Okay~* I’m in love♥!!!!…not in a girl/girl type of way so don’t get any ideas~ (。ーωー。)。。。but just today I received Korin’s most recent shashinshuu release~* and while she’s already been my most favorite♥ AKB member albeit I’m a newbie, she’s soooooo cutely and sexily* photographed on each and every page!!!!

And while I’ve already seen how AKB48 girls are wild!!! (・д・`*) it brought a smile~* to my face seeing how Korin♥ was also throwing caution to the wind literally ie: throwing her bikini top into the wind @ the beach…(^q^)! I also adore that she regards sleeping ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzz。。。。!as a special talent…and then there’s Marty! so kawaii~ ^ ^♥!!

I love that she takes such an interest in acting (I wish~* for her to be a most successful actress now and in the future!) and that she has such cute dimples~* has one of my most favorite smiles is so talented and sexy*! and how she can go from docile~sweet to rugged~tough…..a~h “Majisuka Gakuen”…that post is taking me forever to write (._.;)! Korin♥ just rocks in so many ways and even if she trails so much in being that #1 ace and even being #2, it’s staggering how far and away~ Acchan is!, still Korin♥ will always♥ be my number one AKB ~♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛!!!!!。。。。and you know you never forget your first and lots of hearts here means lots of adoration~♥ for Korin♥♥♥♥…okay just one more (*≧▽≦)♥!

Happily~* her pb is published by Wani Books as their hardcover editions are always the best!!..and lucky to not need to scan my new treasure♥ as a friend has sent me the already scanned pages~*…..ah I’m sure all AKB fans have already seen this photo book but the giddiness in me still wants to post them anyway~ っo(*´∀`)o。。。。。

。。Korin♥ #1!!!!!!!

Oshima Yuko’s “Yuko no arienai nichijou” photo book can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

Oshima Yuko’s “Yuko no arienai nichijou” photo book can be ordered here at HMV Japan.


There’s something so cute~* and yet “anime~disturbing” about this shot XD!…I mean a guy once showed me this “anime” with things and I’m yet to recover from it, why? oh~ why? oh~ why?…(u_u*)…..and yet Korin♥ makes it all better o(*´∀`)o゛。



~I guess not only does H!P have the celebratory~* butt shot?…
Korin’s♥ scores a 10+! ( ̄▽ ̄)~
~And this is really sexy*..risque?↓↓ either way very sexy~*!
W~ah! (/∇\*)!
Yep~! like Kamei and Aichan, Korin♥ daisuki♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛!!!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to 大島優子「優子のありえない日常」~♥!

  1. Rad♂ says:

    In regular parlance, Korin is simply a "babe."


  2. I so love her genki~* personality too…she's so awesome and yes! so so pretty ^ ^!This is just my first AKB solo member photo book and it's so sexy and really captures Korin's brightness and I just really needed to have at least my favorite♥ member's release~*.


  3. Rad♂ says:

    She is also a show-stopper on all the AKB48 DVDs I have. It must be those dimples!


  4. Oh you're so lucky~* (*´∀`*)!!!。。I'm yet to have any of AKB48's concert or variety show DVDs…right now I'm still so new to them so it's just been mostly their music and pvs♥ so far but I so need a concert DVD soon! I'm just worried though with all of the graduations that they have, I hope Korin♥ isn't graduated anytime soon from AKB completely…(u_u*). She has the cutest~* dimples for sure!!!


  5. Guldari says:

    私はこれをTo YukotoというDVDで見ました.やっぱり良いです!少し恥ずかしい部分はあるが… ;ㅅ;


  6. DVDもみたいね~*^ ^!実は!!あたし何でまだ見てない(/∇\*)!え~?恥ずかしいことがあるか(・д・`*)??好奇心。。。!


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    I'm curious, how did you start liking Yuko? Was it Majisuka Gakuen? She was great there, so funny when she was playing with those crazy patients in the hospital ~ I just watched it last week, I was pretty late ^_^' You should watch Mendol too, so you'll love Miichan and Takamina even more ~


  8. 'Mendol?'….wow that's such a funny plot!! I can't even imagine Harunyan or Takamina dressed up as boys O_o!!! I'm wondering if they show their audition attempts too as that would be so so cute~*!! Oh I've been watching more and more of AKB's pvs♥….was it Miichan who read the opening in "Sakura no hanabiratachi"…sorry I could be way off but somehow just looks~wise she somehow reminded me a bit of Konkon….that may sound way wacky though…(^q^)! Hmm…I'm still needing to post about "Majisuka Gakuen"..I'm taking so long to gather everything together so it'll end up being so so late and lol I don't think anyone will care anymore (._.;). It began with her personal clips like with Korin showing her bedroom…that she's a musician~* @ heart plus just how funny and adorable♥ she is and so so candid I just fell in love with everything about her personality~*! "Majisuka Gakuen" later confirmed everything I was feeling then and just the more I see of her even in older footage in pvs♥ or t.v. clips she's just the best I think!!! She makes me most giddy~* really similar to how Kamei♥ moves me っo(*´∀`)o!!!


