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Happy Birthday Yuichan~♥ (* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!

Yuichan♥ Happy Birthday April 2010 昨日は、唯ちゃんのハッピバスーデイイベントがありました~*!!!皆しゃん。。可愛いね!ゆいちゃん♥もう十九歳です~でも、若いよね本とに~*(人∀`*)。。。。最近ね~、彼女は大好き♥なアイドルです! ゆいちゃんへ誕生日おめでとうございます!!!

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~Happy Easter♥Bunny Sunday~*!

Happy Easter 2010 idol♥ style~*! Happy Easter 2010 idol♥ style~* I continue to wonder??? 何で (・c_・;)?。。why bunnies♥ and Easter? Eggs and Easter?….maybe a less of a mystery than the bunny♥ I'm sure and yet you can't help but embrace~* and … Continue reading

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