Charmy charmy charmy…graduation goods?!

W~ah!! this ended up selling on auctions for 5805 ¥!!!。。not too long ago. It's the cutest~* Charmy graduation good that I've ever seen!!!..well actually I wasn't even aware of any Charmy graduation goods…(^q^)! But it's so adorable it's the bunny design she created on her jacket as seen in her "Happy!" photo book~*! I want one too but must save money ne~ (人∀`*)。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to Charmy charmy charmy…graduation goods?!

  1. J-pyon says:

    Charmy が大好きですyay!!! (♥_♥)V


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    For some reason I couldn't comment in your AKB48 ranking post, so I'll do it here… This ranker is interesting, where did you take it? By your description I think I know how it works, it makes you choose between every combination until it knows everybody's position… I did one of those once, and put everybody I knew in it (current H!P + AKB members I know + Perfume + ZONE + AAA), and it was still difficult even though I knew them fairly well. The results are in another computer miles away though -_- and I'm too lazy to put pictures in it .__.' so it isn't very pretty. Problem is, it had like 10 people in the 2 first places -_-' You got those to be unique =) that's impressive.


  3. A~hhh! the bunny is cute ne~*!!!! I'm always so tempted while browsing auctions and when this came up I was like w~ah! want want want!!! but then I thought it a bit too pricey lol (*≧▽≦)!!!


  4. I sooooo wanted to bid XD!!! but alas the price was climbing much too high although now I'm sad I can't have one (人∀`*)


  5. Oh dear I'm so sorry…I was having a bit of trouble getting the complete AKB48 ranker image to show by embedding but with so much help from Johpan @ IW he was able to save my results to an image which Vox would display o(*´∀`)o゛But when I saved the post initially I kept it hidden as the image wasn't quite rigth so when I changed that setting I totally forgot to change the comments menu to anyone which by default whenever you hide posts temporarily goes to no one (._.;). I was in #wotachat on Friday and CK asked Johpan to send me his AKB48 ranker♥…I thought I had saved its location but maybe it wasn't able to be bookmarked? Johpan is really sweet~* and if you visit IW or #wotachat I'm sure he can send you the ranker too…it was really so much fun to complete and surely when I know the girls much better by personality~* I'll be able to do a much better job lol!….I have so many ties it's odd I know :P! Wow your ranker had sooooo many groups in it!!! I wouldn't even know how to complete something like that!! Hmm….I've developed a few favorites♥ in's their personal home video clips and how they interact which has caught me so much…still though when I know more members much more I'll be able to re~try the ranker with much better results I think but for now this was most awesome fun^ ^!


  6. HarimaKenji says:

    I found my results, take a look if you'd like =) It really had too many people, and too many ties, but you can't avoid it. I could spend a lifetime just on Tsugunaga Momoko vs Suzuki Airi, so what could I do? Tie. Many, many ties. If this had all H!P members, I think I'd never have finished… I have to try that someday.It does take some time until you really know your favorites, but usually they don't change too much ~ it'll be interesting to see how the ranking changes next time you do it. You should watch AKBINGO! / Shukan AKB, you'd know them all in no time ~


  7. W~ah! sugoi!!! your fave listing♥ is so diverse!!!! How you were able to include so many is just mind boggling XD! I so know what you mean with the ties as I have sooo many in my first AKB48 ranker :P! Near the top I'm very sure but it really gets difficult further down….but in time like you say I'm sure I'll have a much better grasp of their personalities~* =). I'm really happy~* to see Aichan and Kamei as two of you most favorites!!! also Ono Erena has something* special in a way of a connection with me it seems XD and Tomochin, Momo, Airiin and Riichan~♥ I adore so much too! A~h and then there's Maimichan so pretty~* always and Mayuyu…..funny thing with me is that I'm yet to really see Acchan as AKB48's top ace….but after watching Majisuka Gakuen I can see how amazingly talented she is!!!! I still need to watch the final episode though…:/! I first saw Horikita Maki in "Nobuta wo produce" as she's really an amazing~* actress!!! Toda Erika I've seen in soooo many dramas!!!!! love her love her!!! Thank you~* so much for sharing you favorites♥ list..again so diverse you're awesome ^ ^!


  8. I almost forgot….AKBINGO! I've yet to see an episode although it's been recommended by a couple of friends♥ here…I'm just so clueless with downloading anything as I really never do that but with Majisuka Gakuen CK♥ shared~* with me an awesome site!!! So grateful for that!!! Shukan AKB I think Hideo has mentioned as being their "best" show?…I think maybe it's games which are so much the best to see personalities when competition and funnier yet with batsu punishments exist XD! Maybe I can learn how to watch them too.


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, AKBINGO! and Shukan are pretty much same level, AKBINGO! was better for a while there when Shukan was just starting but now I'd say they're the same. I know Hydeo, he was definitely influenced by some recent episodes they filmed on location in a pool. They even did song performances in bikinis. No beating AKB as far as fan service in idol groups goes.Anyway, they're both games, AKBINGO will usually have a "main game" they repeat a few times, and some minor corners a la H!M in the end, Shukan is usually a single theme per episode, but it always has games. And food, somehow I think Shukan has more food. You can download them from this site, it has direct downloads. No need to learn using torrents (not that that's difficult), it has links straight to the file and you download it like anything else with your browser. You might need to click the link and choose "Save Link As" though, if your browser decides to try to open it as if it were a video stream, but that's it.


  10. That so sounds like Hydeo~* (人∀`*)!!。。and sounds awesome as with seifuku + idols♥ you simply can't go wrong with bikinis + idols♥ (*´∀`*) It's something that H!P went away from which I never understood….I mean even with the most successful and long running music/entertainment programs it's always games at some point or always which gather such an immense viewership surely ne~ =). SmapXSmap, Utaban and even at times on Hey!X3 the games just make you smile and laugh so much all the while getting to know your favorite personalities so much better! I think of games and food…I think of Konkon♥……I cannot say thank you~* enough HarimaKenji!!!! I really want to say I love you and hugs~* hugs~*!!!! you're helping me so much thank you so much o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!!I think I'll be addicted to AKBINGO….!


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