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Is today national SPAM Day?…this is most saddening (+_+).

SPAM (ノロ≦。)!!! SPAM is so popular~* here that at times I think they should move wherever their factory is to Hawaii♥ え~へ(*≧▽≦)!。。however that's so not the Spam I'm speaking of sadly (+_+)。 Seems today I've received an extra abundance of … Continue reading

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Morning Musume。「10 MY ME」~♥!!

モーニング娘。♥ Momusu “10 MY ME” LE w/ DVD release~* While I totally missed out the photo card I’m so so happy~* with the DVD included with the LE! And has Momusu♥ ever sounded so polished?!! From songs such as Aichan … Continue reading

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~AKB48♥ to be guest of honor @ Anime Expo 2010 in L.A.~!!!!!

AKB48♥ AKB48’s Oshima♥Yuko rocks the most!… Just got home with the most amazing~* news PM'd by Anise & Cloves omg it's like deja vu?!!! Good news and bad for me actually. First the awesome news!!!! is that AKB48 will be … Continue reading

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~Coverboy Kimutaku♥ w/ AKB48 in latest issue of Popeye~!

Kimutaku♥ad for GATSBY… Popeye May 2010 issue It always makes me smile~* seeing those GATSBY ads which Kimutaku has been doing for quite awhile now ( ̄▽ ̄)!!!。。as they never fail to appear while watching episodes of SmapxSmap♥. I especially love the … Continue reading

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~AKB48 flashbacks/ Breaktime~* with Harutaccharina (*≧▽≦)♪ UTB Vol.175 Aug. 2006~

Takamina♥ oyachumi* UTB Vol.175 August 2006, the DVD issues… Takamina, showing us how to perform one of my most favorite♥ activities in life, sleep which I don’t get enough of though (+_+)。。。and I just love Japanese style~* nicks so from … Continue reading

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~As Fukudome♥Yuko seems to have…

Fukudome Yuko in UTB Vol.171 Dec. 2005… UTB Vol.171 December 2005 (the "Angels" cover)! of the most clicked on or more often visited single photos on this site according to the data shown by Blogpatrol, and with a quick … Continue reading

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~AKB48♥ flashbacks~* Lets Dance w/ “acchi” game♥…UTB Vol.174 June 2006~

AKB48 in UTB June 2006…♥! UTB Vol.174 June 2006, the DVD issues…♥! In hindsight whats fun in seeing these issues in an all new light~* now, is seeing the progressive relationship~♥ w/ UTB and AKB!…..while looking from issue~to~issue they develop … Continue reading

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~AKB48♥ flashbacks/ Their debut in UTB Vol.173 April 2006 + introductions & indies single debut~

AKB48 meets UTB Vol 173 April 2006… UTB vol.173 April 2006…..the DVD issues Unlike H!P♥, my education of AKB♥ when looking for their very roots will largely rely on printed literature I can find and what's available on the web~*. … Continue reading

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~Arashi♥ giveaway results….and the winner is?!!!..

Arashi "5×10 ARASHI ALL the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" DVD & "Troublemaker" LE CD single giveaway… Just as you're thinking your day can't go from awesome~* to very very bad it can all change in a second on the track and … Continue reading

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~When idols karaoke, and let this put to rest the AKB vs. H!P sentiment (*>ω<)。。。

….it’s the beauty~* and power of blogs shining so much ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!! With idol♥ blogs there’s so much insight of daily life to be shared with fans alike~*! Here! AKB48’s mini unit “no3b” (“No Sleeves” comprised of members Minegishi Minami, Takahashi … Continue reading

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