~What’s your Arashi♥ top 5? giveaway っo(*´∀`)o~

~10 years of Arashi♥ music videos~*…10 years of being awesome! Surely quite a daunting task to choose just 5 as favorites♥ (・д・`*)!!!。。and what’s so wonderful about their all inclusive decade of pvs DVD collection is how one can literally watch these discs back~to~back and seamlessly experience their changes in style, hairstyles! and so much amazing~* music♪ along the way!!!

So with much sweet~* nostalgia here’s my 5 most favorite♥ Arashi music videos o(*´∀`)o゛。。。。but first a few honorable mentions would include “Lucky Man”, “Hadashi no mirai”, “Hero”, “One Love” and “We can make it!” ^ ^!!

Arashi “Sakura sake” music video♥

Such an awesome pv~♥…..Arashi as students and the teacher so funny!! And this song rocks!!!!

Arashi “WISH” music video~♥

A~h the puppets in this little story so so endearing o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。and with Arashi cheering our little guy on you just knew it would have a happy ending~*っo(*´∀`)o!

Arashi “PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE” music video~♥

Along with “Hero” this song was one of my very first favorites♥!!…it’s just so catchy and I so love everyone’s solo during the bridge so perfect~*!

Arashi “Happiness” music video~♥

Just one of their most awesomely fun and goofy videos~♥!…and with more and more viewings I find myself noticing even more and more goofiness abound love it love it ^ ^!Also “Happiness” being the theme song for one most awesome drama “Yamada Taro Monogatari”…..and all of that air guitar goodness (*´∀`*)。

Arashi “Love so sweet” music video~♥

Every time that dog pees on the window with Shokun’s expression just cracks me up…(^q^)! What can I say….”HYD♥♥♥!!!!!” just one of my most favorite dramas ever both series…the final movie just every thing so awesome..add in Matsujun♥, Inoue Mao♥ and Oguri Shun♥ and it’s pure win ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

A~h so there’s my 5 most favorite♥ and if you’d like to enter for a chance to win Arashi’s “5×10 ARASHI ALL the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009” DVD and their LE version CD of “Troublemaker” please share~* your 5 most favorite♥ Arashi music videos by April 5th midnight HST…an upcoming post after the deadline will give each entry an equal chance~* to race for the win for two wonderful Arashi releases  ^ ^。Please note…a friend opened the LE of “Troublemaker” unknowing that I had ordered two copies of the LE single (*´艸`)。。。but both discs remain un~played and obi and everything is in perfect condition like new…it happened so quickly and I was like oh no (/∇\*)!Arashi♥ reminiscing ↓↓↓ (*´∀`*)。。。


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to ~What’s your Arashi♥ top 5? giveaway っo(*´∀`)o~

  1. Choshi says:

    i like your choices!! 🙂 but i also have my own favorites… however, like you, i also love "Happiness" PV because of its goofiness, and also "Sakura Sake" because they were dressed up as teachers and students! i'm wondering how to join your contest! i would so love to win a copy!! o(^_^)o


  2. Sofia says:

    *Great* choices dear. And you're right, it really is a difficult task, picking only 5 songs out of so many great ones (!). I don't know if it's practially possible for me to participate in this contest, since I live so far away, but I wrote a post about my top 5 favorites anyway. Arashi can never get too much attention!
    This is the link to the post (in case you don't get around to visiting my Vox before you see this comment):http://sofiathatisme.vox.com/library/post/my-arashi-top-5.html


  3. minaviga says:

    OMG..beautiful post!! What can I say?.. I love this guys :). Thanks for sharing with us…and sakura trees are blooming in Japan right now.. Sakura sake ne?…


  4. OrenjiSky says:

    I miss chatting to you a lot. I visit your blog often :3 Everything is always extremely organized and wonderful! Thanks for this chance again, I love Arashi and this giveaway would really benefit me 🙂 Thankyou!
    Favorites for Arashi are difficult…
    1. We Can Make it!
    2. Truth


  5. A~h! thank you~* (人∀`*)♥!。。so true~* those pvs are so much fun to watch over and over which I do at times XD! And really with "Happiness" it does just that to you when you watch as you can't help but feel their happy vibes and Arashi being silly is so much the best!!! Oh to enter Choshi you just need to write here your favorite♥ 5 Arashi music videos~* by April 5th and shortly afterward I'll do a follow up post with the official entry post for the Arashi♥ prizes ^ ^。


  6. Thank you~* so much Sofia~* (人∀`*)♥!Oh no anyone can enter no matter how far away…I've sent giveaway prizes to really far away destinations ^ ^。I loved reading your fandom♥ history with Arashi and how you came to liking them so much!!…Junbait♥ works so often for sure!!! I was sort of afraid to title the pvs above as they may then be taken down and I was so happy to see so many of their pvs♥ still being streamed! One of the songs doesn't have a true pv but it totally doesn't matter as your choices for top 5♥ are awesome o(*´∀`)o゛!!Thank you~* for writing a post with your favorites♥…and for everyone sharing~* their favorites here there'll be the official giveaway post deciding the winner posted just after the deadline on April 5th tanoshimi kudasai~* ^ ^。


