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~Happy St. Patrick’s Day~*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day~!!! I actually forgot to wear something with green in it today~* (*´艸`)。。。。。and of course the ritual of being pinched for forgetting follows (ノロ≦。)!!! I tried to convince co~workers that I was wearing green colored underwear (。ーωー。) … Continue reading

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~C-ute 「ショッキング5」~

キュート「ショッキング5」(ブックレットスカン4) C-ute C-ute "Shocking 5" LE w/DVD… ~C-ute's 5th original album release arrived a few days ago and on a purely aesthetic note~* the jacket and booklet photography have C-ute looking sharp as ever with the grays and beige adding … Continue reading

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~”Yasashii Jikan” A drama~tic tapestry of life~

"Yasashii Jikan" "Ashita" Hirahara Ayaka ~A story can be told in many ways, sometimes with broad cinematography upon the screen while other times all that is needed are the gentle brush strokes of human & dreams as the day~to~day … Continue reading

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~White Day~♥

I was just reminded by a fellow Voxer~♥ that today is indeed White Day~♥ (*´∀`*)!!We unfortunately don't celebrate White Day here in Hawaii or the U.S. for that matter and maybe it's a bit willful to wish~* for another special … Continue reading

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~Eyes on me~♥

Final Fantasy VIII♥ Faye Wong- "Eyes on me" (Nihon Record taishou) video clip~ While searching through some old tapes yes VHS ugh (_´Д`)ノ~~。。。I'd forgotten that I had this performance by Faye Wong from the Japan music awards program~* from years … Continue reading

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~Playboy covergirl AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko in Hawaii, Korin’s♥ lovely rage & AKB48 in Yan Yan~

Maeda Atsuko in Weekly Playboy… "Majisuka Gakuen" character chart in Weekly Playboy… Finding this one copy~* was quite lucky while out shelf browsing/shopping♥ っo(*´∀`)o!It's also interesting that Playboy is released weekly in Japan (・o・)!。。and in a continuing quest to discover … Continue reading

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After writing the post just below this one I'm realizing that perhaps it may have been taken a bit out of context~, "Otakebi Boy Wao!" is actually the very first BK song that I've just not been able to embrace … Continue reading

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~Matsujun♥ & friends review latest Berryz Koubou single (。ーωー。) ♪~

Chiichan in "Otakebi Boy Wao!"… Berryz Koubou "Otakebi Boy Wao!" /"Tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda!" LE Types A & B releases ~First, Chiichan~♥ looks most dazzling~* here!!!…. ..and just the thought of a double A~side release~* is so so promising and … Continue reading

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~Kamei♥Eri 「Sweet」~o(*´∀`)o゛

亀井絵里~♥♥♥ 亀井~♥!! 亀井~♥!!! 亀井~♥~!!!!! Kamei Eri "Sweet" shashinshuu w/ "too sweet" DVD… I was so overjoyed~*~* in hearing that Kamei♥ would be releasing her now 8th solo shashinshuu~* (including her zenshuu complete works photo book…) and at 21 years even … Continue reading

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雨と虹~♥ 今日は雨ですけど。。。ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)ヽ`、ヽ虹があるよ~! 最近ね~ブログで不在のあたし。。。。。(*>ω<)!! ポストは考えで泳ぎます~o(*´∀`)o゛*~*! 実は、一日中マジすか学園ドラマで忙しかったっo(*´∀`)o♥!!!。。。それに、此れまでドラマ~♥は凄くクールととても面白かった!!!! 明日も。。もっともっとドラマ~♥を見続けるぞ~ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ! 今寝る時間過ぎ( 」´0`)」 Zzzzzzzzzzzz。。。。。 Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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