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Does that mean you can imagine Miichan as a boy? =P I couldn't find anywhere to download it, but you can at least stream Mendol.I love Sakura no Hanabiratachi ❤ Yes, that's Miichan in the opening. AkiP must like her as class representative, since she was also one on Majisuka Gakuen.


  10. Oh….that came out a bit funny XD….no no no Miichan would be difficult too to imagine. A~h! mysoju they have so so many dramas♥ there to watch!!!! My mom watches K~dramas there and it was the first time I'd heard of it. Thank you!* for searching for "Mendol" o(*´∀`)o゛!!Oh you're right, I hadn't made that connection 😛 I must say a very special thank you~* HarimaKenji as you're helping me so much in getting to know more of AKB's members♥ and by suggesting an array of their programs and videos I'm gaining more favorites too, thank you~* so much o(*´∀`)o゛!!


  11. HarimaKenji says:

    Actually, I'm worried about that site with the TV shows, it hasn't been updated in almost a month and all the links are direct (meaning if the owner gives up on the site and closes, all the videos go down with it). I'll probably have to find somewhere else later, I need some older episodes to watch too. I know there's a site out there full of links because I've seen it before -_- I downloaded some old shows when I was getting to know AKB from a site but I didn't save it. Stupid me. There's a site like that for H!P stuff, look. This was useful when I was beginning too.


  12. Oh no you mean mysoju?? That doesn't sound good and especially if the
    site isn't hosting any of the dramas anymore themselves I think many
    episodes will be lost? =( Wow Dj Waffles has sooooo many classic episodes!!! H!M!!!, HM@ and all of those music t.v. shows, I especially love watching Music Fighter..the hosts are so funny and that lady cracks me up to no end!!! I remember early on she went head to head with Sayu over who was cuter~* and sometimes the things the girls say on t.v. it's like omg (*´艸`)!!!


  13. HarimaKenji says:

    No no, I meant the AKBINGO one. But in any case, mysoju doesn't host anything. It's just an aggregator that points to videos in other pages like YouTube, that actually do the hosting and streaming. And it's also not YouTube/other videos that upload the RAWs and subtitle the episodes; those are good souls with Japanese TV and subbing groups, and they usually distribute in torrent. So no episodes would be lost without mysoju.In fact, a lot of subbing groups don't like having their subs in streaming sites, and put like a disclaimer in them ("Don't upload this to YouTube, etc."), which I always thought as ironic. As if they had the legal right to sub and distribute the things themselves to start with… Oh, but that's not important.Music Fighter is interesting, although I haven't watched many of them… I was just typing something about an episode where they went through some Momusu members' purses back when Konkon was on, but I remembered that was actually Hey Hey Hey ^_^' Probably. I remember the bald guy from Heyx3. Oh, but there was an Ayaya appearance, I think the most recent I have… about how she pretended to be Princess Peach in elementary school, and a boy would always be Mario and save her ~ and about her biggest fan, known and respected by all others, who eventually got a girlfriend and then introduced her to Ayaya, and said they looked like each other (Ayaya never agreed ^_^') funny episode anyway. And it's the only Ikimono Gakari talk appearance I have too.Ohh, there was a Perfume one too, that was interesting. The lady on Music Fighter is usually the one that makes the jokes and keeps the conversation going, but she couldn't get a single chance to talk during most of the episode. Aachan (2 'a's for the Perfume one, 2 'c's for AKB… confusing, I know) just keeps talking, and she's a comedian by herself. Perfect boke, gone crazy by lack of a tsukkomi, because the two other Perfume members just let her say whatever she wants ~ and then they laugh at her together with the audience and correct one or other thing =P Perfume MCs are always interesting ~


  14. Oh thank goodness~*!!!…I'm watching more and more of their available t.v. programs! It would be heartbreaking if it disappeared and just when I'm visiting so often (;_;). U~n I've seen this written on some videos so I never never would share those anywhere else. Oh no I haven't seen any of those episodes and sounds so adorable just imagining Ayaya as Princess Peach っo(*´∀`)o!。。Oh dear I can't remember her name at the moment, the woman host on Music Fighter but she really makes the show so so funny to watch!!! The things she says just cracks me up and she's so frank in general! lol ahh she usually speaks so much so it's unimaginable to see her out~talked XD! One of the hosts also draws really amazingly~* although I remember on one episode when BK was their guests he drew something that needed to be censored and omg they saw it (*´艸`)!I haven't gotten into Perfume's music but they do sound so funny and with that dynamic happening it must be so amusing to see them interviewed….oh you just reminded me of Aichan & Gakisan's "Futarigoto" conversation♥….it was the first time I heard the terms boke and tsukkomi and it confused me so much back then XD.


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