~Watarirouka Hashiritai♥ has a link to J~Pop’s past as [Akkanbe Bashi] hits #1!!!

With the arrival~* of Watarirouka Hashiritai's 4th single release which topped the Oricon Charts \(^o^)/☆ this past week (love!! love!! love!! this group so much!!!), I've learned so much recently about not only the reasons for their style of music but also their direct link to J~Pop 80's past~.

Anise & Cloves first mentioned to me how an Onyanko Club sub group named "Ushirogami Hikaretai" which debuted back in the latter 80's was fronted by well known pop artist Kudo Shizuka and while this group was a trio…the newly resurrected "Watariouka Hashiritai" is a 4nin sub group (now grown to a 5nin♥ sub group with the recent addition of cutie~♥ Kikuchi Ayaka!). The mastermind behind it all is Akimoto Yasushi as he has managed to bridge a gap between J~Pop styling~s* of yesteryear to today's modern sound.

Watarirouka Hashiritai releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Watarirouka Hashiritai releases can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Watarirouka Hashiritai releases can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

A very special thank you~* to Zdorama who coincided this link to the past with the arrival of Watarirouka Hashiritai's latest single release~* ^ ^!(Ushirogami Hikaretai's mp3's and image courtesy of Zdorama~*)

Ushirogami Hikaretai

15 Ushirogami Hikaretai
Ushirogami Hikaretai

~Here you can listen to what the original formation of this sub group once sounded like, and as wonderfully written J~Pop never quite goes out of style….the newly formed Watarirouka Hashiritai has much more of a resemblance then may initially be observed~.

03 やさしくさせて
Watariouka Hashiritai

Most notable to begin with would be the third track from this single~* as favorite♥ member Mayuyu sings solo here on "Yasashiku sasete"….as this track so much replicates the 80's era of J~pop down to its very core of songwriting and overall style~! This by far is my most favorite♥♥♥ song on this single release~* as not only is Mayuyu's performance so sweet and endearing here with her tone but the song itself resonates so much nostalgia with catchy~ness at it's very best!!

And it's with these style of songs that have Watarirouka Hashiritai resurrecting their predecessor Ushirogami Hikaretai so much!!! Such a cool idea to emulate a part of Akimoto~san's past history with music with a direct link to one of today's most popular groups~*!

"Yasashiku sasete" surely receives the Maochan♥ awesome song seal of approval~*!

02 若気のイタリアン
Watarirouka Hashiritai

The second coupling with track "Wakage no Italian" also captures an 80's essence right down to the electric guitar's tone~* …it's rock with a touch of folk~.

As seen in the top photo there's also symbolism with the appearance of each disc resembling vinyl records which is a nice touch and while idol♥ groups have become so accustomed to releasing multiple versions for their single I was once again tempted beyond my better judgment perhaps (・д・`*)。。!as I ended up ordering all three LE's A, B & C along with the most necessary pv DVD and thank you so much~* to AKB48 for releasing their pvs♥ on the very same day as their accompanying singles….makes the entire experience of a new release's arrival so so much better ^ ^♥。

I think it's with the first press editions?…but each release of "Akkanbe Bashi" you order comes with a wonderful~* release poster which is pretty large sized only funny thing is that now I have four of them..the very same posters (人∀`*)。。。so if anyone would like one of those extra posters to put upon your wall you can send me a sturdy poster tube with a return address and I'll be sure to send it back to you~* o(*´∀`)o゛。

To the left are the instructional dance posters which are included with each release~*…and here are the front and backs of them and they're really cute~♥ with the members themselves posing for all you'll need to learn in order to dance away to the title track "Akkanbe Bashi" to your heart's♥ content~ っo(*´∀`)o!

And just in case you feel the urge to start learning right away and perhaps before your single(s) arrive~*…I've scanned both sides of the poster just below…

Each edition also includes an randomly inserted photo card….and I really had it in the "cards" to receive lots of Rabutan ~♥~!!! as three out of the four cards I received are of Rabutan whom has one of the most awesome nicknames ever in idol♥ history I think…just so cute~* o(*´∀`)o゛!!!。。I also received one Harugon card..she's most adorable~* too!