  7. A~h! I just saw on the news last week that someone here has planted Sakura trees and their blooming too right now o(*´∀`)o゛!!。。must be so beautiful in Japan to see them in full bloom this time of year ♥! U~n! Arashi♥ really is so awesome and the best ne~*….thank you~* minaviga you're so sweet (*´∀`*)!Oh and if you're interested in winning Arashi's music video DVD (newly sealed) along with their LE of "Troublemaker" you can share~* your top 5 most favorite♥ Arashi music videos here ^ ^。


  8. Hi OrenjiSky~* you're so sweet~♥ thank you o(*´∀`)o゛。。。A~h! your top 5♥ is awesome!!! and now I'm feeling guilty not including "A.RA.SHI" in my top 5 (*´艸`)!!I really love "Typhoon Generation…" too, those videos are so vibrant in their youth! "We can make it!" did make my honorable mentions just love the visuals and melody of this song so much…Jun's♥ opening solo!..and "Troublemaker" so so awesome although I may have gushed~* enough already…(^q^)! Thank you~* for sharing your favorites♥ as you're now eligible to win and please look forward to the upcoming post for this giveaway which I'll have written here shortly after the April 5th deadline ^ ^。


  9. minaviga says:

    Hontou desuka O.O??!! Waaaaa my top 5 …is like mmm a little difficult to choose but here I go:
    1. 5×10…when I heard this song…I just went speechless, it says all the feeling they have for us (fans). Is the best song ever for me.
    2. Ashita no kioku …I didn't like this song when I heard it at "The quiz show"..but then, when I saw it at Kyocera Dome…it was incredible..made me cry.
    3. Sakura sake…it was the first song I loved when I knew arashi (back then at 2006)…the power and happiness that this songs bring to my heart can't be compare with any other song.
    4. Love so sweet…it's impossible to not have at least one song from HYD here, isn't it?…I knew Arashi because of HYD…so this song is one of my fav.
    5. Still and Itsumademo…sorry I couldn't leave one of this songs out of my rank…the lyrics and feelings that these songs bring to my heart is beyond description.
    And that's my favorites songs ..it's difficult to pick 5 songs ..I love almost all Arashi's songs…ah thanks :)..now that spring came..sakuras are blooming in my heart too. *Hugs*


  10. Mmm..me too as I didn't quite like Quiz Show too much still great with Sho~kun though of course ^ ^。"5×10" is such an endearing~* song!!! I totally agree as recognizing all of their fans is so touching and to have a song like this such a sweet gesture for sure!! For such a long time I've wanted to have the pv♥ for "Sakura sake" and finally now it's on this DVD collection!..so happy~*! So true ne~* as HYD and Junbait♥ has captured so many fans of Arashi =)….both songs so sweet lyrically and I just love Shokun's rap in "Still…" so so awesome but seeing him sing it live on that tiny lift with no real railings to protect him was so frightening (・д・`*)!!!!A~h these were music video favorites♥ but it's totally okay and I really enjoyed your thoughts~* on each song as to why you love them so~♥ o(*´∀`)o゛。。thank you~*!


  11. Choshi says:

    Ok..! Here are my favorites! :)1. Happiness – I love this video because it really shows the "happy" side of Arashi! They were really light and they acted naturally in this PV. It makes me laugh too, while watching this PV.2. Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi – even though they're really young when they shot this PV, I still love it. The colors are vibrant and I really love the song.3. Pikanchi Double – like Nino, I like the PV because of its wonderful setting. The rooftop view is breathtaking while they were dancing!4. Sakura Sake – I love this video because we get to see Arashi in teacher and student outfits. And the energy of the song can also be felt in the video…5. Kaze no Mukou E – I think they made the PV simple but radiating… I really like it…It's really hard to choose five from 20 plus PVs!!! (T_T)… I was also torn among these PVs: Beautiful Days, truth, Love so Sweet, but I guess those ones are my most favorites because I always love watching them… 🙂


  12. Sofia says:

    Oh you're totalle welcom dear! ^_^ That's so great ♥Thanks! I'm really glad that you liked the post. I didn't plan on making it sort of a time line with the favorites, but after writing the post I realized that that was just what it was. Junbait absolutely does work!!! ~ Ah, yeah that is always a risk (I hate that so many pvs does get taken down), it's really great that there are still quite a lot of them left. ~ I'm glad you liked my choices dear! I'll be in London on the 5th but I will check out the announcement of the winner as soon as I can when I come home (the 9th will probably be the day I can get to a computer)
    ^ _ ^ 。


  13. mousoufest says:

    Yay~! Giveaway~!My favorite MVs are:Happiness – Because it's just so adorable!! Troublemaker – Very artistic. The concept is so cool!My girl – Very warm and fuzzy feelingTruth – The dance is very coolA day in our life – I think it's one of my favorite songs of Arashi. It doesn't get enough love T_T


