~Arashi♥ giveaway to be decided at TMS~!

A~h don't let the photo above persuade you too much XD~! he's just my personal fave♥ っo(*´∀`)o!

~One week from today will decide the winner of Arashi's♥ "5×10 ARASHI ALL the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" DVD & "Troublemaker" LE CD!

Eligible entries who posted here~*  before the April 5th deadline include: Sofia, Orenjisky, minaviga, Choshi, mousoufest, Nino-baby, Roberta and maiZe ^ ^。

Should be a fun and exciting~* finish at TMS! So to compete for the win please post your choices between each driver "vs." pairing just below. Please choose one driver per pairing, whom you think will beat the other at the upcoming Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway which will be held on Sunday April 18th. So for example the first pairing is Jimmie Johnson vs. Mark Martin…….please choose either Jimmie or Mark to finish better than the other next Sunday at TMS and so forth for each driver "vs." pairing below. The entry which chooses the most correct between the "vs." pairings will win the Arashi♥ giveaway and both items!!

All head~to~head driver choices must be posted here no later than Thursday April 15th 11:59 pm HST~*. In case of a tie, the tie~breaker question is: Whom do you think will win the race? Please PM me your tie~breaker answers to keep them secret just in case we have any tie(s) after the checkered flag waves at TMS~ ^ ^。

~Head to head battles~
(Please choose between each driver "vs." pairing below)

Jimmie Johnson vs. Mark Martin
Tony Stewart vs. Juan Pablo Montoya
Jeff Gordon vs. Kurt Busch
Denny Hamlin vs. Kyle Busch
Carl Edwards vs. Brad Keselowski
Clint Bowyer vs. Ryan Newman
Kasey Kahne vs. Jeff Burton
Joey Logano vs. Martin Truex Jr.
Sam Hornish Jr. vs. Greg Biffle
Matt Kenseth vs. Marcos Ambrose
Brian Vickers vs. Jamie McMurray
Kevin Harvick vs. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Scott Speed vs. Elliot Sadler
Greg Biffle vs. David Reutimann
Robby Gordon vs. Paul Menard
David Regan vs. Bobby Labonte

Happy racing~* and good luck!

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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25 Responses to ~Arashi♥ giveaway to be decided at TMS~!

  1. Sofia says:

    Hello dear ^__^ You have my choices, as I gave them to you before the trip. But the two last ones are new, ne? If they are (I'm a little sleepy since it's morning here so they might not be, in that case you can just ignore this comment) I choose Paul Menard (in Robby Gordon vs. Paul Menard) and Bobby Labonte (in David Regan vs. Bobby Labonte)


  2. Hi Sofia~…hmm just thinking you way want to change them for the new race venue?..but even if you would like to keep them the same please post them here as all entries' choices will be visible with just the exception of your tie~breaker answer which you can PM me. Sorry for all of the redundancy on my part (._.;) and good luck~* with your vs. choices ^ ^。


  3. Choshi says:

    waahh! i don't quite get the instructions, i'm not much of a fan of that but my brother can help me, i think.. but then, the instructions are quite puzzling for me. i should choose one for each "vs." and put it here as my comment right? then i'll PM you the one i think who will win, right? i think wild guesses are okay then… ^_^


  4. U~n just choose down the list from each "vs." match~up choosing the driver whom you think will finish better this Sunday at TMS and please PM me whom you think will win the race event~*. The PM will only be used in case of a tie as whomever chooses the most correct match~ups will win on Sunday~…good luck~* with your choices and so true that there's a lot of luck involved but you may also be able to research past results at TMS to see which drivers have finished better in the past events to help although these events can be so wild and unpredictable so there'll still be the luck~* aspect for sure ^ ^。


  5. Sofia says:

    Well since I am really just guessing I might as well keep the answers I have….Hm, but now I can't find those so I guess I'll start over… Oh anyways, here I go then. (I'll list the "winners" in each pairing in the order you have written them, okay?)
    Jimmie JohnsonJuan Pablo MontoyaJeff GordonDenny HamlinCarl EdwardsRyan NewmanJeff BurtonJoey LoganoGreg BiffleMarcos AmbroseJamie McMurrayDale Earnhardt Jr.Elliot SadlerGreg BiffleRobby GordonBobby LabonteSo there are my guesses. Ha ha, they may all be wrong ^o^


  6. Hi sofia~ ah we're rarely up at the same time online XD and I'm just about to go to bed but then I saw your message ^ ^。 Stupid me should have sent you your earlier choices (._.;)…I know I sometimes don't save PMs. Okay I just received your tie~breaker choice PM and thank you~* so much for being patient with me o(*´∀`)o゛。What's fun about these race events is how they can be so unpredictable and so many variables can cause the results to go haywire at any moment so you never know who'll finish great so I'm always thinking it'll be most fun and fair this way….well that and the fact that I'm a bit weird…(^q^)!


  7. Sofia says:

    That's the problem with us living in such different parts of the world I guess ^o^…Oh that's okay dear, since I'm just guessing it really doesn't matter one way or the other. You're welcome dear ^ ^ ~ That's so true, it is an exciting sport in that way; no one can be a sure winner. It'll be fair for sure, and fun ^_^ HI hi well maybe a little weird, but that's a good thing (I think).