The backs of the photo cards have cute doodles and some with printed signatures…if you happen to be reading and you've received one or more of Mayuyu♥ I'll be most jealous~ (人∀`*)!!

~While LE Type A and B include bonus DVDs with a document of the group as well as a extensive interview with new member Kikuchi Ayaka, LE Type C includes arguably the best collectible~* as the jacket sleeve also serves as full color photo booklet with lots of cute~* photos of the members…and now with 5nin there's even more to adore (*´∀`*)♥!。。complete photo scans from the booklet are just below…..



This cracks me up!!..as this poor guy is having some um…perspiration issues (・o・)。。。and after a bit of….

……we have Mayuyu's♥ expression here which is priceless~*!!!! and all due to well……↓↓↓

。。。the inevitable nose bleed (。ーωー。) ♪ ♪。。。

。。as Mayuyu♥ was apparently a bit too hot* for him…(^q^)!

~The title track "Akkanbe bashi" has a really cute title!!!..as "Akkanbe" refers to a gesture often times seen in anime where a character pulls down a bit underneath one eye while sticking out their tongue in amusing fashion (。ーωー。)。。。the word "bashi" which undergoes a bit of a pronunciation change from "hashi" is written here as "bridge" and what it all amounts to is yet again AKB48 raising the bar on music videos♥ so much as it's a full blown production with tons of fans as extras~* standing in as dance partners for the "Akkanbe" dance festivities as played out in a school's gym~! The act of "Akkanbe" is in full swing making countless appearances throughout the dance and with so many participating you do catch fun glimpses during the making of where members of Watarirouka Hashiritai receive much adoration from the fans present for the filming as waves and warm~* acknowledgment are exchanged♥!

The song itself is a cute~* whimsical folk dance composition with a classic tone* and a waltz like movement and also included on the pv DVD single are a dance version ↓↓↓。。。。

。。a special "spin off movie" version which shows much extra footage surrounding the main pv♥ as well as a most welcome "making of" clip….just love the fan interaction even when this is technically work and if you feel at any moment like you'd want to bust a move or the entire folk dance there's always those two~sided instructional posters which I've scanned above…(^q^)!


Vlcsnap-54265Vlcsnap-54311Vlcsnap-54416Mayuyu♥ in "Akkanbe bashi"...

~LOL I guess it's only cute~* when performed by youth (人∀`*)!

And from the "making of"…



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35 Responses to ~Watarirouka Hashiritai♥ has a link to J~Pop’s past as [Akkanbe Bashi] hits #1!!!

  1. J-pyon says:

    WoW what an amazing group Never heard of them but thanks for sharing looks like i will be getting more into debt now yay!!! (^_^)V


  2. LOL! Mayu has the BEST expressions. XD


  3. Nino-baby says:

    This song is so funny! First time I watched the PV I was like *whaaat?!* xDNow I've gotten used to it and I actually think it's pretty cute<3 I discovered this group through my new YanYan magazine ^ ^ You should check my post out 😉 I'm not sure I like or dislike Mayu… I'm not to fond of her cutesy face but I think her voice is pretty good xD


  4. CK says:

    So cute!BTW, performance at Yokohama Arena last night was awesome. All AKB girls (including Meetan) doing Akkanbe dance!


  5. Hydeo says:

    each day pass u stay more into AKB :Pso now u need start like idoling!!! too ahehaea


  6. U~n! they're a new group to love for me too and love all the members so much in this sub group!! Akimoto like Tsunku is a mad (successful~*) genius!!! they're so cute~* here and I love how AKB is taking such different risks with their releases and the style of music being presented. Mayuyu♥ is my most favorite in this sub group..she's just too adorable~*!..and her solo song here on this single is pure ~♥~!!!!….I just recently purchased their entire discography minus one LE which is out of print (;_;)..but what's wonderful is that most of the others are still available in LE and for that one single I went with the pv DVD instead although I still want the RE when I re~order.