  14. Nino-baby says:

    Whoa~!!! Really?! (Why? :O That's so generous *O*)It's really haaard to choose, but my favorites are probably:Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy ~ Because it was one of the first PVs I watched of Arashi, and I totally fell in love with Nino (and still is * 3 *) His guitar solo is just gold<3Believe ~ Because this video just make my heart go crazy every time I watch it x3 They all look, sound and dance amazingly in this PV! >w<,, Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi ~ Ahh this PV is so much old school Arashi, love it! They all look very cute, and I like the setting: the field and the blue sky ^ o ^Crazy Moon ~ Kimi wa Muteki ~ I choose this PV especially because of the "too awesome for words" dance choreography!! xD I just love it till the day I die<3Beautiful Days ~ This PV is just beautiful. I love the song and the small lights and the dark setting just create such a nice atmosphere ^ ^But seriously, I love every Arashi PV. These were simply a little selection of some of my most favorites xD


  15. I was so happy~* to finally have "Happiness" on DVD!!…so true this pv has the power to crack me so much too…(^q^)! I just love clips which aren't so formula like and just let the artists have fun with it~*! A~h! and we have two of the same favorites♥….both pvs so awesome ne~! I like the spinning scenes of "Kaze no mukou e"…."Beautiful Days" for me too is such a favorite and especially after watching Nino♥♥♥ in "Ryusei no kizuna" which was such an imaginative and touching story…and I so loved all of the wacky side stories too!! Thank you~* so much for sharing your pv favorites♥ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  16. Oh I'm thinking I'll send you a PM so that you don't miss the next giveaway post….it'll decide the winner and wow! you're visiting London?! That's so exciting!!!!…I can only dream of visiting such a far away place ^ ^!


  17. So many of us love the pv♥ for "Happiness" \(^o^)/☆!!。。and I would so love to see a group like Momusu have fun with a pv of this style..no real format and just fun fun fun and goofing around…(^q^)! Sometimes it would be wonderful I think to just let loose! Thank you~* for sharing your pv favorites♥ ^ ^。


  18. A~h! "Hitomi no naka no galaxy!!!!"…I soooo love this song and pv♥ too ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!For me too it was one of the early pvs that a friend introduced me to along with the members or Arashi♥. W~ah! you've chosen such amazing music videos as favorites♥ and so true about choreography and the overall look meaning so much as part of the visual's impact…love! love! love! your choices too! Thank you~* for sharing your favorites♥ ne~ ^ ^。


  19. Roberta says:

    First time here o/ Can I join? *-*My top 5:5th


  20. Roberta says:

    My top 5:5th >
    We Can Make It > So colorful, their dancing is great and that part
    with the walls is pretty cool (I was like: Jun winked at me *0*)4th > Sakura Sake > Made me wonder what would be like to have them as my teachers *drool*3rd>
    Pikanchi Double – One of the fist songs I learned to sing correctly
    *yeey*! I love this PV so much because of this TV show aired last year
    that made fun of them (nothing disrespectful, just silly… The guy
    said Jun was on drugs or something OO).2nd> Hadashi no Mirai
    – I like the way they just lie on the bed, sing in the shower and have
    fun doing weird things (Jun swimming on the floor =D). 1st>
    Kitto Daijoubu – Dancing on the rainbow! Pure happiness and arashiness
    XD. The begining of a whole new period in my life: Arashi crazyness! It
    made me spread the storm around my friends and family \o/PS: Please excuse any English mistakes, it's not my first language -.-


  21. Hi Roberta~* ^ ^、 thank you~* for taking the time to share♥ your pv favorites as I know how difficult they can be to narrow down XD! I just love right from the very beginning with Matsujun's♥ solo on "We can make it!" !!!! A~h that's so cute~* and no doubt Arashi as teachers would have made my school experience so so much better lol (。ーωー。)!Oh I haven't watched this before but I so agree that "PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE" is so awesome of a pv♥!!!! It was one of the very first videos that I saw and still to this day I love it just as much!! OMG! "Hadashi no mirai" has one of Arashi's most playful and funny videos!!!!…just great to see them let loose like this and silly and fun is always win!!!..so cute~*! Oh~ you express English so well, really perfectly~*! Thank you~* for sharing ne~ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  22. maiZe says:

    … Am I too late?! XD I finally got my top 5 PVs post up on Stormy fields! XD


  23. Hi maiZe~..oh no you definitely posted in time (*´∀`*)。。sorry for the time confusion I really should have used 11:59 pm instead..(._.;)! W~ah we have two of the same faves♥ for their pvs~*!…and so awesome that they're your top two and both HYD♥ themes \(^o^)/☆!!!!And poor Nino's shorts lol you know when I used to have my old YouTube account with that video there were a few comments about his shorts and how out of place they appeared (*≧▽≦)♪!。。and Shokun seems to have issues with his choice of suits and in particular this one pink shirt XD~!…so funny on their show!A~h so happy you got a new car~*!!!..okay jealous (。ーωー。)。。。。and you're learning manual……a friend was teaching me and I kept grinding the gears until he was like okay stop (ノロ≦。)!!


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