  8. mousoufest says:

    Arrrh I am so bad with races =o=I will just…pick XDJimmie JohnsonTony Stewart Jeff
    GordonKyle BuschCarl EdwardsRyan NewmanJeff
    BurtonJoey LoganoGreg BiffleMatt KensethJamie McMurrayDale Earnhardt Jr.Elliot SadlerGreg BiffleRobby GordonDavid ReganHere are my choices XD


  9. Choshi says:

    oh, here are my choices! Jimmie JohnsonTony StewartJeff GordonKyle BuschCarl EdwardsRyan NewmanJeff BurtonJoey LoganoGreg BiffleMatt KensethJamie McMurrayKevin HarvickScott SpeedGreg BifflePaul MenardDavid Reganand then i shall also PM the winner i chose? okay… ^_^


  10. Roberta says:

    Since I don't know anything about it, I'm just taking a wild guess =PMark MartinTony StewartJeff GordonKyle BuschCarl EdwardsRyan NewmanJeff BurtonMartin Truex Jr.Greg BiffleMatt KensethJamie McMurrayKevin HarvickElliot SadlerGreg BiffleRobby GordonDavid Regan


  11. Nino-baby says:

    I'll make a wild guess too, know nothing about races and stuff! xD Seems pretty fair ;DMark MartinJuan Pablo MontoyaKurt BuschDenny HamlinCarl Edwards Ryan NewmanJeff
    BurtonJoey Logano Greg BiffleMarcos AmbroseBrian Vickers Dale Earnhardt Jr.Elliot SadlerGreg Biffle Paul MenardDavid Regan I'll send you my winner guess on PM yes 😉


  12. maiZe says:

    Hey MB! Here are my guesses. I did my research on wiki and nascar.com… My plan was originally to wait until today to put in my votes, hoping that some birthday good luck might help…. But then today turned out to be a pretty bad birthday, so I'm hoping it doesn't turn into birthday bad-luck doing my guesses today. XD I've got a horrible cold, can't breathe can't taste anything, head hurts… Couldn't taste my birthday dinner. Sad times all around. T__T (Also, the Raptors missed the playoffs last night which is more sad times and I'm pretty sure Bosh is not coming back next year…) Anyway, I've totally flown away from the topic, so I'll come flying back now. XD


  13. Hi maiZe~! *Happy Birthday!*~~* \(^o^)/☆!!!Oh dear I hope you get better very soon as I know how much of a downer being sick can be…(u_u*) Hopefully though being with family and friends on your special~* day made it much better although you sound like you're really bad (;´□`)。。。sleep and get lots of fluids…lol omg I sound like your doctor (*´艸`)。 Speaking of sleep, I'm up much too late once again and I'll be all puffy eyed tomorrow I think. I don't know how much confidence I have in the Suns♥ getting very far but for Steve Nashi and Stoudemire who may leave after this season's over 😦 I'm going to watch and try not to jinx them :P~! Seems like whenever I watch them on t.v. they end up losing…why is that??? I received your PM also and you're so awesome you did research on the drivers @ this track!! Good luck~* on Sunday and omg I must go to sleep at this instant…..I'll surely have bags under my eyes tomorrow (*>ω<)。


  14. Hi Choshi~* thank you for filling out your choices and I've received your PM. Good luck~* on Sunday and I hope the race is exciting for everyone ^ ^!


  15. Hi mousoufest~* okay I've received your PM….good luck~* on Sunday and happy racing ^ ^!


  16. Hi Roberta~* a~h choosing these type of results is quite the challenge and surely there's a lot of luck involved so surely you're not alone in deciding~*. Okay I've received your PM….good luck~* on Sunday and happy racing ^ ^!


  17. Hi Nino-baby~* okay I've received your PM for the tie~breaker and TMS is really unpredictable and quick so just about anything could happen! Good luck~* and happy racing on Sunday ^ ^!


  18. Nino-baby says:

    Thankyou!!! I'm so excited xD Will you post the winner on this site?


  19. Hi Nino-baby~*……sadly the race event was postponed today due to so much rain at TMS (;´□`)。。。but it's been rescheduled for Monday @ 12 pm EST so I hope to have the winning results~* up soon afterward ^ ^。


  20. Nino-baby says:

    Oh alright ^^ That's okay 🙂


  21. maiZe says:

    Hey MB! I'm watching a live data feed with a race glog on the side. Currently 318 of 334 laps done… Poor Jeff Gordon getting hit after leading for 174 laps.


  22. Ugh! (ノロ≦。)!!!。。which means I'll be very very sad in a couple of hours or so =(!!!! I just got home from work and I had set my DVD recorder but somehow mistimed the beginning so now it's it's on lap 78 :/. A bit odd watching on a delay when it's already completely finished~* but I've been trying so much to not see the final results as our break room at work usually has the t.v. on so I had to stay out of there even for lunch (;_;). I think everyone surely knows who's won~* ne~ but I'll be posting the official results a bit late due to me still watching XD….a~h it was a bit of hectic weekend with babysitting duties (um…not mine! :P) so I was inside for both Saturday and Sunday but so happy~* that CK was available to talk to on Friday night as the kids slept Zzzzzzzzzzz….! I'm just hoping that J.J.♥ does really well and maybe wins?..being that Jeff's going to be hit? ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!!。。


  23. Hi Nino-baby~!….I most likely will be posting the official winning results a bit late and if not later today then tomorrow asap! It's just that I've recorded the race onto a DVD and I'm currently watching……although the race event is finished completely so I'm sure everyone could figure out the winner of the Arashi♥ giveaway with a bit of checking online =). A~hhh please don't tell me who's won though as I'm yet in intrigue XD!


  24. maiZe says:

    Ahhhh!!… T______T I'm sorry MB! I didn't realize you were waiting til after to watch it. Now I've spoiled some of the race for you. T___T *smacks self in head and bangs head on desk* I suck. T__T


  25. Oh no maiZe not at all o(*´∀`)o゛。。。I just want to cry because I know Jeff♥ is going to have something bad happen but you haven't at all really…ah! no banging of heads XD…you're so sweet~* to worry ^ ^♥。


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