~Today’s arrivals…

Mano♥eri clips~* and alas the original pv version of "Haru no arashi" (*´∀`*)。。。Momusu's new album played a bit earlier today =)….BK's latest pv DVD single~*….Buono! clips~♥!………..now listening to L'arc~en~ciel and really awesome to see/hear each member's fave♥ songs as chosen by the musician's themselves!!!!!…..and while a lot us love making our own fave~* song lists from our favorite artists/groups it's always so insightful to know which songs the songwriters themselves look upon as their best~* or perhaps sentimental tunes with a story behind them ♪♪~。The box set is quite large and I love how it opens up revealing the discs inside, one for each group member…..L'arc~en~ciel is ~♥~!!! Hopefully I can post some of it a bit later…just so many releases~* and thingies to get to and so little time (人∀`*)。。。!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Today’s arrivals…

  1. Ada xD says:

    my god D: the CDJ shipping for those must've been a pain in the a$$ xDi bought momusu's 10 My Me too ❤ my first H!P product ever ♥what's your favourite song from it? oxo


  2. J-pyon says:

    Nice Arrivals. MoMusume's new album is awesome i cant stop listening to it especially LinLin's song at the end (which she sings amazingly well). Wow you got the L'arc~en~ciel box set that thing is sooo expensive but well worth it i guess. Unfortunately im on a budget since the move to Hawaii is getting closer (more like the move to The University of Hawaii Manoa..yup yup i get to live in a crappy dorm lol) Have fun with all your purchases I like what i see cant wait to see your next order じゃまたね。(^_^)V


  3. A~h! that's so awesome!!! Did you shop through HelloStoreUSA? I was amazed at the price for the RE album first pressing! I ended up getting the DVD version and was so happy~* to see solo versions from each member!! Of course it's Kamei♥ and Aichan's♥ versions I most love XD!..all are awesome though and nice to have an extra in addition to the jacket photo shoots~*! I've been listening a lot to "10 MY ME" along with AKB48 and while I'm saving a bit for a proper posting soon some of my most favorites♥ are "Genki Pikappika!", Aichan & Kamei's duet "Ano hi ni modoritai" ♥♥♥!!!, "Nanchatte renai" and "Loving you forever"…this album's production is really sharp! and so many wonderful melodies! Listening to the Momusu's♥ now っo(*´∀`)o。。。


  4. At first I was like e~h? "Chuugoku version?" and it's amazing~* hearing "Ame no furunai…" with a Chinese translation~*! I most love Aichan and Kamei's duet on "Ano hi ni modorenai", reminds me of how awesome they're together performing "Koe" in concert! I was a bit apprehensive of the pricey~ness too but my curious mind got the best of me as I wanted to know which songs as songwriters the band members love most~* =). The box is really pretty~* too but ouch it did hurt the $!….and I imagine you're moving very soon? I think you'll love Hawaii and hopefully our aloha♥ spirit will touch you too o(*´∀`)o゛。


  5. J-pyon says:

    Ahhh thank you i have a feeling that i will love Hawaii and not want to ever leave. Just like you I received a few music cd's as well today one of them be Kago Ai's Jazz album which im listening to right now and i must say its an amazing album one to keep in mind if you ever get into a jazzy mood + she sings in english and not badly either. (^_^)V


  6. Ada xD says:

    i bought the regular edition from CDJapan xDand i was pretty happy for how fast it come and in such safe conditions, that i decided to order more xDRight now my Aichan's "Watashi" and "I" are on the way ♥From 10 My Me I like most Moonlight night, Namidacchi, and Ano hi ni modoritai *_*Isn't it Aichan and Gakisan? XD


  7. A~h! I was planning on posting Kagou's jazz album today…most likely tomorrow I'll have more time and so awesome you purchased "Ai Kago meets Jazz" too~!! I'm impressed so much too of her English pronunciation as it's quite good and I do love jazz so there are so many familiar standards here to listen too ^ ^。


  8. omg my brain isn't working today (._.;)! I blame it on 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night…that was stupid of me, it's Gakisan and she's also the one performing "Koe" with Aichan in concert XD! I now remember how primitive this post was so funny seeing what I was posting like back then in early 2007 when I didn't even know what a screen cap was so those are literally photos taken directly of a LCD t.v. screen :P.Aichan and Gakisan…what was I thinking???


  9. A~h did you notice that the percussionist on track 11 is named "IZPON"….made me think of you J-pyon, sorry that's really random and really the nap~* I just tried to take about an two hours ago hasn't helped much (。ーωー。)。。。。


  10. Ada xD says:

    omg, odore morning curry is my favourite momusu concert (together with nine smile xD)it's just perfect from all points of view : setlist, outfits, aichan smexyness 😀 , huuuuuge budoukan venue, tons of wotas xDjust epic ❤ and Koe was indeed the sweetest moment of the concert ♥Aichan balleting ftw 8D


  11. J-pyon says:

    lol randomness is not a problem with me and no i never noticed the izpon name either hahaha i guess i could say that was me but…I guess that would make me a bad boy and the little angel on my shoulder says just leave it alone lol. (^_-)V


  12. So awesome ne~*! I also really love "Hello! Project 2006 Summer Wonderful Hearts Land" DVD!! and for some reason the footage looks like it was shot in video versus film so there's a really crisp clarity about this DVD and I just love all of the performances from beginning to end with "ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL" with everyone on those catwalks~!….plus it makes me cry with sotsugyou in the air (人∀`*) Budoukan is such an amazing achievement I so so agree!!


  13. I think I specialize in randomness (*´艸`)。。for better or worse~*! A~h the weekend has turned out a bit busier than I had anticipated so my little Aibon meets jazz thoughts will have to wait a bit longer…babysitting over the weekend has completely worn me out (_´Д`)ノ~~。。。


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