhile but just recently she released~* an album which included English lyrics for some of the songs and she even traveled to L.A. for the elaborate recording session~*…..you can listen to her selections here as her pronunciation of English is really impressive and exquisite!


  6. Oh I know PTom @ Hello!Blog has Mika's jazz album~*!! I know he had a post when he first purchased it although I can't remember where he got the CD from :/. I know he has a search to help find posts so hopefully you can find it there and I know he quite enjoyed her album too and just wished that she had kept at it…..I remember Mika wanting so much to pursue her music career after leaving H!P/Minimoni back then and I hope she's doing great now o(*´∀`)o゛!


  7. MonicaaMamoo says:

    KDDI which is a phone company in Japan, was just recently brought over to the U.S as 'KDDI Mobile' (mainly for Japanese people to make it easier for them to register for a cellphone) and Kagochann♥ was chosen as the image girl of KDDI Mobile in the U.S last december? (´
    ▽`)ノShe came to California in February for a few events to promote KDDI and one of the events was held in my city (in LA) at Mitsuwa which is a Nikkei Grocery Store for a hand-shake event! She was so petite & cute~!!While in LA, she also filmed a short documentary film, a little talk about momusu, her smoking incident and her life after suspension and her reasons for choosing jazz music as a new challenge to her life! It was aired on fujisankei in L.A and if I'm not wrong I think Hawaii as well! I've just became a fan of h!p not too long ago, and I wasnt too familiar w/ Aibon until recently but its really good to hear shes doing well and working hard (´ー`)ノ Jazz is really nice but maybe oneday, I hope to see her singing with Tsujichannn again hehe ♥


  8. Wow that's so great for Aibon~*….sorry I know I have an odd habit of still wanting to call her this even though H!P was so long ago for her XD. And to hold a meet and greet event~* so lucky!!!! I imagine she must be so tiny…lol I'm not very tall either so I can't really say anyone's short as they'd most likely by eye~to~eye or taller (人∀`*)。Oh I must have totally missed it =(…we do have a Japanese broadcast station here so maybe they aired it I think…..I've seen a DVD too so maybe it's also an official release~*? U~n that would be amazing for sure, a re~union and just thinking that W's second album which many fans believe was actually recorded and completely produced prior to being shelved when everything happened is still out there…..in UFI's vault perhaps never to be heard ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


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