  7. She's one of the most fun to screen~cap~♥ I totally cracked up at the nose bleed scene..such a cute folk song ^ ^。


  8. As I'm discovering them more, AKB48 has been releasing so many surprising~* releases such as "Akkanbe bashi" and what I mean is with the style and genres their covering..just so so creative and even unexpected for an idol♥ group ^ ^。This is awesome though with its older folk style~* and even the two coupling tracks are music nostalgia….love love Mayuyu's♥ solo the most here o(*´∀`)o゛。


  9. Mmmm。。 o(*´∀`)o゛♥OMG! that must have been so awesome!!!!…."Akkanbe" dance with all of AKB!!!! A~h CK must have been in heaven~* seeing Meetan and at Yokohama Arena so awesome for AKB48 \(^o^)/☆!!!!CK…lucky~*!!!! っo(*´∀`)o!


  10. I really am in total love~♥ with AKB o(*´∀`)o゛。。but may be too early to take on another entirely new fandom♥ right now with Idoling!!!….lol and I also don't think I could afford them right now with H!P, AKB and all of my other J~Pop loves releasing~* so much already ^ ^。


  11. Hydeo says:

    ehehhe, AKB is cool right now is transmitting a program on NHK with they :P.. the program call Haru Uta… idoling is cool too ahehaea :Pi understand aheaheae 😛


  12. Guldari says:



  13. 'Haru Uta?'…like AKBingo? I also just heard that H!P will be getting a new show on t.v. too~* and it'll include all of their members too I think ^ ^。


  14. う~ん!甘い声が。。そうね~o(*´∀`)o゛♥!まゆゆの曲は80’sのスタイルですね、凄く大好き♥な歌^ ^。


  15. Alezra says:

    Hi MB ❤ How are you hun? 🙂 Missed u!Uhhh* ;___; I've always wanted to have a uniform! :\ We dont have uniforms in school in Swea and i think it's reeaaaly sad! I mean if we all had same clothes (uniforms) people might have stopped critisizing eachother for their styles and stuff like that ne? Maybe even the bullies would reduce? Dunno really but one things for sure! Uniforms are (most offten) super kawaicho~ ❤ :3Hahahha~ Awww such a cute dance and song <3Thnx for sharing hun ❤ Lots of LOve frm me ❤ Hug*


  16. Hydeo says:

    nono, is a NHK program, go there a lot of singers adn this things :Preally ? i dont see this news yet :P, whats the name ?go be a really disorder aeaheahea lot of girls togetheru watch shuukan ?? is from akb, this last 2 epis is really good :3 bikini program aheahehaea


  17. Hi Alezra~* ヾ(^∇^)。。you know I've never thought of it like that before and you're so right as uniforms like seifuku♥ would definitely solve the criticism issue and plus everyone would be so so much cuter anyway too~! Our private schools here have uniforms but would be great if everyone had them too. I'm happy you enjoyed the song too…it's really an old fashioned folk style song and so cool for AKB to perform a song like this…..really love the cute dance too~* ^ ^!You're so sweet~* lots and lots of love from me too…super big hug o(*´∀`)o゛。


  18. Oh a music show?..that sounds great too! Their new show is titled "Bijo Gaku" and surely Hello Online or elsewhere will pick it up ne~* ^ ^。I'm just hoping for something much closer to the old H!M although that may be wishful~* thinking….XD! 'Shuukan?'…..hmm I still need to write about "Majisuka Gakuen"…a~h I'm so far behind on posts~* (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓


  19. Hydeo says:

    yes, i think on H!O and jpopsuki have to download take al ook 😛 is from day 27/03yeh probably, want to come out fast, the problem is i stay a little withou free space on pc aheaheha :x~~ i need a better HD :~~ humm i dont watched much epis from H!M when i start liked mm the program stay close to the end :\ahehaeha ganbare :3~~ , shuukan is better than akbingo 😛


  20. Oh I thought I had read that their program would begin early next month (this month in Japan)….you've watched it already?..just curious about the format ^ ^。External ones are great! Now you can get 1~1.5 TB for not too much which is larger than I can even imagine (・д・`*)!!!A~h I had a bit of fun with this here on H!M っo(*´∀`)o♥ I'm starting to watch AKB music videos~♥ now..they're so fun and creative~* o(*´∀`)o゛!


  21. Hydeo says:

    no, dont see nothing in the internet yet O.o, maybe in the next week have something, if u say the program go start this monthhhehe i thinking in buy one of that when i change my pc :Pehehe, akb is cool, i like a lot, the shuukan program is really good 😛


  22. Okay it should have just aired today (Japan time =) ) …about an hour ago. It's only a half an hour show but just to see H!P back on t.v. regularly is going to be so great!


  23. Hydeo says:

    oh, so now start the wait time aheaheaheyup, hope the content of the program stay good too or they go lost again to akb


  24. A~h oh no I really hope that UFI can write and produce~* something much more engaging and most importantly fun for H!P fans everywhere…would be so sad to see another program not do so well like "Yorosen"…I mean the intentions were great but it just never caught on with an audience =(.


  25. Hydeo says:

    yeh but this years i dont see they having great ideas ;\yeh i understando what u mean :\im too want a really great program this time to H!P


  26. I'm yet to read any reactions but I'm sure many will surface soon….I'm still a bit overwhelmed with programs I'm currently watching so I'll most likely wait a bit to look for their episodes. I'm most curious about the format they'll be using as the preview clip was a bit vague to tell.


  27. Hydeo says:

    to atract the ppl they need put a lot o games inside the program, not only the girls talking or walking in the street eating, i think is this what broke all H!P programs, the last ones has all like the same thing, is that why dont make much sucess…. now u come and look to the akb one, they make bikini games O.o, so if H!P dont make nothing equals, they dont go get nothing :\the format of the video u mean ? or what they go do in the program ?


  28. Mmm…maybe they don't need bikini games although I'd be for that too…(^q^)! but surely games yes~! Even with much of the male groups with t.v. shows they always showcase funny and often off the wall goofy or shocking games!!!! They're really the most entertaining and you get to see so much more personality from your favorites♥ as they face such wacky or daunting challenges~*! I so hope that UFI is seeing this too as with fun games you really can't miss…and lol I don't know if you clicked on this link~* yet from earlier but it was my way of expressing H!P's need to go back to the fun and offbeat games as they're the best! Oh I was thinking about the content of their show ^ ^。


  29. Hydeo says:

    haehahe u have some tendences ;x to see bikinis 😡 ? aheaheahe well u understand what i mean aheaheahe… ahehae yeh i have seen somethings in other programs with a lot of games… heheh sure :3~~ , sux here i cant watch direct in tv :\, i really need download to watch :\yeh hope they have good new ideas for games and all this things ;3hope is good things so, i dont see nothing talking about what go be inside the showoh an old post aehahea 2008 :3.. but i scroll down a little and see kamei :3~~ im using a pic of her as wallpaper, if u want see i post to u :3~~


  30. A~h sexy* can surely always attract ne ^ ^!。。while games in such attire may be a bit awkward well….there are ratings (。ーωー。)。Oh there must be games!!!…idols + games always ='z fun…(^q^)! It would be lucky~* to be able to watch that way and I'm sure you're much better at the DL thingie than I am…..ehhhhh??? you're always saying I didn't read (/∇\*)!。。。。。(;´□`)!!!


  31. Hydeo says:

    ahehaeha bikini is cool :3~~ … i love the games on the programans, the talk part normaly is sux for someone who dont know very good japanese haeaheaeaheahea depends, see the program like have the entusiastic way too "ohh im seeing this live" aheahea not something after 2 or 3 dayswhat i say u dont read ??


  32. So true~ as games have a much more universal appeal even with a language barrier I think most can still enjoy and figure out what's happening. U~n I so agree as experiencing anything in the moment~* live is always much better than on delay…..a~h sometimes parts of your comments when I miss replying to something you've said :/. It's not a conscious thing as I write back to thoughts while reading ^ ^。


  33. Hydeo says:

    yeh with the games u dont need understand much the language aheaheabut well better watch :P… so i dont care about the delay to the net :Pahehae its ok, sorry if i bother u with this 😛


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